The Baby in the Window - kindle ebook by Alretha Thomas

This is not just another book about a woman trying to have a baby. Readers are calling "The Baby in the Window" a mind-blowing, shocking, riveting, nail-biting page-turner.
Cassandra Harte has it all—a great career, a loving husband (Nick), and a nice home. But what she really wants is a baby and she’s determined to realize her dream. But after months of tracking her ovulation cycles and sending up fervent prayers, she’s still unable to get pregnant.
Renee Harte has it all—loving parents, hip hop classes, and a closet full of the latest teen fashions. But what she really wants is for her father (Nick) to divorce her stepmother (Cassandra) and she’s determined by any means necessary to realize her dream that becomes Cassandra’s worst nightmare.
If you’re looking for a book that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, "The Baby in the Window" is the book for you. If you’re looking for a book intertwined with romance, suspense, and crime, "The Baby in the Window " is the book for you. If you’re looking for a book that will inspire you to go after what seems to be the impossible, "The Baby in the Window" is the book for you.
"Find out why "The Baby in the Window," recently released, has 26, 5 out 5 Star Reviews and 2, 4 out of 5 Star Reviews on They can’t all be wrong. "The Baby in the Window" is a must read!

Football is for Lovers - kindle ebook by Bob (Brooker) and Kaye (O'Dougherty)

Football is forever.  But how about your relationship? 

If you’re among the many couples who find that neither money matters nor infidelity is the source of conflict in your relationship, but rather good ‘ol American football, help is on the way.

Technically, of course, football season isn’t exactly forever, but the NFL schedule that runs from August pre-season through the February Super Bowl can sure make it seem that way.  Especially if one half of your couple sees football as life itself, while the other thinks it resembles a BOGO sale in Filene’s Basement.

Once upon a time, this seemed to be a problem without resolution.  Rather like the common cold.  Nagging, teeth gritting, battling over the TV clicker, tearful statements beginning with ‘if you loved me,’ a shot of vodka: they all seemed to make the situation even worse.

Thank goodness, now there’s Football is for Lovers, which explains the game of American football more painlessly than you would have believed possible.  This book not only simplifies the apparent mayhem into the easily-grasped concept of checkers-on-grass, but also gives you enough esoteric football tidbits to make you sound like the smartest attendee at any football-watching party.

But wait.  There’s more.  Football is for Lovers also shows you how to use football viewing to spice up your relationship.  That’s right: it raises the couple experience from endurance to delight  for the BOGO gang, and for the ‘football is life’ brigade, from defensive to downright jubilant.  Yes, it’s that good.


Diviner's Prophecy - a Kindle ebook by Nicolette Andrews

The fate of the kingdom rests on the shoulders of one woman. All she has to do to prevent the destruction of everything she holds dear is it to unravel a dire prophecy before it comes to fruition. It is the prophecy she foretold and the prophecy she has forgotten. 

Maea is entangled in a spell which has taken away not only her memories of her past but a prophecy which could alter the very future of her kingdom. She can only remember the feeling of the sorcerer’s hands around her neck before she lost everything. In order to stop the cataclysmic prophecy in time, Maea must discover the man who took away her memories. Her powers to see into the future are powerless against the spell and she must use her own instincts to find the truth.

However, Maea is bound by both the spell and her captors who try to keep her from pursuing the man who took away her memories.  At court, Maea searches for allies who can free her from her bondage, while fearing being caught and the retribution it would bring.  

Behind the glittering masks of the courtiers she befriends there often lays a venomous snake waiting to strike. There are few people she can trust and without a past, Maea needs all the help she can get.  If Maea hopes to save the kingdom, she must out smart her captors and wade through the dangerous waters of political intrigue before it is too late.

Kingsman's Wood - Historical fiction Kindle ebook by Len Seaver

Kingsman's Wood is available for free on Amazon from 10/30/13 - 11/1/13.

“This is a magical place, Kingsman’s Wood.” So proclaims Harold Covington, the proud master of the large plantation in the fertile red hills of antebellum Florida. But how and why Harold became wealthy are secrets that he ruthlessly guards at the expense of all else.

To all things there is a cost, and the cost to maintain these secrets has driven Harold’s wife, Mariah, to madness. Now they’re forcing his illegitimate son, Jessup, to question his own memories, and they’re pushing his grown daughter, Elizabeth, to find the truth in order to save them all.

To Elizabeth, Kingsman’s Wood is a cursed place until she can expose the truth, drive out all that is wicked, and atone for sins that allowed the family to prosper.

But as the Civil War escalates and their lives unravel, she and Jessup must first overcome their fear of the consequences. For despite the terrible nature of Harold’s secrets, they are also the source of the family’s wealth, power, and prestige.

From the wilds of Florida to the slums of New York, Kingsman’s Wood is a story that pits redemption against preservation, courage against complicity, and persistence against the safety of silence. Some secrets are too dangerous to expose, and the more Elizabeth and Jessup discover, the more they learn that there will be a cost to lift the curse of Kingsman’s Wood.

Be Happy - kindle ebook by Aisa Ross

If you are like me, at one point in your life, you have asked yourself questions like these:

1. What's wrong with me?
2. Why can't I just forget about him/her?
3. Why do I feel so lonely and sad?
4. Why do I do the things I do? They're irresponsible and destructive, I know that! Yet, here I am again–overeating or overspending.
5. Why do I feel so restless, angry, and impatient?
6. How can I improve my life and myself?

I believe the primary causes and also the answers to these important questions are:

a) We lack psychological/mental and spiritual nourishment, solid boundaries, and established foundations.
b) Our physical selves live disconnected from our inner beings.
c) We did not learn the necessary life skills in managing each aspect of how to live a balanced lifestyle.

"Be Happy: How to live your life by design" is an easy and simplistic guide to help us find a better, happier way to live. Let's live our days by design!

Vampire Rules for Love - kindle ebook by Riley Rose

"Vampire Rules of Love" is available on Amazon Kindle. It is a cross between "True Blood" and "Sex and the City" with some of the sexiness of Johnathan Rhys Meyers in the new "Dracula" on NBC TV.

This book is hot and steamy with an original beginning that creates a new lore to the birth of vampires in the world. Four hot women get hotter and deadlier when they become drainers!

After being turned, Eve swears to avenge her maker, renew her life and even more, find her soul mate. Becoming a vamp is a hurdle that only she knows she and her girlfriends (Brooke, Aimee and Mindy) will overcome.

Lacie and The Goose - Kindle ebook by Janice Allyn Parrott

I initially started writing this book as a companion for a doll.  The doll came first and then the story!  The simple story then morphed into a book, which will eventually become 4 books.  The second book, which is mostly about Sandie is in the editing stages.  The third book is still being written.  I have made most of the dolls of the characters in the story.  The dolls sit and watch me write and at times I do talk to them :) and no they do not actually talk back.  I do not know of any child who does not talk to their dolls, and mine give me much inspiration.

This story in very near and dear to me as my "mountain" is now loosing much of it's grace through building and mining.  To me, the "mountain" is the most special place in the world and these characters are part of that world.  
Lacie is a sweet wonderful girl with a huge heart.  The book tells of friendship and doing perhaps the wrong thing for the right reasons.  Children do not always do the right things, but sometime their hearts are true.  I think children can learn much about the world of the Helderberg Mountains,and at the same time be entertained with characters they can relate to.  The characters are not perfect, they have tempers, they disobey, but they are also fiercely loyal to one another.  

This first book is a very simple story of helping a creature that cannot help itself, and the consequences of doing something slightly reckless.  

Thank you and I hope you enjoy Lacie and her friends.

Cold as a Wedge - Kindle ebook by K.H. Miller

Cold as a Wedge draws you right into 1978 Southaven, a small town on the outskirts of Philadelphia. It’s a time before DNA and flashy technology. A time when cops were cops and “mostly” adhering to proper protocol was considered the norm. Detective J.D. Reiter is sharp, wise cracking and often abrasive but he’s good, and he knows it. He relies on observation, experience and gusto to break the case. When he is summoned from bed in the middle of the night, he isn’t expecting to find the body of a teenage girl face down in the creek. To muddy the waters further, the detectives are hard pressed to find anyone with a reason to kill the pretty and popular young lady. This only puts more pressure on Southaven’s finest when Kit Kelly, a vivacious reporter continually hounds the detectives for updates on the high profile homicide. As J.D. and his best friend and partner Rick McKendrick dig a little deeper, they start getting a sense of something secretive brewing beneath the soft suburban tone. While constantly mulling over the case, J.D. strives to balance his complicated personal life and his duty to protect and serve in this witty and colorful tale of deception and immorality. Small town charm mingles smoothly with a classic 70’s vibe as J.D. and Rick use tricks and traps to figure out who killed the attractive teen with the spotless reputation.

Exodus, A Novel by Geoff Livingston 

When Geoff Livingston first submitted Exodus to his literary mentor, he got a surprising response: "Are you trying to get crucified?"  Twenty years later, Exodus is finally published, more refined but as powerful as ever! 

Exodus starts when a dark stranger arrives in the middle of the night, ripping open a centuries-old wound in post apocalyptic Harpers Ferry. Religious zealots have risen from the South, conquering all that stands before them. Now Jason must help his fellow villagers escape to a land far away to preserve their culture and buy enough time to build a defense. Can they succeed without any technology in the face of a rugged American continent?
Blogger and author Geoff Livingston confronts America’s worst fears with a world destroyed by technology and dominated by Christian fundamentalism. Don’t miss the opening salvo in The Fundamentalists Trilogy.

"Author Livingston (Marketing in the Round, 2012, etc.) presents the perils of medievallike life with unflagging realism.  A wondrously executed parable, sure to attract readers from every walk of life." - Kirkus Reviews

Moon Shine - a supernatural romance by S L Thompson

Five years ago, Emily's husband was killed in a gruesome attack.  Haunted by nightmares and desperately alone, Emily has learned to survive.  But, when a horrific animal attack claims a life at the same factory where her best friend works, Emily is unable to ignore it. Especially when the nature of the attack so closely resembles the same thing that took her husband--the thing that the police were never able to find.  But Emily isn’t the only one searching the night for answers.  There are others. Determine to find the killer; Emily is drawn into a supernatural rabbit hole full of hunters, monsters and terrifying realities that Emily could never have imagined existed.  For Emily, finding the truth about her husband’s death, will lead her along a dangerous path; the only question is whether her path will end in certain death or lead her to her soul mate. This tale is full of surprises, romance and heart-stopping twists.

The Strangers - Kindle Ebook by Patrick Roberts

It's the first in a series of trilogies about growth and adulthood using magic as metaphor. It's also the most awkward story in the world because it's just an injection of me into main stream paranormal stories. And, as the audience as well as the writer, I have so many question. The world this book takes place in is an evolving one and sometimes, in my head, it evolves faster than I can catch it.

Spellweaver - kindle ebook by CJ Bridgeman

A bok for fans of Harry Potter, the Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures, Spellweaver is the first instalment of the story of Felicity Lucas. After her mother's death, Felicity is forced to move to a deprived London borough with her estranged father. It's different from what she's used to; she never really had much of a relationship with her mother, but now she's being forced into a friendship with the most popular girl in her new school and even worse - the guidance counsellor insists on meeting with her to 'talk about her feelings'. It's Felicity's idea of a nightmare.

It's only when she finds a book of magic spells and is attacked by a strange boy who can spout fire from his hands that Felicity begins to get to know her mother for the first time. She learns that she kept a great many secrets, secrets that thrust Felicity into the path of those who are bent on destroying her...

A 'coming-of-age' book aimed at young adults that deals with the themes of grief, loss, friendship and identity. The first in a continuing series.

A Presentation of Short Stories Without Regard to Marketing - Kindle ebook by Fairleigh Brooks

I'm not like most Americans. I don't have cable because I don't much care about TV. I go out of my way to buy cars with manual transmissions. I like building and tending fires in the wintertime - you can keep your gas logs. If I lived in the right climate I'd wear a T-shirt and cargo shorts every day for the rest of my life. And when I look at perfect people I wonder how many others were squashed on the way to perfection. Get it? 

Many of my characters are people who don't fit in. Actually, in this Kindle book all of my characters are jagged folks awash in homogeneity, although once or twice it's the other way around. I guess I should have mentioned in the first paragraph I work jigsaw puzzles with a pair of scissors and a hammer.

Anyhoo, what's the point of writing about people whose lives don't warrant slow motion? Their names are Olivia, Walter, Harry, Beth and Jeremy, Dan. There's a woman and then a boy not introduced to the reader, and I just realized even I don't know their names.

Their stories happen on suburban streets or interstate highways, among the weedy lots of forgotten neighborhoods many still call home, and in dystopia.

Dating: How to Find a Man Who Loves You, Cares For You, Connects With You, Understands You & Put Your Needs First – kindle eBook by Bernard R. Branson

Have you ever felt frustrated looking for your dream relationship? Or found yourself in a relationship that seemed promising at first but ended up breaking your heart or leaving you wanting more? And no matter how hard you tried, things just did not work out?

You are not alone…And it’s not your fault! If you are anything like most women, the odds are you’re struggling to find or keep the relationship, the right personality match, the right man for you!

Would you like to enjoy better dates? Better relationships? Or a better marriage? Now you CAN...

Did you know that some men are so used to drinking from disposable paper cups, and then crumpling them up tossing them aside? That when you put a fine sparkling crystal champagne glass in their hands, like YOU…They don’t know how to take care of it…

I get so frustrated when I hear about women who are suffering unnecessarily… getting hurt or let down, feeling lonely, frustrated, hopeless or just plain giving up on looking for Mr. Right!

What if you knew how to boost your insight into whether a man is showing you his true colors or “Playing You?” Internet dating or online dating sites are incredible places where you could possible find a perfect match. Mature women dating are looking for finding love online. 
Dating websites are populated with various dating profiles on both paid and free online dating sites for matchmaking. Internet dating is a powerful tool with live chats, chat rooms and live webcam chat. It is filled with single men seeking women and single women seeking men. But, how can we tell if we have found a perfect match?

Some men may turn out to be a “salesman” who first makes us feel so hopeful and happy… but eventually treats us very differently or rarely shows up emotionally…

You need a man who makes you laugh almost every day, occasionally scoops you up in his arms and carry you up the stairs, sends you little love texts throughout the day.

Do you need help to skip the heartache and frustration and enjoy the great relationships you deserve? Discover the secret to changing this heartbreaking pattern. The secret has helped women just like YOU…And the same secret works in every country for every woman!

You can discover how to find and keep your “Prince Charming,” Whatever that means to you…
-          A man who really understands and “Gets You”
-          A man who craves your attention and time, looks forward to introducing you to his friends and showing you off
-          And who isn’t on a “Conquest Hunt” for a quick one-night stand
-          And instead would appreciate and passionately love a real women just like YOU

If you're a woman who knows she deserves to be happy - then, let's make this happen now! Grab your copy Today!

Beyond the Shroud - Kindle Ebook by Joshua Clarke-Kelsall

Cavale was never plagued with as much terror and misery as it was when Mina arrived, having being rescued from the surrounding forests by a good for nothing orphan named William.  This girl claimed that she had no knowledge of her past, though many in the town believe this to be naught but a convenient lie, enabling her to terrorize the city with yet another killing; another viscous attack.

Mina is desperate to proclaim her innocence, but with only fellow orphans to help her, she finds it difficult to prove that the real villain, is an elusive figure, shrouded by a cloak, who has been watching her ever since she came to the town.  Just as all hope seems lost however, Mina finds herself a most unexpected ally, one who truly has the authority to help them.

Yet this aid has its own ulterior motives, which the orphans are quick to suspect.  The orphans do their best to uncover these secrets of Cavale, but in doing so find themselves not only at odds with that shrouded beast that ceaselessly pursues , but also at odds with the very people that once strove so relentlessly to help them.

Many miles from Cavale, lurking in a vast, underground fortress lie the source of this danger.  These fallen beasts, the Children of the Arcane are trapped beneath the soil, forced there by the very people that once created them.  Only those who were once human, now tainted by the dark energies of their masters, may walk the earth still, searching for their masters, the key that will restore the world once more, to their power.

The Force - kindle ebook by Alexandra and Joyce Swann

The Force is the newest Christian suspense thriller by Alexandra and Joyce Swann. The novel was released October 17, 2013 and has five 5 star reviews on Amazon.
In this thrilling sequel to The Fourth Kingdom, Josef Helmick is out to take over the world.
Free on Kindle October 29 - November 2, 2013 !
Someone is murdering the world’s most beautiful women—over and over and over.

When Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair are called in to consult with the FBI about the Hollywood Starlet murders, they immediately suspect their old nemesis, Josef Helmick, of creating clones of famous women for a visiting Saudi prince.  Wasting no time, they hire retired detective Fred Kowalski and send him to Dubai to uncover Josef’s base of operations and build a case against him for the murders. 
But Fred soon discovers that Helmick is harboring a secret much darker than human trafficking.  Fred must stop Josef before he resurrects an ancient, diabolical Force in order to bring the entire human race under his control.
Available on Kindle:

Easy Mexican Cooking - Mexican Cooking Recipes Made Simple At Home by J. Mahoney

Amazon page:

This book will be free on Amazon on October 29 and 30, 2013.

In Cooking Mexican: How to Cook With Authentic Mexican Recipes, you will get to taste the explosion of flavors that real Mexican food is so known for, in addition these recipes can be a blast to make!
Whether you are cooking for yourself, your family or just a group of friends, these recipes will impress anyone!

Inside this amazing cookbook, you will discover a brief history of Mexican Cuisine, including what savory cooking flavors and spices are used in real, authentic Mexican food.

And of course, you get some AMAZING recipes as well, including…
• Delicious Tacos (beef, steak, fish, and Tacos de Carne)!
• Flavorful Enchiladas (beef, chicken, shrimp, turkey and more)!
• Amazing Spanish Rice (to simply die for!)
• Irresistible Appetizers (dips, nachos, guacamole and more!)
• Fabulous Salsas (Habanero, Salsa Verde, Pico de Gall and more!)
• Scrumptious Salads (Chicken, Bean, Roasted Peppers)!
• Delectable Desserts (Flan, Bunuelos, Apple Enchiladas)!
Is your mouth watering yet?
Grab your copy right now and start cooking!
This is the Mexican Food you have been waiting to try!

The Book of Thoth - kindle ebook by Paul Leone

VAMPIRE, a term, apparently of Servian origin (wampir), originally applied in eastern Europe to blood-sucking ghosts, but in modern usage transferred to one or more species of bloodsucking bats inhabiting South America.

—Encyclopædia Britannica, Eleventh Edition

In the shadows of our world, a war is being fought between the legions of Hell and the Catholic Church. In London, New York, and a hundred other cities, soldiers of the Church do battle with Hell's foot soldiers—vampires.

Vatican Vampire Hunters, a new series of Catholic urban fantasy, brings you to the front lines of this ancient war. 

The Book of Thoth, the second book in the series, continues the war as Nicole van Wyck, a rich Manhattan socialite, is drawn into the occult underworld of New York City just as a demonic plot decades in the making nears completion... and the destruction of the greatest city on Earth.

What happens when a young woman discovers that vampires are real — a supernatural cancer from the dawn of time?

She fights back.

Forsaken Lands, Book 1: Tragedy - kindle ebook by Sydney M. Cooper

A perfect world is only perfect so long as its secrets remain hidden - in Elseth's Lands, the veil of perfection is surely crumbling.
The Land of Elseth was once a place of great prosperity. The gods gifted the land with abundant rivers, mountains, and powerful kelspar ore, the source of divine power in the world. The Children of Elseth lived in balance with the gods and nature; they built great cities and fostered brilliant minds. They wanted for nothing. Somewhere in the world, something has changed. Crops have withered, earthquakes destroy whole cities, and a war stirs between Elseth’s Children and the southern Kaldari tribes. Standing between the destruction of their society and a future of hope are the Deldri, a group of individuals thought to have died out more than a century ago. They might be able to stem The Decline, if only they themselves were not in danger.
Aiasjia and Teveres hold the powers of life and death in their hands. Though they do not know it, their destinies are intricately tied to the fate of their world; it is by their success or failure that their people survive. The leaders of their homeland have been captured, the high priest who has taken over is not who he seems, and the warring Kaldari people have broken through their borders with the intent to destroy everything they ever knew. It is up to them to find a way to move beyond their own limitations to save what is left of their home before they lose their society forever.

The Rainy Day Killer - Kindle ebook by Michael J. McCann

The Rainy Day Killer is the fourth novel in the acclaimed Donaghue and Stainer Crime Novel series by Michael J. McCann. Imagine you are trying to prepare for your wedding day, and your every move is being charted by a serial killer who has other plans for you! This is the situation facing Detective Karen Stainer as the terrifying serial killer known in the press as the Rainy Day Killer is now hunting new victims in the city of Glendale ... whenever it rains. Homicide Lieutenant Hank Donaghue leads the investigation as the killer begins to communicate directly to him through phone calls and grisly packages containing body parts of his victims. Will Karen be his next victim?

Of Plight & Promises - kindle ebook by Sandi Randelle

When a Fae prince crashes through her window, Desirata Taylor – nightclub owner and vampire – finds herself thrust into the midst of an epic battle of blood and magic that will change her life in more ways than she can possibly imagine.
Plagued by memories of a lost love, Desirata abandoned her vampire family and moved to Toronto to build a new life for herself.  Now, nearly five years later, that life is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Fynnhevar, wounded and barely alive, who throws himself on her mercy and begs her to help him.  Unable to resist the plea of a lost soul, Desirata vows to protect him, thus placing herself and those she loves squarely in the path of a legendary enemy who will stop at nothing to acquire the Fae prince.
But even as Desirata and Fynnhevar fight both the evil that pursues him and the forbidden attraction growing between them, Fynn is harboring a secret that could mean their salvation, or their ultimate destruction. 

Wizard Dawning - Kindle Contemporary Fantasy Novel by C. M. Lance

Book One in The Battle Wizard Saga

“You asked what a Battle Wizard is. I’ll show you first, and then I’ll explain.”
Grampa Thor reached into his shirt collar with both hands, lifted a gold chain from around his neck, and handed it to Sig. “Have you seen the medallion I wear? It is Aðalbrandr.” It sounded like he said A-dul-bronder. “It focuses my magic. Aðalbrandr means noble sword or first sword. Family legend says it’s the very first battle talisman. It’s what makes me a Battle Wizard.”

Sig held it up by the chain and peered closely at a perfectly formed miniature long sword dangling from it. The hilt, pommel, and curved cross-guard were golden. The silver double-edged blade with a single groove down the center sparkled in the light. A blue stone gleamed at the cross guard. A link attached the pommel to the gold chain.

“Notice that I didn’t say its name until you were holding it. You’ll see why.”

Grampa took it back, gripped the miniature sword in his fist, the chain trailing down his forearm, and looked at Sig. “I can't do many more of these, so watch and listen carefully.”
He closed his eyes and said “Aðalbrandr.” The air around Grampa Thor coruscated and he blurred. The blur expanded. In a moment, it cleared and a huge Viking warrior stood in place of Grampa.
The tips of the horns on his battle helm almost touched the ceiling. Brown hair heavily salted with gray, the same color as Grampa‘s, flowed thickly to his shoulders. Wolf pelts draped his muscular torso, and he held an immense double-edged two-handed sword that looked just like the one on Grampa’s necklace but this sword was four feet long. The warrior carried it easily in one hand. Much broader than a regular human, his massive body, legs, and arms were sheathed in muscle.
The sword extended almost to the wall when he spread his arms. “This is what a Battle Wizard looks like”, he growled. Lowering the sword, he turned around. “How tall do I appear?” The floor creaked as he pivoted.

Outcall - collection of true sexy short stories by Brittney Luv

The mind blowing sexual adventures of Phoenix Fantasy Consultant Brittney Luv. For the last twenty years I made the sexual fantasies of others come true. This is my collection of true sexy short stories. I invite you to live vicariously through me as you read what goes on behind closed doors in the underground sex scene in modern day Phoenix Arizona.
Warning, all fantasies are told in graphic detail.
So get ready to laugh, cry, get pissed off and pissed on.
Welcome to my world,

I was mesmerized by this story. It is an unpolished, raw, as-it-happened sexcapade. The language is blunt but perfect. It’s funny and sexy and crude at the same time. I learned quite a few terms. I wish I could write a few of the more memorable ones here but I fear Amazon would suspend my account faster than Twitter.

I loved it. It was an easy, fun book to read.

The Omega Paradox - kindle ebook by Richard Kellier

Free 1st & 2nd Nov. 2013

'The Omega Paradox' is a scientific mystery on a collision course with occult and religious beliefs. Something new walks the face of the Earth, some believe he is a new type of human, a new phase in evolution. Others believe he is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ - the New Messiah.

Whichever belief system is held there is no denying that humanity has changed - forever.

Events culminate in the ultimate battle between good and evil – played out at one of mankind's most sacred religious locations – and a revelation for all humanity.

Be warned: All is not what it seems. Could the Second Coming of Jesus Christ be revealed in ancient prophecy? Are the unfolding events a perversion of New Age beliefs? Or has evolution produced a new type of human?



I couldn't put it down! Can't wait for future books. Really makes you want to find out what's real, theory, or fiction. Very well written. No filler stories or background fluff. Don't mind missing a night of sleep for a book like this!


Loved this book, really original plot and I shall certainly be first in line for the second book by this author.

Inimicus - Kindle ebook by Barry Knauer

The pastor froze in his television interview!  The question came like a fastball high and inside.  He dodged out of the way and left countless followers disappointed and many who were searching for the truth, confused.  He denied the exclusivity of Christ for salvation by dodging the question!  Could anything from his lips ever be trusted again? What was he afraid of losing?
Unable to sleep that night, he tossed and turned at midnight.  God had removed the hedge of protection from his house and his church.  As the heavenly host vacated, the forces of darkness converged.  "Inimicus" means "Enemy" in Latin.  This entire book covers an 8  hour period from midnight until 8 a.m.  The demons plan their strategy to take down the now unprotected church and a handful of them are dispatched to his house to make sure he has a miserable night.  Each one is given a Latin name pertaining to their particular sin and a physical description so you can envision it clearly.  Inimicus has a five star rating based on 10 amazon reviews as of the time of this writing. 
Do not be deceived, God cannot be mocked.  With much knowledge comes much responsibility.  Enjoy the reading, but maybe not before bedtime!

The Reflection, Only Hers - Kindle eBook by Jeremy Mark Lane

This book will be free on Amazon from November 1st, 2013 to November 3rd, 2013.


The Reflection, Only Hers is a story excerpted from While I'm Still Myself, which is a collection of Short Stories published in 2012. It is an emotional tale of a young girl who is convinced that she will inherit the mental illness her mother suffers from, and sets forth to see the world before it's too late. In her travels she meets an unexpected companion who may not be at all who she thinks he is. 

Rescued - inspirational fiction Kindle e-book by Trudy Samsill

Book one of Alaska's Aleutian Island Series, RESCUED is about an Aleutian young woman, Rose, who is seeking to find out who she really is.  Knowing there are questions to her identity, Rose begins wondering about her differences. But her questioning is interrupted when her brother and his friends make choices that bring harm to her Island's village and their families.
Haunted by dreams and his own life's questions, Gabe, an Amercian missionary, along with his missionary parents travel to Datka Island, in the Aleutian Island chain, to bring aid and relief to their Aleutian Indian friends.  

Relationships spark as the missionaries and Aleutians reconnect and help is brought to the suffering Island village.  

This is the first book in a 3 book series that will leave readers from teens to older adults waiting for the next continuing novel.  Readers will fall in love with the Aleutians and Americans alike as they discover hope in mankind and faith in God between its pages.

Pink whale adventure - a children's book by Uros Ustar

Do your kids love the SEA, PIRATES, WHALES and ADVENTURE? Then read on.

When my 5 years son Kayt run out of the fairy tales on our holiday I have to do something. I have to use my imagination and come up with one of my own.
Since I have written and drawn almost all my life, it wasn't an issue what to do. So the holidays ended with a bunch of stories that my son loved. We even invented new dwarfs and magic spells which will be introduced in a new special series that is coming soon.
But here's the FIRST that I put on a paper and drew some illustrations for. A story about two siblings who meet a BIG PINK WHALE and spend the whole day discovering life UNDER THE SEA and a PIRATE island with him.
Before publishing I gave the story to some friends who works in a kindergarten and primary school to see if the kids love the story. The result was amazing.  The kids really liked it and they drew illustrations that I include in the book. The illustrations of the kids from kindergarten add a special touch.

Healthy Skin: How to Get Naturally Healthy Skin and Get Rid of ACNE Forever! - A How To & Advice book by Marie Ludlow

All people suffer from acne. Whether you have been going through it for most of your adolescent life, or breakouts just recently started popping out before a date, this book will help you clear your skin and help you restore your glow.

Get your hands on the information that the cosmetic industry does NOT want you to know about! Learning how to have clear, beautiful, younger looking skin is now made easy using secrets from inside the beauty industry! That work.

Included inside are vital tips, tricks, and proven remedies on how to cure your ACNE and achieve naturally healthy skin once and for all! In the book are the foods you can eat to become and stay acne-free, the myths regarding ACNE care and the various topical remedies for acne. In addition you will also receive a step-by-step system for perfect naturally healthy skin.

Many of the remedies are homemade which results in little to no costs! In addition there is also tips on which store bought products to use and when to use them if that’s the road you wish to take with your skin care. So sit back and relax, and prepare to finally get that healthy, beautiful looking skin that men and women just can’t get enough of!

Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

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Blurb for Tears of Tess
*A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Newest addition to my 'favorites' list!!!* Swooning Over Books 


*6 out of 5 BRANDING stars!!! THE BEST BOOK OF 2013!* Prima Donna 

A New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance, not suitable for people sensitive to grief, slavery, and non-consensual sex. A story about finding love in the strangest of places, a will of iron that grows from necessity, and forgiveness that may not be enough. 

“My life was complete. Happy, content, everything neat and perfect. 
Then it all changed. 
I was sold.” 

Tess Snow has everything she ever wanted: one more semester before a career in property development, a loving boyfriend, and a future dazzling bright with possibility. 

For their two year anniversary, Brax surprises Tess with a romantic trip to Mexico. Sandy beaches, delicious cocktails, and soul-connecting sex set the mood for a wonderful holiday. With a full heart, and looking forward to a passion filled week, Tess is on top of the world. 

But lusty paradise is shattered. 

Kidnapped. Drugged. Stolen. Tess is forced into a world full of darkness and terror. 

Captive and alone with no savior, no lover, no faith, no future, Tess evolves from terrified girl to fierce fighter. But no matter her strength, it can’t save her from the horror of being sold. 

Can Brax find Tess before she’s broken and ruined, or will Tess’s new owner change her life forever?

No Perfect Secret - ebook by Jackie Weger

No Perfect Secret  by Jackie Weger $2.99 on Amazon

Betrayed twice-over by her husband, Anna believes her imploded life will right itself if only she buys a dog.
But investigator, Frank Caburn, has other ideas. Besides, He already owns a dog. Man to the bone and manufacturing testosterone like Frito Lay does chips, he is instantly attracted to Anna. All he wants is to fall in love and be done with it. Anna Nesmith is the one. But how to tell her without tripping over the secret is beyond him.
Adding to Caburn's woe are his elderly bosses--both of whom plan to keep their jobs until the Rapture or the sun burns out—whichever comes last; a cross-dressing dominatrix with OCD, a purple haired hacker on parole, and Anna's back-stabbing mother-in-law.
Love, lust and laughter will keep you turning the pages as Anna
pick through the rubble to learn Secrets are never what they seem.

Plumber Speaks (Answers Your Questions) - kindle ebook by Sherman Turner

"This book is three books in one."  First self-help and how-to Plumbing e-book with all your answers to 100 plumbing questions helping you to greater savings

"Plumber Speaks" is the first e-book of the 21st Century, that gives answers to 50 most asked plumbing questions, plus gives an additional 50 special plumbing tip answers for total of 100% greater savings to Home-Owners and Small Businesses. 

This Master-Plumber, designed special new estimating charts to help Home-Owners and Small Businesses reduce getting ripped-off by Contractors not knowing plumbing.  Small and Minority type contractors can use the newer 21st Century estimating charts for estimating to help in winning contract jobs. 

Home-Owners benefit greatly with correct answers to over 100 tough plumbing questions with correct answers and instructions.  Written by a Master-Plumber, this new e-book is geared up to help communities to “payless and get the best in savings.”

The Kota: Book 1 (expanded version) - kindle ebook by Sunshine Somerville

“The Kota: Book 1 (expanded version)" is a Sci-Fi, Action/Adventure story.   Our heroes?  Four Warriors born with a Mark on their arms which destines them to save Earth.  Their enemy?  The Dominion, a global tyranny controlling a deadly virus, drone soldiers, and genetically altered creatures.  This book has superheroes, time-travel, futuristic technology, portals, and a dystopian civilization.  Full of deeper questions and also action, this story builds until you can’t wait to see where it goes next.  At the heart of the story is the battle between good and evil, redemption and hate, Light and Dark. 
(The author enjoys X-Men, Star Wars, Ender’s Game, and A Wrinkle in Time, so if you like those stories, you will probably enjoy this one.) 

Recommended for ages 15 and up, for violence and mild language.

Every Hill and Mountain - Kindle ebook by Deborah Heal

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. --Dr. Martin Luther King

I, too, long for the day when all God’s children will be freed from the bondage of ignorance and sin. On that day, we’ll be past all the striving and--with equal access—turn our attention to where it should have been all along, on God’s glory.

The characters in Every Hill and Mountain get a chance to experience firsthand what it was like to be a slave in pre-war Illinois when they find a weird computer program that lets them travel back in time. Abby calls it "time-surfing." It's only virtual time travel because I didn't want them to accidentally mess up the whole space-time continuum thing. But it's amazing all the same.

A few Christians have seemed a bit uncomfortable about this fantasy concept of time-surfing. But as Brother Greenfield says in Every Hill and Mountain, "Our God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Hallelujah! If he wants to give us a gift like that, he can.”

It's an amazing gift, all right. Except sometimes Abby and her friends learn more than they ever wanted to know about people from the past. Still, studying their lives of people teaches them about God's love and goodness in a new way. From the distance that only time gives, they clearly see that God has a plan for his people, that He's in the business of redemption, that He makes all things new. I hope my readers get that. Writing about it reminded me, too.

Journey to a Fresh Start, Releasing the Junk...Revealing the Jewels Kindle e-book by Janice G Pettigrew

Free Download Tuesday October 22 and Wednesday October 23
This is one woman's story of forgiveness and healing after the devastating events of gang-rape at 13 and later 2 abusive marriages. It is told with brutal honesty and wit.  From the very first page you are drawn into the journey of the writer and are able to visualize the events that eventually molded her to be the person she is today. “Joyous Janice”, as she’s known allows you to see into her deepest fears but also her greatest triumphs. Never filled with self-pity it exemplifies the struggle it takes for her to once again learn to love and trust in a world filled with bad intentions. Determined to be the best person she could be Janice takes the lumps life has dealt her to rediscover her inner strength and beauty. You will laugh with her when she experiences an intimate conversation with Mr. Toilet and smile when she finally meets Mr. Right and giggle with glee as she experiences many wonderful firsts that do not cause pain.
As you travel the journey with the writer you will bear witness to the healing as well as the culmination of a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and teens design their own “Fresh Start” journeys.
Journey to a Fresh Start, Releasing the Junk…Revealing the Jewels will lift your spirits and encourage any reader that they too can have a “Fresh Start”.

Murder Once Removed - kindle ebook by Roz Russell

The truth can set you free…or get you killed
- is the prime lesson of the new mystery novel MURDER ONCE REMOVED by first time author, Roz Russell. 

In her new book, Russell uses the locale of New Mexico to paint a thrilling picture of murder and intrigue that will keep readers guessing until the very end.  The story begins at a daily newspaper in Albuquerque, NM, where newsroom editor Bill Kerner tells investigative reporter Jessica Curtis that her mentor, another investigative reporter named Joe Taylor, is missing.  Taylor was investigating the murder of Michael Lange, a wealthy art dealer from Santa Fe whose case remained unsolved for the last three years.  When it turns out that Albuquerque homicide detective Paul Liguori is investigating Joe Taylor’s disappearance, Jessica Curtis knows something is very wrong, and is convinced that his case is connected to Michael Lange’s murder. 

When Joe’s body turns up the next day, Jessica feels a desperate need to find out what happened, and tells her editor that she wants to take over the story.  Editor Bill Kenner is against it…but Jessica manages to convince him to give her the assignment, which sets up a series of events that will push her deeper and deeper into the mystery surrounding Michael Lange’s and her mentor’s deaths.  She keeps digging, revealing truth after dangerous truth…even after she receives a threatening note that marks her as the next potential murder victim, if she doesn’t give up the case. 

Jessica then learns more about Michael Lange, the murdered high profile art dealer who had dirt on every friend and foe in town – and wasn’t afraid to use it to his advantage.  His antics created a number of enemies, and each character becomes suspect in their own way, as Jessica examines their motive, opportunity, and the potential payoff of these murders.  From Senator Bryan Richie and his powerful underling Miles Crenshaw, to brilliant artist Nicholas Adoni, a possible culprit who Jessica is intimately drawn to, the major players all have reasons for going through with these murders. 

As the tension and body count rises, Jessica must solve the case before she becomes the next victim. A first-rate page turner that builds momentum with almost unbearable suspense, Roz Russell’s debut novel delivers a captivating look at how just one act can fatefully influence everything that follows.  

HAT DANCE - kindle ebook by Carmen Amato

Acapulco’s first and only female police detective, Emilia Cruz, is back in HAT DANCE and risking a dance with the devil in order to catch a violent arsonist and find a missing girl. With hot nights on the beach and suspense straight out of the headlines, HAT DANCE and the Emilia Cruz mystery series go inside Mexico's drug war with a fearless style and a woman who'll be hard to forget.
HAT DANCE is the second novel in the Emilia Cruz mystery series. It follows CLIFF DIVER, the novel that Kirkus Review called “Consistently exciting . . . a clever Mexican detective tale that will leave readers eager for the next installment in the series.”
Together with hotel manager Kurt Rucker, Emilia survives an arson attack assumed to be an attempt to assassinate Acapulco’s popular mayor.  Distracted by the disappearance of a girl from her own neighborhood and crippled by nightmares of the arson, Emilia’s police work is soon hijacked by deadly political rivalries, a dirty Vice cop, and a woman in prison who knows more than she’ll say.
Neither investigation is easy, because this is Acapulco, a place where corruption is the backdrop for every move Emilia makes; a place where the influence and impact of Mexico’s drug war is everywhere, just like the salt breeze coming off the ocean.
As Acapulco burns, clues to the elusive arsonist  are merely smokescreens and the missing girl’s trail is littered with secrets. The line between allies and enemies blurs and the devil’s price for the dance might just be Emilia’s own life.
Writing for, Amazon Top 50 reviewer Grade Harp said “For pure entertainment and a gripping story likely resulting in nail biting, read Carmen Amato's addictive prose. She knows this territory like a jaguar!”