The Contact Episode One - a sci-fi series by Albert Sartison

An outstanding start to a science fiction series

The spacecraft reaches Mercury at the intended time and begins sending signals to determine the precise orbit of the planet. The experiment begins that evening. A command is sent to increase the speed of Mercury from the Experiment Control Centre at the moon base. Three hours later, the International Space Station, scientists at the moon station and also many other groups of scientists on Earth, register an increase in the diameter of Mercury’s orbit round the Sun by two percent. Once the experiment is over, Mercury’s orbit is slowed down to its previous level.

Soon after, a Chilean observatory observes a space object moving from outer space which could potentially collide with Earth. Precise calculations of its flight trajectory are not yet possible because it is so far away, and the orbital telescopes, even those in orbit round the gas giants, are currently being used in support of an experiment testing remote manipulation technology. In view of the low speed of the object, the time for it to reach the Earth’s orbit is estimated as hundreds of years, so a low priority is given to clarifying its trajectory. Nevertheless, the instruction is entered into the central computer for a second observation of the object a week later, to confirm the low priority status.

At the next observation session, the object is not detected. The telescope control system probes the space sectors in the region of the assumed location. The unidentified space body is eventually detected, but its actual position differs greatly from that initially assumed. Following its programmed instructions, the telescope computer corrects the calculation data and raises the priority for finally calculating the trajectory. The third observation session is appointed for 24 hours later.

The third observation session reveals an even greater calculation error. The Chilean telescope’s automatic control system has to notify the scientific personnel...

Malicious - kindle ebook by James Raven

A chilling wake-up call for anyone who thinks it’s safe to use the internet.

Early in 2013 I came across a newspaper report about a woman whose webcam had been hacked. The man responsible had spied on her for some weeks and had managed to record her in compromising positions in her bedroom.

This aroused my interest and so I researched the subject thoroughly. I was both amazed and appalled at what I discovered. I had no idea that webcam hacking was so widespread or that more and more of the hackers were resorting to blackmailing their victims.
As the author of seven previous crime thrillers this prompted me to develop a storyline and a cast of characters. 

The result is my eighth book called MALICIOUS, which was published.
The book focuses on a female detective who becomes a victim of a hacker calling himself the Slave Master. The detective is perfect prey because she has a sordid secret.
My story is pure fiction but I know from what I’ve read that this sort of thing is going on across the world on an alarming scale. Mature women and young girls are falling victim because they’re not aware of the problem.
I myself now make a habit of covering up my webcam and I’m sure that those who read my book will be doing the same in future.

SONS OF THE GREAT SATAN - kindle ebook by Anthony H. Roberts

SONS OF THE GREAT SATAN is about an American expat teenager and his Iranian friend caught up in the 1979 Revolution. This book is fictional but inspired by many of my own experiences of that time. Here's a short essay I wrote about one of those experiences. Peace, love and good reading.

In the spring of 1977 in Tehran, Iran, I was on the ground about to be murdered. I begged the man sitting on my chest not to hit me then felt the jaw-wrenching explosion as the brick came down and slammed into the side of my face. My world went dark, stars shot across my eyes, and the pain thundered in my head. The man raised the brick again, and for a split second, I saw my death.

All trauma leaves imprints: I can clearly remember his face and how his eyes were on fire with rage. Even now, I can see him raise his arm for another blow, perhaps the one that will crack my skull like an eggshell and leave my brains splattered on a dusty side street in Tehran.

This remembrance is not about politics; it’s about stupidity – teenage male stupidity. There were no liquor laws in days of the Shah. The King of Kings was focused on his own self-preservation, and as long as you didn’t cross paths with his internal security force, SAVAK, the city was wide-open. As teenagers we smoked the best hashish, shopped at no-prescription-required pharmacies and drank gallons of cheap Russian vodka. The only thing we didn’t have was our own transportation. We got around via taxis, which was a blessing as the traffic was chaotic and deadly, even for those who weren’t stoned to the gills.

On the night that could have been my last, we were packed into a taxi and headed to a teen dance at the American military base we called the "Gulf District", or GD for short. Along the way, one of my friends suggested that we bail and have a little smoke before facing a night of disco music and awkward attempts at dancing. The idea was to find a nice quiet street, cop a buzz, and then catch another taxi up to GD.

We walked a few blocks off the main drag, found a dark street corner and proceeded to smoke. One of our group, Bill, filtered off from the circle to stretch his legs. The rest of us kept passing the pipe around until a crew of Iranian workmen suddenly poured out of a nearby construction project, screaming and raising holy hell.

The men drug Bill from a nearby parked car and started shoving him around. Bill later confessed that he was trying to hot-wire the car so we could all go for a “joy ride”. The car must have belonged to the workmen because they were pissed. What did Bill know about hot-wiring cars? Nothing except for what he’d seen in the movies, but when you’re stoned, 17, and you’ve never driven a car before – the stupid becomes plausible.

The workmen started wailing on Bill so we ran to his side to bail him out. The rest was quick: boards, rocks, screams and shouts. I punched a man who was trying to club Bill with a two-by-four, then I was hit from behind and found myself on the ground with a man on my chest. He hit me with a brick and I was dazed and defenseless. As I stared up at the angry man, I saw a hiking boot slam against his head. Another of my friends, Tom, pulled me to my feet and said, “We gotta go, man.”

The five of us fought our way free beneath a hailstorm of punches, kicks and curses. As we ran for our lives, we saw a light coming from an open gate. A middle-aged Iranian man stood in the street gesturing us into his carport. We dashed in as he slammed the iron gate shut behind us. A woman stood in the doorway, probably his wife, and motioned for us to come inside. They lead us through their home, out the back door, and through their garden to another gate that opened to the alley. No thank you’s or goodbyes. We ran as fast as we could.

Elton John released a song back in 1975 called "Someone Saved my Life Tonight" and I used to hear it a lot back then. To me it’s not about a doomed relationship; it’s about that night in Tehran when my friend Tom saved my life and two complete strangers risked theirs to help some American kids flee into the darkness.

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The Spike collection: Ten random short stories Kindle ebook by Martin Skate

FREE Kindle download via amazon NOW! Nov 29 - Nov 30 2013 (ends Midnight PST)

The Spike Collection: Ten random short stories is the first book from Martin Skate. If you like quick, quirky, crazy short stories then this book is absolutely for you!

The Ten random short stories range from suburban drama, superstardom, first loves, time travel, it has got the lot, and alllll with a touch of humor. Enjoy!

Martin Skate is from London, UK, and when he's not writing, he is running, and when is not writing & running, well he's thinking about doing both.

Peggy Sue - kindle ebook by Doug L Hoffman

The second book in the T'aafhal Inheritance trilogy science fiction adventure.

Peggy Sue is the sequel to Parker's Folly, the first book in the saga about Captain Jack Sutton, his lover Col. Ludmilla Tropsha, and the crew of the Peggy Sue. In the first book, after defeating an alien threat to all humanity, Jack's intrepid band of space explorers returned to Earth,
though not without several tragic losses. Peggy Sue finds the crew trying to reenter their lives while warning their governments of the threat they had discovered. That is where I started with the second book of what turned out to be a trilogy (it did not start that way). The
story became a trilogy because of friends and other readers pestering me
about what happened when the Peggy Sue returned to Earth, which opened
my mind to the future possibilities of this SF universe. In this
installment I added several more characters and tried to make the action
even more rollicking than in Parker's Folly. There are covert missions
on Earth, battles on alien planets, and space battles among the stars.
The third book in the series is titled M'tak Ka'fek, the name of an
ancient T'aafhal battle cruiser. Some fans have asked where the names
for my novels come from. The books are named for the ship that Capt.
Jack commands. To find out how he ends up on the M'tak Ka'fek you will
have to read Peggy Sue.

Scalawag - Kindle ebook by Robert Bresloff

Scalawag is a rollicking, swashbuckling coming-of-age adventure sea adventure filled with action, excitement, pirates, and ghosts.  Filled with some of the most colorful characters you will ever meet on the open sea, Scalawag follows the adventures of thirteen-year-old Henry Downs, who is kidnapped by the notorious Captain Black, scourge of the Caribbean Sea. What the scoundrel Black does not know is that his ship is haunted by ghostly pirates. So, join in the fun and meet one of the strangest crew of pirates that ever sailed the seven seas. See you there...if you dare!
Thirteen-year-old, Henry Downs, kidnapped, sold into slavery, and forced to work for the notorious pirate, Captain Black. Bound for plunder in the Caribbean aboard the rugged ship The Swan, Henry could never have dreamt of the fabulous adventures that he would encounter on the high seas. Bitterly working as the ship’s cabin boy, Henry learned as much of the sail as possible hoping that it might aid in his escape. One day the ghost of Mad Dog Jamison, the former captain of the Swan, visited him. Henry befriended the strange phantom, who named him Scalawag. The friendly ghost had planned that one day Henry would captain this sleek vessel manned by a ghostly crew that Black had executed to take the ship the year before.

Recommended for readers from eight to eighty.

Metabolism Toolbox - kindle ebook by Michael Scott

Free: Thanksgiving 11/28/13 - Monday 12/2/13
Speed up your body's fat burning furnace using a selection of metabolism tools. Like a machine, metabolism can be sped up or slowed down depending on certain factors like what you eat, how much you eat, whether you exercise, how much water you drink, and much more. The main thing most people don't know about metabolism is that all of these factors are individual tools and don't have to be used all at the same time.

The hardest part of getting on a diet is getting started because there seems to be so much to do. Instead of focusing on tools you don't want to use (exercise, for many people), focus on tools that are easier to use, like making sure you eat three meals every day, regardless of what or how much you eat. Or drink a large glass of water right when you wake up every morning. Add one new tool every week and soon you'll be losing fat.

For those who do want to put it all together into a nicely packed weight loss plan, you're asked structured questions at the end of each chapter. By the end of the book, you have a complete weight loss plan that is designed for your lifestyle, budget, favorite foods, and goals. You'll even know what obstacles are most likely to come up and how to approach them.

Every food is allowed and no exercise is required. In fact, nothing is required. Use only the metabolism tools you like.

The Money Tree - kindle ebook by Helen Yeomans

The Money Tree

The Frisbys have been growing money for ten years on their island farm, and George has nearly perfected the art. Jane tolerates the temperamental money tree while worrying about its legality and her family’s safety. She also worries about the children.
Daffy (18) is torn between careers in terrorism and economics (“How do we get from bad money to good money without going through hyperinflation?”), while 12-year-old Mike divides the world into soakers and soakees and wants to franchise the money tree.
When the latest harvest is completed without a problem, the Frisbys begin to relax. But then three unpleasant things happen, one after another, culminating in a break-in. Worse still, unbeknownst to the family, the Secret Service takes notice, and when forensic analysis proves dollars can be grown on trees, agents begin a rapid but stealthy search for the source, a search that soon turns international.
The Money Tree was published on November 25 as a Kindle ebook. Here’s what Connie (I’ve never met her but I love her) had to say:
 I loved the quirky characters in this imaginative tale. The story looks at what would happen if one really could grow money on a tree. A fascinating look at what various characters would do if this were the case. Both humorous and serious, this book is instructive about our current monetary system and its flaws.

The Money Tree explores old money like silver coinage and new digital currencies like Bitcoin. At heart, though, this is a story of a tempestuous but loving family and its relationship to its island neighbors.

Why did I write this book. Call me weird, but the state (quality) of our money really worries me. It's just that money is a pretty boring subject, and then one day I thought "What if . . . money grew on trees?" What would that do to the banking system? More interestingly, what would it do to the grower? Hence The Money Tree. I hope you enjoy it!

Trust - kindle ebook by Tim Mettey

Return to the world of the Thusians in the second installment of The Hero Chronicles series!  Follow Nicholas Keller as he comes to terms with his Thusian heritage.  He has finally achieved some normalcy in his life, but when new neighbors move in next door at the beginning of his junior year, everything changes. He is launched into an impossible search, uncertain of who to trust, and this time it’s not just his own life that hangs in the balance—it’s the lives of countless others and everyone he loves.

Sand Dollar: A Story of Undying Love -- Kindle eBook by Sebastian Cole

On sale on Amazon for 99¢ from 11/27 - 12/01

Beverly Hills Book Award winner
ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Award bronze winner
USA Best Book Award finalist
International Book Award finalist
ForeWord Firsts debut literary competition finalist

What if you lost your true soul mate, the one person in life you were meant to be with? Would your love ever truly die? Not if you're Noah Hartman, who refuses to let go of Robin after she inexplicably abandons their love and disappears from his life seemingly forever, her hidden secret yet to be discovered.

And when you finally accept your fate and do your best to move on with your life, what do you say when the unthinkable happens: your true love Robin reappears as your wedding ceremony to another woman is about to commence, looks deep into your soul with her loving, tear-filled eyes, and tells you the one thing you've desperately longed to hear for all of these years?

But the ending to this heart-wrenching love story has yet to be written, as Noah, old and sick in a hospital bed, tells his story of love and loss to Josh, a wise orderly at Mount Sinai Hospital. As his family members arrive to bid him goodbye, Noah discovers a far greater truth about the past, present, and future. Things are definitely not as they appear as the pieces of a shattered love are put back together in the remarkable final chapter of Noah's life.

Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter, Book One - a paranormal vampire romance kindle ebook by Zander Vyne

Amazon #1 Paranormal Romance Bestseller!  ". . . original and literary, Zander Vyne's writing is an excellent example of well-written, gothic romance." - Myslexia magazine (UK)

With paranormal, you are often building a world with creatures that people are already familiar with and have certain beliefs and expectations. When writing with this underlying current within your audience, you are not just telling a story of pure fiction, you have to stay true to the genre while also making readers happy by meeting their preconceived ideas and expectations.


In a time when humans adore imaginary vampires, real ones lurk among them, kept under control by seductive vampire hunters. Falling for a wounded vampire girl is crazy, but Oliver Ripley breaks away from his controlling family of vampire hunters determined to make his own rules and he's starting with her.


Despite the danger, she senses the vulnerable soul inside the charming vampire hunter. His allure is like catnip, but is he casting a vampire hunter's bewitching spell or does he really want to help her? Falling for him could kill her, but she's powerless to resist him.


Hunted by their families, compelled to follow a twisted trail of mystery and deceit that takes them from Chicago to Paris, will their love survive when they discover a shocking truth linking their pasts that threatens to destroy everything they thought they knew about vampire hunters and vampires?


**Immoral: Tales of a Vampire Hunter is a paranormal romance novella for mature readers only**

Inner Thoughts - A book of poetry by Derrick L Boone

Inner Thoughts is a book about the insight of my thoughts on personal experiences of love, social issues, hurt, pain,desire and hope.

The Donkey and the King - Kindle ebook by Lorilyn Roberts

“The Donkey and the King” is a story of love with Christian symbolism and allegory. A donkey longs for an easier life beyond the stable. He dreams of no heavy burdens to bear and no one to tell him what to do.

After leaving the safety of the stable, however, he becomes lost in the wilderness. A sheep finds him after being sent by the king. With his new friend, the donkey sets out on a journey where he must conquer his greatest fear.

The reader will find “good” hidden in the artwork, and children will delight in searching for the word on each page. If you enjoyed looking for the mouse in “Goodnight Moon” you will want to share this book with your child. The moral lesson: There is “good” in the world if you look and listen for it.

For older kids and young adults, Baruch, the donkey, makes another appearance in the YA fantasy series “The Seventh Dimension.” The first book in the series, “The Door" is also available on Kindle.

Author’s note:  When I traveled to Israel, I thought about writing a picture book with the wilderness of Judea as the backdrop. When I read the book of Philemon in the New Testament, I reflected on what a great children’s story it would make using animals. Also, for parents, there is a QR code and link in the beginning of the story to show where all the hidden “good” words are in the artwork.

Splitting I.C.E. - a kindle ebook by Frank Sherosky
Splitting I.C.E. challenges the auto industry to reduce emissions and meet the 54.5 MPG mandate for 2025 with a more cost-effective technology approach - splitting the Otto cycle engine for greater thermodynamic management.

As the auto industry attempts to meet the mandate with electrification, the public wonders if they will ever be able to afford it. Thus, affordability is a major concern and effects acceptance by the masses.

Splitting I.C.E addresses that issue in a business case fashion, showing how electric-assisted hybrids and full electric vehicles are not profitable, even with government (taxpayer) support. That truly makes Splitting I.C.E. an eye opener for the public as well as auto industry
analysts, engineers and managers.

Readers especially discover more than just how the auto industry's next
evolutionary step for internal combustion engines can change 21st Century
cars and trucks, but why it must; and why its main benefits of
affordability and lower emissions support the path of the green agenda – a

While full electrification indeed has great potential, the cost of
lithium-ion batteries inhibits its own acceptance. Split cycle engine
design is one technology approach that is affordable and has the potential
to solve that problem as well as another problem in modern society -
inefficient use of transport energy.

Perhaps that’s why U.S. government and industry reports openly admit the
internal combustion engine (ICE), not full electrification, will remain
the primary propulsion system for autos and trucks even by 2030; some
industry analysts say 2050. With the 2025 mandate of 54.5 MPG already in
place, automotive manufacturers are already facing the inevitable truth:
the internal combustion engine (I.C.E.) based on the Otto Cycle will now
require a major change in its 130 year DNA so as to meet its full
efficiency potential.

What other fine books focus on expensive plug-ins, this book, "Splitting
I.C.E." reveals the real alternate reality, with scalable split-cycle,
internal combustion engines and air hybrid vehicles leading the way.

Help! I Am Surrounded By Bitches: The Swamp Goddess Guide To Friendship Frenzy Amid Menopausal Mayhem And Aging Angst - n/f advice by Wendy Kyman, Ph.D.

~ Are you having problems with friends?
~ Do you feel increasingly disappointed, annoyed, and angry?
~ Have several long-standing friendships unraveled?
Perhaps, you're one of the lucky ones and have a few friendships that remain
strong and steady ... well ... depending on the day, that is.
Welcome to friendship frenzy.

You will find solutions for difficult friendships, as well as strategies for creating quality friendships.

The 13th Guest - kindle ebook by Ruth S. Daigneault

If you like variety in your characters and stories, come along to the Halloween party at Beckworth Manor, where each guest will tell a different tale to entertain you.  Stories of murder, intrigue, a little horror, a little humour are all intertwined in the midst of yet another tale - that of the 13th guest whose identity remains secret until the end.

Of course, not all twelve Beckworth guests are happy with each other so you will have to excuse their behaviour as suspicions of deceit, theft, infidelity and perhaps even murder, seem to vibrate and grow throughout the evening.  Are all these people what they seem?  Or is there some kind of subterfuge going on?

No doubt you have heard about the Titanic, but there are characters aboard whose story has never been told, at least if you can believe a self-absorbed, scatter-brained actress.

What would you do about a nagging wife, a demanding boyfriend, or unusual requests from your boss?  Hopefully, not the same thing as Ray or the willing secretary.

Like to play detective?  Come join the party as we weave our way through an evening of mystery and suspense, with the plots of each of the twelve stories twisting their way through to endings which just may surprise you.   

Project Lullaby - Kindle ebook by T.L. Onyx

Amazon Book Link:

Readers have raved about T.L. Onyx's book "Project Lullaby"! Book 1 of a 4 part series has sparked the interest of people across the nation. One reviewer writes: "A true emotional roller-coaster. The vivid picture the author paints in your mind as you traverse the world of Project Lullaby will leave you wanting more. The characters are well developed, and the story has great pacing. It is a cross between The Bourne Identity and The Hunger Games plus far much more. The awaited sequel, Goodnight Kiss, will be definitely be welcomed by the readers of the first in the series. Kudos to T.L. Onyx for this amazing story. Highly recommended."

A second reviewer raves: "I was very impressed with this debut novel from T.L. Onyx. The deeper I got into the book, the more secrets that were revealed. The possibilities are mind boggling, I certainly hope this is complete fiction or I might not ever leave my house again! The author took me on a ride that I will not soon forget. I was impressed by the knowledge and skills of Debra and Sizer, but I wouldn't want to have to go through what they did to achieve it. I was challenged to decide how I felt about them. On one side what they did was unacceptable, but on the other hand, what was done to them was unacceptable. Who's at fault here? How many have to suffer for the choices that were made? How do you not fall in love with a victim? I absolutely fell in love with the support characters, the residents of Paramount. I could feel their love and support for each other, and the dialogue and witty banter between them was fun too. Trust me, you want to read this book. It will open your mind to new possibilities and your heart as well."

Eramane - kindle eBook by Frankie Ash

Ingredients: Feisty heroine, fantasy setting, a King, a King’s army, magic, three Ghost brothers, (not really ghosts but …you’ll see) a distraught older brother searching for his lost sister, (Ahem...the aforemintioned sister would be Eramane) and a nine-foot, soul harvesting monster. All this sprinkled with a touch of agony and romance comprises your daily allowable intake of entertainment.
But don’t just take my word for it that Eramane is a heart wrenching, action packed fantasy tale, my opinion is bias;) So to add some legitimacy to my claims, read this little snippet, “…a well paced, well written story, with good suspense, and a good main character in Eramane. Readers will want to know what happens to her after this book. This solid fantasy tale is well paced and well told…”-Kirkus Reviews.  I know right?!

Troublesome Neighbors - kindle ebook by M. K. Theodoratus

Troublesome Neighbors features Renna, the holder of Ren Creek, who prefers to weave in peace. She got her fill of fighting during the Half-Elven Rebellion. When she refuses Gorsfeld's suit, he attacks her lands. Everyone expects her to fight to protect her people. She finds another way to get even.

Renna is a long-time friend of Mariah, the instigator of the Half-Elven Rebellion. She appears as a cranky old woman in Taking Vengenace, but this novella features Renna as a stripling at the beginning of her life when she made the decisions who made her what she became.

Renna also appears in a short story available for free on my website Before the Rebellion, Gorsfeld courted Mariah, hoping to gain an alliance with a powerful user of magic. Mariah discovered a unique way reject him after he refused to take "no" for an answer.

Murder At Castle Rock - Kindle ebook by Anne Marie Stoddard

A hot concert venue, a sharp booking agent, and the event of her career--until her boss literally drops dead at her feet.
Just when Amelia Grace thinks life couldn't be better—she’s at the height of her career as the booking agent for Atlanta’s hottest concert venue, Castle Rock.  Her rock n’ roll idol—80’s pop prince Bobby Glitter—is poised to take the stage at CR for three nights of shows!  Just when Ame thinks things couldn’t be better, they suddenly couldn't be worse.  Her boss takes a dive from the venue’s rear tower on the night of Bobby’s first show, and the police suspect someone on Castle Rock’s staff could have had something to do with it. 
Who killed Parker Deering? With the help of several friends and a few unlikely allies, Amelia uncovers a world of secrets and hidden agendas happening behind the scenes at Atlanta’s hottest concert venue.  Can she track down the killer before it's curtains for her too?
Murder at Castle Rock is the first book in the Amelia Grace mystery series by Anne Marie Stoddard.  It was the winner of the 2012 AJC Decatur Book Festival Writers Contest and the winner of the 2013 Book Junkies' Choice Award for Best Debut Fiction Novel.
Murder At Castle Rock will be on sale at a discounted price of $1.99 November 29 through December 2, 2013 for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

The Beatles: 'Where We Grew Up'; Their Formative Years in Hamburg 1960-1962 - Kindle ebook by Jonathan Clark

This book is free on Kindle on December 1st and 7th 2013.

The untold story is now told! The true story of the fifth Beatle, the 'Lost Beatle'; Stuart Sutcliffe, the close and beloved friend of John Lennon who as an early member of the Beatles, inspired him and by doing so helped inspire a generation through the Beatles' music.
This is a love story with a difference - because it is a love triangle featuring 3 real people; the love between John and Stuart as the closest of friends (with John as disciple to Stuart's superior intelligence and artistic talent) and the romantic love between Stuart and Astrid Kirchherr - (a photography student) who fell in love with each other at first sight when she came to see the Beatles playing in Hamburg in 1960 ( a few years before they shot to superstardom).
So this story works on a number of different levels. It is a tragedy (Stuart died of a brain hemorrhage at 21, after becoming engaged to Astrid), of course it is a love story, and it is also a history of a largely unknown part of the history and development of the most successful (and best) band ever.
It is written as an intersecting diary of all 3 people. I wanted to use that format as we tell our innermost thoughts and feelings to diaries and I wanted to explore these feelings and thoughts as I imagine they were for these 3 incredible people in their formative years.
Lennon and Beatle fans will enjoy the insight it gives them. After all - we always hear about their rise to fame after 1963, but what went before to shape them into the ingenious band they were? You will have to read it to find out! You will love the romance and tragedy of it all.
So just enjoy it!

Russian Phrasebook for Tourism & Winter Sports - Kindle ebook by Olga Kravtsova

The Winter Olympics are coming soon (Feb. 7) in Sochi, Russia! If you’re one of the fortunate ones who has tickets and a hotel room, you’ll more than likely need some kind of guide to cope with the Russian language. If you’re single and can strike up a close relationship with an English-speaking Russian sweetheart, you need read no further - you’re all set. Aside from that, however, it would be a very good idea to have a phrasebook at the ready. And here’s one that will help you out faithfully in just about all the situations you’re liable to encounter. It gives you not hundreds, but thousands of phrases, terms and individual words for making acquaintances, socializing, carrying on simple conversations, coping with everyday living, responding to emergencies, and, best of all, understanding and discussing all of the Olympic sports. Or, outside of the Olympic venues, engaging in the various winter sports. In the phrasebook you’ll find a wealth of material on downhill skiing, slalom skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, biathlon, snowboarding, figure skating, speed skating, ice skating, bobsleigh, ice hockey, curling and other winter pastimes. This is the first Russian phrasebook to cover all the winter sports in one work.
What you’ll especially like about this phrasebook is that you don’t have to stumble around through categories to find things, as in other phrasebooks. The material is organized like a dictionary, with phrases and terms grouped under the alphabetized key word(s) that they contain. So, for instance, if you want to say “How’s the snow there?”, you just go to “snow” and there it is. The Russian equivalents are first given in their Cyrillic form and then in their English phonetics, which are in blue font. In front of every key word there’s an asterisk. This is for search purposes. When you search for, say, “ski” in a reader, without the asterisk, you’re going to get every instance of “ski” in the entire book. This could possibly run into the hundreds. When you add the asterisk before the word (*ski), however, you get only the main listings (for the noun and for the verb).
The phrasebook also provides you with the Russian translations of many professions, so that you can tell Russians what your job is. This is something that phrasebooks rarely include.
Following the main phrasebook section there are 11 appendices. These include the Russian alphabet & phonetics, Russian grammar, cardinal & ordinal numbers, clock & calendar time, the metric system, adult heights & weights, clothing sizes, a large Russian-English glossary of food & drink, and a Russian-English glossary of signs & labels. Russian grammar is intricate, to put it mildly, so it will greatly enhance your ability to understand Russians, if you’re aware of at least the major points. Such as that even your own name can be in six different grammatical cases.
Most, but not all, of the questions in the phrasebook are of the yes-or-no variety. The word “why” is included, but I can’t recall that we made any phrases out of it. You probably wouldn’t want to hear the answer to why.
Winter sports, as you might imagine, are enormously popular in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus all the time, not just during the Olympics, so if you plan to visit any of those countries in the winter season, this phrasebook can be extremely valuable to you.

What Lies Beneath the Surface - kindle ebook by Perri Forrest

What Lies Beneath the Surface is the second installment in the Pandora's Box series. It is a story focused on the intricacies of the relationship between beautiful Sienna Laguna, her boyfriend, Jeremy Coleman - and a few secrets that Jeremy would like to keep in the dark.
Sienna loves Jeremy with all her heart, so the saying, "Love is Blind", applies within the relationship. However, where it fails to land on Sienna's radar, her mother Sherry is there to lend her women's intuition to the cause.
It's a story of a mother's love and what a mother will do when she feels the child she loves is being deceived within the confines of her own relationship.
It's a story to enjoy with love, sex, relationships, and the many twists and turns which can occur when deep emotions are involved.

Activating the Gifts of the Spirit - Apostolic Training Manual by Mike Connell

Apostolic Training Series: Manual + 5 Teaching Sessions (Transcripts
+ links to Audio & Video)

God has created every person to be a supernatural spiritual being,
with the capacity to function not only in a natural world, but also to
access the realm of the spirit, access where God is, and to bring
heaven to earth. God's desire is that you be a channel for heaven
coming to earth, for His presence and goodness and healing and love
and peace and prosperity to flow through you, and to manifest in the
world around you.

So in the course we'll be teaching about that supernatural dimension.
We'll teach about how miracles are activated, what the keys are around
that. We'll teach you what the foundational key is, is out of intimacy
with God and hearing the voice of God, and we'll give you practical
steps, practical keys, how to start from wherever you are right now,
and step by step grow your faith, so you can be starting to operate
successfully, and regularly and confidently in the gifts of the

We'll teach on the gifts of the spirit, we'll give you a little bit
about each. We'll also give you some foundational understanding about
the spirit man, and how God works in and through us. Also if you're
watching this by DVD you'll see demonstrations of the power of God
touching people, you'll see demonstrations of how to move in words of
knowledge, hearing the voice of God, minister to people. You'll see
all of that in this course, and it will inspire you and help you.
God's given me ability to make it extremely clear, and I know that
you're going to really enjoy this.

Arianna Rose (Part 1) - kindle ebook by Jennifer and Christopher Martucci
This book is perma free.
Someone’s been following Arianna Rose… Could this ominous stranger know her deepest secret — that she’s destined to be the world’s most powerful witch? A dazzling paranormal offering with more than 90 five-star reviews on Amazon... And its FREE!
***Warning*** Before you purchase this book, please be aware that Arianna Rose contains material that can be considered controversial. Please do NOT purchase this book if you are at all disturbed by adult content occurring among 18+ year-old fictitious characters.
Too provocative to be labeled a young adult paranormal romance novel, Arianna Rose (Part 1) is the pulse-pounding beginning of a series that follows an eighteen-year-old girl, Arianna Rose, who is unlike other girls her age. She always knew she was different. But shortly after moving to a new town and starting a new school, she realizes her differences are far greater than she originally imagined. Suddenly empowered with seemingly supernatural abilities, Arianna struggles to discover the meaning behind their abrupt appearance.
In this spellbinding first installment of the Arianna Rose series, Arianna must come to terms with what she is, and how to protect herself from forces that want to destroy her.
Mesmerizing and enthralling, Arianna Rose will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly awaiting Part 2.

Read what others have said:

“Loved, loved, loved the story line.....romance, mystery, suspense = a fabulous page turner that you won't be able to put down!! I can't wait to begin part 2.”
~Amazon Reviewer

“This book was all around amazing. It had my heart pounding and the pages turning faster and faster. I loved it.”
~Amazon Reviewer
“Love this story. It just keeps getting more interesting. I'm even playing the guessing game.”
~Amazon Reviewer

The Patchwork Girl – kindle ebook by Sebastian Bendix

Running Amazon KDP Select Free Book Promotion from midnight on Tuesday, 11/26/13 through 11:59PM on Tuesday, 11/26/13 (one day).

Like its patchwork-complexioned superheroine, The Patchwork Girl is a genre mash-up that combines equal parts Gothic fantasy, science fiction/steampunk and chilling supernatural horror.

All of your favorite otherwordly creatures are here -- vampires, witches, zombies and demons -- but this time, the monsters are the ones being hunted! Join Padget Beaumont on this inter-dimensional thrill ride through a world where nightmares do come true, but might be the least of your worries!

Best Damn Advice Ever: 10 Real Signs That He's Cheating On You- kindle ebook by Z. R. Moore

Wow! What a great, revealing book! Having been on both sides of the scale, I was floored by the author's understanding on why men cheat. But at the same time these results can be applied to women. I love that she was plain and direct with no scientific mumbo jumbo or an overload of statistics or experts with a million titles after their names. She actually gives the Best Damn Advice Ever! There are going to be a lot of men upset with her about this book. She hit the reasons on the head. It was embarrassing to look at my former behavior when I was a young man and painful to know that I even participated in something like that. It also allows you to take a look at the hurt and devastation that this one tiny act does to years of building. Ms. Moore knows and understands what motivates one to this level of betrayal. This information is invaluable to anyone who is experiencing this situation, and it will help you to determine what’s going on faster than the more popular clues do. After reading this book, no woman won’t be sitting around wondering what’s going on. The information in this book will certainly let her know. I am not only recommending this book but will be sending it to a few friends and family members.

The Man Who Lived at the End of the World - an apocalyptic Kindle ebook by Robert Davies

The world's end has never looked so colourful. Silas Stanley is breaking out of the psychiatric hospital that has contained his wildness for many years, and now he must embark on a quest through oceanlike floods, ruined cities and burning countryside to find his dying daughter.

His childlike eyes still see the world as full of the magic of the unknown, a contrast with the darkness of his past as it pours back to haunt him on his journey, urging him forward. Hiding from the military who have begun herding the population into camps, Silas must content with the anger of a dying earth's storms and the strange, rolling colours of nuclear explosions.

A story of love, anger, regret and ultimately redemption, The Man Who Lived at the End of the World is a race against time to heal one man's unstable past before everything is gone.

Always and Forever (Secrets of Shadow Hill, #1) - Kindle ebook by S.P. Cervantes

FREE on Amazon from November 19th-22nd Only! Grab your own copy (normally $2.99) to celebrate the upcoming release of the sequel THE PROPHECY, SECRETS OF SHADOW HILL #2. 
ALWAYS AND FOREVER received a 5-STAR rating from the prestigious Paranormal Romance Guild, and also has a 4.7 STAR Rating on Amazon for ALWAYS AND FOREVER with reviews stating, "I found this to be a quick and easy read -- a guilty pleasure. I was drawn into it right from the start. I liked the characters and found them easy to root for. I didn't really want to put the book down because I wanted to know what would happen next. The romances that evolved were very sweet. I would absolutely recommend this book!"  and "I can't wait for the next book in the the characters. If you enjoyed Harry Potter and/or the Twilight series you will love this book."

Ava and Hannah, seemingly normal teenagers getting ready to graduate from high school, have their lives turned upside down when they discover they are part of a secret lineage of wizards from the Shadow Hill coven.  They find themselves thrust into a world they never knew existed and are faced with danger at every turn. Ava and Hannah learn that that they might hold the key to protecting not only their wizard coven, but the world itself, from the evil Sabatino coven hell bent on world domination. 
Romance and surprising entanglements keep you hooked in this frightening yet sensual thriller. The calm water of the River Shannon put the characters at ease, but not for long because the Sabatinos' darkness is quickly upon them.
An epic final showdown transforms their world upside down with a suspenseful finale that will leave you wanting for more.
Book Jacket:
Twin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from their peaceful seeming lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about their existence.
Nothing was as it seemed anymore and may never be again. They had already lost their father in childhood now they have to cope with their mother’s kidnapping as they watch those sworn to protect them risk their lives.
The second book of the SECRETS OF SHADOW HILL series, THE PROPHECY

Unwritten Rules - kindle ebook by Alison Henderson

Kindle Free Book Days - 11/19/2013 to 11/23/2013
What do spies, bodyguards and meddling grandmas have in common? They're all part of the fun in this witty, fast-paced romantic suspense.
Things aren’t going Madelyn Li’s way. Her bodyguard agency is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, her grandmother keeps hatching plots to marry her off, and someone is trying to kill her latest client. All she wants is to safely escort thriller writer and former CIA agent Carter Devlin on his cross country book tour and collect her check, but two obstacles stand in her way: a shadowy assailant and her own growing attraction to her dashing client.
Carter Devlin has agreed to accept the beautiful and determined Ms. Li as a bodyguard primarily to appease his publisher. After all, who would want to kill a beat-up, retired ex-spy on a book tour? But when the attacks turn deadly, he soon learns there’s more to Madelyn than a pretty face and tempting body. Will the spark become a flame before a killer snuffs it out?

The Trouble Upstream - kindle ebook by A.L.Means

Kenneth Grahame’s The Wing in the Willows has always been a favorite of mine, combining as it does a captivating children’s story with a suggestion of allegory and a mystical view of nature.
Growing up a couple of miles from where Grahame spent his final years, I was well acquainted with the River Thames on which Rat and Mole lived in the story. It was common enough also to come across rambling piles worthy of being the facsimile for Toad Hall. With a little imagination, the entire cast of characters could come alive for me among southern England’s wild woods.

With this in mind, I wandered one summer’s afternoon along the bank of a river in the home state of my adult years. Arizona’s waterways are all the more precious for being so few, and although the East Verde River in central Arizona is tiny it has an allure that is second to none. Its trees and waterfalls form a stark contrast with the surrounding arid hills, and on that summer’s day the buzzing of insects and the rustle of leaves triggered childhood memories. 

Surely a river this magical deserved a story of its own, I thought. I couldn’t rival Grahame’s immortal tale, but perhaps I could come up with a few native animals for characters and a plausible tale. And so The Trouble Upstream took shape. Finding distinctive creatures in Arizona is easy enough, and the obvious plot for any local river story is keeping the river running. Only a fraction of Arizona’s riparian areas from before modern settlement still exist. 

A beaver who wonders where the water went became the protagonist, and it’s my hope that his adventures will keep a few readers turning pages until the end of the story.  Of course, with rivers, there’s never really an end to the story. There’s always more to explore. To paraphrase something Rat said long ago, there’s absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about around rivers.    

Serial Me - A Light Comedy by Sonya Dickerson

What would you do if there was a woman going around killing all of the eligible and gorgeous men in your town? What would you do if you and that woman happened to look like twins?

Vanessa Johnson has it all as a Health and Fitness editor for a popular magazine; except a boyfriend and a body to die for. Meanwhile a serial killer is on the loose in the city of Chicago causing mayhem and destruction everywhere she turns. It isn’t long before all fingers begin pointing at her. Vanessa must make a decision; watch her life go down the drain or help the police nab the killer before it’s too late and she finds herself behind bars.

Hidey Hole - kindle ebook by C.D. White

No, not fire this time. Ash and rats. A chemical spill has given power to an ancient and it enjoys playing with and learning from humans. One woman seeks safety for her children in Tennessee. Can she get there before this god destroys what remains of the world and her along with it? Forced to play a delicate game of cat and rat with the entity can the mother save herself and her children? Can she find a Hidey Hole?

Our Little Every-day Kindle ebook by Robby A. Lyon

In the year 2022 Elizabeth and David, who are expecting their first child, escape England and make
their way to Colombia, South America. The world has dramatically changed and so has their personal lives
as they make a home for themselves.
China has become the new and sole world power, the US is broken up - forced south, Russia transforms to 
a real democratic-socialist republic and old lies are uncovered.
Our heroes are four young adults...

What seemed to be was not at all.
Who was their father?
Who helped the Chinese?
Why did the US government undermine the entire population?
The world that once belonged to the crazy, the dreamers and the conspirators is now the every-day reality but that may not last long either considering that other things are happening under foot.
Welcome to an adventure where normal becomes fantasy, where fantasy becomes science-fiction, and where  humanity must evolve or suffer the consequences.

Human Interference - Kindle ebook by Donald L Reavis

"Human Interference" by Donald L. Reavis is a novel that blends advanced aviation technology, terrorism, and political corruption into a futuristic story that's as chilling as it is mesmerizing. It begins with a software glitch in the ERAMS system, the advanced technology that will change the face of air traffic control. Abdur Rahman and two of his associates are hired to write a patch that will correct the problem. What no one suspects is that Abdur has been coerced by a terrorist cell into installing an undetectable virus into the program which when awakened could bring chaos and destruction to the world of air travel.

After the system is introduced serious glitches are found, one which has tragic consequences. But, the cost of the investment in this technology continues to outweigh moral responsibility and safety, and air traffic controllers are replaced by a cheaper workforce. As the problem escalates Charlie Beckler, a senior air traffic controller and the voice of NextGen is called on for his expertise which not only weighs him down emotionally but places stress on his family life. A Christian, Charlie reaches out to his faith for support and guidance in a time when air travel is in peril.

Inherting Evergreen - kindle book by L.K. Campbell

INHERITING EVERGREEN - The Story Behind The Story

I started writing this book five years ago when my husband and I were going through a very difficult time in our lives. I wrote about 15 pages and stopped, because the story stumped me. I couldn't get past a certain point. It may have been because of the personal crisis I was going through, but I put it away and never finished it. I didn't write anything for the next few years, while my husband and I were fighting our way out of poverty and coming back from lengthy unemployment and losing our home to foreclosure. I concentrated instead on starting and building my new business. When the writing bug bit again, I attempted some new genres for me - romantic comedy and historical western mystery. Both fell flat with readers, while my old WWII romance novels that I'd written 10 years ago were still popular and kept earning royalties. I didn't want to revisit those stories, or to write in that genre again, but I did re-read them for the first time in years and finally realized why readers liked them so much.
I went back to Evergreen, changed the whole premise and plot of the story and was finally able to finish it. Readers of my WWII romance novels will recognize that my heroine Kristy Miller is the granddaughter of my characters from A Soldier's Love and Gold Star Wife. The book is not strictly a romance, although that's part of the story. There's also possibly a ghost or two hanging around Evergreen. You'll have to read the story to find out the answer that question. But ultimately, the story is about family relationships, and the message is simple. Be kind to that crazy old aunt you have, because you never know what kind of secrets she's keeping.
Book Blurb: 

Kristy Miller’s aunt dies suddenly, leaving Kristy a large portion of her multi-million dollar estate including her mountain home, Evergreen. Kristy soon discovers that Aunt Leslie had kept a few secrets from her family, not the least of which is how she earned her fortune.
One of her aunt’s secrets leads Kristy into a new relationship with the charming but stubborn Drew Stone. Each of Drew’s young sons received a large inheritance from Aunt Leslie, but Mr. Stone maintains that he has never met or heard of Kristy’s aunt and wants no part of the money.
And then there’s the other secret—Evergreen might be haunted, sending Kristy in search of a ghost.

Dependent Days - kindle ebook by Chris Sapp

In a universe where 90% of the population is addicted to morphagens, drugs that transform the user into fantastical creatures, a young elf namedIzabel Ramsey enlist the help of Roe Driskell, a jaded bounty hunter, to find out who faked her father's suicide. Their search for answers, leads to a disturbing truth about the origins of morphagen addiction. One that could unravel the very fabric of society. But can they stay alive long enough to tell anyone?

The Home Furniture Delivery Guide - kindle ebook by Paul Green

What sense does it make to buy furniture you do not receive? Since you will not be able to use the furniture if it’s not in your home, everything else is secondary to it being delivered. What good is a 70% discount if you don’t get the goods? Even if it’s made of the best quality material in the world, what good is that to you if you don’t have the product to use?

As Humans, we are all physical beings and have to use physical products. None of us can sleep online; none of us can eat online, and none of us can breathe online. Therefore none of us can live online. We all live on this physical planet called Earth and eat, sleep and breathe in its atmosphere. And yet, everyone sells the physical products we use as if they can be delivered online. I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked there was no technology available which allows us to just “drag” products, from the screens of our devices, directly into our physical space.

If you’ve found yourself ordering products (online or in-store) only to be disappointed by delivery issues, you are not the only one to do so. You’re not the first and you’re certainly not going to be the last person to go through this bad experience.  This is because all retailers have problems delivering merchandise incident-free to their customers. Therefore, the sole purpose of this guide is to teach you how to easily and quickly avoid these problems.

Tempesta's Dream - A Story of Love, Friendship and Opera, Kindle Ebook by Vincent B. "Chip" LoCoco

“An intelligent and entertaining lyrical journey . . ."
-Penn Book Review

Tempesta’s Dream is the story of an aspiring opera singer coming of age in Milan; a tender and moving love story; a testament to the bonds of friendship; and, at its core, a tribute to the beauty, majesty and miracle of opera.

Giovanni Tempesta always dreamed of becoming an opera tenor and one day singing from the stage of the La Scala Opera House in his hometown of Milan, Italy. But with no real training, his dream has little chance for fulfillment . . . One day, he meets and immediately falls in love with Isabella Monterone, a dark-haired beauty, whose father, a very rich and powerful Milanese Judge, refuses to allow his daughter to date a penniless musician . . . At the lowest part of his life, Giovanni comes upon the Casa di Riposo, a rest home for musicians established by the great opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi . . . It is at the Casa Verdi that Giovanni meets Alfredo del Monte, a blind, retired opera singer with a secretive past who gradually becomes his mentor . . . Could Alfredo be the one person who could assist Giovanni in finding the break he needs? Or is Giovanni destined to be on the cusp of reaching his life long dream, only to find failure? . . . Tempesta's Dream, at its core, is an Italian opera love story. The author tells the story simply and swiftly with an ending that is both an emotional and poignant moment of both "amicizia e amore" (friendship and love.)