Professional Builders Secrets: How Custom Home Builders Can Sign More Contracts at Higher Margins While Delivering a Better Client Experience by Russ Stephens & Sky Stephens

Professional Builders Secrets: How Custom Home Builders Can Sign More Contracts at Higher Margins While Delivering a Better Client Experience by Russ

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/28/2021 - 7/2/2021!

Are serious about systemizing your building company?

Maybe you’re keen to get started, but you don’t have the tools you need right now. And maybe you're a little overwhelmed by all the strategies and tactics you've been told are necessary to implement into your business. However, there is no need for you to try to figure out everything yourself, on your own.

At the Association of Professional Builders (APB), their mission is to improve the construction industry for both builders AND consumers. APB believes builders deserve more money than they are currently earning from building custom homes. Additionally, consumers deserve a better experience than they are currently receiving.

Earnings and experience go hand-in-hand. You can’t deliver a world class service on tiny margins without systems. This is why father-daughter partnership, Russ and Sky Stephens are helping residential home builders to implement proven systems into their building companies.

Within Professional Builder Secrets, you'll find the systems and processes you need. Step by step, Russ and Sky have provided a path to generating more quality leads, more sales, as well as increased margins. Along with their own story, they've also included the success stories of past APB clients. With their book in your hands, world class service is only a few pages away.

Positively Negative: How to turn Negative Messages into Positive Ones by Stephen Krempl

Positively Negative: How to turn Negative Messages into Positive Ones book promotion sites by Stephen Krempl

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/28/2021 - 7/2/2021!

Looking for the tools to be seen as a positive person, especially with senior management? Positively Negative: How to Turn Negative Message into Positive Ones is your solution to becoming successful through positivity. You will learn why, when, and where you need to be positive. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to master positivity in specific situations, and the unintentional effects of using negative words when you communicate.

Positively Negative outlines the best way to articulate unpleasant messages in five key opportunities when interacting with senior management: one-on-one, team meetings, conference calls, business presentations, and company socials. So, when these opportunities arise, you can plan, prepare, and perform to be seen as a problem solver who helps the organization achieve its goals. All the while, you will avoid unintentionally becoming that negative, whining complainer company leaders remember for the wrong reasons.

To expand your positive word vocabulary, we provide 18 different word sets to help you transition from Negative to Neutral to Positive using the words, phrases, and questions provided. At the end of each chapter, there are practice statements to help you understand how to convert negative statements to positive ones.

Holy Smoke: Trapped by Hellfire - an action packed adventure by Russ Brandon

Holy Smoke: Trapped by Hellfire - an action packed adventure book promotion by Russ Brandon

One peaceful day in Yellowstone Park, Sal, Cornelius, and Pioneer camp in the woods and Vicky hikes in for her research data. Then the largest forest fire in park history hits, and the Park Superintendent tries to stop the park from burning to ash. The firefighters are up against an unstoppable force and anyone in the woods must escape from a hell.

Legacy of Seconds - a sinister sci-fi by Edge O. Erin

Legacy of Seconds - a sinister sci-fi book promotion by Edge O. Erin

"There were a funeral and a resurrection, but no saviour, no grace, no light.

Witches and demons hovered, while angel wings were torn away. 

There were dreams inside of dreams inside overarching dreams that were, in fact, nightmares.

For every wall surmounted, door opened, window smashed, river swam, and cliff climbed, she was captured and returned to her cell inside a cell in an array of cells.

How could she ever escape?"

The answer, perhaps, is Claire, the woman's younger sister. Claire’s an elite reject, and a coral chipper with a bad attitude and a prosthesis. She's joined her husband, Cooper, in the Men's Equality Movement. The fact that Claire's sister Mariot is held in suspended animation in order to hatch clones to consolidate the rule of the Ghan matriarchal plutocracy is simply wicked. That rejected clones are abused by their keepers is despicable. That people from disparate walks of life rally to Claire and Cooper's cause is uplifting. But can the protagonists succeed against the awful Ghans, the brutal yet beautiful clone, Riot, and other lowlife scumbags, such as Jop and the Menhancers? Maybe. 

Jump forward thousands of years to just before a colonization mission to Prometer (from the soon-to-be-released Terraform Charlie) and find out how humanity has changed - but in many ways stayed the same - and see if Claire can spring her sister, Mariot.

White Smoke - a feminist human rights novel by Itamar S.N.

White Smoke - a feminist human rights novel book promotion by Itamar S.N.

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) 6/26/2021 - 6/30/2021!

White Smoke is a love story between two men and between a man and his country, but above all it's a wakeup call for a profound self examination in the western society.

The story takes place in Israel, present time. Everything is the same as our reality, with just one fundamental difference. The state of Israel and the Palestinian authority unite and form a new country named Isratine.

Our protagonists are the son of the Prime Minister (Yonatan) and his husband, a shy tech industry entrepreneur (Meir). Amal, a young, Muslim girl, who was a victim of an acid attack, enters their lives. The unorthodox family grows alongside the new country. Over the years, the euphoria of peace is replaced with non-liberal forces that try to take over the country, and the Prime Minister must choose between his life’s vision and the future of the country as a liberal democracy.  Will the country survive? Will the family survive? At the end of the book we are left with nothing, but Hope. 

Paradise Collectors: A Book of Jewish Poetry by D.L. Lang

Paradise Collectors: A Book of Jewish Poetry book promotion sites D.L. Lang
“Paradise is scattered over the whole earth and that is why it has become so unrecognizable.” — Novalis

Paradise Collectors is a compilation of Jewish poetry by former Vallejo, California poet laureate D.L. Lang, featuring poems celebrating Jewish holidays, social justice, sisterhood, and other poems inspired by Judaism and Jewish practice. Section headings and a glossary are included for those unfamiliar common with Hebrew and Yiddish terms. D.L. Lang minored in Judaic Studies at the University of Oklahoma, served on the board of the Women of Reform Judaism Pacific District, and created the Hebrew language film The Hebrew Project. 

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer Box Set (Books 1-3) - The beginning of an epic fantasy series by Marc Alan Edelheit

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer Box Set (Books 1-3) - The beginning of an epic fantasy series book promotion by Marc Alan Edelheit

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 6/25/2021 - 6/26/2021!

Winner of the IPPI Award for Fantasy & Finalist Best Series Next Generation Indie Book Awards

The battle to save the empire and the world begins here! Welcome to the remarkable world of Istros, a place both alien and familiar. A struggle between gods is about to unfold in a world where magic is a rarity and a dark power is growing.

What awaits Stiger is an incredible journey he could never even hope to imagine. Along the way he must rebuild his new company, gain the respect of the men he leads, survive an assassination attempt, and fight bandits, rebels, and an agent of an evil god. His companions on this journey of discovery and adventure are some of the few remaining elven rangers and a paladin on a quest for the High Father.

If you enjoy an original story, honorable heroes, mind-blowing twists, and page-turning action that puts you right in the middle of the fighting, then you will love Edelheit’s riveting series. #1 bestselling author Marc Alan Edelheit's Chronicles (CILO) Boxed Set I includes books 1-3 in this epic fantasy series.

The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery by Jeffrey Mechling

The Adults in the Room: A Tim Hall Mystery book promotion by Jeffrey Mechling

If the fate of the nation was in the palm of your hands…. Would you revisit a forgotten past, just to risk it all?

A former CIA operative, Tim Hall believed his life had moved on for the better after a forced resignation. His memories lost after a tragic accident, he could only recall bits and pieces of his previous spy-work days, with flashbacks returning in the form of dreams and nightmares.

After falling in love with a voluptuous local bartender in Baltimore, Tim was finally looking forward to spending the rest of his days in peace and harmony. A shadow of his former self, this was an opportunity to redeem himself from the life of sabotage and global intelligence.

Unfortunately, behind the veils of secrecy, interested parties were constantly watching his every move…

Following a brief visit by a very familiar face, Tim’s world came crashing down again as he was thrust back into the fray of national security. Informed of his importance in saving America from enemies within, he will need to claw his way back into action before the country falls prey to chaos and anarchy.

Why was he the only one chosen for the job, unlike others in active duty? Was there something deeply hidden inside his lost memories? Was he holding the key to America’s future?

As Tim carefully traverses through the intricate webs of lies, manipulation and deceit, it would seem to him that not everyone is who they appear to be…

The Adults in the Room is a nerve-wrecking story laden with treachery, seduction and path to redemption. You will find yourself asking for more, as you start questioning everything about Tim’s life and the people around him.

False Light by Eric Dezenhall

False Light book promotion by Eric Dezenhall

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $9.99) 6/1/2021 - 6/30/2021!

A thrilling tale of revenge set against the vibrant backdrop of sensationalist modern media

Seasoned reporter Sanford “Fuse” Petty is old-school in every way—anti-technology, anti-Millennial, and anti-“gotcha” journalism. His oldest friend asks him for advice after his daughter says she was sexually assaulted by her boss, a prominent media star. Fuse agrees to help. They can report the incident to the police and risk a huge “he said/she said” smear campaign against the girl, or plan something even better—revenge.

Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss - Health Fitness & Dieting book by Daniel Zane Bryan

Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss - Health Fitness & Dieting book promotion by Daniel Zane Bryan

Decode the secrets to weight loss is a practical guide to weight loss solutions that help you burn fat, eat smart and feed the brain. This is an all in one  reference guide to 11 of the most effective and popular healthy diets currently being used today. You get the origins of each diet, what the diet is used for, how to use, foods and other routines for each diet, benefits and cautions. 

Why go through hours of research  to find the best diet for your lifestyle ,when everything is under one cover in one book in : Decode The Secrets To Weight Loss.

Additionally,  learn:

* How to improve your relationship with food.

* How to find the right diet for your lifestyle.

* Effective strategies that will boost your weight loss results.

* The hidden culprits of weight gain. 

* The one thing that will transform your weight loss journey (and it has nothing to do with food or exercise). 

Conscious Home Design: The Guide to Living Your Best Life by Designing for Happiness Health and Relationship Success by Talor Stewart

Conscious Home Design: The Guide to Living Your Best Life by Designing for Happiness Health and Relationship Success book promotions by Talor Stewart

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/21/2021 - 6/25/2021!

There is a paradigm shift happening in home design. Today's homeowners are more design savvy and demand more than what the old world values represent and deliver. For the Conscious Homeowner, gone are the days when a house is deemed adequate simply because it is built in Z architectural style, has Y number of bedrooms, and X number of square feet.Conscious Homeowners expect more from their homes. They want increased functionality, reduced maintenance, and smaller utility bills. They want a home that maximizes their sense of individual freedom and personal privacy, while at the same time fostering greater family connection. They want highly supportive homes that enhance their lifestyle by removing friction and creating ease and grace.Just as proper diet, exercise and good relationships are essential components of a happy, successful life, so too is proper home design. Conscious Home Design creates momentum in the lives of those who experience it, helping people more readily achieve their noble hopes and dreams, and bright ambitions. When you place the essential parts of life within the context of a consciously designed home, you and your loved ones will be served and supported night and day.

The Chakras of Tantra: Seven Wheels of Self-Mastery by Ganga Devi

The Chakras of Tantra: Seven Wheels of Self-Mastery book promotion sites Ganga Devi

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/14/2021 - 6/18/2021!

Chakras have sparked an unprecedented interest across the world and there has been a vast amount of literature published in recent years.

They have inspired spiritual aspirants, seekers and mystics for thousands of years and they have fascinated psychologists, psycho-therapists and the general public for over a century.

This groundbreaking book presents the tantric view of the chakras as they have been treated traditionally within the rich system of tantric practices and help the reader understand how they can be used as powerful tools of self-mastery.

The chakras are fascinating since they are the gateways to consciousness. We will see how they are to be approached for spiritual evolution, to bring about the shift of individual and collective consciousness and how we can work with them so as to attain complete self-mastery.

In God We Trust; The Dollar We Worship by Donald Galade

In God We Trust; The Dollar We Worship book promotion sites Donald Galade

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/14/2021 - 6/18/2021!

The purpose of this book is to show the will of the Lord to unlock the blessings in our lives, as long as we do our part with what we are given by God. We learn in the Word that much is required of us in order to be in covenant blessings and abundance with God. It is our focus to assist those that do not know or are confused about what Jesus did for us on Calvary with the truth. We have a lot to do with how much and when we receive from the Father. I will, however, touch on some topics that others addressed, with a slightly different slant. May you be blessed as you read this, and may the power of the Holy Spirit open your ears and remove the scales from your eyes as it permeates and transforms you, in Jesus name. When I realized there was more to life than making a buck, the Lord showed me I could not only provide for my family, but also sow into His Kingdom, and sow into his people as well. He showed me how to lead with the Word in everything I did. What makes this book truly a work from the Lord is that I did not grow up reading the Bible. Truth be told, I didn’t even own one until 2001. Coming from a “religious” background, I had the same thought process as most Christians do today. Just be a “good person” and go to church, and maybe you‘ll make it to Heaven! Although I believed in God and knew who Jesus was, and what He did for us on the cross, I thought that was all I needed to know. The Lord would soon show me differently. He showed me many things about the Word and about religion. I soon found out that there was a difference. In many churches money is a very emotional subject when discussed from the pulpit. In case the title had not given it away, this book is going to discuss these topics in great detail, all of which will be supported by the Bible. Some who read this may be blessed, others may find the information contained herein in contempt. Please take each scripture and concept and search it for yourself. Study the context used in this book. Do not take my word for it, ask the Lord to prove my words true. If you ask God for guidance with regard to His Word, it will never come back void! This book is designed to be an educational tool based on Biblical and financial principles as it relates to economics in our world.

God's letters: 132 Capital Letters came during a Vision in 2001 by Athanasio Celia

God's letters: 132 Capital Letters came during a Vision in 2001 book promotion sites Athanasio Celia

Source of the description: Encyclopedia "Conservapedia" (article Athanasio Celia)

The publication (""God's letters"")[68] is about a man who in 2001 recorded a vision, which contained 132 capital letters of the Greek alphabet that created a quadrangular shape 11 to 12. A study revealed that the text is readable in 115 different ways in the ancient Greek language and parallel it encloses depictions and symbols. Besides, it can be simultaneously deciphered mathematically. The whole process of the deciphering shows off an unbreakable mathematical, geometrical and theological coherence which in the end presents 10 big revealing texts. The vision-text, which has as its principal symbol the crucifix of Jesus Christ, turned out to be the Contemporary Revelation.

Diary of a Contemporary Woman by Lucy Pussett

Diary of a Contemporary Woman book promotion sites Lucy Pussett

Having reached 34, Angelique Santoro finds herself feeling trapped and deeply unhappy within the constraints of traditional relationships.

Uneasy to perform the role of life partner or girlfriend in the way society has designed for all women.

Finally, she takes the courage to break free and becomes single for the first time in 15 years. Breaking away from the ties that bind us. Breaking away from the fear of being alone and lonely to become what she was always meant to be.

Diary of a contemporary woman follows Angelique in her new life, her adventures. Utterly compelling, beautiful, honest and bold.

Angelique will have you laughing and crying at the same time, willing her on to find happiness and that rare calm within.

Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness Book 1) by Christian A. Brown

Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness Book 1) book promotion sites Christian A. Brown

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/9/2021 - 6/16/2021!

"An unmissable dark fantasy tale,"--Kirkus (starred review)

"While you wait for Game of Thrones..."--ForeWord Clarion

This is the series you want to start for the summer!

Morigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. 

But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mortal man, her world changes forever. 

Their meeting sparks long buried magical powers deep within Morigan. 

As she attempts to understand her newfound abilities, unbidden visions begin to plague her—visions that show a horrific madness descending on one of the Immortal Kings who rules the land. 

With Morigan growing more powerful each day, the leaders of the realm soon realize that this young woman could hold the key to their destruction. 

Suddenly, Morigan finds herself beset by enemies, and she must master her mysterious gifts if she is to survive.

Realm of the Banished: A Skyborne Series Novel by Jennifer M. Waldrop

Realm of the Banished: A Skyborne Series Novel book promotion sites Jennifer M. Waldrop

Vera was anointed as the Chosen One at the onset of her training.

She would be their  hero, the one who would retrieve the ancient relic capable of ending their banishment and returning the Skyborne to their beloved home realm, Idia.

Yet ten years later, her powers never fully developed as expected.

And to them she was a tool, she was expendable.

But Vera’s fortitude proves to be undefeatable.

Once free from the confines of a life shrouded with secrets and manipulation -- she faces a new challenge -- one with consequences that are far more lethal.

Unrest permeates the territories. Regent Karish’s handsome son is out for revenge and a new enemy is breeding an aerial army capable of blocking the Skyborne from their source of power.

Vera is torn between accepting her fate as the hero and losing the freedom she fought so valiantly to attain.

Find out what path she takes in Realm of the Banished, a captivating new adult fantasy adventure! 

The Son I Knew Too Late: A Guide to Help You Survive and Thrive by Sally Raymond

The Son I Knew Too Late: A Guide to Help You Survive and Thrive book promotion sites Sally Raymond

The only way this son’s life could be a tragedy was to do nothing about it.

A young college graduate guns his car into a retaining wall is instantly killed. His mother, author Sally Raymond, asks one agonizing question: Why? What brought her bright, successful son Jon to suicide? This newly licensed family therapist digs for the truth of Jon’s life—and through Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of Human Development—she finds it. Together, Jon’s experience and Erikson’s lens highlight the key psychological challenge every child faces at each stage of growth. Gaining insight into what a child experiences inside themselves at each age gives parents and readers everywhere new tools for helping kids navigate the sometimes rough currents of life. Jon’s fate need not be yours—or your children’s. Understanding each stage of development from the inside out can help children and adults alike steer toward wholeness, joy, and fulfillment.

The Playmaker Mindset: A Radically Fun Way To Build a Culture of Teamwork and Instant Innovation by Jeff Rogers

The Playmaker Mindset: A Radically Fun Way To Build a Culture of Teamwork and Instant Innovation book promotion sites Jeff Rogers

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/7/2021 - 6/11/2021!

Stop Working and Start Playing! Learn how to unleash the creativity your team needs for instant innovation, a stronger culture, and a happier life!

In this business fable from Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author, Jeff Rogers, we find a simple way to rekindle our lost sense of play...and use it at work. Meet Jerry Newcombe: a person who's struggling with a work life balance that has him drowning in mediocrity. He’s tired, unfulfilled, and more than a little worried that he'll never reach his full potential. An intriguing question from an unusual source forces Jerry onto the path of discovery on how to unleash his true creative potential!

For managers and team leaders or anyone looking to turn stressful situations into creative solutions, The Playmaker Mindset provides a powerful way of thinking that enables you to innovatively overcome challenges and bring out the best in yourself and your team. Stop working, Start playing, and learn how to win at life with The Playmaker Mindset!

Your Kids Own Money: The 4 Pillars for Living a Money Smart Life by Juanita Enns

Your Kids Own Money: The 4 Pillars for Living a Money Smart Life book promotion sites Juanita Enns

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/7/2021 - 6/11/2021!

Don't you wish someone came up to you when you were young and told you exactly what to do with your money so that you could have the future of your dreams? Your Kids Own Money does just that. It is a great conversation starter and step by step guide to help you help your kids start saving & investing TODAY. More than theory, your child will complete steps and activities to take them where they want to go starting right now.

Raising money smart children is doable. Your Kids Own Money uses specific parenting strategies and modern tools including behaviour based budgeting to help your child save & invest now and for their future. This guide will keep simple what most of us find complex. It will help your kids avoid the ordinary "snares" the majority of us fall into. Your Kids Own Money is encouraging and engaging as it helps you help your kids do even better than we ever did. Here is to a great future for our kids starting TODAY!

Beyond Temptation - A Ten-Book Romance Box Set by Summer Cooper

Beyond Temptation - A Ten-Book Romance Box Set book promotion sites Summer Cooper
A 10 Book Box Set of Amazon Best Selling Romance Novels that are Beyond Temptation!

Packed full of gorgeous alpha males and plenty of heat to keep the reading pleasure going all night long.

Sweet & Easy - Humor, wit, charm, and romance. The perfect summer read by Misty Williams

Sweet & Easy - Humor, wit, charm, and romance. The perfect summer read book promotion sites Misty Williams
My life in Detroit was nothing like what I planned, nothing like what I expected. Certainly nothing I had ever actually wanted. I had to admit, before Aunty showed up and dumped the ancient, derelict family farm in my lap, I was just a cog in the wheel. A drone. An unhappy one. After Jason, I realized I had been looking for happiness in all the wrong places, and not one of them was within myself. Does that even work? Looking for happiness within yourself? I decided to find out before Aunt Terri and her enormous brood tried to set me up with another very eligible guy. So, goodbye Detroit, hello West Virginia! Hello family farm. Just wondering, is there a book, like a “farming for Dummies,” book? Because…

Anyway, I made up my mind to follow the path Aunty showed me on Christmas Eve that year. I'd do this all on my own. I made up my mind that there would be no more men, no set-ups, no blind dates, nothing. No more romance until I had the farm life and my life figured out. I needed to be complete in myself. There. Decision made. By Easter, I was in Harrison Valley, the charming, wholesome, picturesque little town that had sat for a couple of centuries between Ohio and Pennsylvania in the West Virginian panhandle where I intended to build my future. And would you believe it took me less than a week to fall in love with the most unlikely, enigmatic man in the town, with a mother that would make most sane women run for the hills? Yeah, that’s me. I’m determined like that. 

Turns out, I had a lot more to learn about myself and life and living it than I had thought.

My Luck (Twisted Luck Book 1) - an LGBTQ+ fantasy fiction series by Mel Todd

My Luck (Twisted Luck Book 1) - an LGBTQ+ fantasy fiction series book promotion sites Mel Todd

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $4.99) 6/4/2021 - 6/6/2021!

Coffee and my BFF are all the magic I need. 

Things have gone wonky around me most of my life. I find an odd amount of dead or dying people, and if something freakish happens, I'm usually in the middle or nearby. My luck dumps me into the weirdest situations. Which means finding a body on the way to work isn't exciting, just frustrating because I can't afford to lose my job. College, when you aren't a mage, is expensive.

My best friend Jo, is the only person I can depend on, and I fear I might lose her to magic too. But when the latest dead body has my name in his pocket, I find out I have more friends than I thought. I'm going to need them to graduate. But I will earn my certification no matter what I have to overcome. 

Nothing is going to stop me. I will have a good life, I will be a great EMT, and I will keep looking for why my twin died. Life is a series of steps; this is step one. But with my luck, anything and everything might happen.

My Luck – the first book in the Twisted Luck series, an Urban Fantasy you didn't know you needed. 

A found family, non-romantic urban fantasy with a smattering of magical beasties.

Break the Chronic Pain Cycle: A 90-Day Program to Diagnose and Eliminate the Root Cause of Pain , Health Fitness and Dieting, by Sheetal DeCaria MD

Break the Chronic Pain Cycle: A 90-Day Program to Diagnose and Eliminate the Root Cause of Pain , Health Fitness and Dieting, by Sheetal DeCaria MD

$0.99 on Amazon!

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Do you feel like you've seen doctor after doctor but are tired of finding no permanent solution? This comprehensive guide is the answer you need to start living a pain free life in only 90 days. Dr. Sheetal DeCaria is an integrative pain physician and anesthesiologist who has been on both sides -- a doctor treating chronic pain and a doctor with pain -- an experience that allowed her to witness firsthand the limitations of our current healthcare system.

In this innovative guide, she shares her unique approach, which goes beyond masking symptoms through medications and unnecessary interventions.

You will determine what type of pain syndrome you have, learn how to implement a specific treatment plan that will treat the root cause, and be provided a simple roadmap to eliminate your pain today.

Whether you suffer from occasional aches or severe uncontrollable pain, this revolutionary program will guide you to a pain-free life.

Three Kisses - a moving political thriller by Heath Daniels

Three Kisses - a moving political thriller book promotion sites Heath Daniels

A young American man is an Arabic language specialist who monitors conversations between Arab countries and the U.S. at the National Security Agency. He overhears suspicious telephone conversations from Syria to the U.S. in the normal course of his work. 

Little does he know that he has uncovered the clue that leads the FBI and the Defense Intelligence Agency onto investigations to unravel the al Qaeda plot. 

Flame Vine: His Voices (The Hearing Voices Series) by Charles Porter

Flame Vine: His Voices (The Hearing Voices Series) book promotion sites Charles Porter

Charlie Porter’s prequel to the award-winning, Shallcross, Flame Vine is a deep dive into living with the chaos of hearing voices and the search for safe places to shelter from the storm.

A tightly-woven tale with themes of self-erasure, fear, hallucination and the joys in between, Flame Vine carries the reader through the life of Aubrey Shallcross which happens to be punctuated by schizophrenic episodes shared by Triple Suiter and Amper Sand, the voices in Aubrey’s head.

In a masterful way, Porter, transports the reader into the world of voice hearers, introducing us to the good voices –- and the bad -– to self-medication through addiction, and acting out on impulses.

The condition of hearing voices is not always pathological, and many voice hearers do not come forward or tell anyone for fear of being discriminated against. This is not a story about paranormal powers, nor is it fantasy or magic realism. This fictional piece is taken from the real world, the scientific world, and South Florida’s cultural landscape, except Porter’s theory about slippers—voices one hears in their head that live on the neuronal roads and in the vast, unknown spandrels of the brain. The reader does not have to believe in slippers, but the author does.

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy! by EPM Mavericks

Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy! book promotion by EPM Mavericks

Free book promotion on Amazon 6/4/2021 - 6/6/2021!

Book Trailer:

♥I gave my son a paperback version of the book for his Birthday. He saw the video teaser for the book and loved the concept.... He wants to be a Movie Director after college, so perhaps he does a Documentary or movie of your Book.♥

- Sanford Davidson, Sales Leader, OneStream Software

“The Gods Must be Crazy” for a Greater (COVID Humanitarian initiatives in India) Purpose!

This book promotion is a fundraising initiative to address the COVID challenges in India. I am honored to have the invitation to contribute to various Indian & Professional associations on COVID Humanitarian initiatives through this book royalties. Such organizations include AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin with ~100K members), AKMG (Association of Kerala Medical Graduates), etc.

I am a management consultant (and Ernst & Young Alumni) with a unique global perspective. I have the incredible fortune of preaching Indian Bushmen Gospel worldwide through the Amazon platform on Herculean challenges ahead of us, especially in the west. I had donated most of the royalties from over 10K books I sold in over a dozen countries to Mother Teresa Mission (Missionaries of charity. I am honored to contribute some of those royalties (up to $25K) to AAPI, AKMG, etc. (which can amplify & effectively utilize) to address the COVID challenges in India.

I commit up to $25K towards the right causes through these organizational ground-level operations. In addition to royalties, my offer also includes:

1. Immediate Donation of $1001 to AAPI, AKMG, etc. per organization

2. $5/book Donation verifiable member purchase 

3. $10 on every verifiable member Amazon review



Book Trailer: 

Trump's LAST presidential Proclamation:

The Great Enclosure - an unparalleled spiritual journey book promotion by Usil Cel

The Great Enclosure - an unparalleled spiritual journey book promotion by Usil Cel
The Great Enclosure - an unparalleled spiritual journey book promotion by Usil Cel

Three women in San Diego, California, are visited by angels. Gazelle Gweru, Canter Kariba, and Sophia Centenary are at the end of their lives, but they do not know it. Gazelle Gweru, thirty-five, is a renowned pastry chef who owns a bakery. Canter Kariba, seventy-three, is a recently retired retail employee. Sophia Centenary, twenty-six, is a reality-TV participant. Gazelle, Canter, and Sophia are about to be granted their deepest wishes when they realize that everything is about to change. 

Angels--Ina, Bel, and Bab--have come to accompany Gazelle, Canter, and Sophia to a place seven million light years away from Earth. That place is called “The Great Enclosure,” a transformative healing place that will transform Gazelle, Canter, and Sophia in ways they would never have imagined. Gazelle, Canter, and Sophia must prepare for their journey, and they must let go of everything so familiar to them on Earth. Will Gazelle, Canter, and Sophia accept the journey before them, or will they fight it? How will Ina, Bel, Bab, and the Great Enclosure help them?

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Arya Dharma - The Noble Dharma by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

A publication on the Arya Dharma (Noble Dharma) - A better way by a unique combination of our heritage, spirituality and current affairs by going back to the future.

Bharata(India) has the greatest history, heritage and culture ever possessed by any civilization in the history of the Universe.

It is a real shame of what we have become today because we blindly try to ape and emulate the fraud FUKUS (France, UK, USA) systems of "casino capitalism" and "paid democracy" which are totally unsuitable not only to us, but to any country on this planet, and especially harmful to Nature, the supreme embodiment of Brahman (God).

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the lungs of this world, the priceless Amazon rain forest is valued at $20 million, and the Amazon online shopping website is valued at almost a trillion dollars.

It really makes you wonder about the state of this world, when the top 1% possesses more than 47% percent of the global wealth, while the bottom half still worries about scrounging for their next meal.

If Bharat and this world must have any hope of restoring its past glory, it must abandon the fraud FUKUS systems which place only money and self-interest as their guiding principle, over Dharma and SEVA (Selfless Sacrifice), which were our eternal guiding principles that were laid down ever since Ram Rajya.

Dharma and SEVA were the guiding principles of the Golden Era of Bharat, when we surpassed even the Roman, Greek and Persian empires and even made a world conqueror like Alexander retreat in fearful haste without even daring to fight us.

If the principles mentioned in this publication are adopted in the world, it would surely lead to a Utopian Society where there is no king, religion, greed and selfishness and all the subjects would be governing themselves following the highest order of Dharma called Arya Dharma (The Noble Dharma).

Reviews of the book:  

Dr Mandira Adhikari Dubey
The book is a labour of extensive research, knowledge and logic. One would really gain a lot after reading this book.

Joe Britto
Dear Dhyan, Been through your amazing work. Congratulations is a small word. It’s something out of the ordinary.

Sarath Babu
There were lots to learn from this wonderful book.

Dr.Manoj Dubey
I am usually a reader of fiction and self help books but this one is of the most meaningful reads of my life. If you love your country and make some difference to the world, then you should definitely try reading this.

More reviews:

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

The Art and Science of Real Wealth - learn to earn material and real wealth by Dhyan Appachu Bollachettira

I have been in the field of investing ever since I was a young teen during the mania of the early 1990s.  I have had huge successes and even bigger failures.

I made enough money before I was 30 (2004), that ordinary people would not have made in a lifetime.

If I had just done my first investment as a young teen in life, in the mania of the early 1990s, based on logic, patience and reason, and more importantly on a trusted friend’s advice instead of a crooked broker’s stock tip, in MRF, and not on emotion and mania, and no other investment, I would have had more than Rs 590 crores (79 million dollars) by June 2020.

If I just stopped investing at 30 (2004), taken all my winnings and only bought Apple, I would have had almost than 27 million dollars (Rs 202 crores) by June 2020.

But my short-term emotional thinking, arrogance, and greed in investing, and ignoring and mocking the principles of capital allocation and risk management blew away all those earnings.

Now I have a vision of at least 10 years.  For stocks that I missed out like what I mentioned above, I have a vision of 25 years.

The world’s greatest investors were successful only because of logic, reason, patience, and discipline.
Since 2018, I changed my whole strategy and reviewed my life’s experience since I started actively investing as a young teen in the early 1990s.

This change in strategy and more importantly the disciplining and strengthening of my mind due to consistent practice of ध्यान Dhyana since 2015, has made me a very mentally strong and disciplined individual and now I would like to believe I am beyond ignorance, fear, hope and greed while investing and I hope at most things that life throws at me.

I thought I should share my life's learning over the last 26 years in the art and science of investing.

I hope it prevents others from making the mistakes I made until 2018, and straightaway skip all my mistakes and go on to the success I am having since 2019.

I have returned more than 70% on my investments from late 2018 to date and more than 100% on my investments from late 2019 to date when markets the world over have negative returns.

The purpose of this publication is to enable you to manage money wisely and earn a consistent regular income. This publication will enable you to achieve financial freedom.

A Logical Approach to Spirituality: Shattering the Religious Paradigm and Finding Your Inner Truth by Randy Kleinman

A Logical Approach to Spirituality: Shattering the Religious Paradigm and Finding Your Inner Truth book promotion sites Randy Kleinman

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Sure, spirituality is interesting...but is there a more practical approach to being a "spiritual" person?

Maybe organized religion doesn't really sit well with you. Maybe your beliefs have changed as you've moved through the years. Maybe you're still curious about the spiritual side of life and looking for a guide for normal people.

Randy Kleinman offers exactly such a spiritual book for everyday people in A Practical Approach to Spirituality-a guide that will empower your journey by offering a new take on spiritual concepts so that you can decide what you want to explore next in your own spiritual practice.

And the best part is that Randy doesn't have a doctorate or degree in a spiritual subject. He's an attorney who is just as curious as you are and who has applied his ability to research, argue, and bring logic to spirituality. In these pages, Randy breaks down the complex components of spirituality to help you discover:

Why you might not feel comfortable with any one religion or spiritual practice,

How a simple principle, "Law of One," can create incredible change in your life,

Why spirituality works with science and not against it,

How to reframe your mindset around spirituality to achieve an inner peace, even with all the uncertainty of today,

What a spiritual practice can do to help heal today's societal divides, locally and globally.

If you're interested in a more down-to-earth approach to spirituality, his groundbreakingly accessible discussion is exactly what you need to see this physical day-to-day life from an entirely new, fresh, spiritual lens.

The Pros and Cons of Online Learning in Higher Education by Dr. John G. Turner

The Pros and Cons of Online Learning in Higher Education book promotion sites Dr. John G. Turner

Education has changed a lot in the last year, and the biggest takeaway is that online learning is adaptable, it’s consistent, and it has an incredible success rate.

In reality, online education creates more opportunities for individuals to step into new fields, grow their skills in new and meaningful ways, and most importantly, secure employment.

The Pros and Cons of Online Learning In Higher Education is here to help students make wiser, more lucrative decisions about their future.

The Memory Keeper: A heartwarming, feel-good romance book promotion by Jenny Hale

The Memory Keeper: A heartwarming, feel-good romance book promotion sites Jenny Hale
One of THE feel-good reads of the season! A heartwarming, sweet romance that will have you laughing, crying, and best of all, hugging those around you a little tighter. If you loved the Christmas movies based on Jenny’s books and are looking for more small town romance, look no further!

Female Preferred - a sereindiptious rom com by Monty C. Floyd

Female Preferred - a sereindiptious rom com book promotion sites Monty C. Floyd

When New York City brings together an East German girl and an American boy—anything can happen—maybe even love—in this story that strays from the typical romance novel in that men and women alike can enjoy.

This is my first novel, and I thought what better way to jump in than to write what what I know … Female Preferred is a snap-shot of NYC in 2002, and how my wife of eighteen years (three children), and I serendipitously found love in the fabulous city of seven million as roommates.  It's written from Connor's point-of-view of how he and Brigitte met and fell in love, thereby offering a slightly different tone than most rom-coms, which I think makes it more fun--a quick story a couple could read and discuss while on a weekend getaway. 

SANTA BABY ( A DIckens Holiday Prequel - Dorrit's Diner) by Peggy Jaeger

SANTA BABY ( A DIckens Holiday Prequel - Dorrit's Diner) book promotion sites by Peggy Jaeger

38 years ago on Christmas Eve in the tiny town of Dickens...

Amy Dorrit is just about to open her popular diner for the breakfast rush when she discovers an abandoned baby on her back doorstep.

Amy knows she should call the authorities and turn the infant over to them, but she just can’t. Thoughts of her own abandonment as a baby flood through her and she wants to keep the little one out of the hands of the authorities until the mother – hopefully –returns.

But will the mom come back? And if she doesn’t, what is Amy prepared to do about the baby who has, already, claimed her heart?

Redemption: Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success by Bartholomew Butler

Redemption: Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success book promotion by Bartholomew Butler

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Redemption - Grace Extended and The Real Price of Success is my life's testimony thus far. In this book I will discuss my upbringing, my family life and my path to Redemption. The book discusses many life long lessons I have learned and my take-aways from overcoming growing up in the violent streets of Northeast Washington DC in the 70's and 80's and surviving divorce, bankruptcy and losing 3 brothers to violence! It's an easy and very intriguing read that will inspire you to be all that you can be and to do it for others!

Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness by Ken Lindner

Career Choreography: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Job and Achieving Huge Success and Happiness book promotion by Ken Lindner

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If you need a new job, if you’re stuck in an unsatisfying profession, entering the workforce for the first time, or aspiring to enjoy enormous success in your current position, America’s Most Successful Career Developer shows you how to secure personally suited jobs and achieve your professional goals by following easy and effective steps.

Renowned talent agent, author, and career counselor Ken Lindner has written a game-changing plan of action to enable you to identify, find, and secure the job, position, or profession that’s uniquely suited for you. For over thirty-five years, Lindner has skillfully used these same choreographies and strategies with thousands of successful individuals, including such broadcast journalists as Lester Holt, Mario Lopez, Robin Meade, Liz Claman, Ana Cabrera, and Nancy O’Dell.

Career Choreography will equip you with the strategies, insights, and wisdom to empower you to accomplish huge and sustained career success.

Magi of Gaia - Volume One: I Told a Lie - an action-packed and humor-filled fantasy series by T.E. Holtz

Magi of Gaia - Volume One: I Told a Lie - an action-packed and humor-filled fantasy series book promotion by T.E. Holtz

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Magi of Gaia is a book series detailing the life and trials of three inexperienced magicians tasked with saving not only their world, but countless others by proxy. These girls are the Magi. When intruders enter Gaia’s realm, there’s no telling whether or not they’ll be good-natured or looking for a fight, and things only escalate when a woman proclaiming herself to be a goddess decides it would be best to rid Gaia of the Magi. Through enticement, bribery, and other forms of “persuasion”, this woman begins handpicking strong magicians to fight our heroines, breaking the flow of their lighthearted everyday lives.

With a focus on creative, intricate fights between magicians, evolving relationships between characters, and a sprinkling of lighthearted humor, Magi of Gaia has something for everyone. Come and explore this new world, and see what an industrial revolution looks like when it’s limited to what can be done with magic and crystals. Most importantly, come to know and love a group of characters who are as flawed as they are strong.

Mum's Story - book promotion by Vlora Morina

Mum's Story - book promotion by Vlora Morina
Mum's Story is a fun children's book filled with imaginative humor and featuring an interesting twist a story within a story. Children are drawn into the lives of two sisters, Rose and Lily, as they interact with the mixture of rivalry and friendship. The girls are intrigued when their mum announces she has a special task for them: she has written a children's story, and she wants them to read it and tell her what they think. Her story is about a city boy named Alexander whose parents leave him with his mum's old aunty in the country. Although he is intimidated by her big house and the wide-open spaces, Alexander tries climbing a tree. While enjoying his triumph, he decides to use a branch to paint a little man in the sky. When his imagination brings the fantastical creatures to life, he has lively and amusing adventures with his new friends. Through creativity, Alexander is able to expand his world and boost his self-confidence, while the girls discover through reading their mum's story that people can be full of surprises.