A Haunted Past - paranormal comedy book by April Kennedy

A Haunted Past - a fast paced paranormal comedy book by April Kennedy

A Haunted Past -- Angie Conaty, has long suffered from a reoccurring nightmare. The same one she's had since childhood. As an adult the dreams come far less frequently, due to her demanding public relations position, in the Toronto based reality television station, Gottchaon TV. The channel is in hot water currently, with the creators son -an entitled rich manchild- at the helm. Knowing that his mother, Judy Jones the creator of the investigative reality channel, hand picked Angie to mentor, Jason elects Angie to be the assistant director for his new show, Sustainable. Angie has no choice but to fly out to the remote fishing town in British Columbia, the very next morning. When she arrives, things quickly take a turn for the worst! Her dreams become hallucinations, and they come vividly, while she is fully lucid, and working with the handsome and rugged Max Murphy, Sustainable’s leading man! Soon Angie accidently enlist the help of local mediums, and husbands Yin and Larry, two charmingly different characters, who immediately take Angie under their wing. Can Angie solve the mystery of her (A) Haunted Past?

In Shadows Of The Wicked - horror book by Michael R. Collins

In Shadows Of The Wicked - horror book promotion Michael R. Collins

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 5/23/2019 - 6/30/2019!

Two brothers battle the same ghosts that took their parent from them. Years later they are caught up in their web again  and no one is safe. As they fight back they will be taken to places that blur the lines between reality, life, and death.

Topaz and the Green Fairies (Topaz the Conjure Cat Book 3) by Pat Frayne

An Uplifting Tale Of Humor, Danger, And Suspense!

Armed with little more than a blanket, a hand drawn map, and a meager supply of food, this courageous young Fairy sets out in a tiny gourd boat to find help to save his marooned community from their fast- eroding, storm-ravaged island. Numerous obstacles, life challenging situations, and real danger confront him along the way.

The story switches between Bozel’s trials, to that of our old friend Topaz and the inhabitants of Knownotten Kingdom who are experiencing struggles of their own. Otis has been injured and is trapped in a desolate land where he finds himself held in the thrall of a sinister creature. When Topaz, Otis, Dooley and Daisy’s paths finally collide with Bozel the race is on to formulate a plan to try and save the Green Fairies before all is lost. Topaz will be faced with the ultimate test of his strength, courage and commitment to others.

Although this book was written to entertain, there is a strong emphasis on the value of friendship, loyalty, and courage.

Branding on the Eastern Front - about the quest of a brand consultant in the New Europe by Aneta Bogdan

Branding on the Eastern Front - about the quest of a brand consultant in the New Europe discount book promotion Aneta Bogdan

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $7.9) 5/22/2019 - 5/28/2019!

Branding on the Eastern Front is both a testimony of how western-born approaches must adapt to emerging economies, and a crash course in branding for entrepreneurs, marketers, and contemporary consumers of any kind. 

The late great branding master Wally Olins said in the Foreword to the book “What is fascinating about the work that my very good friend Aneta Bogdan has been doing for the last dozen years or so is that it seeks not only to create brands in a country in which they had no existence at all for fifty or more years, but that she has done it with such verve, intelligence and creativity.” 

The book is a premier, eastern view on the debate around the transformative power of branding, including relevant case studies, and an insight into the emergent corporate and entrepreneurial milieus. The author is never average: cynical and idealistic, authoritarian and inspirational—a fresh, break-the-rules storyteller with a speculative and passionate discourse.

All in all, the book is a keen practitioner’s candid account about the assimilation and development of brands and branding in post-communist Eastern Europe and other emergent markets – in a time when western-born principles of branding are being tried and tested, not only by their new grounds, but also by the changing times.

Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G - a pre-teen adventure by Thomas J. Prestopnik

Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G - a pre-teen adventure free book promotion Thomas J. Prestopnik

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/21/2019 - 5/25/2019!

When you live next door to a mad scientist, anything can happen. It can be something exciting. Something dangerous. Or even something out of this world.

Eleven-year-old Griffin Ghostley is on another adventure! Read them all! For readers ages 10 - 13.

“Search for the Silver Swamp Monster” #1
“Prisoner of the Giant Boona Bird” #2
“The Snow Beast of Finnian Forest” #3
“Runaway Rocket to Planet 3G” #4

Zombie Pimp: A Night Turner Tribune Novella - Horror / Comedy by Lee J. Minter

Zombie Pimp: A Night Turner Tribune Novella - horror / comedy book promotion by Lee J. Minter

When multimillionaire pimp Breezy Jones is bitten by the undead, not only do the horror begins but the hilarity as well, as his crew races to find him a cure before he becomes one of the undead permanently or go full Zombie Pimp!

Beyond Positive Psychology: A Journey From Burnout to Enlightenment by Paul Wanvig

Beyond Positive Psychology: A Journey From Burnout to Enlightenment free psychological book promotion Paul Wanvig

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/20/2019 - 5/24/2019!

The ability to change and adapt quickly in today’s unpredictable world is more critical than ever before for creating and retaining abundance, health, meaning, and happiness.

Whether you want to escape the rat race, find happiness, change your career, solve demanding health problems, understand the path to authentic meaning and fulfillment, or just live fully by getting in touch with your true inner self, Beyond Positive Psychology is the blueprint.

Atomic City Terror: Curse of the Murderous Dummy - young adult horror by Michael Ray Laemmle

Atomic City Terror: Curse of the Murderous Dummy - young adult horror book free promotion Michael Ray Laemmle

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/17/2019 - 5/24/2019!

There's an evil dummy on the loose, and he has murdering on his mind. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll die!

Welcome to Atomic City. A spooky and isolated mountain town, with more scares per square inch than anywhere else in the world. Discover a place where cutting edge science walks hand-in-hand with horror, and mind-blowing technology is indistinguishable from rip-roaring terror. UFO cults, wicked witches, wayward werewolves—vampires, zombies, and aliens—all have a home in Atomic City. And these are their stories.

In this very special inaugural installment, there’s an evil dummy on the loose, and he has murdering on his mind. What connects a brilliant physicist who accidentally blew up his wife in a science experiment, a family of four whose father is struggling with alcoholism, and a sentient dummy with an appetite for bloodshed?

Is it just a common love of ventriloquy, or is there something more sinister afoot?

In this terrifying tale, some dummies will live and other dummies will die. And behind it all, a struggle to control the minds of everyone on Earth.

Making the Switch: How to Put Yourself First in a World That Tells You Not To by Alison Brown

Making the Switch: How to Put Yourself First in a World That Tells You Not To free book promotion Alison Brown

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/20/2019 - 5/24/2019!

In Making the Switch, mom of 3, Alison Brown gives you permission to take your needs, hopes and dreams down from the shelf they’ve been collecting dust on since you became ‘mom’ and start putting them first - and not just permission, she’ll show you how to do it, guilt free.

Making The Switch from burnt out, out of shape, short tempered, and last on your own priority list to the energetic, fit, healthy mom you deserve to be is just pages away.

This book is for the moms out there who have lost themselves and wonder where they went, where their pre-baby body went, where their time went, and where their own happiness went.

Escape to Osprey Cove - cozy mystery by Luisa Marietta Gold

Escape to Osprey Cove - cozy mystery by Luisa Marietta Gold

This book is free on Amazon on 5/19/2019!

The mystery begins with an unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug’s new Corvette.  It will forever change his and Catherine’s life.  Doug’s mysterious behavior after the find forces Catherine to seek escape at The Osprey Cove Lodge.  What she finds at the lodge turns out to be far more valuable than Doug’s find.  Follow the suspense, mystery, and romance of Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge Series.

Desert Heat - romance / suspense book by PH Turner

Desert Heat - romance / suspense book promotion PH Turner

A social worker and a Navajo cop battle human traffickers and witches on the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Witchery. Human Treachery.

Social worker Jordan Bia finds a child who escaped her captors and a life in the sex trade, but four other girls from her small Mexican village were not so lucky. Smugglers hide their human cargo in the hoodoos of a remote canyon on the reservation—a place the Navajo shun, fearful of the witches who practice their black rituals and feast on the dark energy of evil. Mysterious rites, omens of death, and bodies litter the canyon.

When she meets Navajo police officer Sam Tohee, sparks fly fueled by the danger of hunting men who buy and sell little girls. Techno savvy Jordan plots to trap the smugglers and free the rest of the children, but unless she and Sam can find the power to defeat the witches she may not live long enough to save the girls.

The Lumberjack - thriller by Erik Martin Willen

The Lumberjack - thriller book promotion Erik Martin Willen

The Lumberjack is a very suspenseful drama thriller, and it will give you chills. The story can be described as a mix between; The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris and First Blood by David Morrell.

Looking for peace, she found a nightmare…

Fading movie star Christina Dawn has decided to start a new life, so she relocates from L.A. to a picturesque mountain town, hoping she'll find peace and tranquility there.

Meanwhile, a man who has hunted a witness to a massacre for over fifty years has also settled in the town, Skull Creek, in an effort to keep a dangerous legacy hidden from the world.

Little do Christina and Nero know that their paths will soon cross, leading to a horrifying revelation: a practice that has recurred for centuries, causing the murders of countless people, none of which have ever been linked or solved.

The largest manhunt in history is about to take place. But what law enforcement will soon discover is that they aren't the ones doing the hunting.

They're the ones being hunted.

The Capsule - a cyberpunk dystopia by Olga Loukianova

The Capsule - a cyberpunk dystopia free book promotion Olga Loukianova

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/17/2019 - 5/21/2019!

THE CAPSULE takes place in year 45 of the Age of Perfection. In any period of history, humanity would call this world a paradise. Citizens of the United State of Earth live in fully-automated capsule apartments. There is no need to work since the government, led by the Wise Ruler, provides for all necessities and desires. An AI called Systema looks after their psychological comfort. The world outside the capsule is a dangerous place, but you needn’t feel alone. The virtual reality of Net City offers a full social life where you can meet friends, family and fall in love just like the real world…

Liza is just as happy in her capsule as anybody else. After her boyfriend is murdered, she struggles to find the right questions in a world where all answers are provided. How does a young man die in the Age of Perfection? Are the avatars of Net City friends, enemies, or illusions?  Who is really in control of the world beyond the capsule?

THE CAPSULE is the first novel by Russian author Olga Loukianova, now available in English. This novel deals with issues of freedom and power, political control and the limits of AI that are becoming more relevant in her home country and around the world.

All The Missing Pieces (Secrets, Lies & Alibis) by Juanita Tischendorf

All The Missing Pieces (Secrets, Lies & Alibis) book promotion Juanita Tischendorf

The Engelman family reign in Coral Ridge NY.  Kirtland Engelman the IV and his wife Rosemarie have one child, Barstow, who would become the next powerful Engelman in Coral Ridge, NY, since his sister, Katrina Engelman meets with disfavor with the family when she marries Philip Fischer and moves to Tennessee without the wealth of her birthright.  She has two children Tyler and Alyssa.  

When Katrina Engelman-Fischer goes missing, Philip tries to find her, traveling to New Orleans where he thinks she may have gone.  Sadly, he returns home to Tennessee without her, only to later find he is dying.  It is the Fischer grandparents who take in Tyler and Alyssa, but financially they are unable to afford to keep them, so they contact Kirtland Engelman. From a cradle of love into a cold, unfeeling environment, Tyler, and Alyssa are transported to live with their Aunt and Uncle Engelman, whom they had never met and Barstow who would become their nemesis. To help soften their situation, on the far end of the property in the care takers cottage lives Old Nathaniel Clark who befriends the children.  Unlike Barstow, the Fischer children become well-liked by the residents of Coral Ridge, which makes Barstow angry and he tries to make them feel inferior to him.  But it is not just within the Engelman family that rumors surface as questions are being asked about Zack Clark, the mysterious Detective and Ryan Hemingway who later starts dating Alyssa Fischer.   There are many skeletons that will come out of the closet and murders and disappearances that will need to be solved.  This suspenseful mystery will have you on the edge of your seat as you become privy to all the shameful offenses happening in this small town.

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

Revolution: Chronicles of Mharc by T.L. McDonald

The life of a Nihili Gamer is one of slavery and death. The Empire, controlled by the hated First Citizens, keeps an iron foot on the neck of all it's inhabitants and uses the gladiatorial-like Games as a opiate to keep the population under control.

Tsaurine, the greatest Gamer in history, raises his daughter, Mharc to help lead the coming revolution. Together with other Gamers, the incredible trainer Macelt, and sympathetic First Citizens, Mharc eventually leads the revolt to take back the stars and freedom for all. The first in a series!

Emma Beware - a Suspense Thriller book by Michelle Anne Iden

Emma Beware - a Suspense Thriller book promotion Michelle Anne Iden

Every so often, love and betrayal go hand in hand.

Imagine being held captive with no visible way out. Now, envision techniques that would help free you! Emma Beware, Book One of this suspenseful thriller series incorporates proven ways to escape plus more.

Fourteen-year-old Emma Mae Davenport, an unsuspecting stand-out high school track athlete and student vanishes without a trace. An unknown perpetrator with a vendetta stalks Emma through cryptic text messages prior to her disappearance. 48 hours transpire before anyone realizes Emma is missing due to her mother being out of town on business and school out for teacher conferences.

Time's ticking--minute by minute. Four of her friends armed with cyber-techno skills discover nefarious doings. They form the group, "Warriors for Emma" and as they gather clues, uncover copious roadblocks and mishaps.

From a small town in Iowa, to an intriguing international context involving the FBI and headed by the Greek Adonis looking FBI Agent, Marco Damon, this saga unfolds quickly.

Where is Emma? Will she be found in time to celebrate her 15th birthday or will she remain missing?

Emma's story, great for the young adult, Millennium and adult audiences will mesmerize you. Her tale weaves intrigue, suspense, betrayal, friendship, family, mystery, love, faith, and sprinkled with humor will captivate the reader to keep turning pages.

Get ready for thrills and chills. It's like "Pretty Little Liars" with a twist of  "Gone Girl."

Fifteen Years of Lies - a novel of stalking suspense by Ann Minnett

Fifteen Years of Lies - a novel of stalking suspense free book promotion Ann Minnett

Free book promotion on Amazon on 5/15/2019!

Beautiful Whitefish, Montana serves as the setting for Fifteen Years of Lies, yet the story could occur anywhere and in any family struggling to keep harmful secrets. Parents of teenagers will relate to Lark’s fears for her son as his growing rebellion leads him to violence. The timely issue of sexual assault on campus will capture the attention of readers across this country. But Fifteen Years of Lies goes beyond today’s news stories to lay bare the aftermath of rape and its effects on the victim, the child, loved ones, and even the rapist. Readers will resonate with the raw emotions of past injustice and imminent threat when a suspected rapist believes he has found his victim and his son. How far will Lark and her friends go to protect Zane from the truth?

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

The Killing Collective: A Stanford Carter Murder Mystery Thriller - A Gripping, Stand Alone, Character-Driven FBI Crime Thriller by by Gary Starta and Robin Firestone

When Carter and Seacrest trade the Boston PD for NYC's FBI, they face their toughest case with a series of thrill killings. But are the murders merely violence-fueled as the director suggests?
As Carter digs deeper, he uncovers a conspiracy in play that will change him and Seacrest forever and introduce him to his 'Moriarty'.

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

The Pride by Richard Tabaka

Nightmares aren’t supposed to walk among the living.  But they do. Deep in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, hidden among the tall pines, creatures who’ve paralleled man since the dawn of time, live, hunt, breed.  Under the disguise of a religious order they have built an underground sanctuary, a safe haven where they are planning to rise to the place in this world they once held.

Their leader, Arcturus, and his lieutenant, Malik, look to once again feed freely on human kind.

Nick Barnett, a former Special Forces soldier, has lost everything, his wife, his daughter, and most of himself.  One rainy night he collides with another vehicle and with his destiny.  As he struggles to overcome his addiction to alcohol he will have to face a world unlike anything he could have imagined.

Suzanne Reynolds searches for her missing daughter.  The police have given up; she’s just another runaway they say.  But a mother’s love never dies.  Suzanne’s search leads her to the tiny town of Spirit River Falls where after and accident she meets Bill Collins, a retired detective and his friend, a local bar owner and Vietnam Veteran, Ernie Montgomery.  Together they will search for Suzanne’s thirteen year old daughter, Heather.

Kelly Kryshack is just a young woman in her twenties, looking for love, looking for acceptance. Abducted by creatures she cannot imagine she finds herself part of a group of people who are being hunted for sport.  But Kelly will do the unimaginable, she will become the first to ever escape.  Her flight will take her to a chance encounter with a recuperating soldier and soon enough a five person alliance will form.  Together they must face an enemy as old as time.  At stake are the lives of two young girls and maybe even the fate of humankind.  Can they defeat The Pride?

God's Sacred Feast - a compelling historical drama by Carol Gosa-Summerville

God's Sacred Feast - a compelling historical drama discount book promotion Carol Gosa-Summerville

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 5/15/2019 - 6/12/2019!

Passion and suspsense are the main ingredients in God’s Sacred Feast. Deacon Branhope "Sugarfoot" Collins wrestles with the demons of celibacy as the guiles of an ex- lover tantalize him. Struggling to repel her, he begins to envision his dream woman. As misfortunes and tragedies befall the community, Sugarfoot becomes an agent of action. This brings him face to face with the town’s beautiful heiress. As the spark between them grows, his ex-lover becomes enraged. Will she let go? What mayhem will she create?

I Disagree: How These Two Words are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health by Dr. Patrick Flynn

I Disagree: How These Two Words are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health by Dr. Patrick Flynn

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/13/2019 - 5/17/2019!

Everybody has a story—it’s a unifying factor that we can all relate to and learn from. When it comes to health, that story can be tragic or transformational (and sometimes both.)

What’s your story? Has a medical professional ever told you:

Nothing can be done.
It’s all in your head.
Just take this and you’ll be fine.
All of the Above?

You are not alone. Chronic conditions are at an all-time high. Despite medical advancements, we are sicker than ever. Something needs to change! It’s time to disagree.

What you’ll find in this book is a story that is changing lives across the country and empowering people to think differently. Thinking differently is where perspectives are transformed, improvements are made, and changes take place. And from Dr. Patrick Flynn’s experience with thousands of patients, these changes are for the better.

Heavily inspired by his wife and her journey through medicine, Dr. Flynn developed his unique approach and mode of thought. In these pages, Dr. Flynn shares their story and the resulting mindset that is impacting the health and lives of countless people. The “I Disagree” way of thinking understands that just because something is common, does not mean it’s normal. Through his work, Dr. Flynn and The Wellness Way clinics are changing lives, restoring hope, and getting results. By the time you finish reading, he hopes you find the strength to disagree too. It’s time to embrace your life and take control of your health!

After the Storm: Picking Up the Pieces to a Better Life by Jack Shirk

After the Storm: Picking Up the Pieces to a Better Life free book promotion Jack Shirk

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/13/2019 - 5/17/2019!

We all live in a world where difficult hands are dealt out daily. Life is often unpredictable and chaotic. A Major storm can come along at any time and ravage our existence leaving us broken, scared and with nothing but pieces left scattered all over our beach. It’s then hard to grasp the concept of moving forward, and trusting that God has a plan.

How does one pick up all of the pieces left behind by such a destructive storm? How does one mend a heart that’s been broken in so many places and begin to rebuild a life when all hope is lost?

This is the riveting true story of loss, grief, and despair. After Jack loses his wife to cancer now, finds himself alone to raise 3 beautiful little kids. Upon facing this unbearable reality, spiraled down an even more destructive path.

Come and be inspired by a book of an adventure everyone can relate too. See how one can learn to pick up those “Pieces to a Better Life." This is a compelling journey of self-discovery and perseverance from being dealt all life can dish out. This story will make you weep, and it'll make you smile. But most definitely, it WILL make you believe in Miracles.

Terror in the Neighborhood - a spellbinding horror book by Lloyd Hines

Terror in the Neighborhood - a spellbinding horror book promotion by Lloyd Hines

Terror in the Neighborhood is a bone chilling tale of demonic horror wrought upon a wealthy colonial town while its residents lie sleeping in their beds. The centuries old demon that has awaken, hungry for blood, after lying dormant for centuries in Satan's forest, haunts the residents in the tony New England town of Portsymth, sending the residents spiraling into shear terror!The horrific murders generates a massive manhunt by the Hillside County Sheriff's Department, and the lead Detective Mike Holmbee. The investigation takes twist and turns, and leads him to a conclusion that he can't except!

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana - first in an epic series by Katlynn Brooke

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Six young people on the run, guided by a shared dream of an island that couldn’t possibly exist, driven by memories they can’t explain, and a vicious army recruiter on their trail.

Jarah, an insecure sixteen-year-old from the village of Meadowfield who yearns for a different life.

Adain, Jarah’s trusting and popular friend.

Tegan, an overly-sensitive girl from the neighboring village of Potter’s Hill, betrothed to a boy she doesn’t even like.

Djana, an entitled debutante, who discovers a secret about her parents she wished she hadn’t.

Kex, a fiery huntress from the Stone Wolf clan of the tundra, who flees her home to avoid marriage with an older man.

Tristan, the soldier, who must make a life-changing choice.

They come together, along with a seventh, seemingly by accident, but in their world, nothing ever happens by chance.

On a quest to discover the secret of their past before it catches up with them, the Six must cross a continent and a deadly mountain range teeming with lethal creatures. A mysterious shape-shifter, a traitor in their midst, and a Reptilian ruler who will stop at nothing to ensure their mission fails — their chances of success are slim to none.

Will they find the powerful crystal lost 500 years ago, or will they once again be betrayed by one of their own?

An epic fantasy adventure that will delight fans of Tolkien and Christopher Paolini. The first book in The Ialana Series, suitable reading for all ages.

The Pregnant Pause - an inspirational story of hope by Lori Alcorn

The Pregnant Pause - an inspirational story of hope discount book promotion Lori Alcorn

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 5/10/2019 - 5/17/2019!

Lori Alcorn, a 13 year veteran of infertility, gives birth to a lifelong dream in her debut book The Pregnant Pause: Finding Positivity When All The Results Are Negative. With a play on words, Lori uses humor to put a new spin on the definition of a pregnant pause, “a pause used for timing to increase expectation, that carries the expectation that it will be followed by something significant”.  After all, this described her journey perfectly, a life on pause while she carried the expectation one day her dream of motherhood would finally arrive. 

Most of her life Lori wanted to be both a mother and an author, now she can laugh at the irony that her first book is about her inability to become a mother.  Still stuck in the pause all these years later, Lori wanted to share a story that could resonate with all women stuck in the metaphorical, and maybe even literal, waiting room of still expecting to become expecting.  In The Pregnant Pause, Lori wrestles with the challenges that come when every pregnancy and fertility test comes up negative.  Over and over she finds herself asking ‘what next?’ but the answers grew as elusive as the joy along the way.

One day it became clear that the losses she was experiencing were also having a very negative impact.  Something needed to change.  Taking matters into her own hands, she intentionally hit pause on the trying and began to seek out different results, after all she’d lost she wasn’t about to lose her joy too. Once she found her way through the negativity, finding new dreams and a new purpose, Lori was determined to use her experiences to help others, so that infertility was no longer isolating but inclusive.  Lori shares her story the only way she knows how, with honesty and humor and hope.

Whole Mind Whole World: The Power of Wise Choices - Creating a Future that Works for All, a book by Rose Diamond

Whole Mind Whole World: The Power of Wise Choices - Creating a Future that Works for All, discount book promotion by Rose Diamond

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $5.99) 5/5/2019 - 5/11/2019!

This is such a challenging and exciting time to be alive. Those of us on a conscious path are constantly upgrading on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit. It's how we navigate the transitions into more inspired, expansive and creative stages of consciousness and culture-making, that makes the difference. This is what Whole Mind Whole World, The Power of Wise Choices - Creating a Future That Works For All, is all about.

Living in the Middle - a powerful novel of historical fiction by A. Robert Allen

Living in the Middle - a powerful novel of historical fiction discount book promotion A. Robert Allen

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 5/6/2019 - 5/12/2019!

Rejected by his race.  Hunted by the Klan.  Yet, standing up to hatred is what he’s compelled to do.

New York, Early 1900s: Jimmy Montgomery comes from old New York money and grows up among the Manhattan elite. At the age of eighteen, Jimmy discovers he’s been living a lie. He follows his roots back to Tulsa, Oklahoma to answer the burning questions in his life. Who is he? What is he? Where does he belong? He finds love and friendship along the way, but full acceptance from either the White or the Black world eludes him. When trouble pits the White population of Tulsa against the Black community of Greenwood, Jimmy must finally make a choice---he can no longer live in the middle. His decision will alter the course of his life and those he’d come to love. What will he decide? Pick up a copy to find out.

LIVING IN THE MIDDLE is a powerful African American historical novel based on the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921. If you like passionate heroes, no-holds-barred history, high-stakes emotional tension, then you’ll love A. Robert Allen’s eye-opening story.

LIVING IN THE MIDDLE is a stand-alone story connected by theme to the other volumes in A. Robert Allen’s Slavery and Beyond series.

F.I.R.E.: Financially Independent Retire Early - book by Krista Mashore

F.I.R.E.: Financially Independent Retire Early - free book promotion Krista Mashore

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/6/2019 - 5/10/2019!

Ready to quit that crappy job?
Ready to have a career that is both profitable and fulfilling?
Ready to be on FIRE—Financially Independent Retire Early?

This book is for people who think that getting by just isn’t good enough. Maybe you’re retired but still wanting to make more income. Maybe you’re fed up with your job but don’t know what else to do. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own business but don’t have a clue how to get started.

When it comes to being a successful entrepreneur, Krista Mashore has been there and done that. And now she’s ready to help you do the same.

History in the Making: From Dream to Reality In Network Marketing by Danien Feier

History in the Making: From Dream to Reality In Network Marketing free book promotion Danien Feier

Free book promotion on Amazon 5/6/2019 - 5/10/2019!

This is the book that the Network Marketing world has been waiting for.

Danien Feier is one of the most successful and well-known Network Marketing leaders in Europe. He uniquely embodies a new generation of network marketers who have found their way of life in this business with an incredible amount of know-how, charisma and passion.

In "History in the Making", he honestly and vulnerably describes his down-to-earth yet breathtaking rise in one of the fastest-growing sectors of our time: the development of the UNITYGLOBAL team, his impressive development from sales greenhorn to one of the most influential figures in the direct sales industry, and his move from the small German provincial town of Wetzlar to his present residence in the world's most luxurious metropolis, Dubai.

With personal insights and a wealth of experience surrounding the development of a mega-profitable Network Marketing business, he lets the reader share in the valuable insights that can be gained from his own history - from his initial vision, the ups and downs on the journey, and the dream that has become a reality.

Mercilessly authentic and incredibly motivating, this book is an immense asset to anyone who has dreams of success in Network Marketing.

tak... Chernobyl Photo Log - Part travelogue, part memoir, and part visual poem book by Hyun Kyu Seo

tak... Chernobyl Photo Log - Part travelogue, part memoir, and part visual poem book promotion Hyun Kyu Seo

Tak... is filled cover to cover with gorgeous photographs, illustrations, and other visual surprises which bring the zone to life. It’s perfect for anyone looking to experience Chernobyl for the first time or through a new lens–a personal, optimistic story told against the backdrop of one of the most infamous disasters in human history.

The Modest Proposal Institute: No More Empires - a Young Adult science fiction story book by Paul James

The Modest Proposal Institute: No More Empires - a Young Adult science fiction story book promotion by Paul James

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 5/1/2019 - 5/15/2019!

Seeing where the Western world was headed, two men start an offshore school for gifted boys and men – The Modest Proposal Institute, focusing on science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. It’s modeled on schools of the past. After the disastrous 2021-22 Recession, and the increasing cold brought on by the Solar Minimum, the growing success of the Institute’s boys and men drives Western leaders to attack the Institute and try to take its wealth. Can the Institute fight back without becoming the thing that they sought to escape?

Dream of the Wolf - a gripping mystery book by Bradley McKenzie

Dream of the Wolf - a gripping mystery book promotion by Bradley McKenzie

Page turning suspense set in the American west.

Jackson Hole is a playground for new money as vast as the western sky.  But when a young socialite is found slain, it threatens to tear the valley apart. 

Local cowgirl Lane Brouwer has sworn an oath to protect the Cowboy State from the depravity that plagues big cities, but as more victims turn up dead in the forest, she discovers they belonged to a secret clique of privileged and decadent young women. Brouwer will have to look past her humble ranching roots to understand what lured elite girls to terrifying deaths in the prime of their lives.

Are these young women dying at the hands of their own circle of friends? What could possibly entice them to succumb willingly to strange forest ceremonies? To find out, she will enter a lurid world of fantasy and dread deep in the mountain forest. 
"I read it in three days. A must read." - Amazon Review

The Writings of Assassination - an epic fantasy by Cameron Style

The Writings of Assassination - an epic fantasy book promotion Cameron Style

Jaria is destined to become the first female knight of the Seven Sanctums, and doesn’t know it yet. Along her journey to unravel 400 years of buried truth, she discovers the fate of the Seven Sanctums may rest entirely on her shoulders. Pieces of her family’s past come to light along with the sudden and harrowing return of the blood dragons. She will quickly learn this battle is only beginning. Filled with dragons, magic, and the allure of distant lands, The Writings of Assassination follows Jaria through an incredible journey from her small, safe hometown to the dangers of the wild unknown on her journey to becoming the Lady of the Seven Sanctums.

The Liberation of Lauren Lane - a book by Angela Pisaturo

The Liberation of Lauren Lane - a book promotion Angela Pisaturo

Lauren Lane, a sheltered young woman, dips her toe in the club scene to appease friends and family, as she decides what her future will be. She has a powerful decision to make: give her love to God or find a mate to marry and love. Lauren is conflicted. When she's in church, she feels she is home When she likes a boy, she thinks about marriage and family. But clubbing leaves her more confused, and frightened for her future.   Especially, after that incident with a boy in the club. In order to be sure of her calling, Lauren goes to community college to figure things out. Little did she know what fate awaited her, there and how it would drastically change her life.

A look into the campus scene and how an innocent girl finds herself in a most horrific situation.

Siege of Lightning - a scientific thriller book by R.J. Pineiro

Siege of Lightning - a scientific thriller book promotion R.J. Pineiro

Our space program has been sabotaged.  The Martian and Apollo 13 meets Tom Clancy in this gripping scientific thriller.

"An insider's look at the world of space exploration.  Truly a good read." --Nelson DeMille

Years before the International Space Station reached orbit, or before we had plans to travel to Mars, NASA's future hung in the balance . . .

America's greatest technological achievement--the brand new space shuttle Lightning--is in peril.  Our astronauts are stranded in orbit working through multiple malfunctions that threaten to make Lightning's maiden flight its last.

In Europe, a CIA officer comes across intelligence that suggests that the issues aboard Lightning are due to sabotage.  But he is suddenly labeled for termination.

At the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, a junior analyst also unearths data that suggests a conspiracy, but he is not sure how high it goes or who can be trusted.

Across two continents and in orbit, a battle rages for control of the future of space exploration.

The Stranger Among You: How the Faith-Based Refugee Resettlement Movement is Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos - a book by Kate Rice

The Stranger Among You: How the Faith-Based Refugee Resettlement Movement is Shattering Our Red and Blue Silos book promotion by Kate Rice

This book is on sale on Amazon for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 4/17/2019 - 5/17/2019!

Flying under the radar of the national news media is a grassroots refugee resettlement movement that sees Americans of all faiths and political beliefs working together to help refugees thrive in America. Trump voters and Clinton voters, pro-lifers and pro-choicers, the secular and the devout are all working together because of the common ground they share.

The book covers robust refugee resettlement efforts throughout the country, focusing mostly on the surprising fact that some of the strongest movements are in the Bible Belt and other red states. You'll hear from low-body fat techies, podcasting mothers, military veterans, passionate pastors, college students, a couple of Republican governors and others about what motivates them to work in this great--and quintessentially American--cause.

Churches and synagogues are social justice machines and many are courting the community outside their doors to help the resettle refugees. And churches are finding that non-members are coming to them hoping to help make a difference.

The Bible tells us to help the stranger and that's what motivates many of those working in the trenches of refugee resettlement, no matter what their faith.

It's also a how-to that covers everything from how to find refugees to help to ways you can help them. It talks about the challenges volunteers face. Among them: what do you when a kid kicks a soccer ball through you century-old stained glass window? Answer: you patch it with duct tape and keep working.

There are countless stories of new friendships forged and of finding the rewards of going outside your comfort zone by working not only with refugees, but with fellow Americans who probably disagree with you on some issues but are totally in sync with you on this one.

It's a story of people helping people, one family at a time.

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