You Don't Know Me - an erotic romance by Mandy Lee

Maya Scotton, a young artist with a severe case of painter’s block, is in need of money. When she takes on an office job at a construction company, she finds herself firmly in the sights of the owner, Daniel Foster - a dangerously attractive man with a dark past and particular tastes in bed.

Although she tries to resist him, Maya soon finds herself embroiled in a steamy relationship with Dan. And while he slowly encourages her to paint again, she begins to peel back his layers. At last, when she believes that she's finally come to understand his ways, he has one final secret to reveal … and it's a secret that threatens to blow them apart.

Book One in an erotic romance trilogy.

Elementals: The Prophecy of Shadows by Michelle Madow

Filled with magic, thrilling adventure, and sweet romance, Elementals is the first in a new series that fans of Percy Jackson and The Secret Circle will love!

When Nicole Cassidy moves from sunny Georgia to gloomy New England, the last thing she expects is to learn that her homeroom is a cover for a secret coven of witches. Even more surprisingly ... she's apparently a witch herself. Despite doubts about her newfound abilities, Nicole is welcomed into this ancient circle of witches and is bedazzled by their powers--and, to her dismay, by Blake--the school's notorious bad-boy.

Girls who get close to Blake wind up hurt. His girlfriend Danielle will do anything to keep them away, even if she must resort to using dark magic. But the chemistry between Blake and Nicole is undeniable, and despite wanting to protect Nicole from Danielle's wrath, he finds it impossible to keep his distance.

When the Olympian Comet shoots through the sky for the first time in three thousand years, Nicole, Blake, Danielle, and two others in their homeroom are gifted with mysterious powers. But the comet has another effect--it opens the portal to the prison world that has contained the Titans for centuries. After an ancient monster escapes and attacks Nicole and Blake, it's up to them and the others to follow the clues from a cryptic prophecy so that they can save their town ... and possibly the world.

""Elementals is full of wonderful magic and myths!""
-5 Girls Book Reviews, ★★★★★

""Five glittery stars for being such a compelling read!""
-Andrea Heltsley, Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★

Manage Today - self-help by Janet Zamora

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Is Stress Stealing Your Life?

Everyone is making demands on you and your time. Your boss, your family, even your smart phone all are clamoring for your attention and asking for you to do things for them. Between all of these demands and all of the information you are bombarded with, it is easy to get overwhelmed.

If you want to reduce the stress and anxiety you face every day and want to find a way to make more time for the things that make you happy, you need Janet Zamora’s life changing book, Manage Today.

Inside this guide you will discover:

  • How to get in touch with your inner self 
  • Easy stress management techniques that put you back in control 
  • Strategies for controlling your thoughts before they control you 
  • How to identify the true sources of your stress 
  • The best ways to reduce or eliminate stressors 
  • Actionable steps for creating a balanced and peaceful life 
  • Tools you can use to better manage life and find fresh perspectives 
  • And Much More 

Are you ready to make the change from stressed out and overworked to calm and in control? Don’t wait any longer to take your first step into a new and better world. The sooner you get a copy of Manage Today and begin applying these principles to your life, the happier you will be.

Get Your Copy of Manage Today Right Now.

Love, Faith & Destiny - bite-size Bible stories by Danica D. Smith

Have you ever heard your pastor say while presenting a sermon, "You all know the story of David, Ruth, etc."? Was your silent response of, ""No, not really"" followed by a brief, successful attempt to recall the story, only to find that you had missed a significant portion of the sermon?

Love, Faith & Destiny will help you to say, "Yes, I know that story," and it will allow you to be fully engaged in the message. This book contains chronological bite-sized Bible stories from the historical books of the Old Testament.

While you are reading through their stories, you will be able to relate better to many sermons because you will understand the history of God's people. Becoming more familiar with these faithful men and women will strengthen your faith and build your relationship with God so that you can live the blessed life that He intended for you.

Many find the Old Testament a challenge to read, but this book makes it easy, enjoyable, and quick. The book also includes follow-up questions after each story and the answers are in the back of the book.

The Cosmopolitan Islander - exciting contemporary fiction by M.P. Tonnesen

What if life as you know it was turned upside down? Would you still be the same person?

When Chloe is forced to leave behind her cosmopolitan life in London to move to a small island in the Irish Sea, she is faced with a myriad of challenges.

How will she and her family adapt to island life? Will she find new friends? What about her career? Most importantly, will the love of Chloe and her husband survive?

Join Chloe on her journey through her past and her present to make sense of her life, herself, her hopes, and dreams amid her personal upheaval.

The Cosmopolitan Islander is a thrilling story of female roles and identity in the 21st century – and about how the journey of life can change your destination in the most unexpected way. It takes the reader from the Isle of Man and around the world, traversing the timeless themes of love, desire, family, friendship, power, and ambition.

The Cosmopolitan Islander is a must read for the modern woman - and man; for expats and others in cultural encounters; for islanders and globetrotters; and for anyone in-between.

“This powerhouse of a story is equally packed with action and emotion, and is sure to please even the pickiest of literary readers. […] Sexy and complex plot lines that make you think, feel, dream and believe… Awesome!” – 5 stars, Indie Book Reviewers

“’The Cosmopolitan Islander’ was fabulous – a real breath of fresh air! What lovely prose and vivid atmosphere M. P. Tonnesen weaved into this fun, creative and unique book!” – 5 stars, Indie Book Reviewers

“Absolutely riveting! […] A richly evocative examination of life, love, loss, and the different ways people react to unusual situations. An entertaining and enlightening ride” – 5 stars, Indie Book Reviewers

A Fighting Chance - a lesbian romance with a martial arts background by Barb Wolfe

Two women who are definitely not looking for love. But when passion comes on so strong, do they have a choice?

Two women meet when Erin Ryan is assigned to get a story on DJ Brown, the Owner/Sensei of a Women-Only Mixed Martial Arts gym. DJ is a beautiful woman, which Erin notices immediately even though DJ is treating her rather coldly. DJ notices how cute the small blonde reporter is, but she is not looking for anything beyond casual one-night stands and hasn't been for awhile. Besides, she just assumes Erin is straight. Erin had always assumed that too.

After the initial meeting, however, Erin can't get DJ out of her mind. DJ is also feeling the passion, but still fighting it. When they meet for the dinner interview, inhibitions fall away with the wine.

Can these two very different women conquer their pasts and learn to trust each other? Can their defenses come down long enough for them to find love? And will a devastating incident bring them closer together or pull them apart forever?

Battle Quest: A Symphony of War - a fantasy epic of sword and sorcery by Bradford Corvi

The stakes are higher than ever as the republic of Grenden is on the brink of chaos. Lord Volcore and his Reckoning Regime grow stronger as their campaign of terror runs red with the blood of elves. As the genocide escalates, one hero is called upon.

Arturo is a Gorcon; half man, half beast and is all hell-bent on destroying his enemies…by any means necessary. His mission is clear and direct—to assassinate the warlock, Lord Volcore.

Winter is upon the land and a deadly game of might and magic is being played. Knights will ride, mercenaries are paid in full, wizards are stirring up power and families are stripped apart. When nations collide, everyone will have a note to play in the Symphony of War.

Seed - an apocalyptic sci-fi thriller by Michael Edelson

$2.99 sale, one day only!

"No, I haven't seen any airplanes. No lights in the sky at night either, except for the stars. Where the hell are we?"

Fifty people go to sleep in their own beds and wake up in a compound in the middle of the jungle. Men and women from all walks of life with only one thing in common-none of them know where they are or how they got there. Alex is a paratrooper. Yael is a mathematician. Max is a law professor. They can't leave - a lethal barrier surrounds the facility, but no one knows if it's there to keep them in, or to keep something out.

The compound is comfortable and provides for all of their needs. There's a warehouse with DNA coded locks. Only Barbara, the doctor, can open a fully stocked operating room, and only Alex can get into an arms room with enough weapons to outfit an infantry platoon. There is enough food and other supplies to last for decades, but nothing to tell them who did this to them or why.

For Alex, it's an intriguing mystery-anything is better than digging foxholes in the desert-but he and the others don't realize that time is running out. On the other side of the barrier lies a horror beyond imagination, and the barrier is about to come down.

Wrecked - a dramatic love story by Sarah Grimm

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 1/19/2016 - 2/8/2016!

She was destined to show him the joy and pain of living.

Joe Campbell has it all: money, success, and fame. As lead singer of alternative rock band Blind Man’s Alibi, he holds the vague conviction that life on the road, and nights filled with meaningless sexual encounters, is enough. Until her – Emma Travers. She is a breath of fresh air. Sunshine to his darkness. The one who changes him, pushes him, and teaches him to truly live. He never imagines she is hiding a devastating secret. Or that the same emotion that could steal his heart, would ultimately break it.

Sustainable Fitness - A Practical Guide to Health, Healing, and Wellness by Z Altug

FREE on Amazon 1/28-2/1

Written as an easy-to-follow companion guide to medical treatment, Sustainable Fitness helps readers understand how to self-manage their recovery and health after visiting the doctor.

Organized into six parts, Sustainable Fitness covers health and wellness, healing and recovery, weight management and nutrition, mind and body training, an exercise menu, and wraps up with a comprehensive resource section

Formatted as a series of lists and handouts so you can quickly access the information you need, Sustainable Fitness is a guide that benefits patients and health professionals alike. The book is based on research and the author's twenty-five years of experience as a licensed physical therapist and fitness professional.

Learn how a proper understanding of exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, habits, and your purpose in life can give you the ability to achieve and maintain your best level of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The Book of YES: The Ultimate Real Estate Agent Conversation Guide by Kevin Ward

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 1/28/2016 - 1/29/2016!

In The Book of YES, you will find the most powerful scripts in the real estate industry today.

If you’re tired of the same old sales scripts or if you’ve done away with them all together, I know how you feel because I’ve been there.

I was tired of seeing the same B.S.(bad sales) approaches and I wanted something that felt more natural for me.

So I started creating my own scripts, for the simple reason that I hated being told, “No.” For me nothing was worse than that feeling of rejection. I was determined to figure out the perfect thing to say in every situation, and how to say it in a way that would cause sellers and buyers to want to say “Yes!” to me every time. This book is the result of that quest.

The Talhoffer Society - a thriller by Michael Edelson

He came to stop it, she came to win it. The tournament will change their lives forever. If they survive. 

If you readily frighten, you should never learn fencing. - Liechtenauer’s Verses, Von Danzig Fechtbuch – 1452

As a champion longsword fencer, Jack Fischer receives many invitations to tournaments, but none like this: few details, no return address and thousands of dollars in cash that is his to keep whether he accepts or not. He wants nothing to do with it until a multi-national task force recruits him to help bring down the organizers, a society of modern duelists who fight to the death for the gratification of wealthy patrons.

Surrounded by opulence, glamour and the respect of powerful benefactors, Jack finds himself fighting the desire to prove himself in combat and vindicate his life’s work. His loyalties are further strained when he meets Frederica, a woman whose skill with a sword rivals his own.  Struggling with a disease that is ravaging her body, she has come to the tournament to win the means to pay for her treatment or to die trying.

But underneath the pomp, the lofty ideals and promised wealth, neither the tournament nor its organizers are what they seem, and Jack is forced to face an impossible choice between love, self preservation and honor in a place where the only truth worth finding may lie in a pool of his own blood.

Organic Housekeeping Made Easy: 50 Simple Tips For Making Your Home A Healthier Place by Sophie Patrick

Looking to adopt a more organic lifestyle for you and your family but don’t know where to start? This beginner’s guide covers everything from food and personal care to indoor and outdoor cleaning and maintenance. It offers lots of simple and inexpensive ways to cut down on the use of harsh chemicals around your home, for the health of you, your family and the environment. This quick and easy read is packed full of useful and practical tips to get you started on your way to healthy organic living.

Dawn - literary fiction novel by Xavier Cockroachal Damon

Dawn is the story of the man as he crawls through his, quote, life, close quote, through what he sees as an ever ugly world, encountering characters along the way, all of whom he very much wishes he had never encountered at all...except for one. But, who is she? Who is he? Through a wasteland the man he crawls, from nowhere to nowhere. Existence? Persistence? And on he crawls, but remembers the one beauty as he does. Crawling and crawling, but leading to what...Where is it all going?

Blazing the Trail by Phil Morgan

When a werewolf is killed, pyrokinetic monster-fighting agent, Cassidy Blaze is sent to navigate the paranormal underworld to find out why. While tracking down the mystery, she encounters an adventurer who can see the future, a ghoulish mobster, a monstrous beast, a man who thrills in hunting the paranormal, and an ancient God planning to destroy the world.

Savannah's Secret - a romance about second chances by Nikki Lindsey

FREE 1/25/2016 - 1/29/2016!

Savannah Rochet is on the brink of journalistic stardom. With a brand new job and a swanky apartment on the Upper East Side, it's starting to look like nothing can go wrong. That is, at least, until she realizes she will be working alongside her old college flame. Suddenly, she's got a lot more on her mind than snagging the corner office. Can she keep from falling under his spell again? If so, can she continue hiding the secret she's kept from him all these years?

NAKED - a contemporary romance by Gina Gordon

One woman discovers the courage to face life’s greatest challenges—and explore her connection with a handsome neighbor.

Violet Walker has been hiding. Withdrawn after a terrible car accident, she is worried about going back to her high-pressure job. Allowing herself a distraction, she’s been watching her sexy neighbor work on his house. But when the shirtless, grinning hunk catches her in the act, Violet is struck by the unmistakable jolt of physical chemistry.

Because of the Money by Jack Korab

Because of the Money book promotion service Jack Korab


This is a 32 year story about the hard knocks and dues I have paid as an employee and then an independent consultant in the Information Technology Field.  Its a story of good times, bad times, some great people and some very bad people.   Its a story about struggle, frustration and finally triumph into retirement on the beaches of Normandy France in February of 2013.

Melina - a psychological murder thriller like no other by David Parsons

Melina will take you on a roller coaster of emotion. You see childhood is such an important time of life and it is can shape who we become. So when Melina's mother died at the age of six she has to quickly grow up and help her father on the farm. But now at the age of sixteen she has escaped that life once and for all but at what cost? On the outside she is a intelligent and beautiful woman but on the inside she is broken and hiding a dark secret. As her demons start to return and her world starts to spin she finally find a friend to confide in, but is it all too late? Has Melina gone too far this time?

Nerd Know-How: The 27+ Best Apps for Work... & How To Use 'Em! - Non-Fiction by Beth Ziesenis

Free 1/25/2016 - 1/29/2016!

Do you wish you could use all the cool apps that everyone else is talking about?  If you said yes you'll want to download Nerd Nerd Know-How:  The 27+ Best Apps for Work... & How To Use 'Em!.   This book will help you discover apps to help you organize your work and life, collaborate with others, share your knowledge, design anything creative, create images and videos, travel the world, outsource your busy work and Google smarter.

With practical tips and a whole lot of humor, Beth walks you step by step through 27+ essential apps for work and home, plus hundreds of other resources and lists.

Indigo 99: An Innocent World Under Siege - by Pat Kelley

An action-packed hard science fiction novel full of technological militaristic vehicles, a strong female lead (who would make MacGyver proud), and surprising plot twists.

The book follows the journey of Sergeant Danika Fargo after a mysterious vessel crashes on the strategic military base on the Venus-sized moon called Indigo 99. Even though the story is set in the year 2302, many technological upgrades have occurred, but humankind is not overly reliant upon technology due to a singularity event several centuries beforehand. The Earth Government has colonized hundreds of worlds, with Indigo 99 being one of the most important and most habitable. The resourceful Fargo must draw upon her extensive engineering and survival mindsets to determine what is happening on her beautiful lunar homeworld and around the Galaxy.

The novel is hard science fiction and includes many technological and engineering principles along with a fast-paced and intriguing storyline.  If you enjoyed The Martian, you will love Indigo 99.

Hide and Seek - a mystery by Michael Zolezzi

A Detective Novel written by a current LAPD Detective.

There are certain criminal cases that are talked about generations after the investigation is closed.

They are biopsied, broken down, with every move by the detective analyzed. These cases can make legends or goats out of the investigators.

In Hide and Seek, such a case lands in Detective Jake Skinner and his partner, Detective Dan Rico’s, laps. Having just transferred from South Bureau Homicide, Jake thought taking down an armed bank robber on his first day was as wild as the RHD ride got. He was wrong.

The kidnapping of the wife of the mayor of Los Angeles, who also happens to be a federal prosecutor threatens the core of one of the world’s most famous cities. An internal power struggle, false leads, meddling media, the victim’s own family, and Jake’s personal struggles all threaten to derail the investigation, an investigation that leads to pure evil.

Sojourn Sol (Eternal Sol) by Morgan Landsbury

Free 1/22/2016 - 1/26/2016!

Ever since Tamil and Henny played together in school, he knew he loved her.

After his training to defend the universe was complete, he was sent on assignment to defend the universe against the constant threat of alien invaders.

Tamil and Henny miss each other so much they are driven to find a way back to each other.  This is a science fiction love story.

The Great Mother Bible - spirituality by Mare Cromwell

Imagine having a conversation with our Earth... Referred to as "The Voice of Earth Mother" by a gifted Shoshone elder, Mare Cromwell was given specific instructions from Mother in November, 2013, to write "The Great Mother Bible". Out of that spiritual call has come teachings ranging from the role of aliens on Earth, the Christ Consciousness, sacred dimensions and balance. This revolutionary and humorous spiritual book offers essential wisdom and guidance to birth the New World.

FORGOTTEN PROMISES - a contemporary romance by Jessica Lemmon

Morgan Young had a perfect upbringing, and now she’s got a perfect boyfriend and a perfect future—until her twenty-first birthday changes everything. First Morgan finds out, in the most painful way possible, that her relationship is a sham. But that’s nothing compared to the nightmare about to unfold.

The Pitcher - Young Adult/Literary/sports by William Hazelgrove

$3.99 (regularly $7.99) 1/21/2016 - 1/31/2016!

A boy with a golden arm, but no money for lessons. A mother who wants to give her son his dream before she dies. A broken down World Series pitcher who cannot go on after the death of his wife. These are the elements of The Pitcher. A story of a man at the end of his dream and a boy whose dream is to make his high school baseball team. In the tradition of The Natural and The Field of Dreams, this is a mythic story about how a man and a boy meet in the crossroads of their life and find a way to go on. You will laugh and you will cry as The Pitcher and Ricky prepare for the ultimate try out of life.

Cowboy Heat - a Cowboy Romance by Sable Hunter

Free 1/22/2016 - 1/24/2016!

Read the book that started the Hell Yeah! Craze, a series of standalones that tell the story of the McCoy family and their friends as they each find the woman of the dreams. COWBOY HEAT introduces you to Aron McCoy, the big Alpha brother who has no intention of ever falling in love again – until he meets Libby who turns his world upside down. The sex is hot and there is enough emotion to make you laugh, cry and fall in love with the whole family. You’ll be begging for more…

TO CATCH A LADY - a historical romance by Pamela LaBud

Four lordly, rakish sportsmen whose bachelor paradise is threatened by a matchmaking aunt—and by the sting of unexpected love.

Ashton Blakely, the Duke of Summerton, cannot stop his aunt from meddling in his affairs. So rather than let her select a most disagreeable mate, Ashton decides to fire the first volley by holding a ball as a scheme to bag the ideal wife. But when Ashton falls for the one woman who isn’t willing to play his game, all his plans scatter like buckshot. Suddenly, the chase is on!

The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts - YA time travel murder mystery by K.C. Tansley

She tried to ignore them. But some things won’t be ignored.

This exciting Amazon Bestseller gives us a refreshingly new take on the lore of curses, ghosts, witches, and time travel. In The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts, prep school junior Kat Preston travels to an isolated castle to investigate a murder that happened centuries ago. She accidentally time travels to 1886 Connecticut, where she must share a body with a rebellious Victorian lady, prevent a gruesome wedding night murder, disprove a deadly family curse, and find a way back to her own time.

“Those who enjoy suspense, ghost stories, and a little hint of romance are sure to devour Tansley’s novel.” — Foreword Reviews

“This well-written young adult debut, with its intriguing mix of mystery, romance, ghosts, and time travel, should appeal to teen fans of light horror as well as those who enjoy a compelling mystery and supernatural encounters against a historical backdrop.” — VOYA Magazine

“The novel’s murder mystery is intriguing and grows more complex as its supernatural elements are unveiled. Readers will enjoy connecting the dots and guessing at the motivations of the Radcliffes’ wedding guests.” — Kirkus Reviews

“The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts is a fascinating blend of mystery, romance, time travel, and ghosts. The small, seaside town setting and gothic atmosphere instantly pulled me in, and the complex, carefully plotted storyline kept me hooked. K.C. Tansley took time travel to a whole new level, and I loved it from start to finish!” — Page Morgan, author of the YA gothic thriller The Beautiful & The Cursed 

Wisdom is the Principal Thing - Religion and Spirituality by Christian Publishing Company, LLC

Real wisdom comes from God! This book is a collection of Bible verses from both the Old and New Testament focusing on wisdom. The first of a three part series. A one-of-a-kind. An excellent reference tool. Good for inspirational and devotional reading. Great for all!

H.O.P.E. - Religion and Spirituality by Christian Publishing Company, LLC

Hope, Christian hope, is a gift from God. Hope is the firm, secure anchor for the soul. This book is a collection of Bible verses focusing on hope from both the Old and New Testament. The third of a three part series. Inspirational! Great for devotional reading or bible study! Authoritative! Hold On Praying Expecting!

People Management by Chad Halvorson

$0.99 (regularly $15) 1/16/2016 - 1/29/2016!

As a manager, it’s not always inherently easy to understand how to best lead and communicate with your team. You don’t become a great manager overnight—you have to work at it just like anything else you want to excel at. This book will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a better manager and leader of people.

Faith the Substance - Religion and Spirituality by Christian Publishing Company, LLC

Faith is firm relying, solid trust in GOD. And no matter what life brings our way, we must always activate our faith. This book is a collection of Bible verses focusing on faith from both the Old and New Testament. The third of a three part series. Resourceful! Quick reference guide! Great for home, work, or church!

NOW AND THEN - a contemporary romance by Mira Lyn Kelly

A steamy novel of lost love, second chances, and hidden dangers.

Brynn Ahearn is gorgeous, fun, and not just a sports nut but an NBA camera woman whose work takes her all over the country. In other words, she’s a walking male fantasy—or at least, she would be if she weren’t so busy keeping the guys at bay. The fact is, with Brynn’s con-man father fresh out of jail and back in her life, dating is just too risky. Haunted by memories of her past, she could

Always - contemporary romance by Lita Stone


A vicious gang rape leaves Maggie deadened inside.
For the last decade, Maggie's been on a full-throttle crash course marred with wild men and reckless sex, sex that makes her feel alive.
If only for that fleeting moment.
Cam is muscular, tall and dangerous. And Maggie is all about dangerous.
But Cam is nothing like what she expected.

He's much worse.

Connor - young adult, paranormal fantasy by Dormaine G

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 1/28/2016 - 2/3/2016!

Strong. Sassy. Superhuman.

Connor's mundane teenager life takes a U-turn when she discovers her incredible abilities, and a whole new world opens up around her. Thrilled by her newfound powers, she soon realizes that being special often means being singled out - and not always by those with good intentions.

With a group of friends who share similar abilities, Connor is set on a path of discovery and adventure as they try to find out more about their true self and origin. They soon find themselves pursued by Ronin; young, smart and out for revenge against them for reasons unknown.

The first novel in Dormaine G's young adult fantasy series, Connor is a witty, intense read and an exciting debut.

Raw Food Diet For Beginners: Simple, Easy To Follow Diet Plans And Tips That Promises Fast And Lasting Results Naturally! - Diet Recipes by Ross Contreras

Everyone wants to look younger and have a great body. However the challenge is they usually give in to the temptations of eating junk foods.

The Raw Food Diet For Beginners will show you exactly how you can enjoy a slimmer and leaner body by eating raw foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Unlike the juice diet, you will find yourself feeling fuller after each meal, and feeling more energetic than before. All you need is to make little changes each day, one thing at a time and you will begin to feel more vibrant and energetic with enhanced immunity. By adding more raw foods to our diets that are filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, our bodies will be able to better fight against ailments such as diabetes, allergic reactions, and headaches.

Boxed Set - 3 Dead Red Mysteries Plus 2 Bonus Books - cozy mystery book set by R.P. Dahlke

Free 1/20/2016 - 1/25/2016!

Over 2,000 reviews with a 4.2 average all 5 books

A DEAD RED CADILLAC (1st in the Dead Red Mystery Series)
A DEAD RED HEART (2nd in the Dead Red Mystery Series)
A DEAD RED OLEANDER: (3rd in the Dead Red Mystery Series)
Bonus Books: 2 in a Romantic Sailing Mystery Trilogy

Sneaker Wave - literary fiction by Jeff Beamish

Four mismatched teens. One act of violence. One nod by each of them to agree it never happened. This raucous yet poignant story of friendship, loss and long-denied regret springs to life in the dying days of high school in a seaside Pacific Northwest town. A popular resident is critically injured while confronting seventeen-year-old Brady Joseph and three friends who have broken into an abandoned house to party. Luke, a seething runaway, is suspected of attacking the man, while Sam, a gentle, imperilling opportunist, and Sarah, Brady's wildly irrepressible girlfriend, are accused of helping Brady cover up the crime.

The teens' code of silence keeps them out of jail, yet for Brady their duplicity is not so easily accepted, especially as their lives and those of others begin unraveling in a dizzying plunge, leaving him with two choices, each one tragic. This is a story about teens doggedly pursued into adulthood by suspicion that lingers long after the media moves on to the next crime du jour. It's a haunting journey into the gaps between right and wrong, between harmless half-truths and disastrous self-deception.

Says the Literary Hoarders review: “Bravo on this debut. Sneaker Wave was one of those books that I could not put down once I started...  Sneaker Wave was a powerful and stunning read. Just loved it. 4.5 stars (‘Damn near perfection’).

SUTHERLAND’S SECRET - a historical romance by Sharon Cullen

Overflowing with mouthwatering Scottish warriors, captivating history, and forbidden desire.

Terror reigns in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden. As British troops obliterate the last traces of the Jacobite cause, Brice Sutherland, the Earl of Dornach, risks everything to arrange a covert escape route to Canada for his fellow Scots. But when he encounters a dying Englishwoman, hauntingly beautiful though scarred by manacles and unable to speak, Brice’s true courage is put to the test.

Sector 64: Ambush - Military Sci-Fi by Dean M. Cole

Free 1/18/2016 - 1/22/2016!

In 2016, US fighter pilots Jake and Sandy discover a global conspiracy to integrate humanity into a galactic government. Then it renders Earth a pawn as unknown aliens with a dark secret attack.

The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend - Teen Romance by Alfred R. Taylor

Free Kindle promotion January 20th, 2016

Juan was a typical senior at Edgar Allan Poe High School. Apart from failing English, he had things under control. He had his friends, his favorite TV shows, and a crush on Tao, “the class brain.” Then Kirsten with her ocean blue eyes, golden blond hair, and wicked smile entered his life, and everything changed. On the first day they met, she made a bet that had his best friend laughing at him, the girl of his dreams competing against him, and half the school hoping he would be humiliated. But with Kirsten as his tutor, win or lose, Juan knew it would be exciting.

The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend is a novel that teaches English composition, resume writing, job search skills, and U.S. government by weaving the lessons into the plot of a teen romance novel. Readers experience the lessons through the eyes of Juan, the novel’s protagonist. Juan not only learns to write essays, but he also learns why writing is important to his future as he and his friends prepare to graduate and begin their adult lives.

A Picture-Purrfect Christmas: A Klepto Cat Mystery-Book 13 - a Cozy Mystery by Patricia Fry

Rags, the klepto cat, performs a Christmas miracle. A spellbinding story of love, hope, and a child’s innocent Christmas dreams. When Savannah Ivey agrees to teach photography to a group of at-risk children, she doesn’t expect a sweet-spirited little crippled girl to steal her heart and become an important part of her family. Even Rags, the kleptomaniac cat, is captivated by the child named Marissa. When she goes missing, everyone, including Rags, experiences the pain of loss. Detective Craig Sledge fears that Marissa’s unscrupulous, non-custodial father may be behind her disappearance and the search escalates into high gear. When even a pack of rescue dogs can’t find the child, the detective turns to Rags and everyone prays for a Christmas miracle. Can Rags succeed where the others have failed? While this story involves some intense drama, it will also make you smile and even laugh out loud. Bring out the tissues for the beautiful ending. A Picture Purrfect Christmas is one of those feel-good holiday stories you’ll want to read over and over again.

AFTER LOVE - a romantic suspense novel by Kathy Clark

A pulse-pounding tale of two wounded souls tempted by a dangerous proposition: new love.

DEA agent Nick Archer puts his life on the line every day. A former Marine, he fears nothing . . . except commitment. Nick has no trouble finding women eager to warm his bed, and no problem sending them on their way the morning after. Relationships don’t mix with risky careers, a fact Nick learned the hard way after his marriage fell apart. He’d go it alone if it weren’t for his new K-9 partner—and the stunning trainer who makes Nick sit up and take notice

The Sword of Islam - a gripping erotic action adventure novel by J.D. Sinclair

When Iran is on the verge of getting a nuclear bomb, Israel attacks, and it's Mossad agents spark an internal revolt that is on the verge of driving a stake through the heart of the radical Iranian theocracy.

With their backs to the wall, the Iran's Supreme leader decides to launch a last ditch "Hail Mary" attack directed at Israel's key supporter, The United States.

Iran's selects its version of James Bond, Kemal, giving him command of its last elite forces, to be the Sword of Islam, his mission, delivering a devastating blow to major cities in the United States.  The Supreme Leader of Iran truly believes he will destroy America,and force it and Israel to their knees.

The moment he is given his suicide mission, Kemal also knows he must get Laura, his wife and the love of his life, out of Iran to safety before his attack is driven home, to save her and his children from the devastating counter attack by the United States.

Iran's last all out offensive is discovered by Israeli agent Suji, who operates out of a bordello, the Comida Chino, and as a result, against Kemal, and his elite forces, Israel deploys its best soldiers and agents who willingly give their lives in a determined heroic and desperate effort to stop the attack, with the lives of millions of Americans hanging in the balance.

As one Amazon reviewer put it:

The Sword of Islam a provocative thriller is a most appropriate book for the times. It captures the United States presence in a real life setting with Iran and Israel. J D Sinclair has done a masterful job of putting life to the enemy of the United States. They are not just creatures of 'evil' designed to kill. They have a life and happiness but they have a desire to further their views. We [the United States] are definitely an enemy to be destroyed with any and all means possible. Israel, though our ally, still has their own agenda and will put it first.
There is plenty of sex, intrigue and a knowledge of history and guns to make the story interesting besides being informative. The enemy, Iran, flaunts and exposes our weakness in dealing with them.
This book is a Mickey Spillane style book. It is fast moving and hard to put down.

Y - a YA romance novel by Rain Arlender

The main character of the novel is sixth form student Neasa Morrigan. A girl who is part of a small secular community (not a religion) and lives according to their rules, though she is by nature even more solitary than her companions.

Ryan Delaney is a young talented actor who is slowly but surely heading for world fame. Their encounter does not appear life-changing at first, but the more they get to know each other the quicker they seem to slip into something that neither of them want or had planned for. Over time the question arises: can there be happiness where one person gives up everything for the other? And is there such a person who can accept that? They both try, but the very last step is something neither of them can take. And thus they are left with little to face the world with…

Our whole life – is an endless Y. As you head up its stalk, you always have two options – but the possibilities live inside you, not in the circumstances – whether you choose right or left, once you have chosen, the road splits into another Y – and you can once again ponder on what to pick next.

Getting the Most From Your Therapy: Become an Educated Consumer, from quality blogger Jeffery Smith MD

Free on 1/20/2016 !

Goes beyond usual advice to help readers understand their personal issues and how to work with any therapist, regardless of theory, to get the best results from therapy. 130 pages from the author of Moments of Change blog, whose readers have commented "Your explanations are like a light bulb going off.

The Courts of Garrowville - a murder mystery by Ken Siegel

The quiet, peaceful town of Garrowville, Pennsylvania had very little crime and no homicides until the tragic murder of Jennifer Stohler, a beloved member of the community.  Almost immediately, Michael Stohler, the victim’s husband, is presumed by seemingly everyone, including the Garrowville police, to be the murderer.  Gossip, circumstantial evidence, and sensationalist media coverage continually feed that presumption.  There is just one problem.   He didn’t do it.

But who did? While the police and district attorney are focused solely on the arrest and conviction of their presumed culprit, Michael Stohler hires an attorney to defend him and an investigator to find out what really happened.  The race against the clock is on.  As the drama in the courthouse is unfolding, will the real killer be identified in time before Michael Stohler is wrongfully convicted of the murder?

Into Autumn - an action/adventure novel by Larry Landgraf

A chilling account of how Lars Lindgren and Eileen Branson must face new challenges when all of humanity is forced into desperate survival mode when the grid goes down, and government and the economy crumble. True-life characters, in gravely realistic scenarios, sure to make some people squeamish. This novel is rated 'R' by the author for sex and violence.

Lovely Words for a Lovely Life - self-help by Nida Hussain

Lovely Words for a Lovely Life is a short and sweet, yet very beneficial, guide to using positive affirmations to improve your outlook and consequently the quality of your life. Your thoughts subconsciously lead to actions, which lead to events and circumstances. With negative self-talk you are more prone to a negative mindset and quality of life, and with positive and happy self-talk you will be more likely to live a life full of optimism, joy, and abundance. Read this book for a dose of positivity and for some very valuable affirmations- or lovely words as the author puts it- that you can use again and again.