Hope in the Rain - Kindle ebook by Sandy Sinnett


Laci loves the rain, and living in the PacificNorthwest, there is MUCH to love. She believesthat good things happen either during, or after the rain; but lately, she’s hada hard time finding the good in anything. Since her husband’s death a few years ago, her life now revolves aroundher four kids and her job. Being aforty-something single mom, her social life falls somewhere between yard workand sleep – nowhere near the Top 10 list.

After a relaxing summer vacation in her hometown,the kids stay behind with their grandparents a little longer and Laci boards aflight back home. The last thing she ever expected, was the handsome,North Carolina gentleman that sat down right beside her.

Mitch is a new winery owner and also a widower, andthat four hour flight led to a layover that would eventually change both oftheir lives forever. Overnight, a southernromance blooms, but Laci’s life takes a sudden unexpected turn, and she’s facedwith the decision to keep Mitch’s love in her life, or let him go to save himfrom suffering the same pain from his past.

Laci starts to lose hopein life and love…until it rains.

The Rocking City; The Explosive Birth of The Beatles - Kindle eBook by Sam Leach


If you ever WONDERED about the origins of Merseybeat and just how the BEATLES exploded onto the LIVERPOOL scene before Brian Epstein cleaned them up to CONQUER the world, then THE ROCKING CITY (the Explosive Birth of The Beatles) has the answers for you!

Sam Leach TELLS it like it really was and succeeds in encapsulating all the ENERGY, humour, GENEROSITY, and unconventional ways which are so CHARACTERISTIC of Liverpool.

He not only puts his finger on the exact moment when MERSEYBEAT was born, he lived and BREATHED it as one of its leading promoters.

Sam's BARN-STORMING bills not only featured The Beatles, whose sheer POWER and ENERGY in their early days ROCKED the city to its foundations, but also groups such as Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Searchers, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes.

And Sam was almost directly RESPONSIBLE for Brian Epstein's fateful visit to The CAVERN one Friday lunchtime to watch a performance by the group he was to make the BIGGEST ever...

JOHN LENNON once said "Sam Leach was the pulse of Merseybeat. What he did the rest copied".

PAUL McCARTNEY on BBC Radio Merseyside in 1984 called those early days "The Sam Leach Era".

The Butterfly Storm - kindle ebook by Kate Frost


The Butterfly Storm is reduced to just 99cents from the 2nd - 9th August 2014.

It's been described as the perfect summer read, after all the majority of The Butterfly Storm is set by the sea - the warm turquoise water of the Aegean in Greece and the wild but equally stunning North Norfolk coast in the UK. It follows the story of Sophie, a twenty-something woman whose life is turned upside down when she falls in love with Alekos, her holiday romance, and she moves to Greece to be with him. Add to the mix a bitter relationship with her feisty Mum, Leila, plus a whole host of memorable characters in Greece, including Despina, Alekos' domineering mother, and The Butterfly Storm is My Big Fat Greek Wedding meets chick-lit meets Joanne Harris' Chocolat (think feta, olives and spanagopita instead of sweet concoctions).

With currently more than 85 five-star reviews on Amazon US and UK, The Butterfly Storm has been described as 'a thoughtful, engrossing and satisfying novel from a promising new author' by writer and author, Debbie Young.

An Amazon Top 50 Reviewer, ElaineG, gave The Butterfly Storm five stars and wrote: 'I Loved this read with a capital L... It is a lovely story of a relationship between a mother and daughter with some wonderful characters - especially Despina the overbearing, bossy, Greek mama who always wants and expects to get her own way. What I did like was the edge of unpredictableness about the story - for a large part of the book you just don't know in what direction Sophie's life is going to go, or with who! The story moves at a fluid pace, and has an ending that definitely brought a tear to my eye. Highly recommended reading!'

Wizard's Sword - a Contemporary Fantasy Novel by C.M. Lance


It was just as well that he'd run out of people with whom he could discuss assignments. He had fifteen minutes before his appointment to meet the blond Amazon, Arianna, for a Karate match.

The address she gave turned out to be a small warehouse a few miles from campus. After parking, he grabbed his gear. Two women carrying gym bags climbed the short flight of stairs and entered ahead of him.

Inside, he looked around. The familiar sounds and smells of workouts filled the space. Metallic clanks and grunts sounded from the weight-lifting area. Wooden swords and staffs clacked as some sparred. The sound of stamping, scraping, and slapping came from a group engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

However, the familiarity stopped there. In small-town Minnesota, the gym would be full of guys. Here, there weren't any males in the room filled with over a dozen Amazons. The scent was a lot better than his memory of the high school gym.

Women stopped to look at him. Sig felt like a spotlight illuminated him. He wanted to run. Instead, he looked around for a familiar face.

Arianna sauntered up wearing karate gi; a black belt wrapped around her waist. “You made it, good. We're next on the mats in about five minutes.”

Sig hefted his bag. “Where can I change?”

Arianna's eyebrows lifted as if surprised. “Change? We usually come dressed or…” She gestured over to where the two women who preceded him had stripped down to their underwear and now donned workout clothes.

Sig wrenched his eyes away, trying not to stare. Tall, muscular, and shapely, they were staring material.

“We use the facilities at the gas station down the block if you have to go potty. We keep the women's side clean. I don't know what the men's side is like. Or you can change by that bench over there.” Arianna looked at him with a challenge in her eyes then smiled. “Do you go commando?”

Sig blushed. “No, the bench will be fine.”

Revelations of the Impossible Piddingtons - Kindle ebook by Barry Wiley

Kindle Link: http://amazon.com/dp/B003VP9W6E

Free promotion: August 17

   Can she? Really read minds, that is.
   It is 1890, eleven-year old Kyame Piddington must take the place of her dead mother in the family second sight mindreading act as she and her father travel the American West. Kyame must convince their audiences, along with the intrusive and sometimes insulting reporters, that she can read her father's mind, that she can actually see through his eyes ... or they don't eat.
    At first she fails. Kyame is badly shaken by their strident ridicule, but she swears to her father that she will scare them all -- all of them "down to their shoes"!
  With each experience and refining her "smokey acting", Kyame learns to read the people, and the reporters as she gains skills from the remarkable men and women they encounter backstage and in the shadows that transform her into a lethal presence.
    Kyame becomes so effective that the line between illusion and reality becomes ever thinner -- until at sixteen -- to the hatchet men of the Bing On tong in San Francisco -- Kyame has become an occult wraith, a tulku, who can walk through walls and locked doors, kill, and then vanish.
   The Bing On tong is almost right.

   The reader learns how it is done as Kyame learns herself.

Hidden Intervention - kindle ebook by Real Laplaine


I absolutely loved it! It was impossible for me to stop reading once I started and simply had to gulp it from beginning to end. All I can say is: If You are the kind of reader who CAN step out of the box and consider interesting (however "different") alternatives to the "reality" which is constantly imposed on us by society in general, you are in for a hell of a ride! Fun, intelligent, entertaining, great use of the language, but most of all, intriguing.
Ana D. (Mexico)

The Surrogates - kindle ebook by Consuella Harris GK


Three women have only one thing in common, they each became Surrogate Mothers.  Many years later, that decision causes havoc to five families and the murder of two prominent men.  With countless motives, who committed the murders?

Keys of Life:Uriel's Justice - ekindle by Carolyn Schield

A London Museum tour guide points to a angel with no halo in Da Vinci's painting Virgin of the Rocks whose name is Uriel. Uriel fights for justice against an ancient evil dating back to the days of Noah.

Keys of Life takes you through time and till present day that a war continues between good and evil. Two people discover their important pieces to a great puzzle along their journey and they possess the Keys of Life. They travel to exotic locations such as Abu Simbel in Egypt, Montreal, and Nova Scotia. Fascinating characters fill the story like Dirtie Dottie and Chief Saunhac.  The reader will learn why Uriel lost his halo and Da Vinci painted the mysterious angel.

Kindle Free day 08/06/2014 only for that day

Steady As She Goes by John Molloy


Free on Amazon 08/05/14 to 08/09/14

A review:

I read this book thinking it would be another dull sea going saga but much to my surprise it was a fantastic read. This story will grip you from the early adventures of this seventeen year old deck apprentice and hold you in his grip as he relates the world of seamen as he grows into manhood. His love affair with the beautiful Japanese girl Hiroko will squeeze your heart. A great read don't miss it.

Crowdfunding: The Winning Formula: How to Raise Money For A Business That Works For You - Kindle eBook by Gary Spirer

In Crowdfunding: The Winning Formula: How to Raise Money For A Business That Works For You, you will learn the secrets of how to:
  • raise money for  your business (and how crowdfunding is The Next Big Thing -a ground floor opportunity for entrepreneurs, small businesses and creative types to get money online)
  • learn how to create income producing assets
  • reduce your liabilities
  • and to build the business of your dreams and take it to the next level.
You discover how to find mentors that can inspire you and give you time-proven insights to show you how to live the life you really want to live.

You are shown a series of steps and simple strategies that  the top 1% of 1% in the world have used to become billionaires and why  99% fail to become millionaires.

Spirer reveals his winning formula, and his money-raising secrets that have never failed to raise money for his investment banking clients or his own companies for over 30 years.

The question is are you ready to take your business and life to the next level-with the opportunity to become an instant millionaire once you know the Winning Formula?

The Deed - Kindle eBook by Eugene Boffa


Gene Boffa's The Deed is that rarest of thrillers-a novel with both brains and heart that will keep your pulse pounding right up to the spell-binding end. A roller-coaster ride that you shouldn't miss. --Warren Murphy, Two-time Edgar Award Winner and NY TIMES Best-selling author

Boffa's Mac Daniels takes readers through a labyrinth of Hong Kong intrique and brings us home safe and satisfied via a wonderfully creative conclusion to The Deed, a must read novel. --Rae Lindsay, author of The Presidents' First Ladies

The Deed is an intricate maze of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing right up until the last suspenseful page. --James Mullaney, author The New Destroyer

Book Description:
It's 1997 and Great Britain is about to turn Hong Kong over to China until the rumor of the existence of a long lost deed giving ownership of Hong Kong to the British surfaces.
Can a rumor start a war? Is it more than a rumor?
Men who have been on opposite sides must now join forces to prevent a weapon of mass destruction from falling into the wrong hands. The streets of Hong Kong are crawling with agents from both sides and in the middle is Mac Daniels of the CIA.

LANZAROTE - Kindle ebook by J.H. Wallace


Most visitors to Lanzarote are drawn by the traditional holiday combinations of sun, sea and sand. Many, when they tire of these, will head for the Timanfaya National Park, a stark and dramatic volcanic landscape largely formed by the multiple eruptions which took place between 1730 and 1736.

J. H. Wallace visited Lanzarote more than once during her career as a cook on charter yachts based in the Mediterranean, and was struck like many others by the wild beauty of the landscape, but she was also moved to investigate the island’s history and think about the effects which such a cataclysm must have had on the lives of ordinary people.

Her researches formed the basis for her novel Lanzarote, the story of a young and innocent islander who is seduced by a visiting fisherman and leaves the stifling security of her middle-class home to be with him and have his child. But their plans for a better future together are wrecked when the volcanoes deep under the surface of the island erupt, destroying whole families and their property.

What readers are saying:

"A gripping dark tale of thwarted love, one woman's struggle to survive in the hostile world where the church was all powerful."

"An extremely graphic account of how people can keep going even in the face of the most severe hardship."

"Enjoyed this compelling novel - the main characters kept me hooked throughout."

"[The author] has combined her experiences of life at sea, detailed research and a vivid imagination to make this tragic tale a cracking read - I couldn't put it down."

Decades of Fear by Andrew Weiner

Writing a book was part of my bucket list. I am a writing addict and happy of it. I have dyslexia, so to me, this is truly an accomplishment.

The idea for “Decades of Fear” came from a paranormal TV show whose location was the Hoia Baciu Forest in Cluj Napoca Romania. It is said to be the most haunted forest in the world. During the show it was said that one evil entity that inhabits the forest was none other than Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad The Impaler who was a feared ruler in the middle ages. The told stories of people entering the forest and not returning, or returning years later. There were also instances of strange lights, forces and apparitions.

I took this and decided to run with it. I did include the instances that research did dictate, but I was also able to harness a lot of imagination and give it the terror in parts of the book, but also a sleuth quality for the group of children in the book. They were frightened and brave at the same time and only wanted to find the truth. There were adventures and ghost stories within  the book that are original and should keep a fan of the genre coming back for more.

I truly believe that the ending is a type never before seen in any horror/supernatural genre publication.

Between the Shades of Light and Dark by Kathleen Lopez


"Between the Shades of Light and Dark" is a murder mystery set in a forgotten little Arizona town called Columbus Cove. This town has the quaint feeling of seclusion from not only the outside world but, practically, from time itself. On the outskirts of the town resides the Texas-born tyrant, Steven Harrigan, a ruthless, take-no-prisoners opportunist. He is a total contrast to his surroundings of this sleepy little Cove and the only true source of irritation of its inhabitants.  This tight-knit community has enjoyed being safeguarded from the harshness of the world, until suspicion and doubt creep into the minds of the community as the unthinkable rocks this little town—one of their own is accused of murder. Despite its sanctuary, it would seem there are more secrets that lie beneath the unpaved roads of Columbus Cove.

“Between the Shades of Light and Dark” (published by Xlibris) explores what happens when a small town loses its innocence.  When Samantha’s parents divorce and her mother moves her to Columbus Cove, she feels isolated. There is almost no one there her age, nothing to do, and she’s nowhere near her father. When a young man named Channing moves into town, Samantha finally feels she has someone to relate to. Everything will change when a brutal murder wakes the sleepy town.

An excerpt from “Between the Shades of Light and Dark”:

“Standing by the river, she remembered how it all started, right here, with a simple mistake. She stood lost in thought on the edge of the riverbank. Her hair whipped violently in the gusty wind, jostling about her face. She stood there crying by the river, her tears taking flight in the wind. She blamed herself. She was the catalyst. She set everything in motion. The wind died down slightly, gracefully sweeping her hair across her face. Her eyes would then be shielded momentarily from looking back; she wished she could have changed what had happened.”

Between the Shades of Light and Dark marks the first book publication for Kathleen Lopez.

Rule of Fire by Autumn M. Birt

Dodaj napis
Find Rule of Fire on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DHT3NC8

Six friends stand alone against the combined Orders of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, protecting a girl whose forbidden abilities have condemn her to death. Now they are joined by a man who was once the Curse, the Church’s most powerful weapon and Ria’s greatest threat. Left with no name and no memory, the decision to aid this stranger will cost friendships and more as the group of friends journey north to seek a tribe of people lost to time amid an ancient war. The path home is riddled with dangers as the Church of Four Orders still seeks Ria and the former Water Priestess Nirine. For one High Priest, the desire for vengeance is personal.
Ria must unravel the mysteries of her power to find acceptance in a world where her abilities are considered a taint. Is the strange gift of magic an aberration that should be destroyed or something far more, related to the skills held by the Elementals who rule Myrrah?

The sequel to Born of Water, Rule of Fire is book 2 in the epic fantasy trilogy, the Rise of the Fifth Order. Return to the world of Myrrah ruled by the Church of Four Orders. Born of Water is free on Amazon US. You can find it at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007AUWMDG. In July, Rule of Fire is half price with coupon SSW50 as a part of Smashwords Summer/Winter sale where you can find it formatted for kindle at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/327909

Do you want an epic fantasy adventure that is different from the typical sword and sorcery with elves, dwarves, and dragons? Do you like strong characters, a world of unique cultures and people tied together by commerce across a temperamental sea, and a clever villain seeking vengeance?

Then welcome to the world of Myrrah, ruled by the Church of Four Orders - Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. But there exists another gift, dubbed magic, which is considered an aberration by the Church. To be born with the powers of magic is to be condemned to death. To be born with the ability to control an element is to be born to a life serving the Church... and obeying its rules.

In book 1, Born of Water, one Priestess stood against the Church to protect sixteen year old Ria, beginning an epic fantasy adventure led four unlikely friends across the breadth of their world to seek answers hidden in the buried archives of the Temple of Dust. Secrets from an ancient war and discoveries of hidden power led to a fight for survival that threatens to tear apart their world.

The journey and questions continue in book 2, Rule of Fire. What is magic and why does the Church want those who harbor its power exterminated? Finding the answers is the only way to protect Ria and others like her who control magic.

What people are saying about the Rise of the Fifth Order Series!
"I recommend Rule of Fire to anyone who enjoys epic fantasy!" - W. Stuart 5 stars on Amazon

“Just finished Born of Water book 1. Amazing, can’t wait to read the next one. Instant fan, keep up the amazing work!!!” – Edward Brady

“I read a lot of fantasy and I’d rate this as a great new author and a great new story! I can not WAIT for the next book and will check back often for it!” – Katy Reany 5 stars on Amazon

“I would recommend it to fantasy adventure fans, those who like a little romance, and anyone who is a fan of magic! I know I will read the next installment!” – W. Stuart 4 stars on Amazon

“I loved two battle scenes in particular. The battle at the Temple of Dust and the battle at the Temple of Wind. Fire versus water. Air versus Earth. Thrilling!” – Futureboy 4 stars on Amazon

“I’m biased, because this is exactly my sort of book. But maybe that bias should make me more critical…but there is absolutely nothing to dislike about Born Of Water…We’re not simply reading about this quest…we’re there with them.” – Stewart Bint 5 stars on Smashwords

“I’m halfway through Rule of Fire and I’m already looking for news of the next book. I’ll admit to being a fantasy addict, which means I’ve read an awful lot of books over the years from Tolkien onwards and I can honestly say your storytelling and character development are up there with the best of them. Keep writing (please!).” – Ian Leggatt

Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedy...Of Sorts - kindle ebook by Courtney Hamilton

Kindle Countdown Deals promotion dates: July 27th - August 5th, Countdown timer will start On July 29th. Please have Goodkindles on July 28th. Price will be $0.99


“A hilarious, scathing tale of LA life.” -- Kirkus Reviews

In a city of fame and riches, Courtney is surrounded by the constant headache that is brought on by her so called friends, relationships, and celebrity encounters. Breasts are not the only thing fake in Los Angeles. When her friend Marcie formulates an impossibly detailed rating system for acceptable men—the Los Angeles Eco-Chain of Dating—Courtney goes on a self-destructive binge that doesn’t stop until she gets thrown out of group therapy for insulting a former child actress.

Courtney does everything in her power to not become part of the stepford wives lifestyle, which includes abandoning their ivy elite degrees to pursue their dreams of marrying a man with money, and lots of it. And she certainly doesn’t want to be molded into date bait for the top rung of L.A. society. Courtney must find her own way through a city of status seekers in this hilarious social satire about dating in Los Angeles.

The L.A. Where'd You go, Bernadette? - as one of my reviewers wrote, [Almost Royalty] is a "Post-Hollywood" novel and "a really intelligent (and satirical) take on the vanity of wealth and the alienation of privilege."

“Fun-hits all the right notes, satire on a par with Maria Semple-not easy to do well” Fern Bissle

Mistaken Identity - Arranged marriage and forced Marriage story by Molly Gambiza


The room was in darkness. Then the door shut behind her. She could feel someone's presence in the room. She wasn't alone. She trembled with fear. Her heart raced at a speed.
      "Denise, I am glad you could make it."
      Annabella recognised the voice. "Shit! What games are you playing, you bastard?" She ran her fingers around the walls looking for a light switch. She found one.
        She stared at Desmond. "You got it wrong. I am not Denise. You...fool...idiot. Get me out of here, you fool."
      He gave her a cold stare. "You think I don't know the difference? You may be identical twins, but I know my Denise. What I would like to know is why you had to run away from me. You thought to make a fool of me, didn't you?"
       "I am not Denise," she pleaded with him.
          "Denise, I am not a violent man and don't provoke me. If you should try once more, I will not be held responsible for my actions. Now, stop standing there, take a seat."
    Annabella ignored him. Her tears were now flowing down her face. She couldn't blame him for thinking she was Denise. Only family members knew the difference. Impossible to tell them apart.
         He gave her a weak smile. "Today was supposed to be our wedding day. You didn't turn up obviously but I am glad you turned up for our honeymoon." He reached for her. He was ready for her. "Foreplay my ass!"
   She kicked and spat and swore. He ignored all that.
        " You are my woman now."

Rabbit (a novel?) - kindle ebook by Jared John Smith


Rabbit explores a young folklorist driving 4,000 miles, collecting ghost stories and meeting his homeless schizophrenic father for the first time. Our narrator is attempting to finish his book, pausing the story to debate with his frustrated editor. The manuscript is unraveling as he approaches its end. Rabbit is a meta-fiction literary novel depicting a young writer's obsessions with our cosmos, estranged parents, abuse, and infidelity. It is an angst-riddled ride through the American subconscious of the twenty-first century.

Everything I Know - kindle ebook by Josh Lanyon

How forgiving are you? We all like to think we're both forgiving and realistic about our fellow man. But is that true?

Sometimes good people do bad things. Suppose the man of your dreams reacted in a moment of stress and panic -- and cost you a job you loved? Maybe even your career? And then suppose this guy saw what he'd done and wanted to make it up to you? Would you accept his help? Could you ever really forget or forgive?

Everything I Know just might teach you something you didn't know.


THE LAZARUS EXPERIMENT - kindle ebook by Mark DeGasperi


In 2084, in Upstate New York, Dr. Jonathan Kelton, scientist and chemistry professor, returns home after spending a year in a coma.  He has literally been put back together after a catastrophic explosion in his home lab, an event that remains mysterious to him.  Under the care of the enigmatic Dr. Rose, he discovers strange gaps in his recent memory -- even as he tries desperately to re-bond with his wife, with whom he was in a faltering marriage, and his seven-year-old son.  When the body of his one-time 28-year-old, female graduate student surfaces in the Hudson River after a storm -- having been mutilated and submerged a year earlier  -- Jonathan is devastated to find himself accused of her murder.  In fact, as he pieces together memories on his own -- with the aid of a remote psychiatric device he creates for himself  -- he starts to recall details of a possessive and dangerous affair with her; in the face of a jealous boyfriend, a demanding, drug addict half-brother, a possibly sinister connection to a bomb plotter at their own university, and also, the girl’s own increasingly sadomasochistic tendencies.  Even as he worries that the doctor’s radical, experimental surgery has left him subject to some form of mind control because of his memory lapses, Jonathan tries to race the police to find out who murdered this scared and wayward girl, to protect himself and his family.   Did he ever really know the truth?  Can he find out who does?  Or could he himself really be the killer?

The Other Side of The Ice - A Memoir by Sprague Theobald


I hadn’t been able to gather my son and two stepchildren under the same roof since their mom & I divorced twelve years earlier. An extended cruise on my 57’ boat seemed like the perfect way to bring us all back together.

Attempting to transit The Northwest Passage, in my view, is one of the last true maritime adventures to be found.  Man has been trying to find this Nautical Grail since the 1600s and in that time hundreds of lives have been lost in the attempt.  Sir John Franklin's attempt in 1845 ended in tragedy of untold proportions in that both his 100' ships and 120 men basically vanished without a trace.  To this day neither he nor his ships have been found. As a documentarian and sailor with over 40,000 off-shore miles the challenge of such a transit had haunted me for most of my life.

In the summer/fall of 2009, aboard my 57' Nordhavn trawler Bagan, my family and I set out from Newport, RI to attempt this remarkable challenge; to try and do something that approximately only 24 other personal craft have ever accomplished. For five months and 8,500 miles we had to deal with all that Mother Nature threw at us, many times not knowing if we were going to add to that long list of dead who have tried to find this passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

As the book will tell, this was a trip that physically and emotionally changed us all.  Writing The Other Side of The Ice was a very difficult journey back into a mind set and experience that was, at times, very dark and terrifying for me.  So much was the power and desolation of the Arctic that I found it took almost two years to be able to approach my personal journals again.

The Truth Which Was Kept from Us - kindle ebook by Klaus E. Berger


Will be free from 6th of August 2014 to 10th of August 2014.

Book Description: I maintain that 90% of Jesus' teachings have been kept secret. Most of his teach­­ings are to be found in this book, which goes on to tell of wisdom, truth, beauty and ancient mysteries in the context of world religions and folk tales about extra­ter­restrial visits to earth.

   The one and only truth, which is the doctrine of love, will be conveyed in a down-to-earth, non-re­ligious style. You will be able to read many hidden writings containing Jesus' teach­ings, including the ancient gospel. The ancient gospel is the principal gospel, the complete and original gospel, containing far more than the four gospels of the Bible.

   The whole of the so-called Christian world is founded on a bigoted and distorted version of all that was originally wondrous and genuine. It is shocking that this could have hap­pened. What do people today know of the laws of love? The teachings of reincarna­tion? Genuine and profound wisdom? This is no small and trivial matter that the churches are withholding - but the most essential and major part of the original teachings! The churches have suppressed the ancient gospel, as well as a wealth of other writings. The discov­ery of this original ancient gospel, 107 years ago, should have caused a sensa­tion, the like of which the world has never seen before. But the churches have done nothing what­soever! In fact, they have concealed the very spirit itself. It is these things, first and foremost; the spirit and the light of love, with which my book deals.

   Many people will be both delighted and dismayed when they discover the scope and nature of the treasures of divine wisdom which have been kept from them.
   What was once the unimpeachable doctrine of love, has been transformed, the world over, into religious ceremony and superstition.

Patchwork Man - Kindle ebook by D.B. Martin

Patchwork Man is available on Amazon.co.uk: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00M37OUPY

And Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M37OUPY

Free Kindle days are 1-8-2014, 8-8-2014,15-8-2014,29-9-2014,3-10,2014.

Paperback release: 18-8-2014

Lawrence Juste is apparently perfect, both privately and professionally. But several people know that's not the case - his unpleasant brother Win, the bully from his childhood, Jaggers, and his wife. He thought he'd left two of them behind him in his hidden past, and that his wife had no idea it even existed. When his wife, the enigmatic Margaret, is killed, he's horrified to find that she's both set him up to defend a child who reminds him of himself and his first crime, and left him a resume of his insalubrious past which looks suspiciously like the precursor to blackmail.

But even more devastating facts turn up - things Juste couldn't have conceived of, even knowing his own past. Like family he'd rather not know about, other crimes he's being implicated in, missing money and a mystery surrounding his wife. He also has to reacquaint himself with his abandoned siblings – with surprising and poignant results.

With that, there’s an array of different characters to meet; his little sisters, Jill and Emm – who complete each other’s sentences and then surprise Juste with an unexpected development, Sarah, terminally ill and forcing Juste come to terms with what he’s lost by denying his family over the years, Win who is trouble, Mary who lives in her own world but provides Juste with a clue to unlock part of the mystery, and Kimmy – mother to Danny, Juste’s young client. And behind it all, Margaret, perplexing, manipulative – and dead.

Gradually, the patchwork man, whose hero has always been Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mocking Bird, unravels and has to re-sew himself. He reconstitutes quite differently by the time he has to defend Danny in court – albeit still leaving him with integral parts of the puzzle still missing. Finding them, amongst other intrigues, is for Patchwork People.

The Gold Miner's Daughter - kindle ebook by Jessica Cox

A beautifully written story full of love, mystery, and heartache.
In the aftermath of her mother's death, Allison Desoto decides to move to Alaska with her estranged father. Life in the far North is rougher than she ever imagined and misery becomes her only companion. But things began to get complicated when the wild frontier starts to feel like home. Being faced with the choice between her old life and her new life, Allison suddenly realizes where God has been guiding her. But does she have the courage to follow his lead?


The Birr Elixir by Jo Sparkes


Mysterious potions, an ancient tomb of a book, a Gamesman hero and band, plus an exiled prince in hiding. What is a poor herb girl to do?

Alone on the desert flats, Marra's apprenticeship turns into slavery to a man so evil his own sister warned against him. And then a local hero walks into the shop and asks for a special potion from an ancient book’s recipe.

Calling on all the knowledge gained from her now-dead mistress, Marra brews the Birr Elixir. And carries it to Drail, leader of the Hand of Victory. His grandsire is a famous gamesman, and Drail his heir apparent.

And after drinking Marra’s brew, his team battles on to win against Skullans – a powerful race no one has ever beaten before. Drail declares her his Brista – potions mistress – and offers her a place at his side.

Who could refuse?

But Marra is merely a lucky apprentice after all, and Drail deserves more on his march to great things. When he impulsively helps Tryst, a complete stranger they literally stumble across, the Hand is thrust into hidden conspiracies and undreamed-of danger. For an evil plan unfolds on a continent far away, and Drail’s small band has unwittingly seized the key.

Marra finds herself trapped by the conspirators, threatened and bullied into choosing one man over the other. Her actions will determine the fate of an entire kingdom.

Her mother once predicted Marra would cut her own nose to spite her face. Perhaps, after all, she had reason.

The Birr Elixir runs on KDP Select Free starting May 8th through May 10th, 2014.

Odd Disappearances - Kindle ebook by Karen Lewis

Free on Amazon July 24-26. http://www.amazon.co.uk/ODD-DISAPPEARANCES-Karen-Lewis-ebook/dp/B00LOP6GQ2

When a Jumbo jet suddenly disappears while on a routine flight, it leaves the fate of hundreds of passengers in limbo. There is no shortage of theories about what happened. Margo’s daughter was on the doomed flight, and as she scrambles to decipher truth from lies, what she uncovers is far worse than she deemed possible.

Amidst the dangers of war torn Afghanistan, an army officer finds himself irresistibly drawn to another soldier. The forbidden attraction shakes him to the core and plunges him into a bitter inner conflict. But the battle against these new and disturbing desires is not the only war he must fight. A patrol goes missing, under suspicious circumstances, while on routine surveillance. The subsequent media interest, and the shocking truth as it unfolds, challenges his belief system and rocks the comfortable world he grew up in.

Discernment - Kindle ebook by Lacy Sereduk


Lying in bed at the end of a long day, eyes closed and relaxed, and you hear the voice of a small child, hurriedly whisper, "It's coming!"  Your eyes fly open and you survey the dark room because, the problem is, there shouldn't be any small children in your bedroom.

Have you ever turned down a darkened hall and thought you saw someone at the end of it?  Ever been awakened by something, in the middle of the night, and felt the hair raise up on your arms but there was nothing there?  Would you be able to stay in bed if you felt someone crawl up, onto the end of your bed, and slowly begin to pull the blankets from your shoulders?

Johanna Parks knows these feelings all too well.  Ever since she was a child, she's suffered from a disorder called night terrors.  Now just over 30, Jo struggle to hang on to 'real' life - her job, her relationship, her sanity- as the terror episodes become more and more vivid and everything, from visitors in the darkness to accidental injuries, tries to keep her up at night.

Discernment is a new thriller series in Kindle and paperback by Lacy Sereduk.  Discernment II: Touched is also now available with a third novel slated for release at the end of August.  If you've been looking for a book that can send chills down your spine and make you want a night-light, here it is.

Readers are saying:
"Once you pick it up and start reading you will not want to put down."
"Her immersive way of bringing you into the story through humor riddled observations wove an immediate web that captured this readers attention."
"Added to my top favorite list!"
"This is a book that goes on the special shelf of books that I can only read in the daylight!"

Mrs. Wagstaff: The Wicked Widow of Waverly Way - kindle ebook by Tabitha Tikkle

Just how did Jane Marlow become Mrs. Harold Wagstaff, the "wicked widow of Waverly Way?"  Well, it happened when she applied for the position as his secretary.  Check out this scene from the book:  http://www.amazon.com/Mrs-Wagstaff-Wicked-Widow-Waverly-ebook/dp/B00LZCM8YI

"Harold Wagstaff was taller than average, concluded Jane, although it was difficult to tell with him seated. He was leaning back in his leather chair, hands behind his head, smiling at her. He had a full head of silver hair and he was the most handsome man Jane had ever seen. She felt a sensation of melting starting in her feet, progressing rapidly to her groin.
“Miss Marlow,” said Mr. Wagstaff, “Your resume is impressive. I could hire you on the spot. However, this position requires more than just secretarial skills.”
Jane was flattered, but puzzled. What else? What did he need?
“Come here,” he requested. Jane tentatively moved toward the large desk. When she was directly in front of the desk, Harold Wagstaff stood up, a sly grin on his face. He was totally naked from the waist down. The shock of seeing her potential employer nude during a job interview was a surprise. But not the biggest surprise.
The biggest surprise was his dick––erect and visibly throbbing slightly, a dick that looked remarkably familiar to Jane.
“Oh, my God!” she cried. “You’re Old Reliable!”

After - kindle ebook by Peter Mulraney


Murder mystery, After, is the first book in the Inspector West series of crime/romance novels.

The stories in this series are about people committing crimes, messing up relationships and falling in love - not necessarily in the order.

After is the story of Paul Ford and his response to the inexplicable murder of Josie, his wife of twenty years. It explores how Josie’s unexpected death exposes her secrets, and leads to the unravelling of the ‘happily married couple’ facade that Paul and Josie had maintained for their families, including their teenage sons, Matthew and Luke.

The story examines relationships through the young love of Maggie and Matthew, the twenty year marriage of Paul and Josie, and the developing connection between Paul and Marie.

The novel also explores how families pull together in times of crisis and the ways people search for love in unlikely places. It also touches on the darker side of life as it delves into the motives of the killer.

While Paul is grappling with Josie’s secrets and his own failings, Detective Inspector Carl West is attempting to solve Josie’s murder.

Inspector West is supported by Detective Sergeant Nina Strong and Detective Constable Harry Fuller. As the story unfolds, we discover that the inspector has more than a professional interest in his sergeant, and that murders are not solved overnight.

Search for the Guru - Kindle eBook by Peter Mt. Shasta


Not since Autobiography of a Yogi by Yogananda has a book this spiritually revealing, yet at the same time humorous, been published. Written by one of the Woodstock Generation, who lived in New York in the 60s, Peter Mt. Shasta shares his spiritual awakening--from a Master appearing to him as a child and teaching him to meditate--to sitting with Ram Dass (former Harvard professor and LSD researcher Richard Alpert) at the feet of the guru, Neem Karoli Baba (also known as Maharajji). From this group later emerged Larry Brilliant as the doctor who helped eliminate smallpox in India and later became a Google executive, Kirtan singers, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das, as well as Buddhist lama, Surya Das. Steven Jobs, who would later found Apple Computers, also sought out this guru, but arrived too late--after Maharajji died in 1973. Rather than encouraging the author to be his disciple, Maharajji told Peter, much to his shock, that his guru was Jesus Christ. Peter further recounts his consciousness and heart expanding encounters with the woman saint, Anandamayi Ma.

He returns to the US and lives briefly in Berkeley's People's Park before journeying to Mount Shasta--California's mystic mountain--where he is visited by the Ascended Master Saint Germain and told the plan for his life over the coming year.

On a second trip to India, after a miraculous visitation by Sathya Sai Baba, Peter finally begins to remember who he is and why he came into embodiment. Returning to the US in 1972 he journeys across the country in his old van and encounters a number of Tibetan Buddhist Lamas (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Chagdud Rinpoche) as well as Joseph Sunhawk, a Native American shaman in Taos, New Mexico.

The story ends with Peter on his way to a rendez vous  with Saint Germain, this time in Marin County's Muir Woods, across the bay from San Francisco. This miraculous encounter with the legendary etheric being, who this time materializes physically before him, is described breathtakingly in the second part of his autobiography, Adventures of a Western Mystic: Apprentice to the Masters. Here Peter describes his training in the I AM teachings, and his apprenticeship to the Great White Brotherhood.

Many have said that once they started reading they could not put the book down--a page-turner filled with suspense, humor and illumination.

Lover's Muse (The Art Models Club - Book 1) - kindle ebook by Amanda Meadows


A New Adult & College Romance in the tradition of Jamie McGuire and Colleen Hoover.
Amber Holloway has transferred to a new college to escape her past. But financial problems threaten to overwhelm her and she passes out from hunger in front of Hunter Webb, a gorgeous art student who also happens to be the TA for her Art Class. Amber feels an immediate electric attraction between them. But she has always had to make her own way in life. Can she trust Hunter? Can she allow herself to accept help and love from another? Or will her obstinate ways alienate the one person who could make a difference in her life?

Readers are in love with Lover's Muse, this first installment in The Art Models Club new adult romance series:

"Brilliant Read!" 5 Stars - Allthesmallthingsandbig . . .

"Great Start: This was a great start to a series. It is a quick, light read but feels like a full story! I love the storyline as well as the characters. Can't wait to read the next book!" 5-Stars -  mpollard . . .

"Loved this book" 5 Stars - Amazon Customer

Emotional Changes: Young Adults and Divorce by Stephanie E. Stevens-Hicks


This book describes the impact of divorce from the young adult perspective. There is increasing consensus that the perspectives of children need to be taken into account in decisions made by divorcing parents and the courts and that young adults who have lived through their parents' divorces can be an important source of information about children's perspectives. The children are the first to be put in the middle of the parent's arguments and are put in situations where they feel they have to choose sides. In older children they tend to shut down and look to find other ways to vent their frustrations. This book provides young adults with an outlet and augments any professional advice they seek from counseling services. In a sense it provides a lighter tone to what they already have to deal with mentally during this difficult transitional stage in their life.

Suddenly Destiny - Kindle e-Book by S. Miller - Romance Contemporary Fiction


Sophie’s life was not easy.When she lived in Brazil, she was given in servitude to an old and corrupted politician while she was still a very poor teenager. She was physically and psychologically tortured, and deprived of the most basic rights. She came to believe that she was never going to be loved, that she would never reach salvation, and that justice didn’t exist. After all that suffering, was something still capable of hurting her?

In the hot sands of Copacabana, she met Neal White. A seductive American willing to turn Sophie’s life and make an amazing new beginning, with all that she always wished, a fairy tale in another country. Until the day when it all fell apart and she met the man behind the mask, the cruel side, that destroyed all the happiness that she had regained. Neal was the big boss of a scheme in Miami involving drugs, death and a lot of money. He tried to take from Sophie what she most loved. However, Sophie was strong and she restarted once again to protect her biggest secret. But not everything is always what it seems…

Adam Collins was in her destiny. A British heir who turned with his own hands into a billionaire entrepreneur. An eccentric man and owner of his universe, that fell in love with the sweetness and the mystery involving Sophie while she was working as a stripper in the show house Shades in Red in Manhattan. They would never imagine that their lives would be marked in such a way and that destiny would change them forever. They surrendered themselves to an intense and prohibited passion. Adam would do anything for her. But how far should we go in the name of love?

Neal was obsessed with Sophie and would never allow the woman that once was his, to belong to another man. And the three lives crossed.They will found out that some mistakes can change your life forever.

A sexy, romantic, fun, intriguing and intense story, with erotic and sensuous scenes, and an involving plot filled with action and suspense at every chapter. Characters which could very easily be real. Seduction and elegance at every word which makes us think that love is a great punishment for desire. A smart romance that shows life how it is, perfect in its imperfection.The readers most certainly will ask for more, because when destiny crosses unlikely pats, it is impossible to resist. There are no limits or borders when passion is present in every kiss, every look, every touch and every word.

The story is a cliché? Maybe. But what would life be without the clichés that fulfill our souls and our hearts with emotions. Life is a cliché! Read with no judgments, no limits and no shame. The journey of a woman searching for happiness and a new beginning. Because this is life, so much can happen... Suddenly.

The first book of the Suddenly Trilogy.

Midsummer Midnight by Parris Afton Bonds


Midsummer Midnight was once a powerful country that had been absorbed by Greece, and when I wrote the book I fictionalized it as still existing.  Since my writing, it has once again become a nation.  Midsummer Midnight is the first in the Midsummer Madness Trilogy, followed by the secondary character Sheik Khalid Radji’s own story in Man For Hire, Book II in the Midsummer Madness Trilogy, and lastly by Wanted Woman.

Unfailing Love - reflections on the biblical Psalms by Carol Shelton Moye


If you are like me and love the Psalms but have difficulty relating to some of them, this book is for you. This is the second volume in what is soon to become a three volume series in which I write poetic reflections on each psalm.  I have been touched by my readers telling me that my reflections encouraged them to take our their Bibles and to begin to reflect for themselves on what the psalmist was saying. It is my prayer that my words will touch you too in some fashion.

Here is what one Amazon reviewer said:

"Poetry, I? Read poetry? I haven't read a poem since Tiger, Tiger, burning bright. That was in school, many decades ago. Acknowledging that I am unworthy to critique a work that is based on a book from the Bible, (Five books actually). I fully expected to start this book and fall into my Sunday afternoon slumber, but heavens forbid, the more I read, the more I see it is written for the modern day reader, by a champion, a champion for the poor, for the oppressed...

The thinking reader, who wants a break from the moribund, who wants to read and be provoked into thought. Heathens beware, corrupt leaders beware, read this at your peril, it will make you rethink your positions. Someone is watching and that someone governs eternal life...

This author conveys her pain on every page, her pain for all the oppressed, the lied to, the deceived. What a wonderful thought provoking book."

The 17 - kindle ebook by Mike Kilroy


The Hunger Games meets The Breakfast Club meets Star Trek.
Zack Earnest is a young man who finds himself in a peculiar place surrounded by peculiar people.
They are asked by their mysterious captors to do barbaric things for reasons unknown to them -- until Zack speaks with one of his jailers and a whole universe is revealed to him.
Soon, it becomes clear to Zack and the others tossed into this menagerie that the ones who brought them here have a very specific need that only "The 17" can provide.
Zack and "The 17" must race against time to discover a way to thwart their plans.
It's a story of survival, forgiveness, love and betrayal. It's a story of youth finding its way in a world where the directions are impossible and unclear. It's a story of redemption and patience and how, even in the center of the universe, love and understanding are a constant.

BIG TROUBLE - An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel - kindle ebook by Denise Jewell


Meet a brand new type of family that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

Meet Evelyn Lee Emerson, wife, mother, businesswoman and high society who comes from one of the most affluent and influential families in the state.  When Evelyn plans she and her sister’s week long ski trip of fun in the snow what could be more perfect!  What could possibly go wrong? After a few days of fun, skiing and shopping one sister loses all self-control when they encounter a cheating husband. With some sisters wanting to protect the family name and some just wanting to go home they decide to pull together. Thinking to undo the damage done they decide to take matters into their own hands; hands that quickly become out of control when all hell breaks loose.
To what lengths will Evelyn and her sisters go to protect one another?  Find out when they become immersed in a trip of chaos, sabotage, vandalism and a crooked sheriff’s department.   What started off as a fun filled trip will leave Evelyn questioning does she know herself or her sisters as well as she thought she did. Can Evelyn lead them out of their dire situation or will they succumb to BIG TROUBLE?


*I can hardly remember reading another book I enjoyed more. First of all, Evelyn was an absolute hoot, and her antics had me giggling throughout the story. Although Big Trouble is a humorous women's fiction novel, it had some elements of mystery to it that I had a lot of fun with.

One of the major pluses of this book is Evelyn's family, especially her mother and sisters, who are high-powered women always organizing charity events and important meetings. But even though they've got their serious side, the way they rub Evelyn makes it feel like a real family. They have personal, casual sides too. The situation with Jackie's husband and his assistant at work is the kind of thing that gets me steaming, so I was glad the gals decided that they weren't going to let that pass without a fight. I don't want to give away too much more, but you'll never believe what happens. Kudos to Denise Jewell for a fabulous read.

*I have to say I laughed out loud many times while reading this book. These ladies are crazy! In a fun, OMG, I wish I knew them and could hang out with them.

Ride To Restoration - Kindle e-book by D.J.Wilson


This book picks up where Ride to Redemption left off but if you've not read that one this story can give you glimpses of what happened prior.
After reading the first book I became mesmerized. I finally figured out why. Just the way the story is told, some narrative, some subconscious thoughts really give you a feel for the characters.

This author reminds me SO much of Nelson DeMille and how his stories are told and evolve. Love the little remarks about 'points' just as DeMille in his books.

The book starts out in Canada and Vic and D are regrouping after Candi has left. Alternating chapters where Candi is in FL with her family and what's going on in her life while we are along for another ride with Vic and D.

Love all the nature, travel, romance, scenery as it's displayed in front of us, as if we can see it for ourselves. Love scenes and fun bantering throughout. All the new things on this extension of the journey, some new words for me to look up-love learning new words.

All the instances of paying it forward continue in this book.

I like series books but I need to read new things and this one delivers that and more. A different side to the main characters and you learn new things about them, their past, and their future.
Some series books I've read try to play catch up with the first book but they repeat enough of the back story so that it takes up 3/4 of the new book. This book is not like that. It's all new material with just glimpses of the past so you are not left out in the dark.

Dang: Episode 1 - kindle ebook by Rob D Smith


Accused of murder and on the run, Willem and Murven vanish into the trailer park underground and fight to clear their names. All the while, every redneck in the county and beyond -family, friend or foe- wants a piece of Willem and Murven's 15 minutes of infamy.

Trailer parks. Rednecks with ambition. Media coverage. Murder. Moonshine and a pinch of Skoal.  Dang: Episode 1 has it all! You don’t have to be a redneck to enjoy this slice of life set in the southern backwoods. Hop in and enjoy the ride! If you’re familiar with redneck culture, then keep your eyes peeled. You may recognize some of the characters as friends or family. If you’re not familiar with redneck culture, which is highly unlikely, consider Dang required reading for Redneck 101. But most importantly, have fun! Dang!

Dang: Episode 1 is the first installment of an ongoing serial novel. It’s a quick and easy read for those looking for lots of laughs and one big mystery to solve as you go. Read each episode of Dang and join the discussion. Share your theories and speculate on the crime. See if you can be the first to solve the case!

A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching - kindle ebook by John Fioravanti


The decision to release a new edition of this book came hand-in-hand with the resolution to create our own publishing company, Fiora Books. After many good years with our friends at Iceberg Publishing, Anne and I decided it was time to strike out on our own. We have been life partners for just over forty years, and now we are also business partners.

This new career of writing and publishing is both exciting and daunting. The adventure into a new world like publishing is invigorating. The other side of that coin is the very steep learning curve, which can be intimidating. As I feel the anxiety today I am reminded of the battle I waged when I began my teaching career – beset with fear of failure and the ever-present self-doubt. Fortunately, with the help of family, friends, and caring colleagues I was able to overcome those twin demons. That experience is helping me with my present inner struggle.

I have been retired from teaching for almost six years and am enjoying much lower stress levels. That’s both good and bad: good for my peace of mind, bad for my waistline. In these years of retirement I had to make the adjustment from my identity as an educator to that of a person without a profession. I had work to do around the house, and I picked up a part-time job driving a dealership shuttle; but I struggled to find meaning. It seemed as though I was no longer making a difference.
For me the adjustment to retirement was slow and difficult. It wasn’t long before I discovered a new inner demon – depression. As I battled with this melancholy, I lost sight of my retirement plan. When this book won a bronze medal IPPY award in 2008, the same month I retired from teaching, I was looking forward to a new career as a novelist. No one was more shocked than I by this recognition for literary excellence. It was pretty heady stuff for a ‘backwoodsman from Dundas’. Yet even with that excitement, the struggle to adjust derailed my plan.

That was unfortunate. After all, this book won a bronze medal IPPY award. There it is: proof I have the ability to write well. Very gradually I brought myself back on track to the point where I once more took up the pen, or rather, the word processor, and discovered the joy in creating fiction. The creative juices began to percolate and stories began to appear. I haven’t had this much fun since my days in the classroom when I shared stories with my students about Canadian history and politics! Soon Anne and I will share many good stories through our own publishing company.

In this book I said on a few occasions that I learned a lot from my students over those thirty-five years in the classroom. For those lessons I am grateful. Now I find myself being schooled by the characters I create. They don’t always behave the way I expect them to. There are occasions when I give them a crisis to deal with, they show me personality traits I didn’t know were there. Other times the plot takes off in an unexpected direction. Then I chuckle, close my word processor and wonder who’s really writing this story?

My passion for teaching has evolved into a passion for creating and sharing as I reinvent myself in this sixth decade of my life. Will I find success in writing and publishing? I hope so, but I’m not worried about it. I am so grateful to be able to share this new adventure with my bride. My shortcomings are her strengths and this business of publishing is invigorating for her too. We are a good team and we’re enjoying it thoroughly. So life continues to teach me new things and the most important lesson for me is that I am the best person I can be when I have work that inspires passion within me.
The depression has lifted, I have new goals, and I walk hand in hand with the woman I love down a brand new path. My personal journey continues…

Alice Will - Kindle ebook by Ashley Chappell

Fall in love with the first book in the Dreams of Chaos series for only $2.99 on Amazon!

Despite her out-of-control magic, teenage demi-goddess Trotter takes on dark gods and chatty demons while fending off the very apocalypse everyone thinks she caused.

ALICE WILL: Dreams of Chaos #1 is a YA Fantasy where myth meets madness. Trotter isn’t your average Percy Jackson-style demi-god and these aren’t your average Olympian gods. The gods of Aevum are exactly what we would be if we were forced to live forever with no sense of meaning, reason or even Prozac: Trigger-happy lunatics.

With 4.7 Stars on Amazon and 4.9 Stars on Goodreads, book reviewers have been calling the Dreams of Chaos Series a “rollicking adventure with nail-biting suspense tempered with humor” and “smart, it's funny, it's sad, it's action-packed... It's like Harry Potter with a divine twist!”
This novel is a fantastic read for any person who’s ever struggled with how they identify themselves and learned to define their own niche in a world that doesn’t seem to have a place for them. In ALICE WILL, the lives of a demigoddess and a tiny orphan girl collide when the lonely orphan accidentally begins to remake the world according to her imagination.  While there is plenty of excitement and adventure and a rich world filled with fantastic characters, this series also offers a chance to look at our own world through a comedic lens. It shows us how to laugh at ourselves and the empty traditions we value without knowing why. It’s about learning the hard way that maturity, at any age, is no match for experience. And finally, it’s about remembering that the right thing to do is still the right thing to do when no one is looking.

From the Book Jacket:
“Fourteen year-old Trotter was still just trying to get the hang of the demi-godding business when the apocalypse began. In a world where the gods have withdrawn from humanity, leaving mortals bitter toward magic, she finds herself torn between the human and the goddess in her. As the world begins to fade away and she becomes the prime suspect, her search to determine the cause and prove her innocence ends up revolving around a mysterious little girl named Alice. Then Trotter discovers that not all of the gods had been as distant as they seemed...

Now, with everyone against her and the gods fighting amongst themselves, Trotter is on her own to save her world and stop a spiteful god from using Alice to destroy everything.”

The Power to Navigate Life - kindle ebook by Tony Fahkry


The Power to Navigate Life is arguably the most complete and powerful teachings on the mastering of life.

Ten years ago, Australian author, speaker, health advisor and acclaimed life coach, Tony Fahkry, heard the word that changed his life forever: cancer.
It was his moment of awakening and the first step towards embracing the perfection of life.

A decade on and the release of: ‘The Power to Navigate Life’, is the culmination of that journey. The culmination of more than ten years personal experience, observations whilst working one-on-one with clients,
facilitating workshops and seminars, ‘The Power to Navigate Life’ is a unique program of understanding the function between mind and body to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

“Being told I had cancer had a profound effect,” said Fahkry. “It helped me to realise that there were areas which were disempowering – I needed to take decisive action to move forward.
Each one of us has a host of unique and infinite possibilities and options. ‘The Power to Navigate’ helps to embrace that potential by releasing the individual talents, skills, and passion within every
one of us.”

‘The Power to Navigate Life’ has already drawn international attention. New York Times best-selling author, Dr. Eldon Taylor has written the forward to the book and testimonials have added further
weight to the principles explored.

The Power to Navigate Life is a book like no other, with three main principles-

Health & Well-being
Personal Growth

The Power to Navigate Life is your opportunity to experience a rewarding life by developing; sound health and emotional well-being from the very first page. You will see that there is more to life than paying bills, being unhappy, always sick or being in a relationship that does not serve you. Includes Working diagrams (Map of Life), offering a strategic blueprint that will support you in your quest for a better life.

The questionnaire at the back of the book will help you identify issues within your life, issues that you probably were not aware you had. Receive The Power to Navigate your Life by Tony Fahkry, a leading; holistic, health and self-empowerment specialist.

The knowledge within is the culmination of more than ten years of personal experience, as well as the observations, working one-on-one with clients, facilitating workshops and seminar. Tony offers a unique perspective of understanding the function between mind and body to achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Super Romance Bundle !! by Eleven romances from New York Times, USA Today and bestselling, award-winning authors


Did you ever yearn for a second chance at something in your life? Ever wish that you had that one opportunity back to try again? Did you ever wish for something you could never have? Did the one man who really counted slip through your fingers? Did the relationship take a sudden turn - and not the way you planned?

We have. 11 Eleven New York Times, USA Today and bestselling, award-winning authors got together - for our second chance! We created Super Romance Bundle I close to a year ago and sold 100,000 copies. Now we're back and we've put together a second bundle of heartwarming stories to lighten your day.

Spunky heroines, delicious heroes and plots that will keep you turning the pages. This bundle has 11 stories that include a little something for everyone. From lonesome cowboys to heartbroken widower along with a spurned bride-to-be and one of those 'surprise' pregnancies. And all of it tied up with intrigue and suspense.

At close to a half million works, this collection is perfect to take to the beach or just kick back in your backyard and read the summer away.
After all, what would you do for a second chance at love?

The Bird Room - Kindle ebook by Chad Hofmann

Do you remember your favorite book, or television show, or character from your childhood? Mine was Merlin, I thought he was the best of the best; a timeless wizard who fought alongside King Arthur with the strongest magic in existence. How do you not love that guy?

When we were children my brother and I would go play in the woods around our neighborhood with our friends. A lot of the time we would act out new wars or stories, featuring ourselves as our favorite mythical creatures and characters; wielding the sharpest and finest stick weapons in all the land. I naturally chose to be Merlin each time, creating new endings and completely new stories to the ones already being told.

I used to love imagining what was happening after the words on the page ended. It wasn't always a game with my friends in the woods; sometimes I would just sit and think, or write and let my imagination wander to the place where my favorite characters were hanging out.

That's what The Bird Room is. A book of short stories that will take you back to that place where your mind won't let you stop until you have taken the time to think about what comes next. However, don't look for the cheer that you see in my childhood Merlin memory. These tales will take you to the darkest parts of your imagination and chill the soul. If you love the sad and twisted, or the eerie and weird, this book will quench your dark thirst. Be warned; you may find yourself staring at the dark ceiling in your silent bedroom, sleepless, wondering...what if?

That Year - a Action/Adventure story by M.J. Fontana


Freshman Matt James attempts to unite his high school to bring down the villainous Joey Fontane

Quiet and reserved student Matt James is preparing to start his high school career. Though anxious about beginning high school and getting closer to entering "the real world", he feels at ease knowing that he won't be facing high school alone, until his first true love Victoria unsuspectingly breaks up with him a week before the new year begins.

Matt will be tested in his freshman year as he tries to unite the school against drug dealer Joey Fontane and his gang, who have control of the school out of fear. Uniting the school against Fontane won't be easy and will test him and the entire school, but stopping Fontane is something that must be done. Only question is at what cost and how far do you go in an attempt to do what's right?

The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House - A Kindle humor ebook by John Bryson


"The sub-zero weather would not be kind to a man in fluffy slippers and a Huey Lewis t-shirt."

The advice of industry experts, guidance counselors, the Clergy, and the Surgeon General has never been something that has resonated with John Bryson, so rebelling against all common sense, he has compiled his first book, “The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House.”

The book contains nine humorous tales of domestic missteps, ranging from getting locked out of the house to avoiding third degree burns while cleaning his yard. The book is loaded with fresh material, cultural references, and word play while visiting some classic themes, the most prevalent being sometimes things just don’t go right.  ”The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House” is a quick read, safe for work and family, and currently available in eBook format through Amazon.

"Having houseguests over the weekend, our lower level bathroom, usually frequented as often as a kissing booth manned by Dick Cheney, was finally being put to good use."

Ian Strang, Author of The Grand Scheme of Things, summed it up well:

“The Blackout! And Other Tales From Around The House by John Bryson is a hilarious collection of short stories that describes in humorous and often painfully relatable detail the challenges of life in a suburban house. Cats, wives, children, freezers full of food, hairballs, hardware stores, busybody neighbors, and even a Falco reference help stitch together a typical day in Midwestern USA, a place where American humor comes from. The Blackout! is as refreshing as it is enjoyable, a true celebration of the art of the short story. I highly recommend this book.”

Connect with John at his website http://SmackOfHam.com and on Twitter @SmackOfHamBlog.

“We were probably good for a few days if we could live off Cheez-Its and popcorn. When those ran out, we could live for another day on fruit and vegetables, if you call that living.”

Red Surf - Kindle Ebook By Tracy Sharp

Red Surf is the fourth book in the Leah Ryan thriller series. It is not necessary to read the previous book in the series to enjoy Red Surf. The Leah books are written so that the series can be read in any order.

Red Surf is a serial killer story, but it is unique in that the killer uses sharks as the method of death. Although the subject of the story is terrifying, as just the very image of sharks evokes an almost visceral and deeply instinctive fear in us, much of the violence takes place off the page.

While researching sharks for Red Surf, Tracy Sharp discovered what amazing animals they are. Sharks are incredible APEX predators that are needed in our oceans for our ecosystem to function properly. Great whites are crucial balance keepers.

Great white sharks are making a strong come back. The population had dropped 70 percent since the 70s, but since 1997, the population has grown an estimated 42 percent, thanks to the growing seal population and a federal ban on hunting Great whites in U.S waters.

So the next time you're at the ocean, you may want to pay attention. You might spot a Great white hunting for seals or large fish along the shoreline.

Red Surf is currently available for kindle at an introductory price of .99 cents until the end of July.

The link to Red Surf is here: http://www.amazon.com/Red-Surf-Leah-Ryan-Thrillers-ebook/dp/B00LNM8X5S