The Sicilian Job (Doing the Business Book 1) - Humor by MT-B

"The Ultimate Spaghetti Western"  - Lee Van Cliff

"This imbecile MT-B's driving the business along the Highway to Hell, and we're all riding shotgun"  - The Harvard (Lampoon) Business Review

"Probably the funniest book written about business since my own seminal rib-tickler 'In Search of Excellence'."  - T. Peters

Business isn't all about bottom lines, P/E ratios, gross margins, office affairs and IPO's. No Siree! Sometimes it involves avarice, absurdity, paraphilia and an oddly distinctive Prince Albert. Such is the case in this comic tale about the titanic clash between two competing business models, one a Texan telecommunications company (a gung-ho bastion of capitalist gunocracy) the other La Cosa Nostra (a deeply conservative citadel of crime and corruption).

The bullets fly, as do pigs. The shit hits the fan and the fan fights back. The Indians are relaxed because the cowboys are preoccupied looking for an Italian take-out in the ultimate spaghetti western. But events do not begin deep in the heart of Dixie nor in Sicilia, that partially deflated football being kicked by Italia's boot out of the Tyrrhenian Sea toward the Western Mediterranean, but in the decrepit post-industrial town of Middlehampton in the English Midlands.

After surviving the week from hell it was early one fateful Friday evening when Memphis Bell, the European CEO of Texan American Telecom (TAT), received an unexpected phone call from an unknown Sicilian. The caller conveyed a business proposition that he simply couldn't refuse.....but then again Memphis didn't want to.

Forget all those "phony" telco wars where companies "surfed" and "slammed" in order to steal customers from one another in this battle of the businesses the stakes are actually higher than some of the participants.

Along with their boss Silas Marshall TAT's cowboys from the companies 'Aching Butt Ranch' ponied up, mounted up and moved on out across the pond to tackle the Mob. They were not intending to see Naples and die but they were going to Sicily to PROSPER! They were hot on the trail of George Custer, the company spy and his mysterious buddy Mister Smith both of whom had gone missing after leaving a trail of wreckage in their wake the scale of which inspired the Cosa Nostra to create their first reality TV show.

Meet the show's stars as the Mafia get medieval on their ass. The get-rich-quick delegates of PROSPER! (TAT's multi-level marketing subsidiary) wreak their good-natured havoc in Catania. The cowboys bring the Wild, Wild West to Italy's deep South as they mingle and fraternise with the locals. Meanwhile TAT's Executives scheme, plot and plan the weirdest anti-Mafia strategy yet conceived by man. Of course, not everything goes according to plan. In fact very little of it does..........Now read on!

Chronically Me: Flushing Out My Life And Times With IBS by Joy Spencer

Free from Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th, 2015!

After trying to deal with my chronic IBS for many, many years, I decided to use my drawing "chops" and my sense of humor to make some lemonade out of lemons. And that lemonade was the creation of this book. There is something to be said for drawing cartoons and finding the humor in situations that are traumatic, sad, or just plain ridiculous in life . I've always loved doing that, and I think this time I have put those cartoons to good use.

The book starts at the beginning of my IBS saga, on my honeymoon in Hawaii. I became very ill with some kind of intestinal bug or parasite, and this was the start of what I later learned was "Post-Infectious IBS". Not terribly romantic, and many troubling symptoms never went away.  I then entered, and got caught up in the world of traditional medicine and alternative therapies. These experiences provided fertile territory for my cartoons. I have spared no one...Doctors, clueless friends and relatives, hucksters and charlatans. Life goes on, but now my take on living with IBS is part of it!

"Five Stars - A Masterpiece both in its illustrations and content" Jeffrey D. Roberts MSEd, BSc, Founder, IBS Self Help and Support Group

"Five Stars - Heartbreaking, heart-warming, and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny, this book does an amazing job of capturing what it is like to try and live a life turned upside down by IBS" Dr. Barbara Bolen, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Expert

The Lost Boys of Lampson - a magical mystery by P.N. Holland

Billy’s grade 7 year is not at all what he expected. Lampson School is not the same. It is cold and unwelcoming. Worse than that, there is something weird going on—a dark figure in a window, crows attacking him and his best friend Ricky, a strange girl, Amy, who looks like she belongs in the past and his nemesis, Andrew is picking a fight with him. It doesn’t seem to matter what he does, the school is out to get him, but why?

It’s not until the dark figure tries to kill him that he realizes he has to solve the mystery of the missing boys to understand why he is a target. With Amy’s help, he might be able to figure it out and stop the evil entity, but with Ricky not wanting to include her and his own self-doubts keeping him from acting, the evil may have already won.

Abduction - Contemporary fiction by Gillian Jackson

At what point do you abandon hope?

An idyllic summer's day, a children's birthday party and a simple game of Hide and Seek. What should be the happiest of occasions for the Bryson family turns into their worst nightmare as three year old Grace disappears from their own garden, devastating the family and changing their lives forever. But fourteen years later when her sister, Elise sees a young woman in a department store she becomes convinced that it is Grace. How can Elise, heavily pregnant with her first child, convince her family and the police that she is not mistaken? Could Grace still be alive and if so, where has she been since disappearing and what really happened on that summer afternoon fourteen years ago?

Maybe Forever - an IR romance about second chances by Kim Golden

What happens when the honeymoon's over and real life begins?
Four years and two children into their marriage, Laney and Mads are not the couple they used to be. Laney's struggling to deal with motherhood and a case of baby blues, while Mads is so focused on making a success of his furniture design business that he's lost sight of promises he's made--to himself and to Laney. But when Laney's had enough and leaves him, he needs to decide if he's ready to accept a life without her...or if they can find a way to have the forever they always wanted.

Maybe Forever is book 3 in the Maybe... series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

Just Married Again - A Romantic Comedy by Charlotte Hughes

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Hilarious second chance at love.

The last person either Maddy or Michael expect to see when they retreat to the mountain hideaway is their estranged spouse. But amnesia and a snow storm throw them together, along with 2 dachshunds and a 13 year old mouthy stowaway. So what do you think your laughing at?

The Inside Track: A Man's Guide to Online Dating - What Women Really Think About Your Online Dating Profile - Relationship Guide by Shari Hubbard

Why don’t men do a better job of creating their online dating profiles?  Because they don’t know their audience—they don’t know women.  I want to help.

The truth is, there is nothing like learning about women’s thought processes and motivations directly from a woman.  This is why I have written a new book called “In the Know:  A Man’s Guide to Online Dating -- What Women Really Think about Your Online Dating Profile.”

My goal with this book is simple—to help men be more successful finding love in the online dating world by giving them some practical guidelines and frank insights into the female perspective.  At 63 pages, my book is concise and a very quick, easy read.  My approach is genuine, often humorous and above all—relatable.  In my book, I cover:

  • Are you Really Ready to Date?
  • Do’s and Don’t’s--Setting the Right Tone in Your Dating Profile
  • 10 Tips for Great Profile Photos
  • Know Your Audience--Developing Your Profile Content
  • First Date Tips
  • Dating Ideas (Budget and Splurge)
  • Beware!  10 Types of Women to Avoid

So, if you’re a man looking for love, frustrated with and confused about your online dating experiences, and disappointed with the results, this book is for you.  From creating your profile to contacting women and planning a first date, you'll learn how to avoid the most common online dating pitfalls, and how to stand out among the competition.  It's an honest and engaging book that reads like a conversation with your best friend--who happens to be a woman.

The Travelers and the Four Doors of Artew - action/adventure fantasy by Dennis Garber

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In The Travelers and the Four Doors of Artew, the first in series and debut of Dennis Garber, tensions mount for a modern-day Will as he faces ridicule and bullying on a daily basis, but also during an unavoidable plunge, as a half Native American Indian boy, into the world of Kroy. On Will’s 13th birthday he receives his powers. What powers? Different incredible abilities, all starting with the mind, being able to read people’s thoughts and communicate without speaking, is just one of them. Will is otherwise a bit of a misfit in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, not able to make friends easily, if at all, but is soon the center of attention in a place painted as brilliant in colors much like heaven, a new and curious world no one could imagine.

The Daylight Thief - a historical novel by Alan Williams

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In Victorian England, as the second half of the 19th Century dawns, Jack Follows, a Nottingham-born son of a shoemaker, yearns to drag himself out of the torpor of his lower-class life.

A sensuous romantic encounter with irresistible aristocrat Freda Deverick and the fortuitous discovery of a patron to guide his artistic talent seem to present him with a life line out. Jack becomes a pioneer of  the new art of photography, but just as success looms, his infatuation descends into obsession. He sets off on an ill-fated twenty-year quest through the English landscape over which all his achievements will slowly begin to unravel.

A century later Simon Smith’s life has hit rock bottom. By chance he discovers Jack’s meticulously kept journal. As parallels between their lives emerge he is compelled to embark on his own quest in search of Jack, Freda and a personal redemption that could only be written by the past.

Inspired by actual events, The Daylight Thief is the debut novel from author Alan Williams, which lays bare the thin line between hope and obsession. Absorbing, tender and wry, it is tumultuous journey through time and the human condition that proves that our dreams are never out of reach.

Murder in Calico Gold - a cozy mystery by Dianne Harman

Free on 11/28/2015 !

Kelly and her husband, Sheriff Mike, take a trip to the small town of Calico Gold, California, after his elderly Aunt Agnes calls and tells him she needs his help and expertise.

The day after Mike finds out Aunt Agnes has made him the sole beneficiary of her large estate, including the Robertson Ranch and the beautiful Queen Anne house on it, she’s murdered.

Aunt Agnes was revered by many of the town residents, but she had her enemies as well. The list of suspects includes a local judge, a real estate developer, a nearby rancher next whose cattle desperately need water from Aunt Agnes’ property, a Vietnam vet who’s recently been evicted from the shack on her property, Mike’s newly discovered cousin, and Sheriff Mike himself, since he has the most to gain from her death.

Join Kelly, Mike, and their dogs Rebel and Lady, as they work to clear Mike’s name and bring the murderer to justice.

The Publicist, Book One & Two - Romance Novels by Christina George

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Get the books everyone is talking about. Packed with Romance and Sex. Get the Complete Publicist Series now! This book includes a free bonus chapter from Book Three! 

Packed with Romance and Sex, here’s what readers are saying:

“If you’re looking for this year’s Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ve found it with The Publicist.” JollyBuzz

“…this book grabbed my interest from page one. I’m sure Ms. George has more than a few industry insiders chuckling at her stories and cringing at how close to home they hit. 
Scandalicious Book Reviews of Romance Books

Can one woman change an age-old institution like publishing? Probably not, but Kate Mitchell sure wants to try. As a publicist with a large, respected New York publishing house, Kate finds herself at the mercy of a broken publishing system, books that don’t sell, and author egos that are often, well, as big as the island of Manhattan.

Enter the star editor, MacDermott Ellis: Tall, handsome, charismatic, married, and ready to save the day. Then there’s Allan Lavigne, once a revered author—now as forgotten as last year’s bestsellers and his nephew Nick: Tall, gorgeous, sweet, single, and ready to sweep Kate off her feet. Kate wants to do the right thing but her hormones seem to be driving her decisions.
As Kate tries to navigate the landmine of publicity, over-the-top author expectations, and the careful dance of “I’m sorry, your book isn’t on the bestseller list this week,” she also finds authors who are painfully overlooked by a publisher wanting more romance and sex, more celebrities, and more scandal.

Includes Book Two:

Publishing: An industry of out-of-control of egos, unrealistic expectations, and books with the shelf life of milk. This is Kate’s world, but for how long? 

When one of Kate Mitchell’s star authors is carted away in handcuffs, she thinks it’s only the beginning of her troubles. As her world crumbles around her, Kate desperately looks for anyone to hold onto but finds that happy endings are truly works of fiction. When her career and love affair hit their expiration date, Kate sets off on a new adventure….

Starting over in California is easy, but Kate soon learns that leaving her old life behind isn’t. Nicholas Lavigne is eager to help her forget, but two things still own her heart, the dream of discovering the next great American novel, and MacDermott Ellis. As Kate tries to rebuild her life she finds a surprising gift that reboots her career in a new and unexpected direction. Suddenly her name becomes synonymous with one of the biggest bestsellers publishing has seen in ages and she's welcomed back with open arms. At the height of her success the ghosts of her past come back to remind her of the world she'd been trying to forget and the man who never let go of her heart. Behind the book, there’s always more to the story.

Welcome to Publishing, the ego has landed. 

I read the first book which was brilliant! So I was very excited when the second book came out. This one was better than the first! It pushed the limits with the steamy scenes in the bedroom and the affair that Kate and Mac had. Always, in an affair there will be obstacles to get past. Some of the things that happen in the book makes me wonder how accurate the description of the publishers job is. I'm assuming it's pretty accurate. Kate finds herself growing and becoming more focused on herself so she can make a difference in her field, which any one would do in her shoes. I really felt book one was great but this one blew it out of the water! Great book! ZootZoot - Reader review in romance and sex category!

A Light Behind the Door - A Travel Story from Beyond from Janka Jakobi

0,99$: 26.11.-29.11.15!

When Ursula awakens after her operation, she finds herself not in a hospital bed but in another phase of being—and she realizes that there is no death ... and that “death is a truly simple matter.”
Unlike her life. Here Ursula always had to fight: as a child, for her mother’s love and approval; as a woman, for the love of men, with the feeling that she didn’t deserve happiness; as a single mother, against her own guilt feelings; and, finally, against her illness.

In the afterlife, Ursula encounters Celine, her soul guide, who greets her up by the ceiling of the operating room. Celine ushers her into the new world and accompanies her through frightening, confusing, and uplifting experiences. Through her past life review, Ursula gains deep insight into her being and existence. Connections within the “warp and woof” of life come to the fore, and many things take on new meaning in retrospect.

Meanwhile, in this world, Ursula’s daughter Sabine tries to come to terms with her grief and to settle the estate of her deceased mother. In the end, both manage to process their life together as mother and daughter: Sabine in this world, Ursula in the world beyond, and both together in an intermediate world that Sabine can access in her dreams.

The loss of her mother inspired the author to grapple intensively with the subject of the afterlife. The results of her research and her experience with her own grief led to this “travel story from beyond.”

Death is not the final stop. It is the transition between two worlds. Through this little story, those who are mourning will be able to experience one version of what the life of the deceased might look like ... but not must—because everything could also be completely different! Religious convictions play no part here. Regardless of their beliefs and conceptions of the afterlife, readers are encouraged just once to contemplate life from another perspective and see themselves within a larger context.

The Zephrus - A Young Adult Fantasy by William Hess

Free 11/27/2015 through 11/30/2015!

An evil, black cloaked figure dominates the dreams of sixteen-year old Kuelo Reed. After discovering a severed head in his toilet, a strange old man named Geed, appears in his living room. He convinces Kuelo that he must learn the skills of the earth's elements: fire, wind and water, in order to save his world from the tyranny of Aquarius, slowly transforming Kuelo into a sorcerer.

Once Kuelo collects three precious stones, he can then enter into the realm of Aquarius and stop his evil from spreading. Through the knowledge of Kuelo's new fairy friend, Nava, he is guided through this new world. The situation becomes more dire when his best friends, Cal and Kristi, are kidnapped by Aquarius.

"The Zephrus" is a classic tale of good triumphing over evil. It shows the power of believing in one's self and caring for others as Kuelo fights for his friends and for what is right...before it's too late!

My Sweet Entity - Paranormal Erotica by Soliel De Bella

Fresh out of college, fiercely independent Alexis Jordan purchases an old house in Vermont, the last apron string now cut from her supportive parents. However, the excitement of her new life has conjured up the nightmarish fear of losing control of her newfound freedom to a dominant man. He first appears in a dream then in her imagination, she believes, but he’s actually an entity lurking in her new bedroom. His presence isn’t haunting, it’s wanting, and his sexual appetite eventually consumes her day and night. Now a sex slave to his every whim, she risks everything she holds dear to be with him: her friends, her parents, her house...and in the end, even her life.

Happy Habits - how to be happier in 4 minutes a day by Vicki Morris

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Holiday stress got your down? Try Happy Habits for a quick energy boost.

Learn to be Happier in Just 4 Minutes a Day.
Are you unhappy with your work?  Disappointed with your life?
Have you been looking for a something new like a new job, city or house to make you happier and still feel the same a few months after you get it?

If so, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Author and Career Happiness Coach, Vicki Morris, is here to show us that we have the power to be happy now –within ourselves in the present moment.  All we have to do is change our mindset and a few daily habits.

The key to success is to build energy-raising habits into our day so that we can become happier – no matter what our situation is.  Happy Habits provides a fast, easy and effective way to deliver the needed energy and happiness boosts in just 4 minutes a day.  The Happy Habit Method™ works because it combines proven happiness practices with a scientific habit creation method, which has been tested in the real world.

Inside this book you will discover:

Why Happy Habits are the fastest and easiest way to be happier
40 ways to energize your career and life
The proven science behind Happy Habits
How to create your own Happy Habits
An eight-week guide to building permanent Happy Habits
And Much More

Don't put off your chance at being happier now. Get this book today.

The Summer of Secrets - a coming of age by Evelyn Smith

The Summer of Secrets - a coming of age by Evelyn Smith

Being a teenager is hard enough without adding money, sex, secrets, and lies to the mix. For ten teenage girls, everything is about to change. This summer will test the boundaries of family, friendship, and even love. For Isabella Garcia, Esther Whitfield, Jane Hayward, Grace Lawrence, and Amanda Bradford, spending the summer apart for the first time since they became friends will give the girl’s secrets time to become discovered.

No one is safe from their own lies and Beverly Hills high school’s most popular girls, a clique that call themselves “The Peaches”. Blinded by revenge and jealous, Charlotte Kensington, her younger sister Patricia Kensington, Lindsay Lexington, Catherine Wellington, and Natalie Richardson discover secrets about each other, the other girls, and themselves. In this heart-wrenching story of betrayal, death, self-discovery, forgiveness, and so much more. These ten girls are living proof that money doesn’t guarantee happiness or a problem free life.

 In fact, all being rich means is that you have to watch who you trust that much more. The choices these girls make will cause them all to be broken down this summer. The story starts in Beverly Hills, California with Charlotte Kensington who is the leader of the most popular clique at Beverly Hills high school, ‘The Peaches’, and Esther Whitfield, her former best friend. Feeling betrayed by her old friend, Charlotte sets out to ruin Esther and her friends’ lives. Trusting no one including her younger sister Patricia, Charlotte hires a private investigator to uncover all of the girl’s secrets.

While she sets out to prove that, she is a force to be reckoned with, Esther tries to keep her new identity and attempts to protect her friends from Charlotte and her posse. Unfortunately, Esther does more harm than good when her efforts to protect one of her four friends backfires. Now alone and with a serious fear of change, Esther struggles to rebuild her life as it once was and adjust to the unavoidable changes of growing up. While Charlotte risks losing more than just a friend with her anger, resentment, and downright distrust of everyone around her.  The two of them along with their friends, struggle to get over the past and redeem themselves for the fast approaching future.

Pangalax - A YA novel by SM Koz

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Pangalax is on sale for $0.99 from 11/26 - 12/3.

Aveyana’s world will never be the same.

After an unexpected attack claims her mom, seventeen-year-old Veya is forced to abandon the only home she's ever known and the only boy she’s ever loved to make a new life on Pangalax, a US space station.

Heartbroken, angry, and homesick, she resents her dad’s decision to move and his demand to hide her unique abilities. As she suspected, appearing normal proves to be nearly impossible, especially around Kye, a way-too-handsome officer who is determined to break through her walls.

But can he be trusted? Can anyone be trusted?

As Veya uncovers the deep, dark secrets of Pangalax, her very existence becomes threatened. Only one person can save her.

Is she willing to forget the past and trust him with her life?

Tempest Trinity: Charms - Young Adult Fiction by Leslie Calderoni

Charms is the first book in the Tempest Trinity trilogy, an exciting new Young Adult series set in the picturesque beach town of Santa Cruz, California. Emerald Tempest, and identical twin sisters Mia and Terra, are three teenage girls who have harnessed the power of physics. They use their charms to slow down and speed up time, interact with people no longer living, and alter the string vibration the world is made of.

Emerald is blindsided by an unexpected attraction to Ryan, an intriguing boy from New Orleans, and just as she's getting to know him, family secrets and a menacing stranger complicate the sisters' lives.  Tensions begin to boil over as the girls try to solve multiple mysteries and discover the extent of their growing powers. Charms is a smart and funny thrill ride that leaves readers wanting more with each chapter. The series itself offers strong female characters, aspects of physics that are presented with an exciting and fun twist, and adventure that keeps readers of all ages engaged. Romantic relationships are presented as complimentary and not defining, and the characters are inspirational in their commitment to individuality, friendship, and sisterhood.

The author, Leslie Calderoni, is a strong proponent of girl power, the fun and magic of science, and writes with an engaging and humorous style. She's worked at high tech companies like Google and the video game company, Electronic Arts. She's a living kidney donor with three rescue dogs, Chili, Drama, and Cash, and lives less than a ten minute drive from the beaches of Santa Cruz where the story takes place.

The second book in the trilogy, Conjures, will be available in 2016. The third installment, Blessings, in early 2017.

Future Winds - A Science Fiction Novel By Kevin Laymon

Set in a science fiction setting with elements of twisted horror, Future Winds is a strange yet wondrous tale of species self-preservation and the all-out moral cost of survival. Forced to leave earth, humanity discovers a planet capable of supporting life and hatches an audacious plan that will warp them across the universe to settle and begin anew. There is a darkness that resides below the planet's surface, but with no option to turn back, humanity must find a way forward.

Notes from the author:

Technology plays a big role in the novel as it is the crutch humanity uses to press on in existence. An alien bug like species also comes into play when the settlers of the new world conflict with the planets natives. The story is loaded with symbolism and hidden meanings. The world building serves to paint a vivid picture of a Future not all that far from the reality in which we all live today. No matter what walk of life you come from, Future Winds tells a tale that serves to entertain you while also opening your mind. The point of view story telling for Future Winds really helps in being diverse on the ideas of sacrifice, greed, and morality. If you would like to know more about Kevin Laymon and his works, head over to AuthorKevinLaymon.Com

Future Winds is available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

CHRISTMAS GIFT: Holiday Cheer Hops Here - Christmas Inspirational: Children's & Parents by Stephen Cherokee Drury

Be you an adult or child, can any mortal believe or even conceive Santa does not breathe – just kid dreams or schemes gone wild? Nay, they will forever say, cause good elves know what is at play. One may say he stays only in a kid’s mind, yet truth ye shall find. Sip a tip or more of what is in store behind Christmas Gift’s door:

“Once beneath a Christmas moon, the imps huddled to hear this deer tale to unveil dear Santa’s secret.
So cuddle up to heed huddle scuttlebutt on Clause!
He is not spotted - cause his deer ducks spot flaws, magically scanning homes before Santa will appear. Elves claimed Santa named his deer Holiday Cheer.”

Within Christmas Gift you will find other verses from the author’s thirty year collection to enjoy, in addition to Holiday Cheer Tales. This author is specially drawn to the type of verses that stimulate ideas – thoughts that cause people to reflect on all aspects of life, primarily their own. He likes to emphasize the decisive aspects of  our experience.  In essence, the beginnings and ends to all of our stories are similar. It is that flicker in the middle that differs - yet matters.  It is this writer’s mission to capture life in a brief phrase that kindles minds, sets hearts aglow and dwells in souls.
Readers find Christmas Gift cheery and entertaining. It highlights portions of our lives that touch our deepest feelings at Christmas. This author is a humorist who will set crisp upturns on your smile.

A Click Than Changed My Life - romance (true story) by Victoria Vorel

Two people in the Autumn of their lives, from totally different cultures met on Internet, as the last chance to find love and appreciation........ and it worked!

Why would you like to read this book?  Maybe, you are alone and having the same feeling of loneliness or withdrawal I had some years ago and this true story could help you to take a risk and make the change you need in your life, to be happy again or even for the first time.

My marriage failed from the very beginning, but I was stubborn enough to continue trying to make it work; unfortunately I was the only one who did, so after my two kids graduated from college, I decided that the time had come to separate, there was finally no more chances or excuses.

I was in my 50’s, so I believed that for me romance and true love would only ever be found in books. What I did not know, was that I was about to live my own magic story, which I have documented in this novel and I would love to share it with you.

“A Click That Changed My Life” is a book that shows everything is possible at any age.  Love does not know barriers. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing each page… honestly, it is exactly the way it happened.

Wish in One Hand - a paranormal suspense by B.E. Sanderson

‘Be careful what you wish for.’

In hindsight, Jo Mayweather should’ve taken those words seriously back in 1926.  Of course, spoiled brat, flapper-girl that she was, Jo probably would’ve made the not-so-clever wish that turned her into a genie anyway.

Being endowed with phenomenal power may have its perks but, for the most part, life’s been a pain in her tiny hiney.  After running into a ‘slash first, ask questions never’ genie, her problems only worsen. Some demented thing is making wishes that can’t be granted and djinn are dying. Now, instead of freeing her brethren from their bonds, Jo has a killer to neutralize.

If she’d kept her mouth shut ninety years ago, she wouldn’t be in this mess.  But she’s got a job to do despite some reject from a bad B-movie trying to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for. Too bad this time doing her job might get her killed.

Or worse - enslaved again.

Resilience In Curls - A Women's Memoir by Natalie Keshing

In Amazon click on the title book cover to read an excerpt

Resilience In Curls is about life, cultures, and beautiful characters interspersed throughout this wondrous story. The Novel shows great passion and meaningful verses to heighten the reader’s experience. There are 9 charming fictional and humorous stories included in the book. Seven are British. Two are contemporary.

The Keshing Family,
Eve Nightingale's Romance,
Professor Wellington,
Samantha, Editor and Chief,
The Treachery Of Love,
The Queen Venting,
Defied Them All
My Darling Rose's
Completely Undone

The main character faces a myriad of challenges rising resiliently and demonstrating the true human spirit to survive and surpass limitations of closed mindedness. The theme in the book is on education, inspiration, and continuing to live with absolute and indelible faith. Once the momentum starts there is great humor.

Lessons from Jessica: Ultimate Caregiving - A Non-Fiction: Parenting/Caregivers/Families by James Walker

Now available on Amazon for the low price of $3.99!

A Longtime Caregiver's Inspirational Guide to Understanding and Ultimately Succeeding at Caregiving.

James Walker is not only Jessica’s Dad and an award winning author and designer, but along with his wife Renée, has been Jessica’s 24/7 caregiver for nearly 40 years.

In this book he follows up on his first book, ‘Growing Up with Jessica: A True Story: Blessed by the Unexpected Parenting of a Special Needs Child.'  by carefully recounting the lessons learned and truths revealed, throughout their caregiving experiences.

“...after many years of 24/7 caregiving for our youngest daughter Jessica,
the scales finally fell off of our eyes and we beheld
the privilege we had been given as caregivers
of another human soul. And finally we began embracing
the joys and blessings of being‘Ultimate Caregivers.”

James Walker

Practical Guidance to Find the Path.

Walker suggests practical ways to acquire the commitment, endurance, and unselfish love needed to become what he describes as an ‘ultimate caregiver.’ Other topics include, the importance of friendships, personal character development, confidence, the miracle of hope, understanding patience, finding blessings, amazing joy and faith, understanding helplessness, the worth of the human soul, and the privilege of caregiving, all of which adds up to the ‘ultimate caregiving’ experience.

Proven Universal Principles

Jessica’s Dad, weaves into his narrative insights from the lives of Viktor Frankel, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer, Ann Sullivan, Helen Keller, Josh McDowell & Jesus Christ, along with his own practical life experiences. Also included are simple and practical ways to offer support and encouragement, and study and review questions. Any one reading this book will be encouraged and inspired by the Walker’s down to earth and practical experience as an ‘ultimate caregivers.’

Based on true experience not theory.

Brightley & Glow - a Children's Book by Sophie Carmen

“Brightley & Glow” is the debut children’s picture book from author Sophie Carmen.
Featuring charming illustrations by Christina Sanchez, “Brightley & Glow” is the perfect bedtime story for children ages 2-6.  Follow the story of Brightley and Glow, two little brother stars living up in the night sky.  The brothers are best friends, and spend their time playing together under the watchful supervision of Godfather Moon.  One night, Godfather Moon tells Brightley that he will need to leave his little brother in order to fulfill his destiny of becoming a shooting star.  Will the brothers have to say goodbye?

Alexander Ranch - romantic suspense/mystery by Marla Josephs

Excerpt: I tried not to look at the men so that I could focus on keeping my movements silent. I certainly did not want to be detected. It was impossible, however, to keep my eyes completely off the terrifying drama unfolding before me. I was certain they planned to kill the man and I had no way of helping him. The best I could do was get to safety and call the police. I had slunk my way to the left of them and was right alongside the river now. I crept along keeping a wary eye on the men. I don’t know whether I gasped, screamed, or made a sudden movement, but suddenly both sets of eyes of the evil men turned towards me just as the shot sounded. I ran as fast as I could, ignoring the ripping pain in my side, and jumped off the edge into the rushing water below.

Reckless - a mystery by Susan Kiernan-Lewis

Mia Kazmaroff has a gift nobody wants. She's able to tell the story behind any object simply by touch. This gift comes in handy when her only brother, a detective with the Atlanta Major Crimes Division, is murdered. Determined to find his killer, Mia reaches out to the one person  she believes can help her—Dave’s partner Jack Burton. Unfortunately, Burton is also the prime suspect. Mia and Jack create a partnership that breaks all the rules while attempting to ignore their undeniable mutual attraction.   Can two such different persons solve the murder?  And can they do it before the killer turns his attention to Mia?

The Kiev Connection – a mystery/thriller by M.A.R. Unger

Forensic facial reconstruction artist Matti James attracts corpses like a magnet. Whether she’s walking her dog after a desert rainstorm, driving a sports car through Vegas, or diving in Lake Mead with a search and rescue team, bodies are sure to turn up. Finding human remains in less than pristine condition seems only natural to Matti, given her job. Recent activities within the Russian mob have kept her busy. Unfortunately, her Petrovsky neighbors are known by police to be highly placed within that organization. In fact, Alex Petrovsky is awaiting trial for attempted murder, not just any attempted murder, the attempt on Matti’s life. When two horrific homicides occur near Las Vegas, she learns once more that killers don’t want victims identified. Worse than that, the female victims are mad as hell they’re dead. That’s right. When Matti talks to the dead, they sometimes answer…with unintended results. As Matti works to complete these two reconstructions, she realizes she’d seen one of the victims with her lover. Worse than that, she’d spoken to both women shortly before they were murdered. Did her questions inadvertently cause these Russian hookers to die—or is something more sinister involved? Prepare for a wild ride as Matti investigates with or without official sanction.

Unidentified - Sci-fi/Horror by Mikel Wisler

Fans of The X-Files will be thrilled with this dark and twisted tale of alien abductions and paranormal activity.

"Unidentified is full of spookiness and reversals and surprises and fun. I can't wait for the movie."
- Dave Schmelzer (Editor-in-chief:

One year ago, a boy mysteriously went missing after claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrial beings multiple times. No trace of him has ever been found.

Now, Boston-based Special Agent for the FBI, Nicole Mitchell, is brought back from administrative leave when a girl in the same New Hampshire town also claims to have been abducted. The girl's story bears eerie similarities to the case of the missing boy Mitchell investigated the year before. It quickly becomes clear to Mitchell that time is of the essence as in a matter of three days the girl will vanish for good.

Certain that someone is using the powerful suggestion of UFOs and the alien abduction scenario to kidnap these kids, Mitchell enlists the help of paranormal debunking psychiatrist, Dr. Alan Evans. While Dr. Evans shares Mitchell’s certainty that little grey men from space are not behind what is happening in this case, he believes there might be other psychological traumas at work behind the scenes that Mitchell may not be able to slap cuffs on. But who among the locals knows the truth? Is it the girl’s parents, the peculiar new pastor in town, the local police? As the case unfolds, Mitchell and Evans are confronted with a much darker and far more sinister reality than they could ever have expected. Nothing could have prepared them for what they are about to encounter.

OFF LIMITS - a contemporary romance novella by Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson’s charming holiday novella kicks off a brand-new series featuring the hunky hockey stars of the Chicago Aces.

The Christmas season always puts a smile on Jenna McFadden’s face. Even though she’s bringing a boyfriend home for the first time, inside she’s dying to see Andrew. Years ago, when the McFaddens took the troubled teen into their home, Jenna had to keep her blazing-hot crush a secret. And now that he’s playing pro hockey for the NHL’s Chicago Aces, nothing’s changed. With his wide shoulders and taut muscles, Andrew’s the most tempting package in the house . . . one that Jenna’s dying to unwrap.

Pit of Vipers - historical fiction by Millie Thom

The 9th century story of King Alfred of Wessex and Eadwulf of Mercia continues to unfold against the ever increasing threat of Danish raids. After years as a slave to the Viking Danes, Eadwulf has returned to his Mercian homeland and settles to a life of calm domesticity, marred only by his constant desire for revenge. His frequent absences from his new home, connected to his past life, threaten to destroy the relationships he has fostered and alienate the family he has come to love.

In Wessex, Alfred, now a young man, has spent his childhood at the successive courts of his father and older brothers, learning the skills of diplomacy and leadership. Before too long those skills will be put to the test.

The Danish invasion of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in 865 is merciless and relentless. Every year more Norse ships come to join their comrades in a quest to plunder for wealth and gain control over the people. The Wessex king is now Aethelred, Alfred’s last surviving brother, and Alfred becomes his trusted second-in-command.

The Danes take kingdom after kingdom and Alfred and Aethelred wait with baited breath for them to set their sights on Wessex. By 869, their worst fear is realised.

And Eadwulf follows vital leads to the objects of his revenge.

Just Dreams by L.J. Taylor

Driven, ambitious, and brilliant trial attorney Kathy Brooks wasn't looking for love when she took on a high-profile wrongful death case brought by bestselling novelist Charles Morgan, Jr. against a powerful government defense contractor.  In fact, with her dismal relationship track record, love was the furthest thing from her mind.  She had all but given up on it.  Having clawed her way up the ranks to make partner at a top tier law firm, she was looking to further her career by winning the case and making a name for herself. Little did she know, however, that her client's secret agenda would raise the ire of rogue government operatives and mercenaries alike who would stop at nothing to make the case go away – including blackmail, kidnapping and murder.  To make matters worse, the undeniable attraction between them was darned inconvenient in light of the rules forbidding relationships between attorneys and their clients.   What started out as the case of a lifetime for Kathy could end up causing her to risk her heart, her career and even her life.  Just how far are she and Charles willing to go to get the win?  As the body count rises and the stakes get higher, they’ll have to risk it all if they want to prevail - and it still might not be enough.

Shadow of the Raven by Millie Thom

An adventure tale of Viking raids, ill-fated thralls, noble kings and their sons, and friendship and love. But, above all else, a tale of unforgivable betrayal and the ever-present desire for revenge…

The life of Eadwulf, ten-year old son of the Mercian king, is changed forever when his family is betrayed to the Danes by his treacherous uncle. In a Danish raid, his father is killed and his mother is raped. And along with his tutor and childhood friend, Eadwulf is captured and taken to the Danish lands to be sold as a slave.

As a thrall in Jarl Ragnar’s village, Eadwulf’s life is hard, his days unbearably long. But on the return of Bjorn, the jarl’s jovial firstborn, from his summer raids, Eadwulf’s life greatly improves. Under the protective wing of Bjorn and his crew, he spends the next few years sailing to places he’d never even dreamed of, trading and raiding. And though he’s still a thrall, he becomes a well-respected member of Bjorn’s closely knit crew.

But through it all, the smouldering desire for revenge on those who destroyed his family refuses to abate.

Eadwulf’s tale plays out against the backdrop of events unfolding in Wessex in the face of escalating Danish raids. Alfred, the fifth son of the Wessex king, faces family tragedies from an early age, losing first his mother, then his beloved sister when she is married to the new Mercian king. At his father’s court and the successive courts of his three elder brothers, he learns the weighty art of kingship. And, like Eadwulf, he learns the harshest lesson of all… that a trusted kinsman can so easily turn traitor.

There in the Moon Mist - New Adult Romance by Lee Ann Ward

"She could close her eyes and wait for night, the night that only she knew. It lived and breathed and recognized her—the hostage girl—the one in the cult."

Trapped in a cult she's never believed in, can Lacy Grayson's courage free herself and her mother from the tyrant who controls their every move? After her father's death, Lacy is forced to join The Way when her misguided mother moves her into Reverend Way's commune. Lacy struggles for years to reject his teachings and convince her mother to leave. When Lacy's marriage arrangement to a fellow cult member is announced, she is more determined to flee-but not without her mother, her only remaining family. Then, Lacy meets Josh Bynes, a non-believer from the outside and her only real chance at freedom...and happiness. Is love strong enough to outsmart a callous leader and protect Lacy from the evils that still await her on the inside? And as two young lovers meet in the moon mist for secrecy, can a jaded mother understand a daughter whose dreams reach beyond their obsessive world?

The Station - Horror by J.M. Scott

Cleo McVickers is the new DJ at radio station KROC. His past indiscretions are about to catch up with him when he discovers that something is not quite right within the hallowed halls of the old broadcasting center. Will he survive his first shift or will the station get its revenge when Cleo discovers the truth behind the strange signals that have been interrupting his broadcasts? This horror/thriller will keep the reader turning pages until the dark secret behind radio station KROC is unearthed.

I Love Christmas - fiction by Giulietta M. Spudich

Free: 18 Nov, 19 Nov, 1-3 Dec 2015!

Love warm fires, hot chocolate, and great christmas memories?  Curl up with this story to get into the festive spirit.  Gail, an overworked, single mom, is so used to taking care of everyone else that she forgets to look after herself.  When love comes knocking at her door, she feels unready for the complication of romance.  Her teenage daughter Raven and the Curry family show her that she's not alone ... and that love can be a help, not a burden.

Silverwood (The House Next Door Book 2) - a YA Science Fiction Dystopian Time Travel Adventure by Jule Owen

Holographic dragons, domestic robots, driverless cars, miniature spying drones, space war, floods, tyrannical government, no privacy and London under water. Sixteen-year-old Mathew Erlang is about to get tangled up in the future a rather serious way. When Mathew Erlang’s mother becomes seriously ill, he’ll do anything he can to save her and he knows his future self would too. Hacking into his own future, he lands in an England afflicted by extreme weather, biological warfare and civil war. He needs to find his older self before time runs out.

A PAIN THE TUCHIS - a cozy mystery by Mark Reutlinger

Combining the classic charms of Agatha Christie with the delightful humor of M. C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin novels, Mark Reutlinger’s Mrs. Kaplan mystery series returns as a notorious crank meets an untimely fate. Yom Kippur is a day of reflection and soul searching. But at the Julius and Rebecca Cohen Home for Jewish Seniors, Vera Gold misses this opportunity to atone for her many sins when she up and dies. Indeed, Vera was such a pain in the tuchis to all those around her that when her sister claims Vera was deliberately poisoned, the tough question isn’t who would want to kill her—but who wouldn’t?

Praise for Mark Reutlinger’s Mrs. Kaplan and the Matzoh Ball of Death

“Is there kosher food in jail? These two heroines have gotten themselves in quite a pickle! Well, it’s a matzoh ball mess, really. Too deliciously funny!”— Rita Mae Brown, bestselling author 

VINDICATE - a contemporary romance by Beth Yarnall

“Readers will love Beth Yarnall’s fresh voice and high quality writing. This is an excellent start to a series, with a strong heroine and a smart, sexy hero who make a great team. I can’t wait for Beau’s book!”— Jill Sorenson, author of Against the Wall

Beth Yarnall kicks off a steamy new series featuring a San Diego investigative team with a soft spot for lost causes and a passion for redemption

Not Vanilla - Flavors of Kink Collection, an erotic romance boxed set by Roz Lee & Jennifer Lynne

Three words... six naughty stories...

Taste the forbidden in this collection of sizzling stories from two bestselling authors, offering a tantalizing glimpse into a range of flavors that are definitely not vanilla!

Watch Me by Jennifer Lynne
Lookin' Good by Roz Lee

Hung Up by Roz Lee
Alpha Submissive by Jennifer Lynne

First Time by Jennifer Lynne
Domestic Discipline by Roz Lee

Fresh Fiction review: "Not Vanilla will scorch your mind and leaves you breathless...loved it!"

Manic Readers review: "The stories are dynamite hot ... I think you'll love this series."

Dare to taste this naughty erotic romance box-set? Contains sex scenes and Adult themes including light BDSM, bondage, rope play, voyeurism, spanking and domestic discipline.

The Golden Persuader - an Action Adventure novel by Michael Reisig


From Best Selling author, Michael Reisig, comes another High Adventure Humor-Thriller!


The Golden Persuader is a rip-roaring tale about modern cowboys, American Indians, big city hoodlums, and some seriously illegal aliens.  A chance encounter with some folks from a very faraway place leaves Texas rodeo cowboy, Dax Dryder, with a most unusual gift – which everyone seems to want.

In a kaleidoscope of adventure, romance, and revenge, Dryder struggles to dodge a variety of scoundrels from Dallas to Miami. (Not the least of which are “Tire Iron Johnny,” and the infamous “Big Momma Shatts.”)

If that weren’t enough, Dax finds himself in a cat and mouse game with a ruthless corporation and their sociopathic hit man. Then there are the Apaches of Mangas Canyon, looking for some revenge of their own… and last but not least, there’s the great-looking waitress at The Asphalt River Café…  

Sebastian's Prize - a scifi suspense by William Dusty

Free November 18-20, 2015!

A routine mission to clear out suspected enemy bases on a remote border sector world turns into a nightmare for Senior Private Alyssa Bretchvelle, who, after being severely injured and rendered unconscious, is carried off by a demented human castaway who sees her as his just reward -- his long-deserved prize -- after having endured years of loneliness. Now Bretchvelle must endure her captors taunts and threats, all while losing hope of ever being rescued.

Back in her unit, meanwhile, her squad leader, Corporal Mitchel Kusniak, agonizes over Bretchvelle’s loss and finds himself desperate in his search for the missing GTS soldier even as their unit prepares to move on without her.

Can Kusniak find Bretchvelle in time? Or will it be her fate to stay behind with Sebastian for the rest of her days?

A part of the Stellar Conflict series of tales.

THE BEAST OF BARCROFT - a horror novel by Bill Schweigart

Fans of Stephen King and Bentley Little will devour The Beast of Barcroft, Bill Schweigart’s brilliant new vision of dark suburban horror. Ben thought he had the neighbor from hell. He didn’t know how right he was. . . .

Ben McKelvie believes he’s moving up in the world when he and his fiancée buy a house in the cushy Washington, D.C., suburb of Barcroft. Instead, he’s moving down—way down—thanks to Madeleine Roux, the crazy neighbor whose vermin-infested property is a permanent eyesore and looming hazard to public health. First, Ben’s fiancée leaves him; then, his dog dies, apparently killed by a predator drawn into Barcroft by Madeleine’s noxious menagerie. But the worst is yet to come for Ben, for he’s not dealing with any ordinary wild animal. This killer is something much, much worse. Something that couldn’t possibly exist—in this world.

DEATH BEFORE DECAF - a cozy mystery by Caroline Fardig

Perfect for fans of Janet Evanovich and Diane Mott Davidson, Caroline Fardig’s captivating new mystery novel takes readers behind the counter of a seemingly run-of-the-mill coffeehouse . . . where murder is brewing.

After her music career crashes and burns spectacularly, Juliet Langley is forced to turn to the only other business she knows: food service. Unfortunately, bad luck strikes yet again when her two-timing fiancé robs her blind and runs off with her best waitress. Flushing what’s left of her beloved café down the toilet with her failed engagement, Juliet packs up and moves back to her college stomping grounds in Nashville to manage an old friend’s coffeehouse. At first glance, it seems as though nothing’s changed at Java Jive. What could possibly go wrong? Only that the place is hemorrhaging money, the staff is in open revolt, and Juliet finds one unlucky employee dead in the dumpster out back before her first day is even over.

VOLUME: Becoming Faust - Paranormal Romance, Paranormal by J.R Sutton

Kindle Countdown Deal dates: November 17, 2015 - November 23,2015!

Wealth, fame, sex. Three different words but all share the same meaning, power. Bastian James Faust possesses all three in abundance. The City of Sin never sleeps, nor do the wicked, and a well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men. Journalist Atiana Halifax is about to discover this first hand when she steps into the sinful world of the famed mogul.

Present day. A veil of darkness has slowly begun to shadow out the world, and the age old battle of good versus evil has moved to a new playing field, Earth. The savage and the exiled that were forced into hiding by the light have started to emerge once more with the blanket of never ending night, to reclaim the Earth that once was theirs. All appears bleak and lost until the fate of the world is heavily and unexpectedly placed into the hands of a ballsy Las Vegas journalist named Atiana Halifax. Atiana embarks upon a visual journey that leads her into the sultry world, and tormented past of one of the richest most powerful men alive, Bastian James Faust, in hopes of finding the answer of how to stop the impending darkness. Can Atiana save the human race from genocide before it's too late, and save herself from being drawn into the mysterious, and sensual allure that is Bastian James?

The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I by Silk Jones

The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I is a spanking erotica short story about a legal secretary with no prior experience as a submissive (she’s not even sure that she is a submissive) who, out of curiosity, responds to an ad for a “submissive legal assistant” placed in a B.D.S.M. magazine.  She interviews with the managing partner and head Dom of the law firm who is used to dealing with experienced submissives.  She has no idea what to expect from the interview. What goes on in an interview for a “submissive legal assistant”? Will she complete the interview or lose her nerve and race out the door? Will she get the job? If so, what job duties is a “submissive legal assistant” expected to perform and will she able to handle them? This story is the first installment in the Law Firm Erotica series – a B.D.S.M. erotica series about a law firm with quite a bit taking place behind closed doors.  The remainder of the books in the series will be novel length.

Silk Jones is a novelist who writes romantic suspense novels under a pen name.  Although she has written erotic poetry and erotic short stories for years, The Interview: Law Firm Erotica Book I is the first erotica title she has published.

Fly Over Down Under - An Aviation Travel Biography by Michelee Morgan Cabot

Green ants that defend their tree by attacking anyone who touches it...a mysterious lava-tube cave with hikers' flashlights floating like fireflies down into its blackness...fruit bats noisily lobbing mangos onto your cabin's tin roof. The beauties -- and dangers -- of the crocodile-infested Kakadu National Park. A crash landing at a remote island airstrip...a rugby match in Northern Territory (and why Aussie girls never "root" for their teams). 

In this colorful and remarkable book, written by a colorful and remarkable woman pilot, you'll find the most enjoyable way to discover Australia -- by flying a light airplane to its places of greatest interest while watching the exotic landscape unroll beneath you. Vistas of giant paisley patterned earth, caused by underlying salt strata. Stunning views of red landscapes, uplifted and contorted during the earth's primordial boil. The enormously long white beaches of Western Australia, lonesome and edged by brilliant aquas. And the Indian Ocean to the south, marked by hundreds of miles of cliffs. Whales breed there...You could get lucky.

You don't have to be a pilot to enjoy this book. The author wrote it also for non-flyers, in non-technical terms, to let you see amazing things that pilots experience from their very special perspective. You'll want to read it, re-read it, and share it with your friends.

About the Author 

MICHELEE MORGAN CABOT has been flying for nearly fifty years, logging more than 5,000 hours of flight time, including these in Australia. She holds a commercial license (both single engine land and glider) with instrument rating and a tow pilot endorsement.

Walking in Grace with Grief: Meditations for Healing After Loss - a spiritual self-help book by Della Temple

"I've come to think that grief is two-fold. It's the painful longing for the physical presence of our loved one and it's the emotional heart ache we feel as we disengage from these unfulfilled dreams, the sorrows of what could have been. The stories of a live unlived." Della Temple

Part memoir and part meditation guide, Walking in Grace with Grief combines Della's story of loss with teachings of energy awareness, mindfulness, and conscious living. Filled with stories of hope and profound confidence in life after life, providing comfort and nurturing for anyone dealing with loss
Della Temple believes it's time to broaden the discussion about death and dying. It may not be necessary to walk the normal stages of grief: from anger, denial, bargaining and depression to the final destination of acceptance. She believes that others too can start at acceptance and stay there throughout their journey of recovery. This might fly in the face of what's considered "normal grieving", but what the author experienced during her period of mourning was an amazing feeling of ease, comfort and nurturing - what she refers to as Grace - that kept her from drowning in the mire of doubt, wishful thinking and regret. The book includes meditations for healing that are easy to follow and useful for not only the most pressing moments of grief and loss, but throughout your lifetime. Join the author on a journey of healing, comfort and Grace.

Convergence - a young adult novel by Trudie L. Hayes

It was the first day of school and anxieties were running high. For certain there was the excitement of moving up a grade, but there was also the dread of anything and everything that could go wrong. Not only were the possibilities endless, they were totally out of your control. Whether or not you were accepted rested squarely on the shoulders of the popular kids. Suppose you were too short or too tall; too smart or not smart enough; too rich or too poor; or just plain different? These thoughts were fresh on the minds of Otis, Chandler and Marissa. Three pre-teens whose paths had never crossed, although they lived in the same town in Connecticut. Their backgrounds were so diverse they may as well have lived worlds apart. That was all about to change when on their way to school a series of bizarre events lump them together. Literally! Join them on this unreal journey to alternate realities never before re­vealed. Go back in time to a parallel past, the All Agos. Coexist in a present experience that mirrors your own, the Ne'er Now. Finally and with greater understanding, manifest in a future of your creation, the Will Be Once. Then you will have come closer to achieving it should.


Exiled to a luxurious penthouse fortress on Park Ave. and trailed by security teams wherever she goes, Sylvie Jenkins feels like a virtual prisoner. She made the mistake of falling in love with her boss, reclusive bestselling author and billionaire entrepreneur, Connor Hudson. He’s a strict, demanding Dom, who imposes rules and metes out punishment. He wants her total submission, but she’s not inclined to give it. They’d been living together in his rustic mansion in the Adirondack Mountains until the day police arrived and informed Connor he was the prime suspect in a series of grisly murders. People who loved him had a habit of turning up dead!

Without a word of explanation, Connor sends Sylvie away. She feels abandoned and betrayed.
He refuses to take her calls or answer her texts or emails unless it concerns the book they’re working on. Yet he continues to micromanage her life from afar, using surrogates to spy on her and impose his will. Connor tries to stay away from Sylvie, but he can’t. She’s rebellious and reckless when it comes to her safety. He’s determined to rein her in. If she behaves like a foolish willful child, he’ll treat her like one. Their meetings are clandestine and sporadic, filled with painful discipline followed by the most exquisite pleasure.

Sylvie becomes jealous when Connor starts squiring other women to society events. He tells her it’s to throw the "real" killer off the track. But Sylvie has her doubts. She can’t help feeling he’s slipping away from her.

Realizing she knows almost nothing about Connor’s background, she decides to search the apartment for clues to his past. She discovers a locked door hidden away in a closet. Behind it is a room filled with photos of his former lovers and portraits of his murdered fiancée: bound, blindfolded, and gagged, skin bruised and welted, being violated and degraded. Sylvie had always known Connor had a dark, almost sinister side, but she hadn’t thought him dangerous or cruel. Now she wondered…if he was capable of such brutality, what else was he capable of? She kept telling herself Connor wasn’t a murderer. But the question remained, if he wasn’t…who was?

This is book #2 in the erotic romance murder mystery thriller series IN HIS KEEPING. It has a cliffhanger ending. The story concludes in IN HIS KEEPING: CLAIMED coming Valentine's Day 2016.