Cross Currents, Kindle ebook by Barbara Masterton

Like several of her novels Cross Currents is set in the South of England, in Dorset, where Barbara Masterton was born and grew up. The main character, Julia, is a single mother in her early forties, struggling to free herself from family ties arising from conflicting personalities. She is persuaded to marry a man she does not really love but to whom she feels physically attracted: a wealthy previous suitor from her schooldays, Bruce, who makes her feel owned and resentful…

'It had taken Bruce six unrelenting months to convince Julia that she had much to gain by marrying him and another six months for her to realise how much she had lost by acquiescing. How foolish and selfish she had been, how easily flattered and deceived. Not that she had thought herself to be in love with him. Physically attracted, yes, very much so, as if her body craved a reminder of an almost forgotten pleasure, but she knew what it was to be truly in love, to have that love fulfilled and then to be deprived of it. She also knew what it was to be loved and not to be able to return it.'

For years she has kept a deep secret from her youth, making everyone suffer around her, especially her mother, who died prematurely without knowing the truth. Rivalry with her older, envious and selfish sister Frances and her latent but deep-rooted jealousy poison the family environment, and the moment of truth will inevitably strike everyone's lives like a storm. Nothing will ever be the same again, and Julia is brought to realize that love and trust are there for her where she had least expected them to be.

A novel with a refined and elegant style of narration, coupled with a sharp introspective portrait of its characters.

The Scorpion Game : Kindle ebook by Daniel Jeffries

In 2458, on a continent sized starship with its own atmosphere and an entire civilization churning inside, the poor live in rotting organic cities and the rich live in massive orbital mansions drifting in the clouds. When a hooker plunges from the sixty-sixth floor of an opulent nightclub and a senator is found dead in his room, the police call on Lieutenant Durante Hoskin to solve what swiftly becomes a string of murders of the rich and powerful. Now Hoskin must stop a vicious and brilliant sociopath, who's executing the elite, erasing their memories and exposing their lives to an angry public, before his society explodes in open class war.

Interview with author Daniel Jeffries

Q: Why did you write The Scorpion Game?

A: I wanted to write a hardcore sci-fi novel, something darker and grimier; the kind of sci-fi I loved as a kid, but updated with all of the massive advances we've seen in bio and computer tech over the last 20 years.  Sci-fi was tougher in the 80s.  It was higher tech.  These days I see a lot of near future sci-fi.  It's easier to write something that takes place twenty or thirty years from now.  Things aren't that different.  All you have to do is slap some leather pants on people, make cell phones smaller, give the Internet a gesture interface and you can call it sci-fi.  I hate that.  I wanted to stretch my imagination.  I wanted to write about a deep future, tech saturated society. How would it all work together?  How would it all conflict? 

This is different from golden age sci-fi too.  Bruce Sterling called the golden agers the masters of "ink and wood pulp," in other words analog, pre-computer tech.  To me that wasn't the only difference.  In old sci-fi, there were usually one or two new technologies that only a few people had.  Maybe one person had the special weapon or the spaceship.  That's not how tech develops.  Tech is everywhere.  It invades all aspects of our lives, develops in parallel and it's only interesting when lots of people are using it, like cell phones.  The golden agers lived in a different world, where tech developed slower, in fits and starts.  To me it's much more interesting when everyone has a spaceship. 

Now, by hardcore I want to be clear that I don't write totally hard sci-fi.  I consider my fiction "hard-ish."  I've been a systems engineer for 15 years, so I know real tech and I know its guts.  It has to be plausible for me, but I don't need to be able to explain the inner workings of every bit of tech in my stories. I love a lot of hard sci-fi, but at its extreme I think it's a limiting factor for fiction.  I prefer to take a more flexible view.  If we only write from the perspective of what we know right now, then it's hard to predict the distant future or write about advanced alien societies.  I also want my fiction to move fast.  I can't stand it when I read a hard-sci-fi book that sacrifices narrative speed and character development for four page descriptions of the inner workings of every machine that shows up in the book.  That drives me nuts.  I'll take a few well-chosen lines to introduce a new tech concept any day over a four page dissertation on the inner workings of something that doesn't really exist. 

Q: Is this book part of a larger series?

A: It's part of an ever-expanding series called the Age of Transcendence Saga.  It's based on a future history that I started writing twenty years ago.  All of my stories take place on this future timeline.  Because of the timeline, it's not limited to a trilogy or seven books or anything like that.  I could spend my whole life picking points on the timeline and still never exhaust its potential.  The time line covers everything from tech, to politics, art and cultural changes.  I've updated it with minor revisions over the years and it's gone through three major revisions.  It's a living document and I'm not afraid to change it from time to time.  But, overall it's remained largely consistent over the years, which speaks well of its predictive power.  I've been off on dates and occasionally I've missed a few developments, but it works well as a parallel future history.

The timeline offers me a good way to unify my stories with a similar ideology and aesthetic, but it doesn't tie me down to telling the same story over and over.  The stories may or may not have recurring characters.  A lot of times sequels don't live up to their expectations because the characters have already changed as much as they are ever going to change in the first book.  This results in them being static in the later books.  Lt. Hoskin, a character in the Scorpion Game, has proven to be popular with readers;  he'll probably get a few more books, but I'm not married to telling 50 Hoskin stories.  I only want to tell stories about Hoskin that matter.  He doesn't need to be a franchise.   

Q: What sci-fi category would you put the book in?

I've thought about this a lot, but I don't really have a good answer.  I can tell you that it's a fusion of high tech and detective fiction.  I know it's post-cyberpunk, probably post-post cyberpunk.  There was a tendency for pure post-cyberpunk to use a lot of comedic elements that I don't really like.  For a long time, I was using the term "bio-punk" because of my extensive use of organic technology and my story's street-savvy sensibility.  Even my cities are organic. 

Of course, no idea exists in a vacuum and eventually other people hit on the term.  Now, it means something much different than what I was thinking.  It tends to encompass books that are lower tech, that deal primarily with biotech alone and it usually has some sort of energy or ecological disaster.  At least, that's how I have perceived it.  I've never been a fan of pure disaster sci-fi where tech is crippled by a shortage of resources.  That's a little like near-future sci-fi to me.  It's easier to write sci-fi when most of the stuff doesn't work anymore, making it effectively low tech. 

Frankly, the term punk is a little archaic now too. We need something new, even if I'm not smart enough to come up with it. It covered a relatively short-lived musical movement in the 1970s.  It's evolved beyond that, but it's still something that's rooted in the past.  Honestly, I never really liked the music, but I do resonate with its aggressiveness and DIY ethic.  A lot of punk bands couldn't find an audience at first, so they self-produced and distributed through informal channels.  That's very similar to what's happening with fiction right now.  The esthetic also meant something that was stripped down, with less pyrotechnics and pretentiousness; less bs.  I like that too.  Life is dirty and uncensored.  It doesn't need to be sanitized.  In sci-fi using the term punk has gotten seriously out of control.  I saw a post on Wikipedia that said there were 15 sci-fi terms that had "punk" in it, nanopunk, steampunk, etc.  It's gotten a little ridiculous.

I can't find a good term for my work yet, but I figure other folks will come up with something eventually if they like it enough. I will leave it to them.

Green Eyes and Good hair : Kindle ebook by Hugh O. Smith

Free on Friday 5/31/13 and on Friday 6/7/13

Tony is young good-looking and successful, the ultimate ladies' man. Everything about him, from his clothes to his apartment, is designed to be a trap for the women who catch his eye. Tony has no immediate plans except to advance his career and continue with his playboy ways. Then one day he meets Olivia, a beautiful plus-size executive, and he sees a way he can do both.

Olivia is new in town, but not certainly not new to the ways of the player. She knows that no man can treat her the way she deserves so she doesn't even try to find one. As far as she's concerned, life is just fine without an encumbrance like a boyfriend or husband. When she meets Tony, she sees him for exactly what he is, a playboy looking for a good time. She's wise to his playboy ways but still, she wouldn't mind spending a little time with him.

Tony and Olivia get together, each with their own agenda. Then, against all odds, something happens that changes them both…

A Ghost To Watch Over Me : Kindle ebook by Geoffrey Sleight

Gary Belmont is awoken in the night by a frightening, ghostly encounter. The visitation reveals a letter containing a mysterious secret.

He is intrigued to discover what hidden truth lays behind its contents, and so begins a journey of shocking revelation and great danger, involving covert intelligence operations and government conspiracy at the highest level.

Gary is joined in his search by an attractive woman who doubts the supernatural clues which are leading him on. Soon, however, she becomes entangled with him in the ever-deepening intrigue, pitted with life-changing consequences.

As they confront an evil enemy, desperate to cover up the revelations that unfold, they begin to realise somewhere, beyond the power of human understanding, there are forces that guide and watch over us.

But they come with no guarantee of survival!

The Queen's Curse: An Epic-Fantasy Kindle ebook by Natasja Hellenthal

This newly released thought-provoking Fantasy work with lesbian sub-theme, already has had hundreds of downloads from keen readers and is getting more popular by the day. It's the author's debut novel with more to follow.

Find it at Amazon:

A powerful curse holds the ancient land Ceartas in its tight grip. Little do the people know of this, other than that no offender ever escapes the countries' harsh penalties, not even when the person isn't caught!

Magic of the highest sort has to be involved. Everyone seems to know about the holy law book though, which is worshipped for many generations by the royal family and most of the Ceartasians fear this mighty book, even more than they fear their absent queen. 

The young queen Artride has to carry this heavy burden, always obeying the law book in fear of a worse scenario, and finds herself frustratingly powerless once more when a young commander of her army, Tirsa Lathabris, comes pleading for the release of her harmless teenage brother, Elimar who has become a victim of the law book as well. 

Artride sees no other choice than to reveal her terrible secret this time to her Commander, however that is all that lies within her power; telling a knight, for outside this select group of people the curse would take the life of the listener immediately. 

But there is hope; perhaps even the last hope for a free just country so together the young Queen and Commander set out on a journey to the ancient neighboring magical land, Dochas, where a great sorceress lives. She is supposed to be capable of unlimited magical things, but that is all they know... 

A perilous unpredictable journey follows with the goal to ask this sorceress for a counter spell, but first they have to deal with unwanted unfinished business of both their past and present. 

Confused and near fatigue, however still hopeful they gather more bits of information about the sorceress and her role in the Magical Land and new questions arise. It also becomes clearer with the day during their search for the sorceress through this enchanted land, that it must indeed lie in her power to help them, but if so… will she be willing to and for what price? And will they be in time?

And even with a little help from the local magical Silent Folk/TalamhClann or Wood-and Windchildren as they are also called, it gets more and more desperate. It looks like the sorceress; who is also the dominator of both Dochas and the Silent Folk, is in fact trying to prevent them from coming too close, or is she just taunting and testing them?   

Either way, the toll is getting higher for them with the hour as the sorceress is getting to them personally and is cunningly playing with their mind, body and soul as they travel through her magical protected realm. Weary and exposed they have to decide who to trust and distrust for time is running out…

They find themselves facing a difficult choice in order to not only free their own country but Dochas and the powerless Silent Folk, whose only hope they have become, as well.

And that final choice and person is someone who is just as cursed as Ceartas is; not by a real spell, but by her own history and the prison she has build around her own heart over the years; the sorceress and self-made Queen of Dochas herself.  

Their last and only hope and their biggest challenge…

Read some of the reviews received already:

"I was drawn in right from the start, always wanting to find out more. It becomes a story of hope, loyalty, romance, trust and secrets. Also today's issue's are dealt with such as child abuse, gay-marriage, death and justice. It is an enjoyable read and never too heavy though."

"Excellent dialogue"

"A good fantasy story especially in the lesbian genre and it doesn't get much better"

"An excellent read for the price"

"The premise is thoroughly original. The two protagonist's backstories were well fleshed out, and created sympathetic characters that the reader wished to see succeed. I enjoyed the Windchildren and Woodchildren very much, as well as the gods of the magical land. Sempervirens was a captivating villain as well, and I thought the author handled her quite well." 

These Fragile Things: Kindle e-book by Jane Davis

The author of three novels, Jane Davis won the Daily Mail First Novel Award with her debut, 'Half-Truths and White Lies', described by Joanne Harris as 'A story of secrets, lies, grief and, ultimately, redemption, charmingly handled by this very promising new writer.'

'These Fragile Things' tackles the subjects of near-death experience and religious fervour. These are big issues.

They are, and I am hardly qualified to tackle the questions fully. I wanted to bring the premise down to one very simple question: what happens to an ordinary family when their daughter claims to be seeing visions. Of course the dynamics of the family will shift, but can they survive it?

What was your own religious upbringing and how has this influenced the novel.

Brought up as a Catholic, my childhood was filled with mythical beings and stories of great journeys and courage: of avenging angels; Jonah and the whale; Noah and his ark; Jack and the Beanstalk; Daniel in the lions' den; David and Goliath; Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Be it Bothers Grimm or the Old Testament, our imaginations were fuelled. Nobody seemed to consider that children might not be able to distinguish between stories and 'the truth' and truth is very important to children. In those days, I didn't think that there was any difference between God and Father Christmas. As Elvis Costello sang in the wonderful 'God's Comic', "Sometimes they confuse me with Santa Claus. It's the big white beard, I suppose." But heaven forbid you should confuse fairies with angels, and so you were expected to learn: The Bible is true, Jack and the Beanstalk isn't. Except that it doesn't end there. 'What, God didn't really create the world in seven days?' 'No, that is just an illustration.' 'But everything else is true?' 'Yes, everything else is true.' 'Including the Prodigal Son?' 'No, that's a parable. Parables are stories that illustrate issues and have moral endings.' 'Like fairy tales?' 'No! Not at all like fairy tales.' And now that we have so much more knowledge and archaeological evidence, it is being suggested that more and more was illustrative. It seems to me that everyone worries too much about how children will react when they find out that Father Christmas doesn't exist. They spend far less time worrying about the moment when their brood stops believing that God exists. There is very little preparation for that. I suppose that with Santa Claus, the impact of the blow is softened by the fact that stockings are filled with presents regardless. Where is the softener with regards to God? Who's left steering the ship?

And then, later, my work in insurance, forced me to deal with that wonderful question, 'What is an 'Act of God'? A legal term that's still in use.

The book is certainly about conflicts. A father who claims that God answered his prayers for the his daughter and hails her survival and subsequent recovery a miracle. Who converts to Catholicism against his wife's wishes. A mother who was present when the ambulances took her daughter away and knows with absolute certainty that it was men who saved her. Who seeks a scientific explanation. Who feels that sides have been taken against her. Can a marriage survive those differences in opinion? And then there is Judy who has to make sense of why she survived a near death experience and its terrifying side-effects. Who, as an only daughter, tries to make diplomatic choices while treading her own path, wherever that may take her.

The book's setting is Streatham in the Eighties. Why those choices?

When researching visionaries, I came across the story of 'Our Lady of Surbiton,' which is quite close to where I live. Streatham is also close by, but has a more urban feel. To begin with I simply substituted the change in location into my working title. Streatham is somewhere I used to visit in my teens, mainly to go ice-skating. In recent years, it has mainly been where I have sat in traffic jams on the A23 on my way to Brixton Academy. But it was once a genteel area and had the longest high street in Europe, which was the favoured shopping destination for princesses. By the Eighties its reputation had been tarnished by a certain Mrs Cynthia Payne and shaken by the overspill from the Brixton riots. I chose the Eighties for several reasons. Firstly, it was the decade when I was a teenager, and I was trying to get back into the mindset of a teenage girl. There was also the fact that I couldn't find a more fertile decade for Marian visionaries within my lifetime. I also wanted to write about a big event that I could bear witness to: the Great Storm of 1987.

What was your experience of the Great Storm?

It was a very unreal experience for me. I was on holiday in Cornwall with a very good friend of mine. The last night of our holiday, to be precise. I was woken in my room in the B & B with the bed shaking and my initial reaction was that it was an earthquake. The next day we travelled back to London by coach and, as we neared the Capital, the devastation got worse and worse. We had been out of touch with the news and had no idea what had happened. It was only later that I learned a storm could have caused this level of damage. My job in those days was handling insurance claims, and I spent the following two to three years dealing with people whose lives and livelihoods had been affected, and so I shared their stories. I don't know why but, faced with buildings that had been toppled and injured people, it is the images of the trees that have stayed with me. Trees, that had stood tall for hundreds of years, toppled like dominos.

There is a tree in your book that almost seems to be one of the characters.

I'm lucky enough to live in an area where there are several good parks and I walk in all seasons, so trees are my calendars. During the writing of the novel, several of the large trees in the park either fell down or were felled because they were rotting from the inside out. I got a very good feel for the size of them and the extent of damage they could have caused. Carshalton can also lay claim to the tallest London Plane Tree. The tree that I describe is actually in Honeywood Walk. It's a magnificent thing and I hope it outlives the lot of us.

This is quite a departure from your previous writing.

I hope it is a development! I had written two books on the trot where, central to the theme, were characters who discovered persons now missing or unable to defend themselves were not as they seemed. This book is about the fragility of everything you hold dear and the threat of it being taken away.

The following extracts are taken from initial reviews:

"I love the fact that Davis has managed to bring such lightness of touch to bear on such demanding material - whether through quirky and intelligent humour or philosophical abstraction - and the way in which she summons up infinite poignancy and evokes a powerful sense of life's random cruelties.  (Anna Brown)


"Whatever your beliefs, this incisive book will leave you thinking." (Charlie Catch)


"Jane Davis really does bring characters to life, mothers, fathers, friends, teachers are all perfectly described along with their actions and reactions to events. Ultimately relationships, albeit in extraordinary circumstances, are central to this book." (C Bannister)

The Breaking And Making Of Me : Kindle ebook by Sarah Brandis

Here is a memoir that has already caused some controversy on Amazon and social media.

'Let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah. I am thirty-two years young, and I am what I like to call an 'elective orphan'. That is to say that I chose to live without my parents for my own good. My interest in Psychology and Neuroscience has been with me for as long as I can remember. I was always interested in what went on in the minds' and brains' of my abusive parents. And then as I grew up, I became more interested in the workings of my own mind, as I began to realize all the mistakes I was making. Even though I was free of my parents, I was allowing history to repeat itself. 

What leads an intelligent person to seek out more abuse? Why do girls with 'Daddy Issues' crave men just like their fathers? 

My search for love and acceptance took me down many rabbit-holes. I now know that none of them served as an escape from my childhood pain, but more an extension of it. 

So what can psychological theories tell me about myself?
And can a lost child ever really grow up?'

I have told my story in as honest a way as I could, using some psychological theory to rationalise some of my epic mistakes in life.  The afore-mentioned controversy has come from some of the ex-friends discussed in the book.  Of course I have not named anyone (I am not crazy, honest), but I have told my side of the story without pulling any punches, and that has rocked the boat.  What I really wanted to achieve with this book was to show other people like myself, who also come from a difficult childhood, that life not only goes on, but can improve leaps and bounds if you find the right tools.  I got better with some therapy, and a lot of help from my awesome friends.  Life is good now, and I am happily studying psychology and neuroscience for a future in psychotherapy.  I hope this book makes you laugh in places; it was written to be uplifting, not to cause controversy!  

The King of Sunday Morning: Kindle e-book by J B McCauley

The King of Sunday Morning is the fictional tale of a criminally-connected DJ who is on the run from his English past and avoiding the inevitable crash into his Australian future. Tray McCarthy should have been something but he ended up being a nobody. He has made some bad choices in his life and as a result he must run from everything he has ever known and avoid at all costs his seemingly obvious destiny.

In return for making the worst decision in his life, he is on the run from London's gangland identities. It is only his family's connections that save him but in return he must hide in relative obscurity in a non-descript Australian suburban nightmare. But destiny, chance and the inevitable bad luck have dogged Tray like a gypsy curse all his life and eventually his fates collide into a seemingly impossible outcome.

This book is about one man's journey through the international drugs trade set against the backdrop of House Music. The dialogue is direct and in your face. It contains frequent drug use and sex scenes but wending its way throughout the story is the underlying bond of love and mateship. This is Romeo and Juliet for the modern generation. Families collide and vie for supremacy in a tale of lust and vengeance.

Need Drugs? Need Money? Need Fame and Fortune? The King of Sunday Morning wished for all of that and now he wish he hadn't.
"This is like Human Traffic meets Guy Ritchie on steroids. High octane driving wit and dialogue. A window into life in the fast lane. Fine debut novel 4 stars" - Lake Review

INCEPTIO - An alternate history thriller by Alison Morton

New Yorker Karen Brown, hunted by a killer, flees to her mother’s mysterious homeland in Europe, Roma Nova, a country founded sixteen centuries ago by Roman exiles and where women now rule. Karen breaks up with her new lover, arrogant special forces officer Conrad Tellus, and finds a new career as an undercover cop. But crazy with bitterness at his past failures, the killer sets a trap, knowing Karen will have no choice but to spring it...

The meeting
The new clients came from Roma Nova, in Europe, where my mother had been born. 

'Salve, Sextilius Gavro,' which was about as much Latin as I could muster at that precise moment.
'My interpreter, Conradus Tellus,' he said in a sing-song tone.
His colleague was more than striking – blond hair long enough to slick back behind his ears. And tall. Several inches taller than me, even. Above a smiling mouth and a straight nose marred by a scar, his eyes were tilted slightly upwards, red-brown near the iris, green at the edges. He fixed his gaze on me like he was measuring me up, assessing me. I refused to break, but felt warmth creeping up my neck into my face as he widened his smile. A little flustered, I eventually looked down at his outstretched hand but hesitated. I gave myself a mental shake, threw myself into businesswoman mode and took it.
The country
The images showed mountains and forests, a lot like the Helvetian Confederation, and a big river, cute stone buildings with curled tile roofs, and old monuments. On one site, the writer conceded Roma Nova's high-tech and financial services economy gave them a standard of living exceeding most Western economies, but criticised them as 'hidden and discreet'. He didn't think much of them staying neutral during the Great War.

I leaned back in my chair. Who wouldn't have sat out that ten-year savagery if they could have? Although it ended in 1935, it had taken most countries until the sixties to recover. But the writer admitted the civil war twenty-three years ago in Roma Nova had torn the country apart. I counted that through in my head: that horror happened after my mom had come to the States.
I scrolled down, fascinated, not sensing the time sneak up on me. Interpedia gave the usual historical stuff: the Western Roman Empire had fallen, and Roma Novans had retreated to cold, fortified villages in the mountains north of Italy. Protected by political truces and economic links with their Byzantine cousins, they had fought to recover the lower-lying parts of Roma Nova, holding against all comers, even after the Eastern Empire was overcome by the Ottomans. The key had been knowing more secrets, having more money and striking back hard when attacked. Now they sat on the precarious frontier between the eastern Reds and the free West.
I sat back and stared at the screen. Who were these tough people? Could I really be related to them?
The kidnap
I was so absorbed with trying to figure out what Conrad meant that I was totally unaware of anybody approaching us. Too late, Conrad started to twist around. A man jabbed a barrel right under his jawline.

'On the ground, hands behind you.'
A second man drove his fist into Conrad's stomach and slammed him down, another kneeling on him, handcuffing his hands behind him. I recognised the third one: he was one of the watchers. No. Not again.
He seized my arm and forced me up. I kicked him hard in the shins. His grip eased; I flailed him with my fists, aiming at his eyes and the bridge of his nose. I landed a punch on his cheekbone and nearly succeeded in pulling away, but another man lunged at me, crushing our picnic underfoot, and grabbed my other arm, twisting it up behind my back and forcing me to bend over. They dragged us through the trees, out through the Kew Road West entrance, and thrust me into the back of a waiting car. They opened the trunk, flung Conrad in and slammed it down.
 'Let me out. Now!' I fought and scratched to get to the door but was yanked back by my hair. I lunged out and my nails made contact with flesh. I dragged them across the man's face. I heard a string of obscenities. He slapped my face. Hard. My neck was wrenched and I was sure my head was going to fall off. Tears rolled down my face as the blood and pain flowed back into my right cheek. I shivered as cold metal slid over my wrists and snapped to.

Relatively Risky - Kindle ebook by Pauline Baird Jones

They call New Orleans the Big Easy, but it's not that easy if you're a homicide detective trying to stay out of trouble long enough to get off the night shift. Memo to self: don't piss of mayoral aides.

Then trouble rides into his carjacking, trouble with big eyes and a smile that turns flight/fight into how long until he can hug/kiss the girl.

Alex thinks he knows how much trouble Nell will be, but he's a cop. He can handle it.

Until secrets from the past begin to bubble up out of some wise guy ooze. As the bullets start to fly, a kiss may be all they have time for.

Relatively Risky: The Big Uneasy 1

Amazon kindle direct link:

Relatively Risky is the first book in my new, romantic suspense series. My husband and I lived in New Orleans for 18 years and it was so fun to return to The Big Easy, if only in my fiction.

Ulysses Uncovered : Kindle ebook by Patrick Moloney

Patrick Moloney's Ulysses Uncovered is a masterful summary, guide and commentary to James Joyce's great epic. Chapter by chapter Moloney's book extracts the narrative from Ulysses and tells you the story of the many characters, real and imaginary that wandered the streets of Dublin on that unforgettable day of June 16th 1904. More than that the book is bursting with commentary and it is full of explanations.
It is acknowledged that readers of Joyce's work fall into one of two categories: the few who have struggled and succeeded to read Ulysses completely, and the many that have started and have not yet finished it. This is where Ulysses Uncovered comes in. Each of its eighteen chapters (matching the eighteen chapters, or episodes, of Ulysses) is very readable and the information is satisfyingly accessible. Ulysses Uncovered is a very purposeful book. It focuses on the reader wanting him/her to successfully complete the reading of one of the great books of the twentieth century.
Ulysses Uncovered will provoke your thinking in many ways and hopefully expand it to the point where you will develop your own independent views and opinions. Better still you will quickly come to see the wit, the sparkle and the musicality of Joyce's writing, and you will get to admire its brilliance and majesty.
The following is a comment from Ulick O'Connor, well-known intellectual figure in contemporary Irish affairs and best known for his biography of Oliver St. John Gogarty (1964), immortalised as Buck Mulligan in Ulysses:

I have read your 'Ulysses Uncovered'. I think it fills a gap. None of the other attempts to make Joyce's complicated work understandable have taken your approach which is to take the reader through the pages of the book and explain, as well as the classical references, the local ones too. There are a good number of aids to Joyce's Ulysses but I think this is the one that I so far find easiest to bring the reader close to what Joyce has done.

Water's End: A Love Rediscovered - Kindle eBook by Jessica Deforest

Water's End: A Love Rediscovered by Jessica Deforest

Read it now. Available at

Available FREE Sunday, June 16, 2013 and Monday, June 17, 2013

More a romantic novel than a romance, Water's End: A Love Rediscovered is the story of a lifelong, seemingly unattainable love, the one thing Anne Mills can hold onto during her struggles. The plot follows her as she grows emotionally, fights to regain her own power, and finds fulfillment, even in the face of tragedy. Anne's journey takes her from a small Kansas town to fashion runways, Washington, D.C., and finally into the inner circles of Hollywood.

Writing this book was cathartic when I went through a divorce in 1994. Caught up in the excitement of starting a new life, I finished the book in less than two months, pouring out the story that had been bottled up inside me for so long. At the time, I was a corporate writer/editor and a freelance editor, so it was liberating to unleash my own creativity after working solely on other people's writing.

However, life swept me up and carried me around a bit, so it was not until seven years later that I finally sent manuscripts to agents in New York. Sadly, my boxed hardcopies arrived on 9/11 and were returned unopened. Once again, I relegated Water's End: A Love Rediscovered to a dark corner of my office.

The real motivation to publish the book came from my internship for a master's in counseling psychology, when I worked with abused women in homeless shelters. It is my hope that this book will demystify domestic violence and inspire women to become victors over their own lives rather than victims or mere survivors.




What Happened In Hallandale : Kindle ebook by McCollonough Ceili

Introducing "What Happened in Hallandale" book one of the Hallandale Beach trilogy.

Dive deep into a dream like tale that transcends time. Twelve-Year-Old Piper Malone has the unique gift of being able to visit the world of the angels and to travel back in time, though the later talent is not known to Ms. Malone until a tragedy forces her to break ancient rules and travel back to 1945  to the coast of Hallandale Beach, Florida and the world of ocean lifeguarding. There she learns that sometimes a great force of light can come from the darkest moments, and that true love can well be just a little too powerful.  

This tale of love, light, death, and hope will heal your heart, break it and leave you wanting more.

Blurb from "What Happened in Hallandale "The boy had disappeared.  A panic swept over me, as I desperately started diving under the waves hoping to find him.  All I could see was thick black darkness.  Every time I came up to try and get a breath, the waves would try to choke the life out of me. I felt a lifeguard lift me out of the water and hold me with a much stronger grasp than before as he dragged me out of the ocean again."

Wild Justice - Kindle ebook by Liz Fielding

Wild Justice is a story of love - past and present - and revenge. Luke Devlin, grieving for the death of his sister, is hell bent on making the man who he believes ruined her life pay by ruining the career of one daughter and breaking the other's heart. Everything is as it seems but revenge is a wild justice that once begun cannot be controlled.

Wild Justice is the first of three books charting the lives of the three Beaumont sisters - the others are Wild Lady and Wild Fire - and is available to download free.

Liz Fielding is a multi-award winning author with more than 15 million books in print. For more information visit her website at

The Magnificent Hermitage Museum - Kindle ebook by Larisa Levanova

FREE kindle book Promotion dates: 05/29/2013 and 05/30/2013
Amazon Direct link is:

Hi, my name is Larisa  Levanova and "The Magnificent Hermitage Museum" is the very first e-book I wrote. St.Petersburg was my hometown where I lived almost 40 years (now living in Brussels, Belgium). During my university years in Russia, I used to visit the Hermitage 3-4 times a week (you guess I was more interested in Art than following some "boring" courses) and today when returning to St.Petersburg, I never miss a chance to visit this gorgeous museum.

This art book of 50+ pages (fully illustrated) has been structured to allow virtual or physical visitors to discover the Ten Best Rooms and Paintings from the famous St.Petersburg Museum. Even if, you have only a day to admire this Fantastic Museum, the book will walk you through this palace of the 18th century. Actually, all Hermitage rooms (there are 353 in total) have preserved their original decoration from the past. Many rooms are truly breathtaking and will be admired prior to focus your attention on paintings, sculptures, art objects (The Hermitage has over 3 million art pieces of which less than 5% are displayed).

Sincerely hope you will enjoy this exciting journey in one of the greatest and oldest art museums. Why not, by the way, if you can afford it, plan a trip to St.Petersburg. Besides a visit to the Hermitage, St.Petersburg has some unique historical monuments built by Peter the Great and Empress Catherine II.

The Life of a Baby Boomer: Kindle ebook by Steve Stinnett

"The Life of a Baby Boomer" tells the story of this author's own life.
While many thought I'd never succeed at anything, steadfast passion and determination proved them wrong.

This is a book for men/women who have ever struggled to achieve goals that often come quite easily to others. It is written in memoir form, but it also serves as inspiration to those who struggled in school,
who came from dysfunctional families, who wanted to do better for themselves than what others might have expected from them.

It's about my journey and how God stayed with me every step of the way. It is a book that describes my journey from 'the short bus' at
school, through the horrors of family emotional abuse, into the trials of my Navy life in Vietnam, back to civilian life and working in the prison system, and then coming full circle to end my career back in school as a history teacher.

My book is important because it demonstrates what perseverance and faith can do for a person, even though they have suffered through dysfunctional family situations. It also places a huge focus on goals and how they can be achieved, even after being labeled as a 'slow learner' within the educational system.

Anyone can fulfill their dreams, even if they don't get a chance to do so until adulthood. My book has no age barriers and doesn't exclude anyone. If you have a dream, hope or even a shred of will power – perhaps my story will inspire you to become everything you've ever wanted to be.

It's about each reader. It's about empowering them to push themselves and fulfill their greatest desires. My own story is just used as a catalyst and to give to hope the millions who lack it," he adds.

The King's Vampire: Kindle ebook by Brenda Stinnett

Elizabeth Curran longs to break the bonds of vampirism, but psychic
vampire demons plot to use her to entrap Charles Stuart II into
becoming an immortal vampire. Darius Einhard, demon slayer, will stop
at nothing to prevent this from happening, but he must enlist
Elizabeth's help to save Charles. The age-old conflict of good against
evil begins.

The psychic vampire demons, who drain humans of all hope and feed off
negative energy, desire to open the abyss of hell and control humans
for all eternity. Darius and Elizabeth enlist the help of immortal
vampires, who have no quarrel with humans, as well as shape-shifters,
to battle these vampire demons.

This is a battle of the mind as well as the body. The immortal
vampires must exist in a soulless limbo and survive their own
immortality. The possibility of salvation and redemption is there for
those who dare unleash the power of the universe in order to close the
abyss. Is the vampire 'bloodlust' a code word for the demons that
dwell within us all? It is a journey that Elizabeth and Darius must
take together to find out if their love is strong enough to overcome
their demons.

HER CYBORG AWAKES : Kindle ebook by Melisse Aires

Her Cyborg Awakes is the beginning of a scifi romance series called Diaspora Worlds.  In this far future there are many worlds settled by Terrans using jumpstream technology which uses folds in space to reach distant star systems. There are amny planets in the galaxy that were Seeded by the Ancients and are much like Earth.

A military threat, the Gorvas, has been operating on the edges of the Terran Alliance. Sabralia was the child queen of a simple agricultural world, an easy target for the Gorvas. She was married by contract to warlord Sirn and joined his harem as a teen bride. She never became a favorite and lives a lonely existence. Due to her status as a wife, not just a concubine, Sabralia has a handsome cyborg servant and luxurious rooms. She stays aloof from the drama of the harem and has freedom to roam the beaches near Sirn's palace.

Life moves along slowly until Sirn demands his harem please his fleet of officers at a feast. Sabralia hates the idea of being used by his men and makes a plan to hide on the beach.

That decision changes her life and the life of her cyborg servant, Qy. Soon Sabralia finds herself thrust into a new life where her lack of education and life of sheltered luxury provide no skills to deal with the rapid changes and danger. She must use her own wits and determination to survive.

Qy changes in profound ways, becoming a man she never could have imagined—but  man she can't help but love.


The first four books of my Diaspora Worlds series are stand alone stories in a shared world. The hero's are brothers, sons of the Protectorate of New Prague, an industrial world in the Terran Alliance. Following the Sons of the Protectorate stories the series will continue with the romantic adventures of several secondary characters introduced in these first four books.

The Teacher's Guide To Spying : Kindle ebook by Daniel Abbott

The Teacher's Guide To Spying - an unconventional thriller, following the adventures of an English Teacher, named Augustus Fox, as he is unwittingly drawn into the less than glamorous world of espionage. Taken under the wing of an old spy, Mr Galilee, Fox is given the task of rooting out information about Artur Yevseyev, a Russian gangster who has recently moved to the United Kingdom. Can Augustus manage to balance his everyday life - looking after his autistic brother, dealing with his feelings for a colleague, and watching as much television as possible - while working for MI5?

Abundant Sparks: A Contemporary Poetry Collection Kindle ebook by D.L. Lang

The world can be caving in on a poet, and yet the poet still writes.
The fellow on my book cover writes no matter what. In creating this
book, writing poetry became an almost practice for me until I simply
couldn't write any more. Poetry, the outlet of the soul's anguish, the
expressions of infinite joy, and the observations of a beautiful and
chaotic world. The sparks are there, waiting to be captured. A bit
silly, somewhat more spiritual, yet still 100% from soul to page, this
is my follow up to Tea & Sprockets, I humbly offer to you.

Overcoming the 7 Devils That Ruin Success : Kindle ebook by James Dillehay

Free Kindle Book Dates: May 29 and May 30, 2013:

He would have one day run his family's successful business, but a sufi teacher appeared in his life telling him to walk away. This is his story about how he traded fortune and security to follow a mystic's advice and how that changed everything.

"Part personal story, part philosophy, and part motivation, this book covers the "devils" that hurt us in our life. I was impressed." ~ Gregory Smith

"It is a formula for success....truly an eye-opener." ~ K. Hedges

"This book will tell you about what's keeping you from what you should be doing. It's a nagging feeling you have inside that seems to not go away, and gets stronger the longer you ignore it. Very powerful message here. Good book." ~ Brandon Connell

"Overall the book has great insight and it is written in an engaging and conversational style that makes you feel as though you are in the hands of a master teacher." ~ Sandy

"Filled with great wisdom" ~ The New Times

"The author's personal story was inspiring and comforting. His viewpoint on the spiritual forces that determine our destiny is brilliant and engaging. Highly recommended." ~ M. Sharpe

"I recommend it highly" ~ InnerSelf Magazine

Wheat Free: The Ultimate Guide to Wheat Free Eating, Wheat Belly, Weight loss, Vibrant Health and Bonus Recipes! Kindle ebook by Joshua Collins".

I know how hard it is to loose weight and keep it off.  Have you ever considered the fact that you may have a Wheat allergy or sensitivity?  Many people have chronic symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, depression, lack of energy, abdominal pain, skin rashes etc. that go undiagnosed.  Wheat intolerance has been implicated in many of these chronic unrelenting symptoms.

Are you ready to get off the "sick and tired of being sick and tired" roller-coaster?  If your answer is yes then you must get a copy of "Wheat Free: The Ultimate Guide to Wheat Free Eating, Wheat Belly, Weight loss, Vibrant Health and Bonus Recipes!"

In this informative book you will be exposed to cutting edge information about wheat and the potential negative effects it can be having on your health.  Below are just a few of the benefits of reading this book:

* Weight Loss and Wheat
* 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Wheat Free Diet
* The Role of Wheat in Wheat Belly
* The Signs and Symptoms of a Wheat Allergy
* Medical Conditions That Benefit From a Wheat Free Eating Program
* Delicious Wheat Free Recipes Including Vegan Choices
* What is Wheat and Where Did it Come From
* Depression and Wheat Allergies
* And Much More

Now is the time to make some positive changes in your life that will improve your health and get you feeling better than you have in a long, long time!

Get started right away and learn the tremendous health benefits of eating the Wheat Free way.  Click the link below to access this life changing information.

The mediterranean diet recipe book : kindle ebook by Mike Angarola

The Mediterranean Diet - Gracie's Guide to Healthy Meals, is the third in a series of eBooks devoted to the Italian/Mediterranean lifestyle.  Filled with over 50 suggestion for eating a traditional Mediterranean Diet, designed to help you lose weight, fight off heart disease and cancer and promote a happier outlook on life.

The inspiration for this eBook came from growing up on a household shared with my Sicilain grandparents.  Food was the center of our universe.  My mom (Gracie) and grandmother were fantastic cooks and put great meals on the table each and every day.  They relied on olive oil in place of butter, we ate fist twice weekly, fruits for dessert and vegetables made every meal.

My grandfather put up a tremendous each summer and many of the foods we ate came fresh from that garden.  I always felt that our eating habits were typical of an Italian American family and in many cases they were.  This old world traditional approach to eating, kept us all fit, and the quality time we spent at the dinner table is a memory worth sharing.

"The Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book - Gracie's Guide to Healthy Meals" is an investment in not only healthy eating but a chance to change your lifestyle as well.

The Lilliput Bar Mystery Kindle ebook by Edna Curry

In The Lilliput Bar Mystery, a lady locksmith finds herself in many scary situations.

The bar owner has been murdered late at night and Cassie happened to be on the scene at the time, opening a drunk's car. Several other people were also there. And the bar owner had secrets that only now after her death, come to light.

The very attractive detective sent to investigate doesn't want to believe Cassie is involved. But the sheriff is convinced she is. Somebody else is convinced she knows too much. Will she survive when the killer comes after her?  
Will be only 99 cents from May 26-31, 2013

I Know You're There: Kindle Ebook by Susan Allison-Dean

What happens when a nurse's endurance is tested?  Where does she get the strength to care for her patients and her own needs?  The answers might surprise you!  'I Know You're There' is destined to be one of the best fiction reads this summer for women of all ages.  Former nurse, Susan Allison-Dean, has crafted her first novel that readers are devouring in just a day or two.  The story takes you on a journey to stimulate thought and will surely create great conversations at your next book club.  Have a taste here:

Hailstone: Kindle ebook by Nina Smith
Magda McAllister is in trouble up to her ears.

It's been a long time since she realised everything that comes out of the mouth of her evangelist father, Preacher, is a load of garbage.

But Preacher rules his Congregation and his daughter with an iron fist. There is to be no alcohol, no smoking, no drugs, no dancing, no tea, no coffee, no extramarital sex and definitely no fun.

Magda's been pretending to follow the rules for years. She can smile and not swear and wear horrible clothing with the best of them - but it's not always easy hiding her pill-popping, smoking, alcoholic, atheist, lesbian ways.

All it takes is one chance meeting with a gay guy who owns a vodka factory and a smoking hot journalist at the local den of sin to get Preacher really frothing at the mouth. When Magda is caught she fast becomes the centre of a very unpleasant campaign to save her soul from Satan through outright violence and an exorcism.

Things have to change, and fast, if Magda is going to get anywhere with the new girl in her life. She's got just one advantage in the coming battle with Preacher: he has no idea how bad his only daughter has learned to be.

Universe: The Edge of Tomorrow - Kindle ebook by R.M.Dileen

This new adult novel is a SciFi / Fantasy work and will be offered free on Amazon July 2 through 4th, 2013.
 Lidda Kandell's best friends at college are not what they seem. They give her a strange toy, called a Magiton, which reads her mind, accelerates her learning, and creates hallucinations for her entertainment. She discovers that it contains a twisted personality of alien origin and is thousands of years old. She gives it a pet name, Widhbo (wee' bow).
 Lidda soon learns that her friends aren't from Earth either. Just as she is falling in love with a handsome alien, she discovers that her own identity is in question. She has been cleverly deceived and manipulated from birth to assist them in fighting a galactic battle against an evil Dark Overlord who threatens the very existence of her planet. Widhbo assists Lidda in developing a superior line of androids to populate the Earth in the attempt to create an island of hope for the universe.
Lidda learns that the cosmos has become populated with Magitons, beings who long ago transcended their humble organic origins, uploaded their minds into nearly indestructible crystalline vessels, and achieved immortality. Traveling the vast expanses of space and absorbing the learning of every civilization they find, Magitons have achieved incredible power and are essentially gods to the mortals they encounter. But now one of these immensely powerful beings has gone mad, and the other Magitons have placed all their hope in humanity-their own humble origins-in a long-shot attempt to defeat the Dark Overlord and prevent him from becoming the Great Destroyer of Prophesy.
Lidda falls in and out of love, struggling to maintain her humanity, as her life and everything she believes is turned upside down. Her definition of reality is constantly challenged. The new androids discover they have a soul and Widhbo becomes harder to handle as he loses his fragile hold on sanity.  Lidda must decide what she is willing to sacrifice in the battle against a demon with the power of a thousand worlds in order to save them all.
This is the first novel of the Universe series.

S.S.RANGOON - Kindle ebook

This ebook is free on May 30th -31st

Detective Henry Carter's life will never be the same after a sixteen year old girl is brutally  raped and murdered in the small town of Runcorn on The Manchester Ship Canal in Northern England.
Exhaustive efforts reveal no clues. Then Henry realises the murderer could have been a crewman on the ship S.S.RANGOON which was docked in Runcorn on the fateful night.
With help from Scotland Yard he narrows down the search to four crewmen. Henry joins the S.S.RANGOON in Australia and sails undercover as a crewman.
He has to deal with the rigours of life in the merchant navy and the seedy and sordid underbelly of tropical port cities. He faces many dangers as this psychopath continues to mutilate and murder at will.
A cruel twist of justice sees Henry devastated. However although many years pass he remains determined to bring the killer to account. His meeting with the beautiful sea gypsy Kerstin opens lost chapters in both their lives. In his quest to track down the cruel monster he sails the islands of the Caribbean where he discovers his lost family and much more. 
One 5* review , from a retired detective.
I enjoyed the tension and diversity of this book which kept me riveted until I had concluded it.
Well done John.

Anjulina Cornacchia: Attack of the Banshees - Kindle ebook
Anjulina and her friends are your average teenagers. They go to school, they go shopping, they party. They live in a town that is surrounded by forest and secluded from everywhere else. Nobody can leave except by plane. Oh and did I mention there is a magical portal in the forest that will lead them to discover their family's heritage? These four average girls begin investigating murders happening around their town by some unknown creature. They follow this creature in to the forest. They know noone is allowed in the forest but they want to stop this creature. They follow it in to a different dimension their parents "forgot" to tell them about. Life will never be the same for them as they team up with their new "magic" and try to save this new world from being destroyed. Follow me and learn where else to purchase this book and more!

Vegas and the Mob: Kindle ebook

"Vegas and the Mob" is the culmination of years of research. Being a stickler for confirmation and detail, I waded through over 500 pages of FBI files to substantiate dates, names, and actual incidents that led to the Mob's ability to take over the biggest Las Vegas casinos and bleed them dry through the skim of untaxed winnings. The Mob was ruthless, and stopped at nothing to get what they wanted the most: money.

Meanwhile, the FBI watched as the Mob took control of casino after casino, killed off the competition, and stole enough money to bribe their way to respectability back home. New York's "Lucky Luciano" was getting a taste of the profits in the 1930's, Detroit, Kansas City, and Chicago weren't far behind. By the 1940's, nearly every crime family in the United States had a stake in a Las Vegas casino. Some did better than others. Vegas casino owners watched-over their profits while competing crime families eyed the others success like jealous lovers. Murder often followed.

Wendall : Kindle ebook

The wondrous world of Wendall!

Wendall and his wife live in a happy little town in a happy little house... Until Wendall decides to grow a beard! A beard that keeps growing and growing and total chaos ensues! Will the happy little town ever be the same?
This is a story I wrote and illustrated for my mom while taking care of her after a stroke and major heart surgery. It was a very hard time for both of us and the outlook was very bleak. It put our lives on hold and I realized a very important thing. It was up to me to take care of my mother just as she took care of me for my entire life.
Afterwards I decided to publish it independently with other stories under the moniker A Pet Banana Production. This whole project holds a special place in my heart because of the joy it brought me and my mother in our time of need and we both hope that children will enjoy it as much.
My mother is a real fighter and is doing better now even though she has suffered more strokes. We continue to work on other projects together and she is the Editor in Chief:-)

Rapture - a suspense/romance novella by E.M. Bryant : Ebook for kindle

A missing student, a devious priest, a demonic grin, and dismal surroundings highlight this haunting story of forbidden love…..
Armed with only the desire to escape, a young nun recounts the last days of a decaying boarding school through her diary. When a student disappears, suspicion falls onto the school. Soon the archdiocese gives orders to cut supplies—from phone services to electricity. With Father Jaco, the parish priest, unwilling to deter from orders—and not allowing anyone to leave the school grounds—the nun attempts to take the remaining students and flee. She is thwarted by Jaco, and the very walls of the school begin closing in on her and the children.
Hope arrives in the form of a mysterious new priest. He claims to have been sent by the archdiocese, but Jaco is immediately alarmed by his arrival. Though the nun has held true to her vows, she cannot help but be drawn to this new priest, who offers more than just an escape from the hell they are imprisoned in. Battling her own inner-war between service for the Church and the desire of her heart, the nun begins to lose her poetic discipline and succumb to the most human of urges. And in the midst of a tortured romance, the two must face an unspeakable horror.
With a quirky cook and a twisted ending, this story aims to frighten, charm, and break the heart of the reader.   

Dracula in Dior: The Ultimate A-Z Fashion Guide for the Undead and Those Who Wish To Be by Scarlett Stoker

When you think of vampires what do you see? Sexy. Immortal. Dangerous. But do you see fashionable? Of course not, because with their black capes and velvet corsets, vampires are stuck in a style rut worse than golfers in plaid pants. (Sorry golfers, but you guys need work.)
Dracula in Dior is the first ever  A-Z style guide for vampires and vampire lovers that teaches:
  • why living forever is better when you shop the runway
  • how to survive Christmas  while surrounded by badly dressed humans
  • why a white  wedding dress is a  bad idea if you intend to drink the groom  at the reception
If humans can hire stylists and read fashion guides to improve their lives, why not vamps?  As the saying goes, good clothes open all doors, and beyond those doors are a lot of necks.
This book combines the twin passions of millions- vampires and fashion, plus a healthy does of tongue-in-chic. If the devil can wear Prada, shouldn't Dracula wear Dior?

Goodbye Mr Ex - A Woman's Guide To Moving On by Marina Pearson

Goodbye Mr Ex was inspired by my own divorce and moments where my heart felt broken. I really wanted to share the very important insights that i had along the way that could really help other women in the same position. I have found a way to speed up the process healing hearts and wanted to share it with women so they did not have to struggle unnecessarily for years on end. By sharing the same insights in the book with my clients, I have found that their recovery has been phenomenally fast ; women who have been struggling to overcome the pain for many years, have been moving themselves forward on only 5 sessions.  And it is these inspirational stories that i share with you, along with the principles that I have come to see as the foundations of how to overcome heartbreak and how relationships really work.  
I really enjoyed writing the book and it took me about 6 months to do so. I never imagined though, that it would have the impact it has is now a multi-award winning book coming first in the Indie Book of Excellence Awards in the category of divorce and runners up for the International Book Awards. Plus the results that my ladies are getting from just reading the book have been phenomenal. If any of this has resonated with you at all, I invite you to download the free kindle and share it with friends.

Daimones - a speculative sci-fi PA by Massimo Marino

The Prologue in a list of REAL news articles of events happened in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Excerpts (in quotation) ore from newspapers articles where the event happened. 

You can search each of the news articles on google and find the actual newspaper. Also the comments from "officials" are real comments extracted from articles. I know, it is amazing so many people simply ignore this. Ah, yes, these strange death in 2012 continued. These kind of things are ignored. The Prologue is  our REAL LIFE unfortunately. Then the novel starts  :)

The story, on purpose, starts with the confusing life--and manifest lack of information--of characters that, as with the vast majority of us, live their life focusing on a very little world around themselves. Then something happens, and the "heros" arch starts.

"Daimones" is volume 1 of a post-apocalypse trilogy whose dystopian roots are million years old. Ancient aliens, a galactic struggle, the control of unique resources, meld to dictate the fate of the humankind. Read how it starts in "Daimones" and continue to see the conflicts unfold into "Once Humans", to be released early June, 2013.

Birthday Ideas & Other Humorous Stories - Humorous Short Stories by Jason A. Spafford

Birthday Ideas and Other Humorous Stories is a collection of funny short stories that are mostly based on real life experiences ranging from parenting to trying to understand the opposite sex to working the strangest jobs and meeting the oddest characters.  The book includes over 40 short essays and is perfect for quick reads in between.

Find it at:

Free kindle promotion running between May 20 and August 20.

All the stories are funny, whether talking about birthday ideas, driving for 24 hours, accidentally forgetting a spouses birthday, black ice, hating onions, carving a tooth out of soap, plunger etiquette, or the differences between boxers and briefs.

One story,"LinkedIn With Toothless Kenny" tells the story of working one day at a state fair with a guy named Kenny (missing quite a few teeth) and the bond that did not develop.

Another favorite, "God Are You There? It's Me, Jason", tells the story of a dad dealing with the onslaught of questions from his ten year old daughter and her friend, who just had the puberty talk at school.

And "Cartoons and the Wedding Proposal" tells the mammoth lie that is fabricated in the name of romanticism to pop the big question, and how the Flintstones end up playing into the occasion.

Beneath a Highland Moon, a Scottish historical romance by Gwyn Brodie

It is the winter of 1598 in the Scottish Highlands when Kade MacLachlan and Lady Jillian MacRae fall in love. They hoped to be married, but those hopes are crushed when they learn that Jillian's father has already betrothed her to another man, who is later killed.

Four years later, Jillian turns to Kade, who is by then the Laird of Ravenskull, for help in overthrowing a distant cousin who had taken over her clan's castle. Upon seeing him again, she realizes that the love they shared is still alive and thriving.

When Jillian is kidnapped, Kade will not stop searching until he has her in his arms once again, even when his own life hangs by a thread.