Burd: The Abduction - Kindle ebook by R.D. House

.99 cents - Purchase link:  http://www.amazon.com/Burd-Abduction-R-D-House-ebook/dp/B00MOEWQOS

It is 1940 on a remote ranch in Texas.  The space aliens known as the Grays in UFO literature are collecting fauna and flora for experimentation and profit.  They notice a stray chicken which has some unusual traits including more bravery than is usually found in her species.  Beep and Tarragon, the expedition leaders, decide to collect her, but a power setting mishap leads to a dead hen.

They find a viable egg, which reminds the aliens of a pending genetic engineering experiment which this egg might facilitate.  They do their mysterious gene splicing and then manage to plant the egg for an innocent young girl to find on a nearby ranch.  There is an assimilation aspect to the experiment for the soon to be hatched rooster man.

Burd is a unique creature.  He talks, flies, reasons remarkably well and Burd has super human strength and ability to be a fearsome warrior.  The Grays are trying to develop a prototype soldier to strengthen their military capability against their enemies the Reptilians, another off world species deeply involved in dominating the Earth. The avian man seems to be the answer.

The Reptilians are backing the Nazis and the Illuminati in World War II. They love politics, especially when policies lead to death and destruction.  Nicknamed lizard men, they pride themselves in becoming the puppet masters of other species.  They have evil designs for mankind’s future and they think the Nazis have a lot of potential as their minions.

The Grays think their abductions and non-lethal harvest of biological fluids is their prerogative as superior beings. It’s not that they hate humans, on the contrary, they love the human music they have discovered in their time travels.  They especially like the music of the The Who, a band that will not arrive on the scene for another generation.  They love the band so much they have, by Imperial Edict, changed their own official name to the Whoians.

It’s not looking good for humans caught in the middle of a struggle between two powerful outer space empires.  Both alien species come to believe Burd, the rooster man, could be important to their plans.

Will the rooster man Burd join forces with humans to fight for freedom, or will he be another tool for aliens seeking to dominate and harvest resources of Earth?

Burd must make perilous choices as events unfold.  There is a bankrupt ranch and a failing circus to save.  There are friends needing help escaping from the dark side of the moon.  There are shows to perform.  There are friends falsely accused of riot to spring from jail.  Oh, and there is a little matter of a war to win in Europe.

A typical rooster might spend a lot of time hanging around a chicken coop and eating cracked corn, but a rooster man’s work is never done until the fat lady sings.  The Fat Lady of the Texas Jack Ringer sideshow is much too grouchy to sing any time soon.

The Other Side of God: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Being - Free Kindle ebook by Susan D Kalior


Journey into yourself in this surrealistic adventure into the human psyche and multi-dimensional realities in Book One of the "Other Side" series. The reader is catalyzed into a personal journey as the pages are turned, inviting a meditative experience to expand awareness, deepen self-appreciation, ease personal pain, heal psychological wounds, and bring one into a more fruitful life experience. Packed with cutting-edge metaphysical insights and powerful psychological understandings, this story further sheds light on the human cycle, the earth, and mystical dimensions.

A sage known as the Fool on the Hill guides a struggling woman into herself and frees her into the quintessential meaning of life beyond social perception and conventional belief systems. The adventure begins when she crosses into where perceptions of reality are born, then into the land of dreams, worlds of meditation, and levels of death. Her exploration continues in the lake of self-image where she fights for her authenticity, the zone of internal balance where she learns to be centered in herself, the desert of loneliness where she strives for independence, and the cave of strife where she beholds the importance of chaos. She struggles to traverse the minefields of love without surrendering herself to another, to make peace with her personal demons in the tunnel of confrontation, to find out who she really is in the house of illusions, and come into who she must be in the realm of earth-shaking transitions. Her journey concludes in the skies of synchronicity where self understanding flourishes and insights abound. This manuscript is a tribute to the inner sage in us all.

Wanderlush - kindle ebook by David Robert


When Robert, a self-proclaimed anxiety-ridden introvert, convinces himself that he’s dying of cancer, he invites his delightfully unpredictable, Xanax-popping, chardonnay-swilling mother on a series of international “good-bye” vacations. By doing so, he unwittingly opens a Pandora’s box of hilarious and humiliating events that will test just how far they are willing to go to get a laugh.

Robert knows that the trips will be anything but boring because he and his mom have been causing a scene since as long as he can remember, but nothing can prepare him for escapades that include digging his mom out of a rain gutter in Costa Rica and being dragged across the Arabian Desert by a psychotic camel named Forrest Hump. As the vacations unfold, Robert discovers that although he and his mom are having the time of their life, she is ready to share a secret that will change everything.

“I’ve always been close to my mom and I wanted to do something special for her as she was about to begin treatment for a serious medical condition. We’ve always shared the gift of humor so what would be a better gesture of love than to pen an utterly humiliating tale of our adventures together,” says Robert.

David Robert wrote the entire book on flights he made between Washington DC and Dubai between 20012 and 2014.

A satisfied reader left the following review on Amazon: "Definitely an author to watch! Very well written and hilariously funny! Laughed out loud all the way through! Can't wait to read the next one!!!!!"

An Upraised Chalice - a Kindle eBook by Gene ONeil

Free Kindle eBook Promotion Aug 3o – Sept 3 2014


Full book title: An Upraised Chalice - Adventures and Near-Death Encounters in my Search for the Brotherhood of Light - and What It Can Mean for You

Looking at the big picture gives most of us pause for concern. For many decades now, we have watched the world we live in become more unsettled. Populations have increased dramatically; food and shelter throughout the world, even in the US, are concerns for many. Many areas of the earth are experiencing climate change, punctuated by extreme weather conditions. Severe drought, heavy rains, and extreme temperature-swings threaten world food production. The world economy seems to teeter on the brink of insolvency, experiencing one crisis after another. This makes it difficult for many to make ends meet, which in turn, serves to fuel more credit-card debt, which exacerbates the debt crisis. The worldwide geopolitical conflicts, often fueled by extremist religious dogmas, seem to envelop more countries and produce unimaginable horror year after year.

Many feel a cultural malaise has settled in. Exposed to continual media broadcasts concerning these disturbing worldwide events, many become used to it, numb, and indifferent to what is happening around them. We cringe as our children grow up in this environment, exposed to all of this. They seek to emulate the lifestyles that are presented to them by the so-called entertainment industry and by corporate advertising. This in turn outpictures in our children’s lives, effectively steering new generations into lifestyles that give less importance to altruistic behaviors and ideals and great importance to materialistic pursuits. Our children are confronted with an almost irreconcilable gulf between the innocence they know in their hearts and the cold and too often violent images that are served up by the media. Tragically and more and more frequently, this outpictures in actions of undreamed horror that in some instances can bring an entire nation to its knees. There is a growing sense among many that something major is missing in our civilization—a lack of moral compass, a lack of direction. Many are looking for answers.

With all the above as background, we are caught up in our daily lives. The days turn into weeks and the months into years. Before you know it, we’re not kids anymore—relationships, careers, families, and responsibilities have arrived. For many in this culture, it’s almost a frantic pace of doing, doing, doing, for both us and our families.

The years move forward and everyone is attending to their life’s priorities, focusing on how to be happy, make a living, raise a family. The years turn into decades and sooner or later, (hopefully later) sickness or accidents happen and all are again confronted with the big questions: Why? What’s next? What has this life that I’ve lived been about? As one begins to consider their own eventual departure: What have I been able to do to make things a little better? What have I passed along to make others’ lives more beautiful?

Hard Rock Candy Moon - kindle ebook by Tammy Trottot


Bengar and Harman are immortals, compelled to watch over Gina and Alice, their intended soul mates, since birth.  The girls give both men a run for their money when they end up over seas in the skin trade.  Can Gina put her past behind her and learn to love the brooding immortal who refuses to leave her side?    Gina finds that not only is she the soul mate of Bengar, but she has been here before.  There are things she remembers that she shouldn't possibly be able to.  She finds being an immortal is not as simple as never dying of natural causes, sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.  Bengar, the brood leader of the immortals, wants Gina to be able to assimilate to being an immortal and his soul mate so very badly.  He realizes before that can happen, she must become one with her past.  There are those who would see that never happen, though.  People from the past who would see Gina and Bengar both suffer for imagined wrongs done them.  Along with the mysterious voices Gina keeps hearing, it seems the odds are insurmountable.  How much with they have to endure before they can finally be together?  Can Bengar get to Gina and save her before she is broken forever?  Can Gina overcome the demons that plague her with doubt?  With Bengar, Alice, and Harman there to help, can Gina finally find her very own Hard Rock Candy Moon?

Necromancer - kindle ebook by Graeme Ing


A dark fantasy adventure with a touch of romance...

A primeval fiend is loose in the ancient metropolis of Malkandrah, intent on burning it to a wasteland. The city's leaders stand idly by and the sorcerers that once protected the people are long gone.

Maldren, a young necromancer, is the only person brave enough to stand against the creature. Instead of help from the Masters of his Guild, he is given a new apprentice. Why now, and why a girl? As they unravel the clues to defeating the fiend, they discover a secret society holding the future of the city in its grip. After betrayals and attempts on his life, Maldren has reason to suspect everyone he thought a friend, even the girl.

His last hope lies in an alliance with a depraved and murderous ghost, but how can he trust it? Its sinister past is intertwined in the lives of everyone he holds dear.

Can only evil defeat evil?

The Pieces of Life - kindle ebook by Corbin Newcomb

I had one goal in writing this book: To change the way you view the world.

This is a collection of thoughts, with diary entries and beautiful uplifting messages. This book lets you into the most intimate and dark times, and also conveys the beauty and tragedy of love, staying strong and having hope, and how to live your life with happiness. The Pieces of Life allows readers to feel raw and real emotional struggles and this unique perspective will help you to see how to not only get through life, but to embrace it. Every day challenges are written in a beautiful way, and will open your eyes to what you just may be missing around you. It's touching, uplifting, and will prove to you that no matter how bad things get, you can embrace your life by accepting what you can't change, loving unconditionally, and changing your perspective.

Chapters include: The Ocean & Love, The Sun & The World's Beauty, The Earth & People, Fire & Hard Times, The Stars & Being Strong,  Heaven & God The Universe & Hope & Happiness

Purchase as paperback or ebook at http://www.amazon.com/The-Pieces-Life-Corbin-Newcomb/dp/150030879X

Beacon of Vengeance, A Novel of Nazi Germany - a kindle ebook by Patrick W. O'Bryon


In the summer of 1941 America edges closer to joining the Allied battle against Hitler’s victorious armies …but a dangerous spy game is already underway.

Reluctant former operative Ryan Lemmon disappears in Nazi-occupied France, a country riddled with corruption and deceit. Now working ostensibly to the State Department’s Special War Problems Division, Ryan has actually accepted a covert assignment for America’s newly centralized intelligence office under William “Wild Bill” Donovan. His official task– undermine German intelligence operations across Occupied Europe.

Independent-minded Ryan’s first goal however remains deeply personal–to release friends from a fascist internment camp while they still have hope for survival.

Ryan enters a defeated France torn by German exploitation and French collaboration, a cauldron of deception and unbridled cruelty teeming with unexpected dangers: a dying British MI6 agent whose help may prove deadly, a beautiful partisan whose cold heart could make or break his mission, a former lover trapped between Nazi operatives and the violent Parisian underworld. And deep in the shadows, a ruthless enemy plays a treacherous game of cunning and subterfuge.

Beacon of Vengeance, the new thriller inspired by the undercover life of the author’s late father in Nazi Europe, is the second volume in the Corridor of Darkness trilogy.

Corridor of Darkness has been honored with the B.R.A.G Gold Medallion, the AIA Gold Seal of Excellence, the Compulsion Reads endorsement, and a Bronze Medal in the 2014 international Independent Publisher Book Awards.

Holding You - kindle ebook by Jewel E. Ann


WARNING: Holding You requires big girl panties and a change of clothes because life is unexpected, love is messy, and happily ever afters are earned.

Deep breath … I am peaceful … I am strong.

Vegan chef, Addy Brecken, has a sailboat, a Prius named Karma, and a genius IQ.

“So how was your afternoon?” I went with small talk because I honestly didn’t know what to say.
He squinted his eyes at me. “Busy, yours?”
“Oh, same old, same old. Fed some homeless people, had lunch with my friend, attended a peaceful demonstration, got thrown in jail, nothing too exciting.”
He nodded in thought. “So this is pretty much a normal day for you?”
I hitched my purse back over my shoulder then shoved my hands down into my front pockets while I looked down at my feet. “We don’t always go out to lunch, but other than that, it’s pretty typical.”

On the outside, Addy's world is one where money doesn’t matter and blow jobs are not vegan. On the inside, her world is one of ruins, a meaningless existence.

“My soul is injured. My heart is shattered but won’t stop beating. You see the person I want to be, not who I am. I don’t fear death, I fear the pieces of my heart could be further shattered and it will still be beating.”

Perception. Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes they collide in a cosmic explosion that transcends time, altering the future and the past. Quinn Cohen, business guru, extreme athlete, and Latin sex god crashes into Addy’s life in a way that can only be described as serendipity.

“She’s beautiful, delightful, elegant, exquisite, charming, divine, captivating, gorgeous, stunning, bewitching, admirable, and a million other inadequate words”

Together they discover a love that’s undeniable in the midst of their pasts that are unimaginable.

“I don’t need a paper certificate that makes it hard to leave; I need a love that makes it easy to stay.”

Sex, Murder & Killer Cupcakes - Kindle ebook by Allison Janda


There is nothing better than sweets, some scandal and a good mystery. This book, which is the first in a series of three, is a cozy mystery that has received stellar reviews on Amazon. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin you'll find yourself comfortable with the characters right away - they're all the girl and boy next door that you'd meet at yoga class or in a coffee shop.

Master of Illusion - Book One - by Anne Rouen

Master of Illusion Book One — Award-Winning Historical Fiction by Anne Rouen
Make a date with the award-winning Master of Illusion on your kindle today!

Master of Illusion Book One is the first in a series of Historical Fiction Romance novels. In August 2014, it was announced the winner of the Silver Medal in the 2014 Global Ebook Awards for best Historical Literature Fiction (Modern). The Master is enticing audiences from around the world by magically combining elements of mystery, history and romance—even becoming a hit with Phantom of the Opera enthusiasts and followers of "Phan Fiction".

Murder. Magic. Music. Obsession. The ingredients of a historical mystery to fill your mind with passion and curiosity.

Master of Illusion follows the lives of childhood comrades, Angel and Elise, as they run hand in hand from a history of treachery, heartache and crippling abuse. Under the mask of exceptional talent and in the name of justice, they each grapple with their own damaged version of love and loyalty, while fiercely protecting their terrible secrets.
Set in the operatic era of 19th century France, talented dancer, Elise, is discovered by the eminent Opéra Français and is whisked away from a simple life to fulfil her dreams of becoming prima ballerina. Her path is forever changed the day she rescues the disfigured, amnesic, genius—Angel—from a life of abandonment and mistreatment. Angel's obsessions define him: his emulation of the Phantom of the Opera coupled with a latent dark side, develop into a fervent passion for a young soprano. Cast under Angel's charming spell, Elise assumes the role of his protector and nurturer—only to discover that she, too, wields powers of her own: persuasion and contrivance.
In trying to reach the pinnacle of operatic success, Angel and Elise are faced with the challenge of defining justice, love and self acceptance. Through abandonment, Angel knows only one form of love—obsession; and Elise, whose purity lies in ruins at the hands of evil, is raped of her capacity for romantic love.
Can they fulfil their childhood dreams without blood on their hands? ...

What have others had to say about the Master?

"A dark romance filled with passion and yearning, I was intrigued by this Phantom of the Opera-esqe story of love and fulfilment. The characters really make the story shine. And the author has done a beautiful job of making this historical romance come to life." (Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published Ebook Awards)

"Written with great skill and compassion the author has woven a compelling story that kept me enthralled to the conclusion." (Pete Loveday, Writers' Web Australia)

"Overall, I found this an outstandingly well-crafted work and a great pleasure to read. I congratulate the author"  (Lorraine Cobcroft, Writers' Web Australia)

"Readers of historical fiction will enjoy this book and may be pleased to realize that the ending is left so that another book may follow the story further" (Debi Benstead, Writers' Web Australia)

"If you are a Phan, I think you are going to love this new telling of The Phantom of the Opera - it's one of the best ones I've read!" (Amazon Reviewer)

"Master of Illusion is a book I recommend to those who love Historical Fiction" (Warren Thurston, Playwright, Aussieauthors.com)

"An engaging plot with vivid characters wrapped in mystery. Here is an emerging Australian writer that needs to be taken seriously" (Diane Nash, member of the Tamworth Book Club)

Little Miss Sure Shot - kindle ebook by Jeffrey Marshall


Annie Oakley wasn't a tomboy - she married at 16 -- and she wasn't from the West, despite being touted as the girl from the Western Plains. The real Annie Oakley is worlds removed from the character immortalized by Ethel Merman in "Annie Get Your Gun." She was quiet, a bit prim, and read the Bible regularly. Yet her athleticism and skill were extraordinary.

From a hardscrabble childhood and no formal education, she became an international star who toured through Europe as very few ever did in the 19th Century - France, England, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, in which she starred, brought a young and vibrant America to the Old World and played to a collective millions of spectators.

This novel humanizes the iconic figure, shows her interacting with people she may or may not have met, and chronicles the loving marriage between Annie and her partner and manager, Frank Butler.

Citadel of Fire - kindle ebook by Matthew Wolf


Magic. Death. Hope. Legendary warriors with elemental powers come to life in this stirring sequel to the Amazon bestselling fantasy saga. KIRKUS REVIEWS calls Citadel of Fire a "richly detailed, complex fantasy universe populated by intriguing characters who will continually surprise readers throughout the briskly paced tale."  What can one young boy do against an evil that can't be killed?  With his intrepid friends, Gray must find a way or the tide of darkness will consume the world of magic and all he knows.

The Impossible Lover by Dara Fogel


Book Description:  Lt. Colonel Christopher Jordan Haldane wasn't expecting to get caught up in a turf war when he headed off to Italy. What began as negotiating a shady mining deal turns into a bitter struggle between the Illuminati and the Grail Guardians over a steam-powered castle. Hidden deep inside this formidable caste, the Villa D'Amici, is forbidden knowledge and peculiar devices. As Haldane begins having out-of-body experiences, he must solve the Villa D'Amici's riddle and save an alluring lady before dark forces take over both the castle and his mind.

Author's Inspiration: Part conspiracy theory, part spoof, part metaphysical exploration, I started writing this series to play with ideas and archetypes. It began as a Jungian exploration of Anima/Animus archetypes, but then went weird. The introduction of Steampunk elements brought in considerations of the limits of science and human knowledge. For me, it was a fun way to approach some serious existential themes, while being simultaneously irreverent.

The Answers Man - kindle book by Ian C. Payne


The Answers Man is an introdutory novel to the new Frank and Abby (cozy) mystery series.  For Frank it is all about new beginings: new career, new town, new home, new girl, new challenges.  The story contains humor, adventure and a bit of romance. As one reader put it, "It has a little bit of everything."  another reader declared it to be a "fun read".  Set in the Midwestern U.S. the story involves both small town and big city.  Why was Pastor Wainwright kidnapped and by whom? Can Frank and Abby figure it out in time to save the day?  Book 2 in the series, Bad Chemistry, will be out in late October. 

Vacancy - kindle ebook by Bryan Coburn


  After a pandemic virus left Martin as the last remaining employee at a five star resort hotel, he is over protective of his new home, and slightly paranoid about leaving the property for very long. The virus did not turn people into zombies, but still, from watching too many apocalypse movies, he can't help but think about how gangs  could form and roam around killing, raping, pillaging, as they made their way through the countryside.
  He is alone for month until he spots a car in the distance. The car is coming towards the resort, towards the hotel, towards him.

Darkchapel - kindle ebook by Viktor Slater


An evil killer is stalking the streets of London. Prostitutes are dying in the East End and there is intense media speculation of a new Jack the Ripper. The pressure on Scotland Yard is overwhelming, but the trouble is the investigation has stalled and the murder team needs new blood.  What they get is bad blood.

One of the new members of the team is Sergeant ‘Gui ‘ Guidonis. He has an incredible mind, but he has a reputation of being impossible to work with and upsetting authority. The truth is he loves upsetting authority.

When he teams up with a disgraced Superintendent, now busted down to Sergeant, the mixture is explosive. Together they drag the up and coming Sergeant Toogood away from her detective colleagues and the rest of the investigation’s focus on Whitechapel. Instead this ‘crew’ of detectives follow clues to the luxury of Belgravia and some of the richest and most powerful people in London and beyond.  Gui does not care for money or power, his only goal is to find justice for the young prostitutes so savagely killed. No matter whom he crosses.

As the body count rises the big question everyone is asking is whether history will repeat itself and the identity of this new Jack the Ripper will remain unknown, just as it was over a hundred years before. But then Sergeants Gui, Inglefield and Toogood were not on the case.

Author’s Note:

I’ve always wanted to write a detective crime thriller, but I wanted more than the usual formula of a detective and the less intelligent sidekick.  So I created the ‘crew’ of three detectives who each bring their own important abilities to the investigation.
When I was looking for inspiration for their first investigation I quickly realised the greatest unsolved series of murders was inspiration worth having. As you will see, this is not a simple copycat Jack the Ripper, this story goes far deeper.

Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism - kindle ebook by K. DeLaughter


The author of Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism got fed up one day with all of the programs and advertisements she was running into that promised happiness, but only after expensive seminars or extensive personal changes. She thought, "What if we stop assuming that people are broken? What if there existed a book that had all kinds of ideas and methods for creating happiness written in a way that wasn't so condescending? Wouldn't that be great?"

It was after this inner dialogue that K. DeLaughter reached the following conclusions: (1) Talking to myself is probably not the healthiest thing, but there are worse bad habits to engage in I suppose, and (2) I should really write a book which is actually useful in that it is both comprehensive and easy to read. Thus, she did and now it is available for purchase.

Tidbits of Insight for Creating Optimism is an easy to read companion book for your daily quest to simply be a little bit happier. There is no need to completely overhaul your life, commit to any type of fancy wellness plan, or give up large amounts of money. Take this book with you to read white you wait to board a plane, pick up your kids, or consider giving it to that person in your life that you know just needs a little bit more encouragement. This book provides hundreds of ideas and methods for creating an authentic and purposeful optimism that you can embrace every single day.

The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp by Stan Dragomirov


Sit down, strap in, and read the living fuck out of the following paragraphs.

A few years ago I completed a tour of duty through a minimum-security FPC (Federal Prison Camp) and have written a Kindle ebook about it. It’s worth a read, and for $0.99, even the “not in this economy…” excuse doesn’t work. But don’t take my word for it. Take lots of my words for it – here is the obligatory money-grubbing, sleazy sales pitch:

The book is titled “The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp”

What makes my book unique? It is light-hearted. It is full of goofy meditations and engaging stories about the honest, unpolished reality of prison life as opposed to the insane, exceptional drama and violence. (Very little of that if you don’t go looking for it).

"The Light Side of Corrections" is funny, or at least tries to be.

This little nugget of letters has:

1. Reflections on prison, its environment, its genesis and, I hope, its demise.

2. Spankin' headlines and articles with titles along the lines of:

  • Replacing inalienable rights with phone privileges
  • Advocacy for tougher sentences for non-offenders
  • Diversity initiatives with reference to competing with (and possibly becoming), totally badass killer robots

-- And a few more! --

3. Personality types of who you are likely to run into in an FPC. I don't mean drug/violence/white collar offender. I mean flavors of introvert/extrovert, serious and comical, and so on. Only far more interesting. Jailhouse lawyers, Rays of Sunshine, Investors, A Stamp Or Two, and some others.

4. Two distinct short stories inside the damn book. Both surprisingly serious. One literally crosses lifetimes.

That's right, you're getting THREE separate units of literary-snob within one download. Do you know what that means? It means you can buy this one little bucket of scribbles and enjoy getting brainsexed like a cerebral varsity quarterback on Prefrontal Cortex prom night.

"The Light Side of Corrections" is written in the tone and style that is evident above. Judge that how you will, preferably on Amazon if the judgment is pleasant.

Aside from shits and giggles, I wanted to convince – and illustrate by example – that prison life is, unbelievably, not always the hellhole often portrayed. Of course, I speak of a Federal Prison Camp. This is the First Class of prisons in the U.S. To my knowledge, it is as gentle as it gets. Discussion topics included lattes. FPC inmates will not necessarily walk out twitching with mental disorders picked up from dodging shanks, race riots, and rapey penises.

NOTE: though unlikely in an FPC, none of the above unpleasantries can be discounted as impossible. Any large collection of males crammed together is a container full of gas in a lightning storm.

If you’re headed for a real prison, this is the wrong book. Get some ugly on you and learn how to fight.

If you’re headed for an FPC, the above advice wouldn’t hurt either, but it does not have nearly the same urgency.

If you don’t think prison is in your future, you clearly don’t know how U.S. justice works. The penalty for your ignorance is $0.99, preferably forwarded through a purchase of "The Light Side of Corrections: Federal Prison Camp."

The Marketing To Do List by Nicole Martins Ferreira


The Marketing To Do List gives entrepreneurs and marketers proven strategies to build a successful business. With some traditional and some crazy unique ideas, the book is packed with solid tips to help you reel that money in.

Nicole Martins Ferreira takes the blunt and straight forward approach to telling you how to generate more revenue, avoiding fluff at all costs. The book is packed with over 100 ideas and there's bound to be several that you can implement right away, without spending a dime.

The Marketing To Do List also includes a list of trends for 2014 and beyond to ensure that marketers stay ahead of the competition.

The Green Lamb: The Search by Kevin Leader


What things could a woman in love do when her husband gets in danger? Clara Perez is a modern woman from Seattle. She is a caring mother, a loving wife and a successful investigative journalist. She often reports from the world’s most dangerous places, but she couldn’t dream of that her life’s toughest days will take place in Seattle.

Her husband, John stuck under a collapsed mall’s rubble. Clara knows for sure that he is alive, but nobody else believes so. If Clara wants to see her beloved husband again, then she has no choice but to assemble a rescue team and try the impossible. She has to get John from twelve stories of rubble beneath.

Clara starts her crazy running against the time, the government and her own fears. Whatever happens, John must survive and believe in Clara’s mystic abilities.

This is a story of an immortal romance in which Clara fights through a number of ruthless mercenaries, FBI agents and long forgotten secrets to save her husband. But will she have enough time and strength?

Despite being a romantic thriller, the language is contemporary and often raw – but this makes the whole story lifelike and credible.

How To Write A Book In Two Weeks - kindle ebook by Lisa Newton


Little-Known Inside Secrets - Get Your Book Done and Published

Do you have a burning desire to write a book, but just aren't sure where or how to start? Perhaps you are already in business - a coach? a consultant? a trainer? Maybe you have already started writing your book, but have got kinda stuck? or is it still just a nice idea floating around in your mind?

There's no doubt about it... having a book to your name certainly opens doors. It's a badge of honour. A stamp of credibility. People will certainly take you more seriously. There's even a saying - "having a book is the new business card."

Wouldn't it be good if you had a book to give away and hand out to potential prospects? or even sell, and make a secondary residual income stream?

Here's what one client had to say:

    "I just knew I had to write a book. I was always sending people off to other sites, to other places, to my competitors and there wasn't anything they were telling them that I couldn't already tell them. But just because they had a book, they looked more important than me. I didn't have the credibility and I just knew I had to get it written."

Authors get invited to speak at events (some paid), some not paid - but its a chance to talk about their work, and their book. Are you missing out on opportunities by not having your name in print? Are you just 'stuck' on where to start? Have you got an idea for a book, but want to run it past someone first? Do you think you're 'not a writer'? Or has someone (a competitor) already beat you to it by getting their book out there already and now you're left behind? Maybe you've been saying for years 'One day I'll write a book' ...

Well, here's the good news - that day is closer than you think. And its a lot easier than you may realise. Many people already have 60-70% of what they need anyway, already ... they already have the material.They already have the idea. And that's fantastic. We can help you to make it happen.

EVEN IF someone else has written a book on 'your chosen book title' - you can STILL HAVE  a book with the same title! It doesn't matter. You can catch up and get that book done - it doesn't have to take forever!

Our course is designed to help you to bring that idea forth and to get it onto the page.

Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards - a book on the law of attraction - by Lisa Newton


At Last, The Missing Piece of 'The Secret' - What They Didn't Tell You ....

You may have heard of ‘The Secret´and ´the law of attraction´. Perhaps you've watched the movie or you've heard about this phenomenon through a friend and you've tried to apply it... and it didn't work! And perhaps you got frustrated and have now put the idea to one side. Hold on. It DOES work. And I suspect that deep down, somewhere in your subconscious mind you too *KNOW* it works. Maybe you've been seeing it work for other people and you want to know how they're doing it! How can you make this work for you?

For those cosmic-orderers, it can be difficult to explain 'how' it works, because it does just 'kinda' become a way of life. When you're adapt at this, its like breathing. And when someone asks you 'how' - you can explain, but just by missing out one critical part - its not the same. Some people want to understand HOW and WHY this really works. This book is not scientific and it only touches slightly on the metaphysical aspects. Think about WIFI. You can't SEE the signal with your naked eye, but that doesn't mean its not there, working for you. If you could just flick on that switch (and it literally that easy) - and 'turn on' your attraction - what could that mean for you?

What this book is all about, is applying the law of attraction and manifesting what you want, through placing orders with the universe through vision boards. The book outlines in detail how to create a board, what works, and (very importantly) what to do if you don’t achieve the results that you want. There is a process to remove the blocks and to allow the energy to flow.

This information may seem a bit 'woo woo' to some - but if you choose not to believe - thats up to you. There's a lot of things in this world that we don't completely understand - e.g. like how to build the pyramids - but the results are still there. Once upon a time this type of ancient knowledge was fiercely guarded. It was kept secret from the masses. If you visit places like tibet and meet the monks, you'll see all kinds of things (levitation, mind reading, energy) that in the western world, we'd call 'magic'. But maybe we've just been trained not to see and not to 'tap into' this universal energy that is open to each and every one of us. You don't need an 'special powers' - we can all manifest and create the exact experience that we want to have on planet earth.

"Worth giving it a try... you may be surprised! It has a lot of good advice and clear instructions. You will have a lot of fun producing your own vision boards." Mrs Hazel Evans, Amazon Review

So if its the money you want, the life experiences, the guy / girl of your dreams, the house etc., anything and everything is possible with cosmic ordering. There is no limits to the possibilities. You can be shockingly surprised at how quickly the results can come through when you're aligned to the order.

Do you want to stay skeptical and keep yourself away from the life you really want? If you pursue the same process to cosmic ordering that you always have, you will continue to get the same results that you've always got. If you change your approach - or just GIVE IT A GO with an open mind - you will be pleasantly surprised. Our only disclaimer is - be careful about what you wish for... you just might get it!

I wish you all the best. I'm available for help at www.Cosmic-Ordering.com

Yours in Cosmic-Ordering,

P.S. Cosmic Ordering With Vision Boards is available as a book, on kindle and also as an audio book on Audible and itunes.

Weeping angels - kindle ebook by Cristy Rey


A story of grief carried and grief ignored, Weeping Angels is an intensely emotional romance about two people who find comfort in one another in order to overcome loss. Frankie is a famed avant-garde cellist who walked out on her alcoholic sister, Iris, years earlier. Topher is a recovering vet, years removed from war, who has found it difficult to reconnect with the boy he used to be. When Frankie's sister and Topher's childhood friend, Iris, dies, the two reconnect for one weekend. What they find in one another is unfettered understanding and burning passion.

Together, Frankie and Topher must learn how to confront their losses and move on. Weeping Angels is a story of grief carried and grief ignored. It’s about learning to love and moving on. Mourning someone once is hard enough, but mourning someone twice is unimaginably harder.

Read the book that Saints and Sinners Books reviewed "Never before has a novel affected me as Weeping Angels. I feel as if I was suffering along with Frankie and Topher experiencing every single emotion that came along with their story. I can truly say that Weeping Angels will forever stick with me as one of the most emotional yet beautiful tales of loss and love I've ever read."

The Kinetic Keeper by Angel Stage


Abby Woods discovers she has telekinesis by smashing her birthday cake into her brother's face- without touching it.

Soon after, a woman comes to visit Abby from a place called the Isle of Peritia. It's an island where people like her with all different abilities go to strengthen and control them. Once on the island, Abby is labeled as a Newlie (someone who is the first in their family to have abilities) and she finds out that it's rare for that to happen. Being a Newlie means she should only have one ability; but soon, she discovers she has every kinetic ability there is which has never been heard of.

She questions why she is so special. Why is her mind so strong and so advanced? She can pick up heavy furniture with her mind when she shouldn't be able to pick up more than a marble. And she can freeze an entire lake solid when she should only be able to freeze a small glass of water. The creator of the island and the head of the school, Asher Dae, decides to help her learn about her abilities and get them under control.

As Abby continues to search for a reason her mind is so strong, she learns of Asher's twin brother, Vago Dae who is wanted for murder. She soon finds out that she is the Kinetic Keeper, a child foretold of having gifts never before witnessed. And because of her one of a kind abilites, Vago is coming after her to have her mind for his own bidding.

The Slayer Saga: Soulless - kindle ebook by L.S. Engler


The world has been devastated by ravenous, insatiable creatures known as Soulless, who roam the lands and destroy what little semblance of civilization humanity attempts to restore.   Over the centuries, a legend has begun, of a fierce warrior who will stand up to the scourge and defeat them with a merciless sword.  When the Slayer of the Soulless finally rises up from the ashes of her past life, then salvation just might finally be within their reach.

However, the Slayer of the Soulless never expected that a threat to her life would occur in one of the safest places in the entire world, and, when she barely manages to escape, she must find out what drove this plot to murder her and discover what it might mean for the rest of humanity.  Will she be able to find the source of this malicious movement?  Or will humanity finally meet its end at the hands of a bigger, stronger Soulless, once and for all?

From the creative mind of L.S. Engler comes a new epic quest across a distorted landscape where danger is present at every turn and no one can be trusted.  Soulless is the first book in a trilogy that will span across a wide world rebuilding itself after destruction, testing the idea of what it means to be human in a hopeless world.

Flither Lass - kindle ebook by Graham Higson


Kindle Countdown Deal:
08/22/2014 - 08/29/2014

Flither Lass is set in 1915, and looks at the First World War from a unique perspective.

It takes place in a remote coastal fishing village that is ravaged by poverty, harsh living conditions, the torments of nature. And the war, being fought hundreds of miles away in Belgium and France, is being fueled, almost literally, by Britain's young men, including those from Wyke Bay. So even the remoteness cannot cushion the lives of the inhabitants.

The village would seem to be remote, but the North Sea is just a few yards away, a major fishing lane being used to ship essential food and supplies to Britain. The ships are under constant threat from German mines and U-boats, bringing the war uncomfortably close.

Amy Trott has just gone 16, and is barely aware that there's a war on. She collects limpets—or "flithers"—that are used to bait her father's fishing lines. Without women like her there would be no bait, so no catches. Yet these flither girls were treated as the lowest of the low. As if things aren't already bad enough for Amy, she is further estranged from the local community which believes, in its ignorance, that she is backward, slow-witted, when she's just a wild, unruly girl, passionately protective of the small bay that she believes is hers.

When Amy's father is caught in a sudden storm, and doesn't return, she is convinced that he will. And searching the shoreline she finds a man. He is barely alive, and she decides to keep him, not realizing that he is German.

Martial Arts For Everyone - kindle ebook by David Nelson


A collection of tips and techniques that will set you apart from other martial artists and fitness enthusiasts!

The author has 30 years experience as a martial artist, 18 years practicing Pharmacy and spent 8 years in the U. S. Army. He has been stretching, exercising and competing in sports for over 30 years and shares an example of one of his recent workout routines in Appendix A of the book.

The detailed explanations of stretching, self-defense and martial arts techniques are augmented by 300 pictures.

The book features Master Kenji Saykosy, a martial artist, actor, producer, director, writer and local business owner who stars in the movie Lao Warrior. His incredible self-defense techniques and ground fighting skill is a must see.

Becky's Boyfriend - kindle ebook by Cody Young


Remember how hard you can fall in love when you’re only seventeen? Remember how sweet it feels, how painful, and how real?

Becky’s Boyfriend is a sweet, sexy story about love that starts at high school. Martin, a tall, scruffy guy with Swedish blue eyes who uses his school tie to hold up his pants, meets Becky, a painfully shy girl with shadowy secrets. With his easy charm and languid sexuality, Martin lands a role in the school variety show, singing retro songs and hits of the sixties, and that’s when things start to heat up for Becky, who’s making the costumes. Martin meets her in the wardrobe room,  offers to remove his shirt so she can measure him up for size, and resolves that he’ll be the one to give her a first kiss to remember. He sings to her with a suggestive, provocative energy that both terrifies and tempts her to give him a chance.

Could it work? The rebel in the leather jacket, and the shy girl who studies and sews and cooks her father’s dinner? Or is she too far out of a poor boy’s league, with her cut-glass accent and her rich daddy who’ll stop at nothing to keep her where she belongs? Take a chance and say yes, he tells her.

Memoirs of a Caddie: Life and Times of a Misguided Youth - kindle ebook by Patrick Michael Burke

Memoirs of a Caddie: Life and Times of a Misguided Youth available on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-Caddie-Times-Misguided-Youth-ebook/dp/B00M1BJQII

Memoirs of a Caddie: Life and Times of a Misguided Youth is my inaugural book, following one of the more eventful and bizarre chapters of my life.

Located just outside the City of Chicago, Fairview Country Club functioned as an adult playground for some of the City’s most wealthy and influential politicians, business owners and investment bankers. Fairview became their escape from the everyday, the one place where they didn’t have to worry about putting on airs. For caddies, Fairview became a sort of rite of passage, a place where you entered as a naïve child and left as a man, armed with the bizarre and wonderful knowledge that will shape your life for years to come.

MEMOIRS OF A CADDIE: LIFE AND TIMES OF A MISGUIDED YOUTH explores the 8-year stint that I served as a country club caddie in near-suburban Chicago, focusing on such critical events such as:
• The Caddie Masters: “Unwilling to leave the country club grounds, Rob had taken to sleeping in his car; his two poodles huddled up against in an attempt to keep warm at night. Every morning, he would wake up and wash himself in the bathroom sink before heading down to his desk to begin his “work” day, pretending as if he had never been informed that his employment at Fairview had been terminated. It was his final act of rebellion against the people that he despised.”
• The Belt Game: “The Belt Game brought something out of its contestants that few other life events, short of war, could ever have. For five to ten minutes, those young men were battling for their lives, rapidly adapting to this newfound “Kill or Be Killed” world.”
• The Summer Heat: “As they moved around the altar, I could capture glimpses of their eyes, wild and ancient, completely lost in the moment, dedicated to giving all energy towards their ceremonial dance.”

The Quest of Narrigh - Kindle eBook by S.K.Holder: Fantasy Series



The Quest of Narrigh is one of the biggest Massively Multi-player Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) ever to be released by Tridan Entertainment. You have to be over 15-years-old to play. Connor, however, has used his older brother’s password in order to access his gaming account. Connor is playing the game on his brother's laptop, with his best friend Riley, when he suddenly finds himself in Narrigh.

Unbeknown to the races of Narrigh, there is a rift between their world and the world of Odisiris, which is inhabited by a race known as Citizens. The Maker of these worlds knows of the rift and seeks to use it to his advantage. He hopes others do not seek to do the same. For he possesses a great artefact that, if wielded, could disrupt the balance of the two worlds and ultimately lead to their destruction.

‘The Quest of Narrigh’ forms volume one of ‘The Other Worlds’ series. While it will appeal to gamers and fantasy enthusiasts, the narrative will grip anyone interested in social interaction, culture and the flaws of the human condition.

There are two male protagonists in the story: one adult and one young adult. Thus, it will appeal to both teenagers and adults.

What the hand - kindle ebook by Todd Stockwell


What the Hand is the first black comedy based on the Book of Revelation--but it's not just for Christians.  It is the story of George Somerset who finds himself in paradise, having barley made the cut.  He recounts his troubled life while he goes on a journey through heaven.  Fast and Funny read. Hope you enjoy.

Tears of a Giant - kindle ebook by Lyric


Even the strong cry! Spoken Word the cornerstone of Healing is made to Sooth you out of those tears and into your Greatness!

The Winner's Circle - Kindle ebook by Shawn Mosley


God has a plan for all of us. It is up to us to fulfill that plan on our own. Selling drugs, selling your body, robbing, and stealing, they will all bring you that quick success. But what about the long haul! What are you going to do when it all comes crashing in?

Not Your Average - Kindle ebook by Leena Ching


Madana is beautiful young lady plagued by one problem after the other. She has a greedy bitter mother trying to turn her into the same. Boyfriends cheating on her over and over again. What is she to do? She wont take it lying down. Come find out why Madana Matthews is not your Average young Lady!

A Perfect Murder - Kindle ebook by Kateri Young


Her father made her into a sex slave because her mom cheated on him. Passed around from man to man. She was supposed to be saved by a man she thought loved her. All he did was betray her. Shayla will not allow any more men to abuse her. She has learned to kill without detection. Revenge will be hers! Not even the cop who saved her will be safe!

Demented Minds - Kindle ebook by Author Psycho


All woman have a dark side. These woman act on them. They cook cheating men and serve them to others. They cut pregnant woman open and steal their babies. Have incredible orgasms from invisible beings. And fall in love with Half human Mandingo men. Come inside and witness the Depravity!

The Adventure of Sir Good Knight - kindle e-book by Tom Geden

The ebook is free with the purchase of the print version from amazon.com.  http://www.amazon.com/Adventure-Sir-Good-Knight-ebook/dp/B00440DQ9O

     The kindle version is different and black /white. It  is 1.99 or free with subscription (see amazon.com for details).The Adventure of Sir Good Knight puts a twist on a classic medieval story of knights in shining armour. The tale is told from the beginning by a father reading to his adopted son.  The tale is about a failure of a man who show courage to try but until he is needed cannot become a knight. He enlists against all odds to go against an entire army and discovers an enchanted suit never noticed before (a gift from God perhaps?) that gives him super powers. He doesn’t know this until they are utilized.If you want to know the rest of the story, buy it for yourself! The story concludes as the father tells the child to remember the story of Sir Good Knight, leading perhaps to other adventures. The pictures of the father and son closely resemble the author and his son. For a performance of this bookhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ku1wf1CQOg . When you buy a copy either print or ebook, a donation will bemade to charity, a different respected charity each week, mostly children’s charity.

Dinnertimes: Stories of American Life, 1912 to 2012 by Deborah L. Halliday


Dinnertime is about more than just filling our stomachs; for most of us, it carries a deeper meaning that resides in our autobiography. Our dinnertime stories have roots in culture, in history, and in family. While some stories are full of positive memories, others are much less sunny. Whether experiences are remembered fondly or with pain, the intimate realities of our mealtimes stay with us and help to shape us. Dinnertime becomes a backdrop for the stories of our lives.

DINNERTIMES is a collection of first-person narratives told by people from a variety of social, cultural, and educational backgrounds. The oldest narrator is 108, the youngest 22. Each story is, in essence, an individual short memoir; but taken as a collection, an overall historical and cultural picture begins to emerge and DINNERTIMES becomes a book of social history.

Each reader of DINNERTIMES will find something to relate to, something to reflect on, and something to learn from.  DINNERTIMES will help to foster understanding among generations and across differences, and will help each reader gain perspective on his or her own experience in context. It would be an excellent choice for book clubs or memoir-writing groups. Dinnertime is important; this book helps us to see why.

“Spring Creek is exactly what it sounds like. It is a deep spring, ten to twelve feet deep in places. You’re actually catching these crawdads in spring water. It’s very clear, very cold; you can’t stand in it a long time or you’d just be frozen. … Once we’d caught enough for a meal, Mom would sit out by the water, take the crawdads and pull the heads off, then rinse them. She’d rinse all the innards out and then we would take everything else back to the house. If we had decided we were going to camp there she’d cook them over an open fire. First she’d boil them and then she’d fry them. I can’t eat lobster because it has no flavor to me; crawdads have such a great flavor, and she didn’t do anything special to them. She put nothing on them. They are just boiled and fried; in grease, of course. That is one of my greatest memories.”  (Bartley, age 54)

Love's Pale Road - Kindle ebook by Martin Gibbs


Happily Ever After? No... not as such. Not by a good long yard.

Beware the one who will betray you; for you have given them your heart.

Love is too often a beast of convenience: two strangers meeting and connecting on some chemical and psychological level; sharing laughs and tears, and maybe some bodily fluids.

But love can be real, when it wants to be. There are honest moments in the days we spend with our lover, there are days of sunshine and laughter, and nights of pleasure.

When it wants to be real. Love has its own designs, as poor Bailey finds out: Tasked by a dead man to perform a murderous act, he finds himself in love with a stranger. He was a simple-minded farmer, tending his turnips and his pumpkins, when the outside world burst in, sending everything he held dear to the far winds.

And so the poor chap is alone and scared when Abigail bares her pretty face. Although her family lies dead—somewhere on the path behind her—Bailey trips headfirst into the wants of his own heart, takes her hand, and carries her along a new road.

For Bailey, Love is more than a chemical reaction: It is a living thing, a living road… a pale road. A pale, murky, dangerous road.

For Death waits at the end.

Dangerous Liaisons - Kindle ebook by Sarah Stuart


Queen Margaret’s command, known only to the women in the family,drives her present-day descendants to break the bounds of marriage,the law, and the church, with heart-breaking consequences.

Is forgiveness of the ultimate sin possible?

Show business became part of my life when a director chose one of my dogs to play Sandy in the musical “Annie”, arguably the most difficult role for a dog, and its handler, ever staged.  Theatre hooked me from the first night of the run, and I supplied Bulls Eye in Oliver… Toto in The Wizard of Oz… and dogs in plays, many on tour before their London premiere.

I have been incredibly lucky to meet so many producers, directors, and performers ranging from hopefuls who sank without trace to national, and international, superstars. It was from the stars I learned the price of success, and that is the background of my debut novel, the first of the Royal Command series. The royal is Margaret Tudor, James IV of Scotland’s queen, and her command is contained in a Book of Hours she used as a diary.

This sixteenth day of October the Year of Our Lord 1541, Methven Castle. I tire yet I must write for my beloved daughter comes hence. I pray I live to give unto her this book and charge her to give it also unto a daughter conceived in love. I direct and beseech my heirs to find love where they may. Love is a gift of God, not of kings.

Lizzie, the current owner of the book, disillusioned by life on a prosperous Scottish Shooting Estate, goes to London, where she meets Michael, born to poverty in the backstreets of Leeds, but determined to make it as an actor. They fall in love, but the road to stardom is a minefield and these two step on most of them. Their daughter, Lisette, follows in her father’s footsteps, and drama from the past ignites a fireball with the potential to ruin all their lives. 

Unrequited - One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka - kindle ebook by Christy Heron


Unrequited - One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka is on sale for 99 cents for the next 5 days. #99cents !

Most young adults 20 to 30 years old are embarking on a new journey, and a new chapter in the book called life. Newly independent from parental regulation, establishing careers, finding a place to fit into society and searching for true love, this period is particularly challenging. Many young adults are not prepared for the temptations and the responsibility that come with the transition from teen to adulthood. However, it is a passage everyone must go through and learn from in order to survive and gain the crucial wisdom needed to become a mature adult.  

One obstacle, not just in young people but people of all ages, is addiction. Addiction is a disease and can come in many forms, such as drinking, drug use, gambling, shopping, exercise, and one that few like to admit, sexual/relationship behavior. Although not always the case, addiction is also many times a symptom of mental illness. A combination of the two can be lethal: Mentally and physically.

Author Christy Heron takes readers on a visceral rollercoaster that focuses on these relevant issues and illnesses in her novel Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka. She describes how they can change someone’s life forever. Many people are unaware or choose to overlook addiction and bipolar or depressive symptoms, suffering day-to-day, stressed and unhappy, unable to control their emotions, thus effecting their whole existence.

Unrequited’s main character January Estlin, struggles with addiction: An addiction to alcohol and to her on again/off again late night hookup, Jack (AKA Short Fat Fuck). Combined with anxiety and depression, the whole hot mess cripples her spirit, goals, and relationships. Not until she hits rock bottom, saying goodbye to friends and family, with the intention of killing herself, does she finally seek help. Readers will relate to the emotional ups and downs of January’s struggle through Ms. Heron’s vivid descriptions and the sensitive dialogue taking place between January and her family, friends, doctors, and even Jack.

Lust is a strong emotion that is easily mistaken for love and can be unforgiving. Unrequited-One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka differentiates (eventually!) between ecstasy and betrayal, lust and true love.

Lord Esterleigh's Daughter - kindle book by Kathy Fischer-Brown


“...This is a dark novel that deals with the resentment and anger of a girl who has been misled and cannot seem to get past her grief …. While not a typical romance, this is a fascinating, complex story that I completely enjoyed. It is well written and entertained me with mystery, suspense, scandal, sinister characters and first love.” — Romantic Historical Lovers

Must Read “… the first book in 'The Serpent's Tooth Trilogy' [is] a very well written plot filled with romance, suspense and danger. The author's characters were developed well and believable…. Recommended for all suspenseful historical romance fans.” — My Cozy Corner Reviews

The Hell Of Osirak - kindle ebook by Jaye Rothman


For years I searched for a spy novel that featured a strong female character. I couldn't find one. So when I started writing The Hell Of Osirak initially I wrote it for myself - a book that I would want to read. The female protagonist is Nikki Sinclair who is sexy, gutsy and a lesbian who happens to be a spy. This is the start of a new genre - the lesbian spy thriller!

My book is loosely based on a true story set in 1981 - Operation Opera.
Sinclair is sent on an Intel mission into Southern Africa, is this a goose chase or is her assignment critical to her nation’s security?
Her position becomes increasingly tenuous, as she encounters her Mossad ex- lover Dvora. Sparks fly again….

The Osirak nuclear facility will become operational in a few weeks. This will destabilise all of the Middle East. Sinclair’s mission – is to stop the unimaginable from happening. But as events unfold she begins to understand that she is little more than a pawn in a dangerous international game of physical intimacy.

Mom's Journey: Practical Tips for Raising Kids kindle ebook by Limor Freidman


All parents know the drill; lay on the baby talk thick and make sure children stay young for as long as possible. One look at Limor Friedman’s three successful daughters would have anyone believing that her and Mr. Friedman stuck by the same parenting ‘rule book’ to the letter when, in reality, they threw it out of the window as soon each child was born. Having proudly paved their own way of parenting, Friedman is urging others to do the same in her powerful new book.

‘Mom’s Journey’ offers hundreds of tips on raising kids the stress-free way while maintaining a career and balancing life’s other ever-changing demands. Friedman’s model involves no shouting, no unnecessary stress, a lot of love and the key ingredient – no conforming to the belief that the ‘common way’ is necessarily the right way.

“We found raising our three daughters to be very easy – and not many parents can say that!” admits Friedman. “We made a pact that we’d pave our own way and not conform to the ‘common way’ just because we assumed it worked. In fact, we discovered that many of our own strategies were more successful and simpler. For example, we skipped the baby talk and always spoke to our baby daughters as if they understood each word. The doctor was amazed at how quickly their communications skills developed; with our daughters forming their first words aged just seven months!” says Friedman.

Continuing, “Most books on parenting are written by psychologists, but mine was written from the heart and experience. Our over-riding message is one of really shaping parenting into something you can own and, in the process, not wasting time or making mistakes in the pursuit of the norm. You’d be amazed how enjoyable and simple raising kids can be!”

Genesis: Book One of The Kingdom Come Series - a Speculative Fiction Epic by Wade Garret


In the tradition of Dune, Wizard in the Glass and A Song of Ice and Fire, comes GENESIS:

The true test for Man, is if he can stand naked before himself without blinking. The same trail of existence for a God, however, even one created, is if when he blinks, will he change—or the world?

The Deepest dark (Suspense) - Kindle ebook by Joan Hall Hovey

The Deepest Dark – Suspense  http://amzn.com/B00K9E7EHY     by Joan Hall Hovey

Before I began to write The Deepest Dark, I asked myself what would be the worst thing that could happen to a woman.  And the answer was of course, to lose a child.  

Novelist Abby Miller has lost not only her ten year old daughter Ellie in a horrific head-on collision as they are returning from Christmas shopping, but her husband, Corrie, as well.   Following their deaths  Abby sinks ever deeper into a black depression. She contemplates suicide as a way to be with them, and to end her unrelenting pain.

In a last desperate effort to find peace, she drives to the old isolated cabin in the woods where they spent a magical vacation together, wanting to believe they will be there waiting for her.  At least in spirit, which she is not sure she believes in.  Barring that, there are always the pills in her purse the doctor gave her to help her sleep. 

The cabin at Loon Lake was her and Corey’s secret hideaway, and not even Abby’s sister, Karen, who she is close to, knows where it is.

But unknown to Abby, someone else does.  Ken Roach is one of three men who have just escaped from prison.  They are dangerous predators  who will stop at nothing to get what they want.    And to keep from going back to prison.   They have already committed atrocious crimes, and so have nothing to lose.

And so a tale unfolds.

I like to write about ordinary women who are at a difficult time in their lives, and are suddenly faced with an external evil force. Women who are stronger than they think they are.  I didn’t think a whole lot about theme until I had written a couple of books, but I realized with the writing of my third novel ‘Chill Waters’ that my books generally have to do with betrayal and abandonment in some form, and learning to trust again. And more important, learning to trust oneself. Almost any good book will tell you something about the author herself. (Or himself.) You can’t avoid it.  But first and foremost I want to give readers a roller-coaster ride, one that keeps them on the edge of that proverbial seat and resonates in the imagination long after the last page is read.  And readers tell me I’ve succeeded in that in “The Deepest Dark”.

The Abduction of Mary Rose - ebook for kindle by Joan Hall Hovey



A suspense novel interwoven with threads of romance and paranormal.

Imagine discovering everything you believe about yourself to be a lie. And that the truth could stir a killer from his lair.

Following the death of the woman she believed to be her mother, 28-year-old Naomi Waters learns from a malicious aunt that she is not only adopted, but the product of a brutal rape that left her birth mother, Mary Rose Francis, a teenager of Micmac ancestry, in a coma for 8 months.

Dealing with a sense of betrayal and loss, but with new purpose in her life, Naomi vows to track down Mary Rose's attackers and bring them to justice. She places her story in the local paper, asking for information from residents who might remember something of the case that has been cold for nearly three decades.

She is about to lose hope that her efforts will bear fruit, when she gets an anonymous phone call. Naomi has attracted the attention of one who remembers the case well.

But someone else has also read the article in the paper. The man whose DNA she carries.

And he has Naomi in his sights.

"...Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King come to mind, but JOAN HALL HOVEY is in a Class by herself!…" J.D. Michael Phelps, Author of My Fugitive, David Janssen

"…CANADIAN MISTRESS OF SUSPENSE…The author has a remarkable ability to turn up the heat on the suspense… great characterizations and dialogue…" James Anderson, author of Deadline
“…what a great story! Couldn't put it down… An exciting and suspenseful  ending wraps up this incredible novel.” Lynn Demsky: Book Reporter

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