The Last Train At Sunset - Religion ebook by Pearl

The Last Train At Sunset is a collection of poems and short articles explaining the need and urgency of having a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. It also has articles that explain how to maintain that relationship here in this life, and into the next, which of course is heaven. It is a very easy book to read!

THE WORMHOLE EFFECT - A sci-fi thriller by Leonard Walker

The truth and the dark secrets of our government lie hidden from us. Those secrets are protected by a cadre of sentinels who live invisibly among us and carry out the will of others. Who are those mysterious men who make things disappear? Find out who fired the shot from the grassy knoll. There are some dark mysteries that simply refuse to remain hidden.

Get ready for a non-stop thrill ride that will take you to places mentioned in whispers and see things that haunt our nightmares. Take a ride through time itself, fall in love, and race to the rescue with a rogue team of Navy SEALs into a place that shouldn’t exist. Leap into the dark void of the night sky at 2 a.m. into a blast of freezing wind five miles high racing past you at 200 mph. Come face to face with the impossible and uncover the real truth behind our history.

What treasures remain hidden in the Nevada desert, and who are the mysterious men in black suits? Look beyond the lies and see the reality behind the illusion. Pull back the curtain and meet the Wizard for yourself.

Discover the secrets, share the passion, and experience…


A novel by Leonard Walker.

Hold On! - a romantic suspense thriller by Peter Darley

After a series of disturbing nightmares with three publishers (publisher folding, agent retiring, publisher vanishing, publisher turning out to be a cult, etc) it's been a bit of a thriller in its own right. However, I have reacquired the rights to my romantic suspense thriller novel, Hold On!, and I am setting up a giveaway of the book on Amazon between May 25th and 29th. I would like the campaign to plug the book during this time. This is to commemorate the release of my sequel, Go! - Hold On! Season 2 on May 30th.

Upon its original release last year, Hold On! reached Amazon's top 50 bestsellers (#43), and received a five star rating from former TV news anchorman and bestselling thriller writer, Jim Brown. It currently holds an average 4.3 rating on Amazon US and 4.7 on Amazon UK.


Peter Darley (P.D. to his friends) is a British novelist, whose professional history is in showbusiness. He is a graduate of the Birmingham School of Speech and Dramatic Art, and he studied television drama at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA.) His television credits include guest-starring roles is UK productions such as BBC’s Crime Limted, Stanley’s Dragon for ITV, The Bill, and Sky One’s Dream Team, and numerous TV commercials. He has also worked as a model, presenter, and voice-over artiste for ten years, and has acted as an agent for several variety acts.
His lifelong admiration of heroes, and love of roller-coaster-style thrills have been a huge influence on his writings. He is a keen athlete and body builder, and lives with his wife in rural England.

A Fistful of Clones - a sci fi/general fiction novel by Seaton Kay-Smith

Australian stand-up comedian and writer, Seaton Kay-Smith first wrote “A Fistful of Clones” as a screenplay that received an “Honourable Mention” in the 2011 Sundance: Table Read My Screenplay Competition. He decided in the summer of 2013/2014 to turn it into a book.

The hero of “A Fistful of Clones”, Henry Madison is an apathetic and immature young man who needs to find physical and inner strength in order to destroy his clones.  Although Henry eventually learns from his experiences, this is not a simple morality tale — though it could be described as an ethics’ one for future times—rather, it is also a fast-paced and darkly amusing story.  “A Fistful of Clones” will appeal not only to fans of sci fi but also to those who enjoy reflecting on what it is that makes you who you are. Is it your genetics or your experiences? The old ‘nature versus nurture’ conundrum—and the book entertains as it’s resolved!

Koeur’s Book Reviews: I read this in one sitting. GET IT! 4.4/5 (Jesska6029): I give “A Fistful of Clones” 4 out of 4 stars. (Allen Stroud): “A Fistful of Clones” is a great read that makes a tricky topic accessible, humorous and thought provoking.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Seaton Kay-Smith has made a living as a comic writer and performer over the past few years.   He worked on Australia’s ABC2's now-axed “The Roast”, honing his writing skills there as well as on Dan Ilic's “A Rational Fear”.  His stand-up comedy one-man shows at the Sydney Fringe (2012-2014), Adelaide Fringe (2013) and Sydney International Comedy festivals (2013-2014) saw him develop the use of language for effect.

As a semi-finalist in the 2013 season of TV’s “Australia’s Got Talent”, Seaton impressed judge Dawn French who declared him ‘…surreal…clever… gorgeous…the Titter King without any doubt!’   His one-act play Arctic Fevers was selected and performed as part of Theatre 451's 2014 season in Melbourne. In 2014, Seaton wrote, produced and performed in “Lost Pilots”, a comedy radio series on FBi Radio, Sydney.

Seaton is head writer at Sydney film and design collective, Paper Moose, where he has written an online sketch comedy series called “Nick and Seaton” and several award-winning short films (48-Hour NSW Best Film 2010, films featured in Rottofest, USA Indie Fest, LA’s Hollyweb, Sydney Underground).   He is also a writer/participant in Big Head Mode’s Bonus Stage live video game talk show.  In May 2015 Seaton presented a solo show, “The Carnival of Regret: The haunted fairground”, for the Sydney Comedy Festival.   Seaton currently also has a feature film in development with Beyond Productions. (More on seatonkaysmith dot com)

Vortex Travelers: Sovereigns and Unwed Sailors - a science fiction time travel adventure by J. L. Holtz

Vortex Travelers: Sovereigns and Unwed Sailors by J. L. Holtz

The spirit of the unknown within the cosmic connection definably did not fit in with the reality laid upon me. However, flying by the seat of my pants works in my favor now. Sort of…

My father went MIA, and I was drafted. Shanghaied onto to a mystery warship underway in the Phantom Fleet of the United States Navy and plunged through a vortex chamber-- straight into an interplanetary odyssey, to complete my assigned mission and engage in a perilous clash in an epic, ancient, cosmic war between gods and brothers.

Placed on a trajectory course into the unknown, with the Earth's future hanging in the balance, I’m not sure what my mission actually is, I’m not sure who I am, or what I am? Am I Lulu Wu, a failing college student, or Wu Lu, or Ricky Wu, or am I a Taoist wizard and a cosmic sovereign, or just an alien?

I thought I knew it all and when your whole life becomes an amnesic mystery, what are you to do? Believe what you are being told?

It may be scary to make everything up as you go along, but my current adaptability enables me to take advantage of each new moment as it arises. This is my story and I stand to the call.

5 star Amazon Review

A mind blowing adventure into a Sci Fi world that may be actually already happening.

The uncanny realism of this adventure is beautifully articulated by a young voice, so honest, so vulnerable and yet so powerful, is a feat of extraordinary writing brilliance and boldness. You are instantly in the head, heart and soul of the main character and each fluctuating emotion she experiences are yours like it or not. The science reads so real you would swear that there is no fiction. This is a mind-blowing adventure into a Sci Fi world that may be actually already happening. You want this rich plot to never to end and want even more to stay with the character into the next adventure, just because you know it will be more then worthwhile. J L Holtz is a writer to pay very close attention to - I will be. Highly recommended. Amazon Review by Marina Martins

KDP Select Free Days  04/30/2015 - 05/04/2015

Lattices of Love - contemporary cross-cultural romance by Eris Field

In this contemporary romance, Turkish- American beauty, Emine, lives according to her grandmother’s old harem rules while Dutch psychiatrist, Marc van Etten, lives a self-imposed life of isolation behind the walls of his ancestral home in Amsterdam.  Both must marry—Emine to avoid bringing shame to her family after she refuses an arranged marriage and Marc to provide a mother for the troubled 4 year old he calls his daughter. Faced with the challenge of capturing a reticent husband’s love?  Emine, uses tried-and-true harem enticements—Turkish baths with 41 spices, mouth- watering dishes such as baklava, women’s curves, and ladies navels filled with apricot jam, and the slither of red silk lingerie.  When Marc accuses her unjustly of betrayal, Emine flees.  Realizing his mistake, Marc must find Emine.  After all, van Etten babies are born in the ancestral bed . . .conceived there too, if possible.

The Blue Harp Curse - A short fantasy story by Michael Sanderson

The Blue Harp Curse is a short story intended to be the first of others detailing the lives of various members of a large fantasy cities' guards and their daily and nightly duties and problems. I am using this one city and it's guards and their lives as a sort of "practice run" to go on to other much bigger things.

I always found the guards of any fantasy setting to be interesting, and usually overlooked in most fantasy stories. These poor guys go up against so many terrible things and are almost always out-matched in the stories you read, you can't help but feel bad for them.

In The Blue Harp Curse you meet two members of the nightwatch who are tracking down a serial killer, hoping to get him before he strikes again. However, what they walk into may wind up a bit too much for them.

The city in which this story takes place, as well as some outlying areas, will become more of a character as we go along as well.

Born to Run, Love to Be Free - a young adult novel by Daris Howard

Free on Kindle April 28-30, 2015.

Born to Run, Live to Be Free is a wonderful young adult story based on the life of real race horse whose fame was growing quickly.  But because of his fame, he lost his freedom.  The personality of this horse at times seems almost human.  You will find yourself sensing what he feels and, perhaps, discovering something about yourself and your own challenges in life.

Some Reviews:
I wholeheartedly recommend Born to Run, Live To Be Free” by Daris Howard. I couldn’t put it down! First of all, it’s a story about an amazing horse. It is also a love story. In addition, I found the details about taking care of a horse to be fascinating. Finally, it teaches the reader to live to be free and never give up. -- Jack Weyland (Author)

Born to Run, Live To Be Free is amazing.  It’s the perfect book for horse lovers, but has so many different emotions, all the way from hilarious to crying in my room because it’s so sad.  However it is a book you just can’t put down and have to read to the end.  If I had to rate this book from 0 to 5 I would give it an 8.  So if you love horses, you would love this book.  Kaylynn (age 11)

For Every Lie - an historical love story by J E Seaward

For Every Lie is a novel which begins  with a chance meeting between a carpenter and a housemaid. Stereotyped? Cliched? No - a true and vibrant story! The historical detail and visual description, brings the period to life and sits the characters comfortably within it.

1860, Hammersmith, England. We meet a family whose lives are to be considerably altered by fate. This is Victorian London, at a time where hardship was a fact of many peoples lives. Yet love, friendship and courage overruled sadness in even the toughest situations.

Young love and heartbreak, life and death, desertion and adoption, accusation and respect, wealth and poverty, invade the very walls of their homes.

Sisters of Sorrow - a YA Horror novel by Axel Blackwell

Sisters of Sorrow is on sale for .99 until the end of April.

Warning: Violent convent, reader discretion advised. This story contains sadistic nuns, morally ambiguous witches, unhinged orphans, and an industrious living dead thing.

Anna Dufresne is a child laborer in a turn of the century shoe factory, hidden away in the foggy, brooding coastal islands of Washington State. The factory, which doubles as an orphanage, is run by the Catholic Church and serves as a dumping ground – both for orphans who are not welcome at finer institutions, and for nuns who have disgraced the church. The walls of Saint Frances du Chantal’s Orphan Asylum hum with secrets and buried scandal.

Since her arrival five years ago, Anna has been trying to escape. She has watched as her friends die of malnutrition and exposure in their deplorable dormitory halls. She has seen them maimed and killed by the heartless machinery of the factory. She lost her own little finger, not to the factory, but to the sardonic abbess in charge of Saint Frances’s. And the physical dangers pale beside the psychological. Anna knows she must escape or she will lose what little sanity she has left.

Anna finally gets an unexpected break when the abbess assigns her to clean the drainage tunnels under Saint Frances’s. Deep below the subbasement of the ancient orphanage, from beyond the iron-gated mouth of the drainage pipe, something speaks to Anna. She tells herself it’s a boy, but she knows better. The voice, Joseph, offers her a key, and promises freedom, if she will come to him when she escapes.

She accepts without hesitation.

In the five days that follow, as Anna prepares to flee, rumors begin to surface about a spy among the newly arrived nuns, even the possibility that a witch has sneaked onto the island. Anna hears whispers of grave danger coming to Saint Frances. She fears for her friends, but she has the key, and she has Joseph, and there is no turning back now.

Anna’s escape attempt triggers a chain reaction of chaos, shaking the orphanage to its foundation and laying bare its deadly secrets, calling back into being things long dead. Anna is forced to confront unearthly terrors in the swirling mist of the island, terrors from her past, and a truly unsettling mystery concerning the quality of her own soul.

Sisters of Sorrow is dedicated to the 796 children who died at the hands of the Sisters of Bon Secours at The Mother and Baby Home of Tuam, Ireland. May their souls find peace.

The Incorruptible - an international crime thriller by Margaret Eleanor Leigh

“Write anything about this and you will not leave Greece alive…”
Only a rash outsider would dare interfere with Greece’s illegal trade in women. Meet Agnes Jones, she’s very rash indeed…


“Intense story with an unexpected twist. This was completely different from the books I have read and with the landscape of Greece it made for intriguing suspense story. Look forward to seeing what this talented author writes in the future.”
“A really well-written, clever story. Is there anyone in Greece Aggie can trust? There are so many twists to this story and if I say too much, I will ruin it for you.”

“This is the second book I have read by Margaret Eleanor Leigh, and I liked it even better than the last one. It was a great read and I particularly enjoyed the language, phrasing and the clever descriptive pieces which come with a touch of humour. I really liked those! Also the story moved quickly and did not linger for hours on minute descriptions of one flower. Ms Leigh also has a heroine you want to pick up and shake and throw on a plane to Heathrow. How could she be so stupid, so brave and how loveable all at the same time? A good book for a lazy afternoon, that will entertain you and keep you engrossed. I shall be buying all the other books by this author. Please give this book a try, you won’t regret it.”

See Bride Run! a romantic comedy by Charlotte Hughes

This newly released Romantic Comedy by NY Times bestselling author Charlotte Hughes is reduced to 2.99 through Valentine's Day. After nearly 50 books published by traditional publishers, this sweet funny romance is Charlotte's first independently published book.

With minutes to spare before she is to walk down the aisle, Annie Hartford makes a break for it, stealing the family limo. The limo breaks down in a small town in rural Georgia in front of Sam's café. All she has is a wedding dress and tiara. Will rich girl Annie find happiness living in a garage apartment, wearing second-hand clothes, and making her way around town on a borrowed bicycle? As for Sam, can he put his past behind him and trust that Annie won’t run home to daddy when her new life presents one obstacle after another?

Pretender at the Gate - Historical Fiction by S J Garland

Pretender at the Gate follows the adventures of English military officer Captain Esmond Clyde-Dalton as he seeks out Jacobite conspirators through the streets of Edinburgh in 1708. The kidnapping of the woman he loves and the death of old friends from Markinch makes his task infinitely harder.

Francis Stuart, the Pretender, has a French Armanda waiting to make the crossing to Scotland in order to regain the throne his daughters stole from him. Constant fighting in the Low Countries has exhausted the English army. If Francis is able to land in Scotland and rally Scottish sentiment to him, he will easily be able to march south into England.

Esmond’s old mentor and English spymaster Colonel Manner's has a plan. He needs Esmond to find a document signed by the Jacobite supporters, which lists the men, and arms they are willing to provide Francis. With the document Colonel Masters will be able to hunt down the conspirators before Francis leaves France, giving him a chance to keep the fragile Act of Union in place.

With his loyalty divided, Esmond must come to terms with the horrors of his past and the betrayal of his present to do what he knows is right.

Deferred Consumption, a romantic suspense by Shana James

The steam is so intense in this one, you almost forget that there's impending doom as you're in the middle of one of Heather and Brody's sexscapades.  Then, it hits you in the face, BOOM! The drama. You realize how lucky this couple is to have one another as their whole world crumbles around them.
Heather’s best friend, Jennifer, makes some bold, memorable appearances in the novel and she plays a pretty integral role in helping Heather take care of a nasty problem she’s dealing with.  That’s an element of the story that’s a nice surprise for readers.  That our heroine has a great friend who’s cheering her on as she moves through life’s many obstacles and hurdles.

Then, to add insult to injury, just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, the crap really hits the fan and Heather has some pretty tough decisions to make.  Her whole world completely unravels and she just doesn’t know what she’s going to do, next.  But, through her best friend’s encouragement, she’s able to pull it together and she remembers who she is.  That she’s capable of handling anything.  Even as fate is preparing to take care of her in the end. It's a wild, but satisfying ride. That's for sure.

A Fine Line - military non fiction by J E Roth

When I picked it up, I almost dismissed it.  Another short narration, but subject struck me.  I read for next hour.  Interrupted, I finished it that night.
    Two days later, I was still thinking about experience.  Memorable components surfaced; I could not shake it.  Subject would not rest.  It never will.
    In this epistolary memoir of the Vietnam War era, Roth describes joining U. S. Coast Guard to serve country and to protest war.  As Roth passed through training and service assignments in Boston, Portland, Alaska, and Detroit, he sent letters home.  Through mail home, modern dialogue between Roth and son, and future family, Roth cracks a window.  Its panes do not reflect answers to the single story of country service because war.  Its panes do reflect reply to question.  Question is: when is killing for cause good excuse?

Shakel Shakelovitz Finds a Treasure - a children's book about a very unusual black poodle!

Shakel Shakelovitz is a giant poodle who lives in Caesarea, Israel. One day, Shakel chases a ball onto the beach and discovers a buried treasure of ancient gold coins. When he brings the treasure to his owners, Gila and Ami, they report the wonderful find to the Antiquities Authority.
The man from the Antiquities Authority can’t wait to meet the person who found the treasure. He’s quite surprised to find that the hero of this story is a large, black poodle.
Who can blame him for being shocked? After all, not many dogs have a first and last name.

The book will be FREE on 26-28.4.15 only! Get your copy now!

Link to Amazon:

Fallen King - an action/adventure thriller by Wayne Stinnett

$.99 Kindle Countdown Deal - 4/25/15

"Wayne Stinnett is a naturalist and a warrior, but most of all he's a man who has a history with the sea and an innate understanding of violence, honor, and love. In "Fallen King" he has cleverly surrounded his protagonist with believable characters, providing a powerful continuity to each paragraph, extraordinary detail, and a tension that grows until the climactic end.
His portrayal of this close-knit group of individuals who bond, and share, and face challenge after challenge, is remarkable. He makes the reader part of the team, as you sense their danger, feel the camaraderie, and experience their anguish..." - Michael Reisig, Clear Creek Press

Gomer: The Prostitute & The Priest by Tanya M Baker

Synopsis: have you heard the story of Gomer, the prostitute int he bible that married the priest Hosea? I bet you never heard it like this before. Pastor Tanya M Baker puts a modern day twist on this love story. A must read for the faint at heart!


She had begun a life of prostitution at the age of fourteen. That was twelve years ago, and it was all she knew. She had spent her entire adult life and the better part of her childhood in the lower echelons of prostitution. Now, imagine if the bible characters, the prostitute who marries the priest Hosea lived today and in our times, what their love story would have been like. Author, Pastor, Tanya Baker gives us an amazing fictional account of one of the greatest love stories of all time. There was more to the prostitute than what you heard. She was a woman who quickly was put in a role foreign to her and rejected. She suffered from psychological issues, rejection, post traumatic stress disorder and postpartum depression. She was like many women in ministry and those who rise from the fouls of life on the street trying to survive in a cruel world. A world that would not let her forget her past. After reading this novel, you will be inspired to love from the purest of heart and as God loves. You will hear the prostitute's side of the popular biblical tale. For she, could not have known that God had another plan for her. She, couldn't have known that she had a name that would be impossible to forget…a name of biblical proportions. She was called Gomer.

Autumn Awakenings - a steamy Western Romance by Felicity Ryan

KDP Select Free Book  4/23-4/27

Felicity Ryan debuts her Bandit Brothers Trilogy with a sexy novel that follows the lives of three very different brothers and their possible love interests in the small town of Mesquite, Montana. Set against the backdrop of the Fall Festival, Autumn Awakenings will make you wanna reach for a cup of hot cider as you nestle under the blankets to get to know these rough-and-tumble cowboys.

Moondust - a heart warming story for 7 - 11 year olds by Neil Wilson

ED FROST lives in the peaceful English town of Church Stretton. He loves to observe the night sky and longs for adventures in a distant galaxy. He receives a dream birthday present – a Jason Empire telescope - but his joy is halted at school when confronted by the school bully, John ‘RAT FACE’ Anderson. Ed faces his fears. Ed prevails but a greater battle lies ahead.

Ed tests his new telescope in the daylight and spies a shadowy figure walking on the moor. Strangely, the man stops and leaves something behind before turning back the way he came. Ed and his best friend Bertie investigate. They find an old sack. Inside are two tiny Welsh terrier pups, left for dead. Moondust becomes a much loved member of the family, while Meteor’s life hangs in the balance.

Ed finds an advert for puppies in the local newspaper and phones the number to discover it's only a short distance away. He and Bertie set out to spy on the farm. On the way they meet an old foe. He has been upset by his older brother who is renting the farm and selling the puppies in a heartless money-making business. The boys make an unexpected friendship and when they arrive at the farm they are disgusted by what they see – bedraggled underfed pups, kept in dirty and cramped conditions – a cruel death camp for dogs

A courageous and daring race for life begins.

Can they rescue the pups and bring the sinister operator to justice?

Sarah "Malcolm's Prize" by Sasha Holden

Free from April 24 – 28

So you are beautiful and sexy, yet lonely. You just want love, affection. But when you can’t reach between the bedroom walls into the bed of your best friends husband, with whom you live, it becomes more than love and affection you lust after. What do you do when the thirst you crave can’t be quenched?  Set on the beautiful Australian Coastline, maybe, just maybe, all your dreams will come true.

This stylishly written romantic tale of three lives intertwined escalates over time into one of not just passion, lust and desire. Out of nowhere the unexpected arrives to release unparalleled scenes of erotica that sweep you away on a wave of ecstasy. Confused as you are, vulnerable and uncertain as you may be, you know deep down in places only you have visited, that he has been looking. There’s only one problem. While he’s been noticing, your best friend has been protecting. She’s not about to give up everything she’s worked hard for. And why should she. She has him, you just want him. Or should I say, need him.

Three’s a crowd. Or is it?

Buckle up for the most sensuous story written in 2015!

A Blues Life - A Memoir by Nome Trattenuta

KDP 5 Day Free Promo - April 24 thru April 28

The late, great P.G. Wodehouse is the primary influence on Nome Trattenuta’s narrative style and sense of humor, though Mr. Trattenuta’s subject matter leans more toward that found in Russell Brand’s or Hunter S. Thompson’s more disreputable confessions.  John Mortimer’s Rumpole stories, early Rod Stewart album liner notes, Stephen Fry’s memoirs, every episode of Monty Python and the collected ravings of Daffy Duck have all left their respective marks too.  “A Blues Life” uses English English spelling and is peppered with British slang (with explanatory footnotes for American readers) and somehow finds a middle ground between a high-brow command of the language and the low-brow antics described.  And though no photographic evidence has been offered, compensation has been made by way of the inclusion of some of Nome Trattenuta’s lyrics germain to the chapters they follow.  (Perhaps one day you will hear the recordings…)  But first, last and in-between, “A Blues Life” is the tale of an artist's struggle with Bipolar Disorder in the course of his life and professional career—his ups and downs, triumphs and failures, and times of pride and joy pitted against those of woe and truly comedic embarrassment.  Bits of it would translate well to film if you’re reading, Mr. Gilliam!

The Doorway and Other Stories - SF and fantasy by Joy V. Smith

The Doorway and Other Stories is free from April 23-27, 2015 at:

This collection of fourteen fun SF (mostly) and fantasy stories (reprints) includes adventures with aliens,  time travel, symbiotes, a protective ghost, and humans searching for a home and/or family--sometimes in an alternate universe--and unicorns and mermaids, and then there's the princess and the barbarian.

An example:

When Danger Rules:
Reesa came back to rescue the remaining members of the family she loved.  Now she had to avoid being killed by her cousin, who wanted the throne, and the new ruler of the planet, who didn’t want a throne, and the ones she had come to rescue…
(Excerpt in Writer’s Digest  Nov. 2000 and Excerpt in Writing Clinic (special issue)  2003)

Another example:

Royal Guardians
The heroine, former princess Kara,  and her companions, a palace guard and a palace cat, land in Florida after escaping from another dimension.

Long Gone Man - a mystery/thriller by Phyllis Smallman

Set in the Pacific Northwest, this series follows a homeless woman who calls herself Singer Brown. A musician who sings on the street for coins, Singer watches the ebb and flow of life around her. With a knack for being in the right place at the wrong time, Singer is one of society's invisible people. But being unseen is an incredible advantage when you're digging for secrets.

Long Gone Man is the first book in this new series, and has won the Gold Medal Award for 2014 from the independent Publishers Association in the Mystery/Thriller category.
Phyllis Smallman, author of the Sheri Travis mystery series, begins a new series with Long GoneMan, featuring Singer Brown, a middle-aged woman who'd be comfortable at Travis's Florida bar.

Brown peddles her voice for coins on street corners, and lives in an old van full of aches, pain and memories. The memory of a past lover's suspicious death leads her to Glenphiddie Island in the Pacific Northwest, just in time to learn of the murder of the man she suspects is the source of her 20 years of pain.

Suspects include a widow, other band members and, for some, Singer herself. Add motive, revenge, a gloriously obscure setting and the RCMP, and Smallman delivers a fresh take on the old saying that revenge is a dish best served cold.

Don Graves ~ The Hamilton Spectator ~ November 2, 2013

Look What the Wind Blew In - a mystery by Ann Charles

Angelica is an archaeologist working a Mayan dig sight down in the Mexican Jungles. Who knew when she translated the writing’s on the wall of a temple that she would be unleashing a curse! Angelica, of course, doesn't believe in curses, but many of her crew, who are locals, do. That is when the accident’s start happening and trouble really begins.

After the wind that blew the in the curse, our handsome Quint Parker shows up.  He is a photo journalist from South Dakota that Angelica’s father Juan brought in to write up an article about their dig sight. Juan's hopes are to help secure future funding for their work. To add to the fun Angelica’s ex-husband and fellow archaeologist Jared shows up to stir trouble into the pot. This is where the fun really begins!

Ann Charles, author of Jackrabbit Junction and Deadwood, brings us Look What the Wind Blew In, book one in an all new Dig Site Mystery Series. In Look What the Wind Blew In Ann introduces us to Violet's brother Quint as he meets up with the the fiery Angélica in the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico to solve a mystery. When these two meet, sparks fly and the race to get the answers is on! Wonderful, sexy and funny, this is a great start to a new series!

The Last Enemy - a Romantic Suspense by Pauline Baird Jones

I'd been "inducted" into the world of romance writers and found them gutsy, bright and underestimated. Being the kind of person I am, I thought what fun it would be to pit a romance writer against a US Marshal. It was a hoot taking all the misconceptions about romance writers and using them against my poor hero. I liked the idea of the hero finding himself attracted, totally against his will, of course--to a woman he believes is already dead. I found I couldn't sustain it for long, just because my guy was so darn smart, but that meant I needed a killer with a twist, someone who could, at least for a short time, muddy the crime scene.
I'm a bit afraid of heights myself and one night I had this vivid dream about a wacko forcing my dream character to face her fears out on this ledge. When I originally started the story, it was set in New Orleans, but I needed a place with a FreeNet (at the time) to make the story work. And Denver had one and Lots of "up" for Dani to be afraid of. Of course, by the time I finished rewriting the book, technology had changed so much, she didn't need access to a free net to do what I needed her to do. I had this whole, hilarious scene with Dani in a library that I deleted. And another where she dressed like a man.

My husband had a business trip to Denver, so I asked him to check out the area, scope out the Federal building (which got him in a spot of trouble with some real US Marshals as he was taking pictures of the building and  being was most thorough about it.)  After that, being a National Park addict, hubby made his way to Rocky Mountain National Park and brought me back info on Long's Peak--the only "teener" (Peak 13,000 ft above sea level) that you can actually hike up. It was perfect for my (and Spook's twisted) purposes.

Visiting the Sins by Melanie Denman

In her riotous debut novel, Melanie Denman probes the silent sacrifices of motherhood with unflinching honesty and warmhearted amusement. Set in the Bible Belt of Deep East Texas, Visiting the Sins is a darkly funny story about mothers and daughters, naked ambition, elusive redemption, and all the torment it s possible to inflict in the name of family.

Down through the decades, the lofty social aspirations of the feisty but perennially dissatisfied Wheeler women Pokey, the love-starved, pistol-packing matriarch; Rebanelle, the frosty former beauty queen turned church organist; and Curtis Jean, the backsliding gospel singer are exceeded only by their unfortunate taste in men and a seemingly boundless capacity for holding grudges. A legacy of feuding and scandal lurches from one generation to the next with tragic consequences that threaten to destroy everything the Wheeler women have sacrificed their souls to build.

Visiting the Sins is old-fashioned Southern storytelling at its hilarious, heartbreaking, poetic best. --Frank Mills If the Devil Had a Wife

Visiting the Sins' is Melanie Denman's debut novel, an uproarious series of vignettes about the Wheeler family, a small-town clan dominated by strong willed women with sharp tongues and an unfortunate habit of marrying weak men. --Gary B. Borders - A Hanging in Nacogdoches

Melanie Denman comes from a long and celebrated tradition of southern writers combining pathos and humor with glorious results. Her characters-the women in particular-are marvelous: irreverent, scandalous and unapologetically themselves. Her language is as fresh and original as they are, and she uses a wonderfully unconventional structure to create this multi-generational family saga... has you laughing and crying, sometimes within the very same scene... --Malena Watrous - If You Follow Me

Few can depict rural East Texans or rural Southerners, for that matter with such accuracy and sensitivity as Melanie Denman did in Visiting the Sins. Or with such heartbreaking realism... She plumbs the depths of their personalities with warm-hearted humor for their human comedy, and with wisdom and understanding for the flaws that go with mankind s eternal condition. ... --F.E. Abernethy- Let the River Run Wild: Saving the Neches

"...strong relationships between the characters and the history of the old town... As the characters age through the story you can actually follow their thought process-thanks to the way Denman develops them and portrays their relationships." --Robert C. Nuzum -- Old Spanish Trail Treasure

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt - Legal Thriller by Linda S. Prather

Jenna is a kick-ass Assistant DA caught up with a corrupt family headed up by of all people a former judge. Jenna gets entangled in a messy family web of deceit in which an innocent member of the family has been imprisoned for twenty-five years. When a member of the young man's family is killed in an accident, he is released from prison into Jenna's custody to attend the funeral, and that's where this fast-paced, non-stop thriller really begins.

From prosecutor to victim, Jenna quickly finds she can trust no one except two Corpus Christi police officers who have their vendetta against former federal judge, William Elkins. The lines have blurred between good and bad, and if Jenna wants to survive she'll have to team up with a motley crew of the worst bad guys around. The body count is rising, and unless she can find proof beyond a reasonable doubt, none of them will survive.

Seven Sisters: Historical Fiction by ML Bullock

Carrie Jo isn't your average historian. She's a secret--one that keeps her one step ahead of the competition. Carrie Jo dreams about the past! Once she's hired to restore Seven Sisters, an aging antebellum in downtown Mobile, Alabama, she begins receiving clues about a missing heiress, Calpurnia Cottonwood. Add a few ghosts, a missing fortune and a handsome employer into the mix and you have a suspenseful page-turner! Go back in time in the footsteps of a ghost and find out what really happened!

Mayday - Historic Fiction Mystery Thriller - by Christopher Carr

13 seconds. 67 shots fired. 4 dead. 9 wounded. And the killers went free. It was May 4, 1970.

Fast-Forward 40 years. Former Ohio National Guard members and other 60-something men are randomly being murdered execution style.

Special Agent Skyelar Blu — a weapons and martial arts expert — is assigned to the case. She discovers that her reclusive father was a Sergeant in the Guard unit that made history when soldiers fired their weapons into a crowd of unsuspecting Kent State University students. It’s uncovered that the men being killed were once members of this unit, as well as agitators from the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).

Why is someone killing these men? Is it insanity...revenge...or something deeper? Is Skye’s father the prime suspect or is he the key to finding the killer?

Now Skyelar must catch the killer and unwrap the mystery surrounding her father and the murders.

Dear readers: I believe this book will give you some insight to this historic event. Although it's fiction, it is based around the actual event and a rumor that swirled around it, but was never proven. I wanted to get into the psyche of the man that pulled the trigger first and how that event may have effected his life.

I was inspired to write this book becasue in 1970, I was actually a student at Kent State University and stood less than 100 yards from the Ohio National Guard soldiers when they opened fire.

I wrote the screenplay first and then the novel. The entire process took me over two years.

The books title, MAYDAY, was the logical choice. The even happen on May 4, 1970 and "Mayday" is an international distress signal.

I actually created the cover. The bloody peace sign symbolizes the outcome of that day and is also one a reoccurring symbol/clue throughout the novel.

The hardest part of writing this book was reliving the event over and over in my head. I did a lot of research and learned a lot about the events that transpired in the years that followed. To the families and love ones, mostly.

I hope you will read MAYDAY. For those of you in my age range it will bring back memories of those days. For the rest of you, I hope you will learn a little about a tragic event that I pray will never be repeated.

Nikki Magee by Peter Wend

There are no Vampires of Venus seducing Martians and no Werewolves running amok in your forest outside. No Orcs are chopping off Goblins limbs and Photon cannons are not valiantly blasting away at the orbiting Starship. There is, though, one piano and the story of an amazing little girl who can play.

Nikki is an orphan, age 11. She's a musical prodigy, massively gifted, with a voice. She is taken under the wing of Johnny Mazzarisi, a mob boss, and his family.

Nikki lives upstairs at a shop, owned by Johnny's youngest son, Tony, where she begins learning a trade. She soon acquires a piano, is befriended by Nina, daughter of an employee of Tony, and meets Lesya Popov, a once world renowned harpist.

From playing with two other musicians to her first experience at a music club, where Drek Mason is playing, Nikki's ability is gaining power and breadth. She eventually plays with Lesya at the performance hall in the city. This event launches what Drek Mason has been searching for, culminating in the - real - Michael Collins Band.

A highlight to Nikki, and fortuitous for Drek, is when, at age 15, she and Lesya, by pure happenstance, wind up in Glasgow. It's Nikki's first rock concert and fate is about to intervene on a massive scale.

So take a break from Venusian Vampires, orbital space-platforms, and enjoy a story with a different tune.

HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand - Mystirio Astronomiki - a Steampunk action adventure by Christopher C. Meeker

'HAWTHORNE: Chronicles of the Brass Hand – Mystirio Astronomiki' is the masterfully crafted steampunk tale of young Edgar J. Hawthorne who travels to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in the summer of 1835 to visit the the Royal Observatory and close family friend John Herschel where he is unwittingly caught up in an extraordinary continent-spanning adventure that will ultimately affect the future of all mankind.

Forests of Farallon - A Fantasy by Ben McKinnon

This book is free of profanity and adult content. An exciting read for teens and adults, young and old. If you know anyone with mental special needs, this will be of particular interest to you. Read it to fully understand.


Late one night, Ben McKinnon couldn't sleep because of the thoughts bumping his brain. He awoke and yanked a brown hair from his head, pulling the thoughts out with it. A puddle of green ink flowed from the hair as he dragged it across an empty page. Faces emerged from the emerald puddle: faces with names. Jeremy, Sasha, Eric, Whytney, Daniel. They had come to tell their story. "Come with us," they said.

Eric looked Ben in the eye. "You can't just tell this story. You have to live it."

"But where are we going?" asked Ben, following them into the darkening ink. Whytney and Jeremy exchanged a glance.

"We call it Farallon," answered Jeremy.

"Yes," adds Whytney. "The Forests of Farallon. It will change your life."

The Triangle Exit - The true story of a former FBI agent by Ronald Fino

Ronald Fino, the FBI’s foremost undercover operative does not scare easily. Which is why he’s not afraid to name names in this true-to-life undercover expose.
For years, Fino wanted to write about his exploits, but each time the FBI managed to stop him. Even requests from major authors like Tom Clancy had to be placed on the back burner.
Today, Ronald Fino, is retired from his service to the FBI and is ready to tell his story. Because of his unique position as the son of a Mafia Godfather, Fino got to know the ins and outs of organized crime from the ground up. He learned how they control members of Congress as well as local officials, and their ties to presidents, politicians and law enforcement officials. “If the public ever put this all together, on how their tax dollars are misused, there would be a revolution,” declares Fino, quoting a well known FBI maxim.
But working to bring mob members to justice and exposing political corruption wasn’t enough for Fino. He also managed to infiltrate the Russian Mafia, made clandestine contact with Muslim terrorists, and outed illegal arms smugglers, child porn organizers, narcotics dealers, and international money launders.
It’s all here. It’s all true. And, as Ronald Fino says, “It’s not going away anytime soon.”

The book is in a bargain price of 0.99$

Hunt for Valamon - An Epic Fantasy by D.K. Mok

When Prince Valamon is impossibly taken from the heart of Algaris Castle, the only clue as to motive or culprit is the use of unknown sorcery.

Reclusive cleric Seris is happily tending to his book-infested temple when he finds himself recruited to the politically compromised rescue mission. His sole companion on the journey is Elhan, a cheerfully disturbed vagrant girl with terrifying combat skills and her own enigmatic reasons for seeking the prince.

Venturing into the wild, unconquered lands, chasing rumours of rising warlords and the return of the vanished sorcerers, Seris and Elhan soon discover a web of treachery and long-buried secrets that go far beyond a kidnapped prince.

"An original, fast paced and fascinating tale that kept me riveted from start to finish." – Smash Dragons

"A fun read that offered quite a few surprises. Hunt for Valamon is refreshing and unique, highly recommended for fantasy readers looking for an adventurous journey." – The BiblioSanctum

The Reasons Why - A Contemporary New Adult Romance by D.S. McKnight

Falling in love should be the stuff of fairy tales.  BUT - when your knight in shining armor is your step-brother, a happily ever after might not happen...

When Claudia Brown and Marcus Stevens married, they never imagined their love would turn their children's lives upside down but that is exactly what happened. For Britney and Michael, navigating the terrain of their new family was like walking through a mine field of emotions as they tried to ignore their growing attraction. One false move and everything could blow up.

This is a novella (approximately 26,000 words) - Perfect for a day at the beach.

Reviewers said:

"D.S.McKnight is not afraid to delve into a very sensitive aspect of those relationships, and constructs a compelling story that draws the reader in, hooks them and keeps them reading to the end to find out what happens to Britney and Michael." - Margorie DeLuca

"A must read - a little heartache and a lot of love..." -Sue Mahlerwein

Promise by Kristie Cook

FREE on Amazon

1st book in a series of 7.

Description: Alexis Ames has a life full of promise...but not all promises can be kept.

When Alexis Ames is attacked by creatures that can't be real, she decides it's time she learns who she really is, with or without the help of her mother, who guards their family's secrets closely. After meeting the inhumanly attractive, multi-talented Tristan Knight, however, Alexis retreats behind her façade of normalcy...until she discovers he's not exactly normal either. Then their secrets begin to unravel.

Their union brings hope and promise to her family's secret society, the Angels' army, and to the future of mankind. But it also incites a dangerous pursuit by the enemy - Satan's minions and Tristan's creators. After all, Alexis and Tristan are a match made in Heaven and in Hell.

Vipers Den Part One Piper and Kade - a Romantic Comedy by JB Heller



That's what people are saying about the firs instalment of Vipers Den by Aussie author JB Heller.
Part one is all about the owner of this unusual beauty salon, Piper. For as long as she can remember she's loathed the sexy geek that is Kade Benson, who happens to be her bothers best friend and the bane of her existence.
However, one day after yet another horrific blind date, set up by her mother, Kade approaches Piper with a brilliant, yet crazy plan to get her mother to back down with the match making and also solve a little issue that's been following Kade around.
Piper takes a chance, and takes Kade up on his offer.
But not even she could foresee how things would pan out.

*This is the first in a series of standalone novella's.
*Contains sexual situations and language not advised for readers under the age of 18.

The London Affair - a mainstream novel by Susan Lute

The London Affair at Amazon:

Many authors talk about writing the “book of their heart.” Sometimes it happens by accident. That's what happened to me. I was published in traditional contemporary romance when Stella Carmichael came knocking on my door – figuratively speaking. One day driving to The Day Job, an hour from my home, in the city of Portland, I was listening to my favorite radio station, K103, when they gave away a trip to anywhere in the world to one lucky listener. Instantly my imagination took off. What if a woman in trouble won that trip? What if her daughter won the trip and sent her mother as far from her normal life, such as it was, as she could? What if...? And so Stella's story was born. One of my favorite cities in the world is London. It made sense England was where Stella had to be sent to sort herself out...but it wasn't just Stella who was in trouble. The plot thickened.

Bitterly resentful of her family and a life that isn’t what it’s supposed to be, Stella Carmichael finds herself responsible for her unruly granddaughter, and on a plane to London. Faced with hard truths about her relationship with a husband who’s gone and a family that is falling apart, she reluctantly gets to know her sullen granddaughter, makes new friends, and embarks on an unexpected flirtation. Somewhere along the way will she discover family is a gift, and living, something to be treasured?

Family, community, and the journey home. Those are the stories I write, that touch my heart. I hope they touch yours, too.

Dance of the Dawn Butterfly - a children's book for animal lovers by Vardit Eyal

The book will be FREE on 20-21.4.15

Little Mira dreams of flying like a butterfly but she doesn’t have wings. Will Mira ever be able to fly like her friend, the Dawn Butterfly?
Will the Dawn Butterfly ever become part of Mira’s world – absent of flying?
Within their friendship they discover that nothing is impossible and that their connection strengthens and inspires each other’s worlds.
Mira will discover she doesn’t need wings to fly and the Dawn Butterfly will learn that he can stay grounded even without legs.
From their connection grows a love that is not limited to time or place –Only to the one spirit that is within them…

The Parthian – an ancient adventure by Peter Darman

‘The Parthian’ is a tale of love, honour, war, glory and loss set in the Spartacus slave revolt in Italy in the first century BC.

‘The Parthian’ is a unique account of the Spartacus slave revolt as seen through the eyes of a young Parthian prince: Pacorus, a member of the royal household of Hatra, an ancient city between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the Parthian Empire. Captured by the Romans in Cappadocia, Pacorus is condemned to a life of slavery and transported to Italy. But he is rescued from a cruel fate by a band of escaped gladiators on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius. The leader of the slaves is a Thracian called Spartacus and thereafter he and Pacorus forge a mighty army that shakes the Roman Republic to its core.

Combining historical accuracy with exciting narrative, ‘The Parthian’ follows the exploits of Pacorus and the slave army as they inflict a string of defeats on the Roman army as they march through Italy. But the slave army is riven with divisions that threatened to tear it apart, especially the antagonism between Pacorus, the commander of Spartacus’ horsemen, and Crixus, the fiery leader of the Gauls. Their intense dislike of each other eventually leads to the division of the slave army, which has dire ramifications for Spartacus.

But while Pacorus is glad to see the back of one Gaul another becomes central to his fate. The fiery, beautiful Gallia intoxicates him and slowly the Gaul princess warms to his charms. They both decide to stay by Spartacus’ side when the slave army reaches the Alps in northern Italy but refuses to disband. The decision is made to march on Rome itself. But in the eternal city Rome’s most power figure – Marcus Licinius Crassus – decides to take the field against Spartacus. Thereafter it is a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as the slave army seeks to stay one step ahead of Crassus. Can Pacorus save his men and the woman he loves before they are cornered by Crassus and his legions?

No Quarter: Dominium - Novella 1 by MJL Evans and GM O'Connor

Novella 1 begins in 1689 Port Royal, Jamaica with Atia Crisp and her sister Livia shipwrecked and sold into slavery. They are soon separated and Atia is used a pawn in a deadly card game. Atia is swiftly liberated by Capitaine Jean-Paul la Roche (whose secret identity is the pirate Gator Gar). They take refuge at Cherry Red's Boutique, a high class brothel, where the strumpets are not only beautiful but deadly. The refugees soon meet up with allies including the medication loving Dr. Strangewayes, his assistant Gladstone and Theodore Binge, the card shark.

Spotless - a romantic suspense by Camilla Monk

An OCD-ridden hit man draws a naïve nerd into a world of danger, lust, and housecleaning ...
Witty and fresh, Spotless takes its readers to a journey into a world filled with nice mobsters, supervillains and ostriches, all seen through the eye of a spunky and relatable heroine desperately looking for Prince Charming.

Island Chaptal—nerdy IT engineer by day, romance novel junkie by night—just walked into her messy New York apartment to find Mr. Right waiting for her. No, wait…Mr. Clean.

A gentleman professional killer with a bad case of OCD and zero tolerance for unsorted laundry, March isn’t there to kill her…yet. He wants the diamond her late mother stole for a sinister criminal organization. Island agrees to help him find it, facing the kind of adversaries who dismember first and ask questions later. Good thing she’s got March to show her the ropes. And the guns. And the knives.

The buttoned-up Island is soon having a blast racing from Paris to Tokyo following the clues in her mother’s will, and for the first time, she’s ready to get close to someone. But falling for a hit man may be the very definition of loving dangerously.…

Invitation to Die by Helen Smith

Invitation to Die is a fun British mystery set at a romance authors’ conference in London. When one of the delegates goes missing, twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles teams up with eccentric philosophy professor Dr. Muriel to investigate.

"Helen Smith has created a great little cozy series with the charming Emily Castles." Criminal Element

Star Crossed - contemporary novel of impossible love by Paul McDermott

“Nothing comes freely in this world. Love comes least freely of all.”

Mahmud, a Christian Palestinian refugee, sets out to rebuild his shattered life and escape his traumatic past in his new home, truly the blessed land he’d hoped to find, Australia. His only dream, the greatest dream Australia represents for him, is that his siblings and mother can finally find peace and security, and healing enough to make their dreams come true. Shahar – Sharni when in the West – is touring Australia as an out-andproud conservative Israeli political warrior. Dishonourably discharged from the Israeli Army under civilian bureaucratic rules designed to insulate Western pieties – or so she sees her mistreatment under civilian oversight – she sets out with a clear goal: to throw as much invective, to be as many stereotypes, to do whatever it takes to make the world understand that she’s angry with them. She only wishes she knew why – that those responsible for her discharge from the service of her beloved country could tell her why she is so angry.

When Sharni meets Mahmud, love kindles – and instantly. Just as God raises the cup of happiness to two sets of willing lips, two souls yearning for the loving life they know they will share, so does the world dash it away. For as much as we all wish otherwise, the world – armed with its prejudices – forever intrudes...

The book will be FREE on 19-21.4.15

Blood Red: The Complete First Season, Paranormal Romance Bundle by Vivian Wolkoff

Are you ready to discover the dating rituals of the modern vampire?

For Evie Williams a boring life is a safe life. That all changes when she meets Chris, a vampire who wants her body, heart and soul. But can Chris turn his back on his clan for Evie? Can Evie survive this new, scary world?

Blood Red: The Complete First Season is a story of alpha male billionaire vampires turned heroes, damsels who refuse to be in distress and political conflicts solved by fights to the death.

Critics have said: 
* "Whether you are in it for the nail biting suspense or the sweaty romance, this book has something for everyone." (

*"You will find that every episode is thrilling and full of suspense. (…)  Blood Red, in its entire first season, is a must-read for all booklovers, especialy fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy." (

*“I loved this. Paranormal Romance is one of my favorite genres . The story was so well written that I felt that couldn’t put it down." (

Please note: Like a television series, this story is broken up into episodes. Each episode is approximately 15,000 words long. There are eight episodes in Season 1 – all in this bundle. You can binge-read the season with his bundle. Season 02 comes out August 2015.

Haunting Evergreen - Supernatural/Paranormal story by L.K. Campbell

Haunting Evergreen is a ghost story with a little tongue-in-cheek poke at the current ghost hunting craze. My personal belief goes along with what Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." I've had a few personal experiences that I couldn't explain, and I do believe that there's a world all around us that we can't see while we're in this mortal form—only once in a while people will have glimpses of it.
While the relationship between the main characters, Justin Marino and Lisa Ryan, does change and grow in the course of the story, this book isn't classified as a romance. In the beginning of the story, they don't like each other at all. Justin is a paranormal reseacher of psychic phenomena. He doesn't have a lot of respect for ghost hunters of the T.V. reality show ilk. Lisa Ryan is one of those ghost hunters. She even has her own T.V. show, Lisa Ryan, Ghost Finder. Their experience at Evergreen will change the dynamic between these two characters. If you like a an old-fashioned ghost story with a bit of humor and a hint of romance, I think you will enjoy Haunting Evergreen.

Hearts in Danger: FOURTEEN Thrilling Romances to Benefit the American Heart Association

FOURTEEN romantic suspense stories to benefit the American Heart Association by NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, AND NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHORS!

Fourteen COMPLETE books for only $0.99! Why? Because the authors of this set have one goal in mind. To bring awareness to Heart Disease, one of the top causes of death in the world. Everybody should not only know the warning signs, but heed them. Many of these authors have been personally affected by loss, and they’re doing what they can to stop other people from suffering. Yes, this set was created with benefiting charity in mind, but it’s really all about spreading the word.

And what better way to get the message across than to offer an amazing value of romantic suspense books that deal with the fictional element of danger and matters of the emotional heart? Yeah, we liked that idea, too!

But the value doesn’t stop at the $0.99 box set (which is great all by itself). If you pre-order now and fill out the form on the box set’s website:, you will also get extra free books and goodies! Score!

There is also a grand prize contest with a TIFFANY & CO. Heart shaped necklace up for grabs. You can also enter this contest at

Don’t wait to order. This set will ONLY be available through the end of June because of its incredible value. And whatever you do, don’t ignore your heart. It’ll speak to you if you’ll just listen.

A SEAL's Secret - a military romance novel by bestselling author Tawny Weber

$0.99 April 17-30th

Subject: Lt. Commander Mitch "Irish" Donovan

His Mission: Babysit a fitness queen with a hands-on approach!

Navy SEAL Mitch Donovan always plays to win. The push-up contest at the Halloween party should have been a piece of cake. Except that the cake in question is a hot woman dressed as a delicious dessert. Now the only exercise on Mitch's mind is restraint…

Livi Kane may be The Body Babe, but she has zero confidence. This hunky SEAL, however, makes her forget everything—except for a workout involving his hot, naked bod and a whole lot of sexy, sweaty delight. But Mitch has his secrets—and Livi certainly has hers. All it will take is one unexpected encounter to turn this steamy attraction into an even bigger secret that will start showing any day now…

Stiff Arm Steal - a Florida Mystery by AJ Stewart

Stiff Arm Steal was conceived over peel'n'eat shrimps and a few cold beers at a bar overlooking the intracoastal waterway in Fort Pierce, although the hero, Miami Jones, lives in Singer Island and works in West Palm Beach. It is the first in the series of what is currently 5 books, with the 6th due mid-2015.

Readers love the engaging characters that they follow book after book, and spotting their favorite Florida locations as Miami Jones speeds across the sunshine state to solve the case.

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