Brazil, an epic novel by Errol Lincoln Uys

Brazil is the first work of fiction to depict five centuries of a great nation's extraordinary history. With a stunning cast of real and fictional characters, this unforgettable epic unfolds in South America, Africa, and Europe.


Two families dominate this extraordinary historical novel. The Cavalcantis are among the original settlers and establish the classic Brazilian plantation – vast, powerful, and built with slave labor. The Silva family represents the second element in both contemporary and historical Brazil: pathfinders, prospectors and entrepreneurs. For generations, these adventurers have their eyes set on El Dorado, which they ultimately find in Brasília, city of the future.


An intensely human story, brutal and violent, tender and passionate.  Perilous explorations through the Brazilian wilderness . . . the perpetual clash of pioneer and native, visionary and fortune hunter, master and slave, zealot and exploiter . . . the thunder of war on land and sea as European powers and South American nations pursue their territorial conquests... the triumphs and tragedies of a people who built a nation covering half the South American continent, all are here in one spellbinding saga.


“A masterpiece! Brazil has the look and feel of an enchanted virgin forest, a totally new and original world for the reader-explorer to discover.” -- L’Express, Paris


“Pulsing with vigor, this is a vast novel to tell the story of a vast country. Uys recreates history through the eyes and actions of an awesome cast of characters.” – Publishers Weekly


“Uys has accomplished what no Brazilian author from José de Alencar to Jorge Amado was able to do…He is the first outsider with the total honesty and sympathy to write our national epic in all its decisive episodes…Descriptions unsurpassed in our literature evoke the great passages of War and Peace.” – Professor Wilson Martins, Jornal do Brasil


Visit the website:  BRAZIL – The Epic of a Great Nation


Stone of Destiny: Thriller/Action & Adventure, by Thor Stonewell

In some way everyone's playing a game, pulling the wool over someone else's eyes, running numbers. However you want to describe it one thing is for sure, this world is full of fraud and lies and most people lying are just waiting 'till they get caught, at least in some way or another. They expect it, eventually.
Even the Queen of England.
She's been expecting to be caught in her fraud since she was crowned in 1952. Now, 60 years later the truth is finally starting to come out, and it may be 60 years too late.
Stone of Destiny is an archeocryptological thriller by Thor Stonewell. It follows an ancient artifact through history, from the distant and ancient biblical past, to the blurry dark ages, to the bopping England of the 1950's to the chaotic world of today. Buried treasure, romance, history, action, revenge, torture and forgiveness all weave in and out of the plot, gradually leading up to a hero's journey, to redemption.
Stone of Destiny is the sort of book that will leave you wondering just how much of the history it shares is actually true...
Would you be surprised to hear the answer is...
All of it.
Stone of Destiny can be purchased at:

But the Children Survived - a young adult science fiction novel by A.L. Jambor

But the Children Survived will be free on Amazon from December 1 through December 5, 2012.
When a biological weapon is accidentally released in a small New Mexico town, it quickly spreads across the country, killing every man, woman and child.  But in a mobile home park in Florida, a young girl and an aging terrier dog are still alive, and their immunity becomes the focus of a group of adults who were saved from the weapon's poisons because they were in an underground biosphere, safe from the airborne toxins.  The girl, Mindy, has been surviving on canned soup and she misses her parents terribly.  Her parents had left her in the care of her Grammy, an elderly woman who went to the supermarket for hurricane supplies and never returned.  When men in hazmat suits arrive at her house looking for her, a fearful Mindy hides with Baby Girl, hoping they won't find her.  She's afraid if she leaves the home, her parents won't know where to find her, but she then hears the men talking about returning the next day, so Mindy decides she has to leave the mobile home park and head for her home in St. Petersburg – 16 miles away. 
As the story unfolds, we meet a young scientist named Antonia Russo, an idealistic young man who is determined to develop a cure for the type of miscarriage that killed his mother.  We also meet George Ranier, whose search for the perfect weapon leads to disillusionment and frustration.  Both men have been led to a small village in Brazil hoping to find the answer to their dreams – one for life and one for death, and each working for a giant pharmaceutical company with a vested interest in keeping their discoveries a secret. 
For Mindy, the search for her parents is hindered by her capture when the men in hazmat suits find her and take her to the biosphere, but she doesn't give up.  A friend she makes in the biosphere, a boy named Mark, becomes a uneasy ally in her quest for freedom.  Why did Mindy and Baby Girl survive?  Why are the kids in the biosphere all the same age?  And what part did the pharmaceutical company play in the release of the biological weapon?
But the Children Survived is the first book by independent author A.L. Jambor.   A.L. Jambor lives in Florida and is a writes full-time.
Amy Jambor@ALJambor


To Save the Realm - An espionage mystery by T. B. Crattie

Free book at Amazon December 6 and 7, 2012.

To Save the Realm is the first of three cold war espionage fantastical
mystery-thrillers that take my main character, Brock Coole, a Southern
boy from Mycenae, Tennessee, on a magical mystery tour from the
relatively staid late 1950s through the renaissance of the high
Sixties, all the way to the bitter end of the Vietnam era and the
breakup of the Beatles. Brock's adventures take place in various
scenic locales in Britain, places that I love and that I have visited
many times. My books, I hope, have something of the wildness of J. P.
Donleavy, the cold war grit of John LeCarre, the suspense and love of
land of Geoffrey Household, and the fantastical imaginative invention
of the wonderful British spy-fi series, The Avengers. I'm currently
working on the second book in the series, and Brock is on his way back
to Britain.

The Kindle Publishing Bible - Business Book by Tom Corson-Knowles

Two Writing Tips To Help You Write And Sell More Books From The Kindle Publishing Bible

Frictionless Writing

I first learned this lesson in the world of blogging. I had been blogging for years and noticed I would have very large "dry spells" – sometimes a month or two would go by without having written a single blog post or article. How could that be? What was stopping me? I was so frustrated! I thought I had to wait for inspiration to hit me.

That's when I listened to an interview with Leo Babauta, founder of the Zen Habits blog (one of the most successful blogs in the world). Leo talked about "frictionless blogging." Frictionless blogging is when you simply write the shell of the blog post and immediately post it live on your site without any pictures, editing, graphics or even formatting. Then, since it's live on your site and people are reading it, it forces you to immediately format it, edit it, add pictures and make it complete. It FORCES you to finish the project – because suddenly your fear of what readers will think of you overcomes your old habits of procrastination and "writer's block."

Since then, I've been using frictionless blogging and it has dramatically improved my results as a blogger. And now I've started what I call frictionless publishing (I believe I'm the first person to apply the concept to this arena but I could be wrong about that). For frictionless publishing, I write the book, finish the chapters and then post it on Kindle with minimal or no editing immediately for 99 cents. At this stage, the book is definitely worth at least 99 cents so I know that anyone who reads it will get a lot of value out of it and will NOT be disappointed in their investment.

But, I don't aim to publish and sell 99 cent books. I believe my books are much more valuable. So as soon as I know the book is live on Kindle, I work my butt off to make sure and edit out all the typos, add in any graphics or pictures I need to, check the formatting, rewrite any sections that are unclear, add in bonus info and content for my readers and voila! What used to take me 2-3 months to edit and complete a book now takes 2-3 days, sometimes less. Once I'm confident that the book is finished and I've uploaded the final copy on Kindle (unless I find more typos or decide to add more later which I can do anytime thanks to the ease of Ebook publishing), I raise the book's price to my ideal selling price.

How To Stop Writing

Another huge writing tip that has improved my writing output I learned from Tim Ferriss. He recommends that you should ALWAYS stop writing mid-sentence. Why? Because it's much easier to finish a half-written sentence than to start a new one from scratch. And as soon as you finish that first sentence, the second one just flows, and then the third and before you know it you've written a few thousand words and you never wasted a moment wondering what you should write about next.

I highly recommend that whenever you stop writing for the day, stop with a half-written sentence so that you can just pick it up where you left off without any hesitation or time wasting.

This new habit will be especially helpful for those of you who, like me, struggle to be consistent with your writing productivity.

This is an excerpt from The Kindle Publishing Bible.  If you would like to learn more about writing and marketing a bestselling Kindle book, grab your copy today!

Ask me how kids 4-18 can get Juice Plus for free! Now also free for college

Tom Corson-Knowles
(574) 850-4494

A Wicked Awakening - a paranormal novel by Calinda B

Now through Christmas, A Wicked Awakening: Book I in the Wicked Series is only .99. Not sure about the book? Get the short story precursor, A Wicked Choice FREE Nov. 29 - 30!

When you’ve seen the kind of things that I have seen in life, you’ll know why I have such a quirky point of view. People have said things like “This is different than the kinds of books I normally read,” or “This was so different it was mind-blowing.” I admit it – I am not a cookie cutter kind of author – I’ve lived a strange, wild life, full of adventure and a fair share of mishaps. See for yourself – you can get A Wicked Awakening for only .99 now through Dec. 25 or download the FREE short story, A Wicked Choice which has a bonus excerpt of A Wicked Awakening.

Description: For a girl who’s supposed to be a Galaxy Dancer and whose heartbeat helps synchronize the cosmos, small town girl Chérie Abella Manhattan has a problem – a few of them actually. Her first problem is about 5’3” tall, 190lbs, hair the color of liver, and eyes that seek out every hole in Chérie’s flimsy, cheesecloth armor. Yes, she’s big, she’s overbearing and she’s Jill Primcott, Chérie’s boss at the community center where Chérie teaches aerobics. Jill’s got this strange ability – she commands these noxious, red-eyed, bat-like creatures that prey on human insecurities and suffering. And Jill’s got a vendetta against Chérie – a big one.
Her next problem is more perplexing. This guy – this gorgeous guy with hair like a cascade of nightfall and eyes as intense as solar flares - slipped up behind her on the dance floor. He whispered “Sexy girl” in her ear, told her not to turn around and left her to melt into a steaming, sizzling puddle on the floor before she caught a glimpse of him. Now he’s taunting her in her dreams. Her live-in boyfriend, the avid rock climber and kayaker Cam Tyson, knows nothing about this encounter.
Cam, meanwhile, wants her to be more available – you know, sexually – to him. He wants her to do things like enjoy herself when they…when they…she can’t even bring herself to say words like that.
As if that wasn’t more than enough problems in her piñata, she has a new student, this ancient crone of a woman with skin like a dried apple. The old bat has piercing hawk-like eyes, dresses in shabby-chic, psych-ward attire, and just stands there in the back of the room while Chérie teaches. Chérie feels like a mouse in the middle of the field about to be someone’s next meal when that crazy hag is in her class. She often loses her place, stumbles and once she almost ran into another student, she was so distracted.
While all of this perplexing mystery pools around her like she’s in the middle of a tub of water, complete with bobbing clown ducks and sinister plastic dolls, lies and deception from her childhood swirl at the apex of the water twirling down the drain. She just can’t quite figure out what they are. All she knows is a) she doesn’t enjoy sex, b) she doesn’t enjoy sex and c) she thinks she should enjoy sex more but she just doesn’t. Now that’s a big problem.
The challenges that Chérie and Cam face, individually and collectively, are as fun as being flung around a roller coaster track at crazy speeds clinging to the car railing to keep from getting dismembered. At the core of their many changes, beat a couple of hearts as big as the sun. While these hearts may not prevent them from going through tumultuous change, they guide them towards a future they could never have imagined. All because of A Wicked Awakening.

Foretold: Betrayed By Desire - a paranormal fantasy fiction novel by E.S. Tilton

Free!  Just in time for Christmas, Dec 7th- 9th.

Looking for paranormal fantasy fiction set in a steampunk-ish/medieval world?  Tahrek and Kyra's twisted journey will intrigue you, right up to the very end. 
Explore Kyron's Worlde and discover why the seven races vie for dominion while the psychics skulk in the background, outlawed for life.  While the book has sensual overtones throughout, along with a few well placed sex scenes, it is not erotica. 

What readers have said about Foretold: Betrayed By Desire:

Rich, engaging and addictive
As a visual artist, reading can be a joy or sheer torture as the words either paint rich and engaging images in my mind, or leave me with a bare canvas. In the case of Tilton's writing I find the images absolutely flying through my mind with a depth and richness rivaled only by some very exclusive company. Think Tolkein, Norton. She brings to life a world from her imagination that is filled with mystery, passion and intrigue.Once I started reading it was difficult if not impossible to stop reading. The images she created in my mind with her words became almost a movie in my mind. I fell in love with the characters. Well, some of them, others I must admit I loathe and for good reason... ah, but you must read to discover why.

You will not be disappointed. Expect great things from this author! ~Trevor Hanrahal

What I loved about both books is the way the characters come alive & endear themselves to the reader. I wanted to choose sides but in the end it was unimportant. They were very well written. ~Christine Ventre

Your vivid world created and articulately mastered makes this book come to life. -A. Baum

An excerpt:

Long strands of moss draped hairlike from the arms of the overhanging branches. They were forced into stooping to avoid damp sticky caresses across their faces. Though the trees were not close, the smothering mist rose from the moist land in shifting clouds, obscuring their vision and erasing the path as soon as they passed. The moons, when viewable through the floating masses of mist and overhanging branches, shone down like surreal mismatched eyes into the haze, adding to the intangible sense of being watched.

Damp fog enveloped her, hiding even her own feet from view. Kyra, feeling forlorn and lost, grasped Tahrek's cloak as they trod on, each step one of slurping avoidance. Low watery areas seemed to emerge randomly, almost inexplicably, in front of them. It felt good to hold something semi-solid in that shifting land of shadowed clinging murkiness. Onward she followed, cautious, stepping where he stepped; every sense in her alerted to the sounds of creatures moving around them. Glowing orbs of light winked on and off in the baffling mist adding to her sense of disorientation.
Book 1 in the Kyron's Worlde Foretold series.

Outcast psychics with a 2,658-year-old objective, the Seven foresee destruction at the end of nearly all time streams. The land of Llayentia, already raped by a single act of betrayal, must escape a future more horrific, more heinous, than all that has come before. Grim with determination, the Seven move to protect their world…at all cost.
Kyra Atar is Freni-Kyn, a race of entertainers genetically modified for survival of the Rage Wars through use of the pleasure skills. This makes for one irresistible assassin. Wielding Freni-Kyn illusions, she readily slips into the persona of whomever she wants.  And she can be anyone she wants…with one exception…herself.
 Haunted by the jagged wreckage of a past too horrific to face, Tahrek lives a fractured life of deception. Born a half breed, the remnant of a fleeting night's passion, he hides his true nature from all, or risks certain death. Recruited into a life he despises, he moves from assignment to assignment. His newest job is simple…

Betray, and execute, a fellow assassin…Kyra
Enemies by birthright, the two pit themselves against each other until one impulsive decision sends them down a path with no escape. Now they struggle to find refuge in a world turned against them, where even nature seems to seek their death. In their fight for survival they must defeat the deadliest stalker of all: forbidden desire.

This novel is intended for mature audiences.

You can find out more about Kyron's Worlde and download printable glossary and maps from

The video teaser for the series is up on youtube:

Fantastic Meals Made Easy By Phil McCook

So many recipe books have beautiful photographs and recipes as long as your arm which, once you begin to read the cooking instructions, the will to live begins to disappear rapidly. None of us have a photographic studio in our kitchen and, let's be honest, how many of us have cooked a recipe from a glossy book, only to be left feeling disappointed ours doesn't look quite so appetizing?

Well Fantastic Meals Made Easy is exactly what you have been looking for a no fuss cook book with 51 recipes that will leave you wanting more.

Download Fantastic Meals Made Easy today to help with tomorrow's cooking needs.

Death on Route 37 - a murder mystery by Reginald Gray

    A gang of robbers hijack a public transport bus on its normal routine run on bus route 37 into West Town, a fictional rural town in England. They rob the passengers at gunpoint then, before leaving, the bus driver is shot dead for no apparent reason. Who are they? Why do this? What do they hope to gain?
    These are the questions that Detective inspector Ted Harty and his colleague Detective Sergeant Bob Tully of the West Town police force want answers to. The trail leads them up many paths and more deaths follow until the answers are finally found in the very last chapter.
    The basic plot for this story came suddenly to the mind of the author, Reginald Gray, as he was out walking one day and passed a local bus stop as passengers were boarding. The more he thought about it the more he could see the potential and decided to put pen to paper or, more accurately, fingers to keyboard and here is the result.
    It is not a particularly long story comprising some 66,000 words in 22 chapters covering 221 pages in the paperback version, but manages to hold the reader's interest from the beginning and throughout.
    As at the end of November 2012 Amazon sales of the book for the Kindle are 181 while 11,031 have been taken free during KDP promotion days, mostly in the US and UK with a few in Europe. A number of interesting reviews have followed.
Amazon links:

"The Billionaire's Contract: Proposals", by Alicia Roberts, romance/erotica story

Sparks fly when Brad and Alexis meet. Brad is the new heir to Reinehart Industries, and Alexis is a cynical college drop-out.

They live in completely different worlds, and under normal circumstances, their passionate encounters might have been shelved as "mistakes". But circumstances are far from normal, and Brad has plans that could change both their lives - if only he can convince Alexis to come along for the ride.

The Billionaire's Contract: Proposals, is a sexy erotic romance, with an average rating of 4.3 stars on


I gulped and wondered what to say. My work was over, but he seemed to be expecting something more. Come to think of it, why was he here to begin with, why hadn't he sent some lowly office peon, the way Mr. Neilson had sent me?

His hands were on my face now, tilting my head back so that I met his eyes.

"There's something about you," he growled, "I've been thinking about you since I left the law firm."

I felt one hand leave my face and slowly travel down my neck, stopping only when it found my breast. He pressed down as his hand moved in slow circles, and I began to wonder if this was all real. 

As I closed my eyes, I felt his lips on mine, his mouth gentle but insistent. God, he tasted so good, and his hand felt so nice as it pressed down on me. I wanted more of him...

Wait, what am I doing?

The thought hit me suddenly, and I wondered why I trusted this man. I should just scream and run out of here.

Fables of the Reconstruction, Paranormal Erotic Fiction by Hunter S. Jones

Fables of the Reconstruction is paranormal erotic fiction and has a mature reader content.

Pomba Gira Mysticism. Creole Voodoo. The zombie apocalypse. Sex, drugs, magick. 

Fables of the Reconstruction is the story of a Belgian pimp living in Victorian London with a 'magic' powder, claiming to be undead. He believes in Pomba Gira mysticisms & follows Creole Voodoo. There is a modern, surprise twist to the book's ending. Enjoy it now~only on Amazon.

Meet Pierre von Minzle and Mary Montague. They are the Adam and Lilith of today's zombie apocalypse. Fables of the Reconstruction is a playful yet graphic sexual adventure consisting of what might have been, combined with what possibly might be happening now. It contains Pomba Gira mysticism, Creole voodoo and the seeds of the zombie apocalypse set in Victorian London's notorious Whitechapel District. Sex, magick , zombies. This ain't your daddy's shotgun zombie story. Bondage, F/F, M/F/F and interracial sex scenes.  Mature content warning.

Southern Strife: A Novel of Racial Tension in the 1960's - Historical Fiction - Valerie Stocking

SOUTHERN STRIFE: A Novel of Racial Tension in the 1960's

* 4.2 rating with 27 reviews
* semi-finalist, Best Indie Book of 2012

*FREE Dec. 9-10, 2012!!

It's 1966, just two years after President Lyndon Baines Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law, and twelve-year-old Joy Bradford's life is changing dramatically. Born and raised in the white suburbs of Connecticut, Joy is moving to Willets Point, Florida to live with her mother Jessica because her parents are divorcing. Hoping it really is the Promised Land that her mother describes, she joins in Jessica's enthusiasm only to find out how horribly wrong that vision is.

Unfortunately for Joy, the move does nothing to change her mother's emotional and mental instability, resulting in a continuation of the physical and verbal abuse she is all too used to receiving. Her new school is years behind her old one, the kids dress and act differently, and on just the second day, Joy has a run-in with her geography teacher. Things are going from bad to worse until Clay Dooley, a mixed-race boy from that same geography class, offers his friendship. The two become close, sending shockwaves that dovetail with a growing sense of tension and unease in the community as a whole. Clay's father Clytus, a well-educated black man, attempts to open his own clothing store in the white section of downtown Willets Point. This causes Jessica's new lawyer cum boyfriend and leader of the local Klan chapter, Bill McKendrick, to join with other white citizens in using great force to block Clytus' dreams. Tempers flare and emotions run high when Clytus refuses the Klan's subsequent demand that he and his family move out of the white neighborhood they live in, setting off an explosive confrontation that will change them all forever.

An absorbing and suspenseful coming of age story set against the tumultuous backdrop of racial tensions in mid-1960's America, Stocking's blend of historical fact and fiction is as relevant today as it was during the explosive Civil Rights era. Probing the human psyche for the deep-seated fears that fuel the fires of racism and bigotry, she expertly builds characters who feel their very lives are at stake by the changing times. Full of insight and intensity, Southern Strife: A Novel of Racial Tension in the 1960's is a spellbinding journey you won't want to miss.

"Impossible to put down! - Midwest Book Review

Superbly written, this is one book I won't forget. It's that good - L.C. Hayden, Author, "When the Past Haunts You."

A must-read for anyone interested in the Civil Rights Era." Tower Lowe, Author, "In Roswell, Reabducted"

The Killing Ploy--a spy novel by Steve Haberman

--Pablo de Silva is an agent in a CIA unit, whose work includes
surveillance and killing. On a Berlin mission he fails to save a fellow
agent, who's also his lover.
Despondent, held now in low regard by his colleagues, he gets
transferred to recuperate till his former mentor/head of that unit
calls him home with a new assignment. Liaise with the San Diego FBI and
see why two Defense Department contractors, headquartered in that
California city, were murdered in Europe. Are terrorists behind it? If
so, inform the unit's head, and he'll take over.
To de Silva, the task seems simple. Off he goes to San Diego and beyond,
not realizing he's slipped again into a dangerous world. Who are his
true allies? Should he watch his back as well as his front? Not until
the shocking conclusion of his mission one lonely morning does he find
out. And not until that morning do his allies discover Pablo de Silva
is much more than he seems.

How to say NO to anything and mean it!- A spiritual classic by Ike Opene

"HOW TO SAY NO TO ANYTHING AND MEAN IT- HARNESSING THE MAGIC POWER OF ATTENTION........."Is an inspirational contemporary classic.
The major theme of this work is how to effectively say NO to certain issues in ones life that seem to have taken over control.
Before you can say No, to anything it behooves you to first give attention to it. This is where the problem lies you see.
In the act of giving attention to a situation in order to say No to it, you are unwittingly giving it recognition, power, reign, life, existence.
If you chose to read this work out of curiosity, then that's a start. Curiosity is the whisper from the lips of destiny. But, I'd rather you approached it from the
standpoint of desperation, exasperation even. It
means that you want something well enough to step out of the fear zone.
This is no mere whisper; it is a clarion call for change.
Friend, I will teach you, help remind you, of what will be required to open the next chapter in that story which is your life. I will teach you what I
have been taught also.
What I have learned about problems. That is how to say NO to them. If you are ready, I will teach you how to say No to every
circumstance or condition that you desire a stop to.
Once you have learnt how to say No properly to negativity, your next task will be managing the joy that floods your life.
But first you must listen to me with your heart!
The problem has always been that your No was never really your No at all!
This is why someone will say no to a debilitating habit or something truly unprofitable in his/her life on New-year' day and fail, neither did a
vehement refusal to being broke, lazy, stealing, fibbing, stuttering, fearfulness, being bullied or pushed around or plain being less than what you
desire for yourself work, it only took time and one was back in that same old soup.
There is nothing now you sincerely and positively desire you cannot have, just listen! Can you prove life wrong? An end to that feeling of stagnation,
of being stuck against your will is at hand. The quicksand will now become solid ground.
By the end of this interaction, you will be able to say No rightly to cancer, HIV, asthma, phobia, penury, addiction to drugs, or any or any other
I will help teach you how to say No properly to hurtful relationships, and failure.
Anywhere a well-placed No belongs in your experience, I will help teach you how to rightly say NO to it.
This is my desire!
That is why you are here now. But, do you want a change bad enough? Do you want a healing bad enough? Read my lips (or my pen). It doesn't really
matter if your doctors said you or someone you care about has only 2 hours to live.
A thing - a circumstance, a habit, an addiction, a cancer - gets recognition, or power to exist by calling attention to itself. A cancer by the usual
methods make its desire for recognition felt.
When ignored properly, it loses its hold on life; it loses attention, power and recognition.
This is a hard and bitter pill for my friends who are braniacs to swallow. Please they may pass it by.
But you, who sense my meaning intuitively, follow the corridor of wisdom as it winds its way into the patio of your liberation from tyranny.
Make no mistake about it, when you withdraw attention completely and irrevocably from a subject, it ceases to exist. At the instant it no longer
attracts your attention, that dire circumstance that troubled your dear soul shudders and with continued, withdrawal of attention vanishes, without
even a puff of smoke.
Drugs like cocaine and her other siblings become alive to a user through acquaintance.
When the drug becomes friendly by gaining allowance into the user's life, it immediately starts to dominate by siphoning attention, by stealing
chunks of Life. This is when the suffering begins for the narcotics user.
You see my dear; you need 100% of your life, of your attention.
Negative habits and situations in your experience know that you need your space and your peace.
Like any landowner you will not tolerate squatters for long.
Now, you know the situations in your life you desire a positive change to, conditions you desire to put a stop to.
You can go ahead and say enough is enough! You can go ahead and say No like you've always done without results or listen and learn this secret.
I am not really bothered either if you have been unable to help yourself for so many years. My pre-occupation is not that depression nor the
addiction, nor even the debts, or bad credit.
If you want a change, if you truly desire a positive change to be the case in your life then you will have it now. Let me teach you how to truly say NO
to that stumbling block.

Tourette Syndrome, Beyond the Unwelcome Companion by Rick Fowler

Tourette Syndrome, Beyond The Unwelcome Companion is a new book by author Rick Fowler providing fresh insight into one of the world's most puzzling disorders.

This 2012 release also includes the complete revised text of his well-received 1996 book The Unwelcome Companion, An Insider's View of Tourette Syndrome. The 1996 edition was one of the first books written by a person with TS that openly discussed the internal mental processes that accompany tics and other symptoms.

The new chapters further reveal (in greater detail) how it feels to experience tics, obsessions, and other symptoms commonly associated with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome. The book only lightly touches on medical information, remaining highly focused on taking the reader far inside the Tourettic mind.

The author points out that all individuals experience Tourette syndrome somewhat differently and not everyone has all of the same symptoms.
However, a large number of people with TS feel tics, obsessions, and compulsions in a very similar manner.

Fowler's vivid descriptions of the internal workings of Tourettic symptoms have been applauded by many with TS as being unsurpassed in both depth and accuracy.

For those interested in a view deep inside the mind of Tourette syndrome, this is a "must read."

Link to this Kindle Book:

A Craving a novel by Emily Arnold

"It's a relief to see you looking yourself," her best friend said. Polly was shocked- who else had she seemed to be? The truth was devastating: She was a woman drinking around the clock, battling her husband, endangering her children, jeopardizing her career. And yet, there was no other way to get through the days, was there? Her terrible downward slide could stop only when she hit rock bottom and faced the hell of getting up again.

A CRAVING is a personal story, but it is not a memoir. I wrote it as a novel in order to tell a universal story.
Since my book went of print, it has continued to be passed from hand to hand and avidly read. Because so many people have told me how affected they were by Polly's (and her family's) struggle I wanted to make the book available again. I hope that readers who are not beset by their own cravings will gain an understanding of the plight of those who are; but even more, I hope that all who read this book will see what it is to do battle with a deadly foe and emerge whole.

Doorways to Astrology by Hanne Klein

FREE 5/12/2012 - 6/12/2012

Doorways To Astrology  is a delightful book with funny cartoon illustrations in full color through out the book. It is written in a story telling format and is both fun and educational at the same time. If you are a child or new to astrology then you are going to get a lot of pleasure out of this book. Each sign has its own cartoon character and an image of a horoscope for each sign so you can see which house you live in. It will also give you an idea of the path or career you are best suited to follow. It can be enjoyed by children and their parents.

• There are 12 doors which lead into the houses of the horoscope
• An old astrologer is going to introduce you to the 12 Sun signs
• It will tell you which planet is your ruling planet
• It will tell you the character traits of each Sun sign
• It will tell you which house your Sun sign rules
• It will explain the influence and energies of the houses
• It will give you suggestions as to which path or career your Sun sign is best suited to follow
• There is a horoscope for each Sun sign with a cartoon character in each house representing the Sun signs

Leaving Standing Still - love story/general fiction by D.E. Hancox

Leaving Standing Still is my debut publication as a writer. I originally wrote the book for my wife. She has often encouraged me to focus and complete a large project such as this. Because this is my first full novel, I believe these characters will stick with me the most. I believe a part of myself can be found in some aspect of the main characters. The lead character, Lucas Jameson, is a name formed from the names of my children. My sons, Lucas and Jameson, have had a huge impact on my adult life. They force me to push myself harder each day, knowing that as they grow they will look to me as an influence. My wife Baylen is a big fan of authors like Nicholas Sparks. My goal as been to create a story that she would love just as much. 

In Leaving Standing Still, Lucas Jameson just relocated to the Alabama Gulf Coast. He thought work would consume most of his time, until he met Beth Asher. Now he must balance his career with his embrace of true love. Follow his journey as he flashes back to the events leading to a life changing moment.

David E. Hancox*

Dead Man`s Hand - a crime-thriller by Luke Murphy

Back cover text for DEAD MAN'S HAND:
What happens when the deck is stacked against you…
From NFL rising-star prospect to wanted fugitive, Calvin Watters is a sadistic African-American Las Vegas debt-collector framed by a murderer who, like the Vegas Police, finds him to be the perfect fall-guy.
…and the cards don't fall your way?
When the brutal slaying of a prominent casino owner is followed by the murder of a well-known bookie, Detective Dale Dayton is thrown into the middle of a highly political case and leads the largest homicide investigation in Vegas in the last twelve years.
What if you're dealt a Dead Man's Hand?
Against his superiors and better judgment, Dayton is willing to give Calvin one last chance. To redeem himself, Calvin must prove his innocence by finding the real killer, while avoiding the LVMPD, as well as protect the woman he loves from a professional assassin hired to silence them. 

Review blurbs for DEAD MAN'S HAND:
"You may want to give it the whole night, just to see how it turns out."
—William Martin, New York Times bestselling author of The Lincoln Letter
"Dead Man's Hand is a pleasure, a debut novel that doesn't read like one,
but still presents original characters and a fresh new voice."
Thomas Perry, New York Times bestselling author of Poison Flower
"Part police procedural, part crime fiction, Dead Man's Hand is a fast, gritty ride."
Anne Frasier, USA Today bestselling author of Hush
"Murphy writes in a clean, mean style, as compelling as a switchblade to your throat…the real deal."
—Rick Mofina, award-winning author of They Disappeared

Points of Distinction:

DEAD MAN`S HAND has tension and excitement as a result of the action taking place in a single week. 

The African-American protagonist is not stereotypical. While his race is significant, he does not moralize about the issue or his situation. 

The "find out who framed you to save yourself" plot has a twist in that Watters researches the crime online, primarily using analysis of character rather than physical evidence.

Point of view is easy to follow but engagingly complex, with scenes from the perspectives of Watters, the detective, the cheating wife, and a hired assassin.  

Luke Murphy
Author of DEAD MAN`S HAND!/AuthorLMurphy