Aberrant - YA Dystopian Romance by Ruth Silver

Aberrant is the story of a young girl, Olivia, who lives in Cabal, where the government provides jobs, housing, food and clothing for everyone. The "perfect" system. In this futuristic society, children are no longer conceived through natural methods, as infertility has plagued the world, and made it impossible to reproduce. As such, the government chooses ones spouse at eighteen and offers a lottery to help repopulate the world, known as "The Day of the Chosen." The first child is considered a blessing, a gift to the family. The second child, and any thereafter are taken far from the city walls of Genesis and handed over to the government.


There is an alternative, though the choice isn't much of one. Accept the government's rules or leave the city of Genesis and live in the Gravelands, filled with outlaws that will pillage and rape, in a large expanse of nothingness.


On the night after her wedding, Olivia is arrested and thrown in prison, the only crime committed – her existence. With no other choice and fearing for her life, she manages to escape the only home she's ever known, in hope of finding the promised rebel city of Haven and a better life. What she finds instead is a world like one she's never seen. Unsure who she can trust, she has little choice but to try and adapt.




Aberrant was inspired from both novels that I loved reading, The Hunger Games and The Handmaid's Tale. It also is a culmination of ideas in society, personal experience, and of course creativity. In China, there is the one child rule. How far away is our world from saying, "you have one child, that's acceptable but anymore would take away from the resources we need for survival. You must hand over your second child, to take someplace else." One would hope that we'd speak out but if the government was oppressive. However, if there was no free speech, you might quickly fear for you and your family's life. It's easy to see how the world could quickly become Dystopian, especially when that government is giving you everything you need to survive and could just as quickly cut you off and throw you into the Gravelands, or worse – kill you.


I started writing Aberrant in early 2011 and finished it the summer of 2012. Within a few short months of searching for a publisher, LazyDay Publishing signed on. I look forward to continuing the Aberrant trilogy. The next installment, Moirai will be released in 2014.


Amazon: http://amzn.to/1010lP7


The Avenged - a suspense novel by Charles Prandy

In this debut novel, D.C. Homicide Detective Jacob Hayden tries to solve the murder of a seventeen-year old kid who was shot point blank in the chest. The investigation leads Detective Hayden to a storage facility where he finds three crates full of something that he never expected to find. The next day, a Sniper sits on top of a building with a Parker-Hale M85 rifle aimed at Dupont Circle's park. He scans the perimeter from right to left until he sees his target. When he sees him, he steadies his aim and takes the shot. But what happens next, even the Sniper wasn't prepared for.

Prominent Superior Court Judge Frank Peters' business operations takes a hit when one of his partners is murdered in Dupont Circle. The murder investigation, led by Detective Hayden, threatens the very core of the Judge's business. Follow Detective Hayden on a thrill ride of an investigation that links the Sniper and the Judge to an underground operation that ultimately changes Detective Hayden's life forever...
Book two in the Jacob Hayden series entitled Behind the Closed Door will be available summer of 2013.
Check my website periodically for updates. http://www.charlesprandy.com/.
1. "The Avenged" by Charles Prandy is a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride that starts with a bang (literally) and doesn't let up until the very last page. I was totally hooked from the very beginning ... 5 stars! (5 stars). Karen "Readergirl" Matthews, GoodReads

2. I have to say that the plot was brilliant and complex, yet easy to follow. I was never bored, and never once felt lost or confused...It is one of the more interesting ones I've come across as of late, and would recommend for anyone who is a fan of James Patterson or those types of novels. (4 stars). J.T. Thomas, GoodReads

3. I loved this book! I read in in one sitting and couldn't get enough! I loved how the author, Charles Prandy, started the story at the end, (and it's really dramatic), so we want to read more in order to find out how the characters got to that point. It was really creative and well executed, and I loved the short, tight chapters. It made me just want to keep reading and reading, and I had to see how everything fell into place. I was not disappointed by the ending and would love to read more books from this author in the future. (5 stars). Jenna Brewster, GoodReads

Between Two Eternities - a mainstream romance novel by Barbara Brett


What would you do if you learned that the person you love more than life itself was destined to die soon—and he or she asked you to help ease the inevitable end? Would you do it? Could you do it?

Between Two Eternities is the unforgettable story of Robert and Marcie Silver. Married ten years, with two adorable children and successful careers, they are more in love than ever. They have everything to live for. But a terrible secret is breaking Robert's heart: he knows that Marcie is about to die of an inoperable brain tumor. The doctor tells Robert the heart-shattering news first so that he can be better prepared to help Marcie when she learns the devastating contents of his report. But Robert cannot bear to let Marcie know the truth. There was so much he had longed to give her, things that will now and forever be impossible. The least he can do is make her last days happy and free from the knowledge that death is hovering over her. Despite the doctor's strong objections, Robert insists that Marcie be given a false and hopeful diagnosis.

And so begins the spinning of the web of love lies. How long will Robert be able to keep Marcie entwined in it? She is a bright and curious woman. As her symptoms intensify, will she search for, and find, the truth on her own? And if she does, how will she react to the truth? And react to Robert, who has been hiding it from her? And how long will it be before Robert begins to feel strangled within his web of deception?

Between Two Eternities is the heartrending story of a young husband's struggle to protect his wife from a terrible truth, and then of their desperate search to find together the courage to live with it. It is the haunting account of their quest for answers to life's most painful questions. And it is the unforgettable chronicle of the breathless romance that comes to mean more than life itself—and that suddenly demands the ultimate sacrifice from both of them.

"The facts are cold; the story that unravels is warm and extremely moving... Brett handles it impeccably."—Publishers Weekly

"From decisions on how to spend last days and how to renew [a couple's] love...to how to face a loved one's moving on, Between Two Eternities provides a gripping saga packed with discussions of life and death's meaning, how to face the inevitable with dignity and wisdom, and most of all—how to preserve lasting love in the face of end times.... Heartfelt, poignant, and—surprising—even uplifting at many unexpected points, Between Two Eternities will captivate any reader interested in life, death, and transition points in between."
—Diane Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, The Midwest Review of Books

"This is one book that everyone should read to understand that time is short and we need to live and love life to the fullest because you just never know. Author Barbara Brett presents many issues that so many will debate after reading this heartbreaking and enlightening novel. Some portraits will change and others we know will last for eternity if just in our hearts and minds."
--Fran Lewis, Just Reviews

I have been a publishing professional all my life, first as a magazine editor, then as a book publisher of inspirational nonfiction. Writing novels has always been my greatest love, however, and I am now devoting all my time to it. You can learn more about me and my books at my website: www.brettbooks.com   I hope you will drop by for a visit.

Eternal Vows - a time travel romace and fantasy adventure by Chrissy Peebles.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Eternal-Vows-First-Series-ebook/dp/B007HPDFBC

BOOK TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_w-eZwPJbA

Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king.

Never pretend to be a princess.

And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know
nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years
earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway
princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times.
Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king,
and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back
home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge.
But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with
dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an
even higher price.
I have an interesting tidbit to share that most people don't know
about Eternal Vows. It was a NaNoWriMo writing project. Most people
think November is just another month in the calendar year, but for
writers it's one of the biggest writing challenges ever. The event is
called NaNoWriMo and it happens every November! The challenge is to
complete an entire novel in just 30 days. It's not about quality, but
quantity. The word-count goal is 50,000 words. Writers can use a
website to track their own progress, create profiles, upload excerpts
of their novels, and participate in discussions in different forums.

I embarked on my great novel-writing adventure with much enthusiasm,
spending the month of November pounding away on the keys any free
chance I had. I actually wrote 50,000 words! Of course, I spent the
next few months editing and whipping it into better shape. Last year,
more than 36,000 writers reached the 50,000-word goal.

I loved Sarah's story and had so much fun with her feisty character.
This was one of my favorite stories to write. And I can't believe I
did it in a month! (not the editing and fine-tuning, of course)

The Zombie Chronicles - a young adult horror novel by Chrissy Peebles

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008R53WBO
BOOK TRAILER: http://youtu.be/ociUHiL1g70

Val was bitten by a zombie and now she's scheduled for lethal injection. Breaking all the rules, eighteen year old, Dean Walters snags an experimental serum. But it can't be tested until Val turns into a zombie: something authorities won't allow. Her execution is scheduled to happen before transformation is complete, giving Dean only hours to break her out.

When their helicopter crashes straight into the heart of Zombie Land, his rescue mission becomes a fight for survival…and giving up on Val is NOT an option.
Where did my inspiration come from? It came from my desire to share my overactive imagination…to entertain. I really loved the idea of a person trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. There's nothing better than watching a group of survivors trying to race across the countryside fending off hungry zombies. Different ideas bounced around my head for ages. I knew zombie stories were written primarily by men, but I decided to dive in headfirst anyway.

So I took a break from writing paranormal and romance to try the horror route. Some people ask me what my motivation was. I need no motivation because, frankly, I'm addicted to writing any kind of fantasy. I have this burning passion to tell a story. I can't tell you how many times I've lost sleep from 'the voices' in my head. I've read so much fantasy that I completely connect with it. It just feels perfectly natural for me to write what I love no matter what genre it is in fantasy. There's nothing cooler than writing about zombies. I enjoy every minute of it!

Another Space in Time Returns-Science Fiction by Richard Bunning

Okay, so the sequel hasn't got a very original title. This one is standalone, so yes there is a bit of repetition from Another Space in Time. Being a definite continuation, but also making the book self-contained demands this. All I can say is that I hope I got the balance right for most readers. There isn't a third book planned. So what do you need to know? This is very much a speculative fiction rather than hard core SF. The "hero" has been born again as an adult after having been murdered on Earth. The new planet is very earth-like in many respects, as is demanded by the requirements for human survival. We are a fairly fragile biological species. The book is everyman philosophical, exploring alienation on many levels. Rodwell having survived a terrorist plot in the first book, now goes undercover to help the police destroy the terrorist organization. His twin brother has preceded Rodwell into this new life, providing the opportunity for him to play the part of his sibling in order to infiltrate the terrorist hierarchy. So there are many mixed genre elements to this book, which I hope widens its appeal. I leave you all to judge that. I appreciate feedback, positive and negative. If I have had one consistent complaint, it is that I can be a bit longwinded, though most of these comments have also added that they felt the reading was worthwhile. This has resulted in me sometimes losing a star where that crude classification is demanded. The long style of writing in this first person book was deliberate, if inevitably not universally appreciated. I thank all of you that find the time to read my books, especially as we are increasingly spoilt for choice and constrained by time. http://www.amazon.com/Another-Space-Time-Returns-ebook/dp/B008IRHB6S


THE UNFINISHED ; A 1940's Futuristic Thriller by Patrice Williams Marks


THE UNFINISHED2 (Full Novel) to be released in 2013.  Sign up on my website's newsletter list to be notified of release.

"I really liked this story from screenwriter Patrice Williams. "The Unfinished" centers on a man brought back from the dead for 72 hours in order to identify his killer. It's written in a real conversational style, and builds up to a fun, surprising conclusion. I've already said too much."

Derek Haas, writer of films 3:10 to Yuma, Wanted, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Creator, NBC's Chicago Fire

I've been a writer since age 6 when I pinned the wildly successful (in my own mind) "The Day Snoopy Got Married." After that I was off to the races!

I've written over 10 screenplays; some of which have been optioned. Hoping one will make it to the big screen some day.

After reading short stories from Derek Haas' (bad-ass, big time screenwriter) website, aptly called Popcorn Fiction, where he features short stories from writers, I decided to give it a go.

I came up the idea of THE UNFINISHED from being a sci-fi fan, but also a die-hard TCM movie fan; (watch more b&w films from the 30′s and 40′s than current films). Love the idea of taking a character out of one world and implanting them in another… known as "fish out of water" stories.

THE UNFINISHED: In a future where the Unfinished (murdered) are brought back to life for only 72 hours to testify against their killers before being "put down" for eternity… an Unfinished is resurrected to what he believes is his one chance to point the finger at his accused killer.

He remembers the final details of his life; his boring job as a mattress salesman, the Dame he had high hopes for and the Mug who took his life.

Once brought back from the dead and taken to court, this Unfinished could never have imagined what was awaiting him.

Set in a world that is our future, giving homage to 1940′s detective noir stories, "The Unfinished" serves up a twist ending that will leave you wanting to follow his story to the end.

After reading the short story, you can read the first few pages of the full novel on my website: www.PatriceWilliamsMarks.com for free.

How to make him WANT to propose- dating/relationships book by Hannah Jackson

I wrote this report to share my knowledge, with the goal of being able to really help many women out there. I have witnessed, interviewed and studied many relationships for several years. I  wanted to understand what goes wrong in relationships and WHY.
Why is it that some women struggle to find someone to be with? Or maybe they have been in a relationship for several years but their man shows no intentions of proposing?
This report helps women to understand men better, and what it is they REALLY want. It helps you see if there is anything you could be doing that could be affecting your relationship negatively, and tells you what you need to do to improve your relationship and make your man realize how lucky he is to have you!
I truly hope that many women out there will benefit from this report, and learn a lot, and put it all into practice!

Bombs & Believers - An international thriller by Ken Sonenclar


Two stories:  one born a thousand years ago, the other just weeks ago, but so deeply entwined they share a single, jolting resolution.   At the center of the whirlwind is the hunt for a priceless treasure that once dominated the heart of the civilized world, before disappearing without a trace.  And along the way:  terror, murder, love, betrayal, courage, envy, political intrigue, and redemption.

 "Read it in one day, as it carries you on a roller coaster from start to finish. Perfect for holidays or to keep you going on a global flight!"

 "Wish DaVinci Code hadn't taken itself so seriously - then it would have resulted in something almost as fun as Bombs and Believers."

 "It reminded me a lot of some of Preston & Child's books with a strong and interesting protagonist, woven together with a good bit of history."

"Bombs & Believers"...

A suicide attack on U.S. sailors in Istanbul leaves hundreds dead, triggering a global manhunt.

Meanwhile, Zander Blake, chief of the LAPD's Art Theft squad, is flying to London to address a landmark UN assembly on saving the world's most endangered treasures. He lands only in time to learn that the conference keynote speaker, a celebrated Harvard archaeologist, has just been coldly executed.

While the CIA struggles to track down the Istanbul terrorists and Scotland Yard conducts its rambling investigation, Penny Theobald, the Harvard professor's beautiful graduate assistant, presses Blake into probing the murder with her. The pair follow a trail marred by secrets, betrayal, and violence that leads them to Turkey and the professor's surprising connection to the terrorist attack, quickly pulling them into a diplomatic intrigue that threatens to ignite a new holy war, should the professor's fatal mission – and rumored discovery – come to light.

Eavesdropping FBI agents, an ambitious American curator, a cunning Oxford don, an antiquities dealer struggling with his own greed, a stunning assassin, intelligence operatives and bureaucrats intent on keeping Blake and Theobald at bay, and mind-bending riddles left by the professor himself – all stand between the pair and their ultimately frantic search for the truth.

"…a breathless ride, loaded with hairpin turns, booby traps, and surprises galore. Great fun to be had as the pages whiz by."

The Heart of Sitnatia - A fantasy novel by Adam Biggs


Three ancient talismans have been found by four characters who, apparently, have nothing in common: the ruthless Reginald Catchpole and his sidekick Sid Slug, Amelia, a young gentle girl still at school, and Arthur Pound, a gentleman cat burglar. The adventure begins with an encounter with three mysterious guardians, who will take them to a far away land: the Island of Sitnatia. Little by little, as their journey progresses into the centre of the earth, Amelia, Arthur and Reginald begin to discover the truths and deceptions behind the appearance of what seemed at first an extraordinary adventure. A journey which nearly sees Amelia captured by the Gnarg (frightening people riding rat like creatures) and Reginald and Sid tackle an ancient evil witch who lives in an invisible giant bird-house. Helping the Vendra, a lost Roman legion, to reclaim their home island of Sitnatia by fighting back the hoards of Gnarg marching from the depths of the earth, they will reach the temple, at the heart of the volcano towering the island, where the final battle will take place. All they have to do now is struggle to destroy the talismans…  A wonderful fantasy novel with plenty of humour, for everyone to enjoy!

WEAPON OF FLESH - An action-filled fantasy novel by Chris A. Jackson



Average Amazon rating of 4.4 stars with 66 reviews!


Sample Amazon customer reviews for Weapon of Flesh:

"Fantastic, everything I could want in a fantasy novel! Love, betrayal, freaking bone-crunching action. Wish the next book was out already, but worth the wait, in my opinion."


"Weapon of Flesh is a fabulous tale of medieval fantasy that will leave readers begging for more from author Chris A. Jackson."


"Excellent read, highly recommended."



A weapon is forged from flesh and magic.


Tattooed with magical runes to enhance his skills and suppress his emotions, Lad is raised from birth to be the most lethal assassin the world has ever known. He is the pinnacle of his master's magical and martial arts, a true weapon of flesh, all according to plan. Until the plan goes awry…


The Master is gone and the weapon is free. And in a dangerous world, a weapon does what a weapon is made to do. Or does he?


Alone for the first time, Lad's future is now in his own hands. He knows he has a destiny, but not what it is. Undeterred, he heads out into the world, and the weapon begins to become a person…


But a person is not what the Grandfather of Assassins has invested a fortune and nearly two decades to achieve. When his weapon does not arrive as promised, the Grandfather sets loose his hunters.


The only problem? No one thought a weapon of flesh would fall in love.

Now only death will release Lad from his servitude and save the woman he loves—the Grandfather's death…or his own.


Don't miss Weapon of Blood, the continuation of Lad's story, due out Summer 2013.

Titanic: Answer From The Deep-mainstream fiction by Britt Talley Daniel MD

KDP promotion on May 5-7 2013

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Titanic-Britt-Talley-Daniel-M-D/dp/1478105704

When I was in the sixth grade in 1956 I read an article in Reader's Digest about the sinking of the Titanic and I was hooked for life. Later when I wanted to write a book about it, before the Internet, I went to the downtown library in Dallas and read some articles from old yellow newspapers on microfiche but today a lot of research can be done within seconds at home through Google.  I read an article about a woman who was set to sail  from Southampton on the Titanic who had a dream the night before she left and then decided not to go.  I put this dream into my story as a dream by the main character. Anne Elizabeth, dreaming as a child in London about rockets going off on the surface of the Atlantic.  This seemed very spooky and special to me.  And so the whole story seems that way. Women and children first, husbands waiting on deck watching their wives descend in life boats below them to the surface of the water. A story full of what ifs:  no binoculars for the men on watch in the crow's nest, what if they had just gone straight into the iceberg, damaging maybe only 2 or 3 of the compartments but not 5 of them as the ship struck a glancing blow against the iceberg down her side, a nearby ship turned off her wireless too soon and could have saved all passengers if summoned, the same ship ignored the rockets indicating distress.  The whole story fills the mind.  I got the idea of merging a story of a family from London traveling to America on the Titanic with a grandson who later recovers family property from the sunken ship.  What he found on the floor of the Atlantic became Titanic:  The Answer From The Deep.

Transient Global Amnesia -a medical textbook by Britt Talley Daniel MD

KDP promotion on May 5-7 2013
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Transient-Global-Amnesia-Talley-Daniel/dp/1477416773

With an article written in 1956 in an obscure medical journal, Morris Bender, a neurologist at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, first described the temporary syndrome of memory loss.  After this medical articles started pouring in (1000 patients reported in 3 decades).  The key features of the syndrome:  onset of amnesia, the nature of the patient to repeatedly say the same thing over and again in spite of being instructed, "What has happened to me?" "What am I doing here?"  "What is the matter?"; the odd same situations that seem to bring the syndrome on:  swimming in the ocean, after strong emotion, after sexual intercourse; the normal general neurologic exam with testing, have captivated neurologists and patients for half a century.  The recent finding of small dots seen in the hippocampus several days after an attack on MRI scan, which later disappear, has further mystified doctors.  Something like 40% of patients with TGA have migraine.  This is the first textbook in 21 years on the subject and an interesting read for doctors or affected patients alike.

Migraine-a textbook on treatment by Britt Talley Daniel MD

KDP promotion on May 5-7 2013
Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/Migraine-Britt-Talley-Daniel-MD/dp/1449069622

This is a textbook on migraine discussing treatment, lifestyle issues, and the history of migraine written by a practicing neurologist.  For women migraine is the most common chronic medical problem affecting 25 %; 6% of men have migraine.  Migraine is a puzzling, sometimes severely disabling medical condition but it can usually be treated with lifestyle changes and medication.  So lift up your hearts; learn about migraine and treat it

Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent-THE SWISS WASH WHITER - investigative non-fiction by Jeffrey Robinson



"I must caution you," Gentleman began, "that this kind of facility has been much romanticized over the years. The so-called secret Swiss bank account, the sort you might have read about in James Bond, is strictly for pulp fiction and the cinema."


"Now where," Signor asked, "do you suppose they got such a notion?"


From the beautiful mountains and valleys of the nation that has given the world cheese with holes, chocolate, watches and cuckoo clocks, comes Jeffrey Robinson's Criminal Intent – THE SWISS WASH WHITER, an eBook original investigative tour de force that pulls the Wizard of Oz curtain back on the hypocrisy behind the dirty money headlines.


Stripping bare the biggest Swiss export of all --- the $2.1 trillion murky world of secret Swiss banking --- here are the truths, the lies and the hype behind the secrecy, the money laundering, the tax evasion, the dictators, the despots, the banks, the bankers and the PR henchmen who cover the cracks.


Here too is Jeffrey Robinson's @writingfactory Twitter favorite, "The Swiss Bank Tweets" which continues to embarrass otherwise unembarrassable Swiss bankers.

This is the story that Swiss bankers do not want you to read.

The second book in his Criminal Intent series --- after FOLLOWING THE MONEY --- Jeffrey Robinson is recognized as an expert on international financial crime, and has been described by the British Bankers Association as, "The world's leading financial crime author.

Mom and Pop Porn, How Suburban America Nearly Took Over The Adult Industry! - A Biography/Memoir by Andrew Davidson


    Mom and Pop Porn, "How Suburban America Nearly Took Over the Adult Industry", is my story told over fifteen years. I have spent the past fifteen years running two different home based adult studios. The first was a miserable failure where I was squeezed out by credit card clearing companies and the mob, and the second put out over 800 exclusive titles after starting on a shoe string budget of $2,000 and Walmart bought VCRs. I had the very first "Internet only/started" adult studio that actually crossed over and obtained mass distribution in the real world. This book describes those fifteen years, my battles with the government, the government's assault on the industry through the John Ashcroft years, my search for distribution, and the many funny stories of dealing with the public as they submitted their homemade adult videos to be sold by my company.

    It also tells the story of how the adult industry is no longer the image most people think of. It is not a guy that looks like Ron Jeremy standing at a bus stop in a trench coat waiting for Midwestern girls to get off the next bus so that he can fill them with cocaine and exploit them. It is now moms and dads, regular people, your relatives, friends, and neighbors. I tell how these people worked from spare bedrooms and kitchen tables just to bring people a new "grass roots" style of pornography. We gave the mainstream adult industry and the government a run for their money. This is all true, and I honestly hope you enjoy it! Please keep in mind, I was a pornographer, not a seasoned writter!

A FAMILY AFFAIR - A Regency Historical by Jennifer Wenn

A FAMILY AFFAIR is the debut novel by Jennifer Wenn and the first in The Royal Family series. The novel is for now a part of KDP Select and will be free for you to download between 21st and 25th of May 2013. It will be officially released by The Wild Rose Press July 19th 2013. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C1KX6JE
Devlin Ross, the Duke of Hereford, has long ago made a vow to himself to break the curse his father has cast upon him by mentally abuse him throughout his childhood by never marry or have a family of his own. But when he meets Lady Francesca Darling, his best friend's merry niece, he can't help himself - he must have her.
Fanny, who fell in love with Devlin when she was a mere five years old in that obnoxious, stalking way only a child can, didn't hesitate when it came to her feelings towards him. She had loved him dearly for thirteen years and would not let her interfering relatives stand in the way between her and lifelong happiness.
But was she stubborn enough to make him realize exactly how simple-minded he was when it came to fulfilling the vow he once made?

Conquering Passion- Juicy medieval romance by Anna Markland


The year is 1066. The world is about to change forever. Conquering Passion is the first book of The Montbryce Legacy. We are introduced to three brothers, Norman noblemen who play a vital role in the victory of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings.

Conquering Passion is the story of Ram, the eldest brother, an ambitious warrior greedy for glory and the promised rewards of the Norman Conquest. He deeply resents an arranged marriage with Mabelle de Valtesse,  the impoverished daughter of an exiled psychotic nobleman, whom he deems unsuitable to be the wife of an Earl.

It's an intimate story of passion, ambition  conspiracy and vengeance. A sweeping Norman epic.

If only my heroes and heroines had revealed their stories to me in chronological order, it would have made life so much easier for you! If you prefer to read sagas in chronological order, here's a handy list of what to read after Conquering Passion.

1066—If Love Dares Enough
1066—Defiant Passion
1087—A Man of Value
1097—Dark Irish Knight
1100—Passion in the Blood
1106—Dark and Bright
1107—The Winds of the Heavens
1107—Dance of Love
1113—Carried Away
1120—Sweet Taste of Love
1124—Wild Viking Princess

"THE BRIDGE" - A Paranormal/Mystery Novel By Allan Krummenacker


A story of ghosts, psychics, mystery and parallel earths.

Alex Hill is a gifted psychic.  When he was only twelve he was part of a team of paranormal investigators from a university who entered one of the most haunted places on Earth.  Alex was the only one to survive with his sanity.  After that he turned his back on his psychic powers in order to lead a normal life.  

Eighteen years later, as a successful Commercial Real Estate Agent, Alex has a wonderful girlfriend named Veronica Ross.  Veronica is also a police officer who is now investigating a strange accident where she was nearly run down.  The car responsible hit a tree right after missing her and the driver and passenger were pronounced dead a the scene.  But according to the coroner, both victims had already been dead for over ten hours.  And they hadn't died as the result of a car crash, they'd been drowned.

Alex feels his powers stirring once more and since his lady was nearly killed, he cannot ignore them.  Soon he'll discover where the driver and passenger drowned.  It was in a large stream underneath an old stone bridge located on the Graham Estate.  The very place he is now acting as the realtor for.  But this is only the beginning.  Local legend has it that a White Lady haunts the bridge, looking for the infant she lost there over two hundred years ago.  Strangely enough, sixteen years ago a pregnant teenage girl vanished from the estate and was never found. Veronica knew the girl and has never stopped investigating her disappearance.

Soon more bodies appear, all victims of drowning, even in dry empty rooms.  In each case the water used is traced back to the stream beneath the bridge.  And Alex, who has the most access to the estate, is becoming the prime suspect.   

Now he must embrace the very powers he turned his back on so long ago to clear himself.  But in doing so, he'll find a much bigger mystery.  One that dates back hundreds of years to a time before the first white men stepped foot in the new world.  And this will bring him face to face with a being that is, and is not, of this world.

Legally Undercover--Romantic Suspense--Rachel Kall


Take a step inside Black and Ryan--a large Washington, DC law firm while one woman strives to make partner. Alex Popov is used to challenges as a woman in a male dominated legal field. But she is faced with a new challenge when given a make or break top secret assignment impacting national security. She is charged with making sure that an arms deal doesn't happen. Is she up for the task? Her entire career is on the line.
To make matters worse, her mysterious and handsome client contact Pedro is invading her heart and her mind. Just when she thinks she is being pushed to the limit, the firm hires a new associate named Jacob. She knows he's at Black and Ryan to steal her partnership spot.
Arms dealers are on the hunt, and Alex doesn't know who she can trust. Her heart tells her that Pedro is on her side, but the facts show otherwise. The arms dealers are not only ruthless, but have ties to her estranged father back in Russia.
In a world of lies, where no one is what they seem, Alex puts everything — even her dreams of partnership — on the line for love.

Backbeat - A fiction novel by Heather Curry Self

When Geoff reappears in Margot's life -- nine years after their break-up -- everything she thought she had come to understand about that time, her life with him, and her life since then unravels, forcing her to finally confront a devastating event that shattered everything eleven years earlier. But as she does, Margot is left not knowing if this is finally her chance for reconciliation with Geoff...or if it's what will only drive them further apart.


"I fell in love with your characters and the story of their lives, and your powerful writing--the psychological depth of your characters and your nuanced mood-setting ambiance descriptions--made reading Backbeat like a long awaited and tremendously enjoyable vacation for me. I will miss them tremendously.  I loved the suspense you kept your readers in right to the bitter end.  Thank you for sharing this very moving treasure with me. It has inspired and enriched me and no doubt imparted some relationship wisdom along the way." -- Kathleen D.

"I started reading last night at around eight thirty from where I had left off at chapter 16. My thought was to read for an hour. I became so engrossed I finished. I couldn't put the book down. I loved the characters and how they were woven into the story. So much like real life. A great read." -- Jim L.

"Well-written and the story sucked me in." -- Karen C.

Daughter of the King - historical/Biblical fiction by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux

Imagine living in an age when there were no automobiles, no electricity, no factories.  Slavery was tolerated, and families arranged marriages.

High-born daughters were traded to strengthen military alliances, gain political power, or appease enemies.  "Daughter of the King" is the story of a woman who lived in those times. The book is available through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Daughter-of-the-King-ebook/dp/B00AQHCRFS

Princess Michal was the youngest daughter of ancient Israel's first king. More than thirty centuries ago, she fell in love with and married a young hero named David.  When Michal helped her husband escape from her insane father, King Saul punished his daughter by forcing her into a bigamous marriage.  Years after being banished, the Princess became a pawn in negotiations between Judea and Israel.  She was shattered to learn her family had been wiped out and David had acquired six additional wives. Michal longed to bear the son who would inherit David's throne.  Yet her rivals were equally ambitious for their sons.  Michal drew on her inner strength to survive disappointment, infidelity, and betrayal.

Co-authors by Carlene Havel and Sharon Faucheux quoted briefly from the King James Bible at the beginning of each chapter of "Daughter of the King" to guide the story's progress.  If the events of Princess Michal's life were not taken directly from the Bible, readers would never believe one woman's life could include so much drama!

Despite differences between our environment and the customs of centuries past, ancients and moderns are the same inside. Emotions such as love, hate, faith, greed, pride, and joy remain humanity's constants.

The Storm After a historical fiction novel by Gina Hooten Popp


Native Texan Gina Hooten Popp has released her first novel The Storm After—a compelling historical fiction tale of four strangers who come together in the aftermath of the Great Galveston Hurricane of 1900—the deadliest hurricane in US history. More than 6,000 people died that fateful night and the island was left a sea of brokenness. As the four diverse strangers cling to each other amidst the devastation in an attempt to survive, they change each other in ways they never would have imagined. It's a gripping tale that is more than a story about a tragic storm, it's about human spirit triumphing over unimaginable adversity.

Bards of the Solarians - A Sci-Fi Short Novel by Payton Byrd


Bards of the Solarians tells the story of Father Bainlish, a Bard that is tasked with subverting the culture of Earth and beginning an intergalactic war.  During the execution of his mission, Father Bainlish struggles with doubt about his belief in his God, the effects of his work on Earth, and the aftermath of the successful outcome of his mission.

Bards of the Solarians is the second book of The Grey Chronicles series.  The first book, Reflections Across the Universe is a well reviewed short novel that sets the stage for the exciting adventures of Father Bainlish. 

Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me - A romantic comedy by Caroline James

Coffee, Tea, The Gypsy & Me by Caroline James
There's an annual gypsy invasion in town! Will Jo survive?
Jo's romance with the gypsy began with his first kiss, she never forgot it…

When Jo Edmond's husband runs off with their nanny and disappears into a Spanish sunset, Jo resolves to make a new life with her baby son. She impulsively purchases Kirkton House a run down guest house and with the help of a colorful cast of characters, establishes a thriving country house hotel. Jo opens the hotel during Fair Week, a famous 300 year old gypsy tradition, hated by the locals and loved by every tinker and traveler in the country. Romance is the last thing on her mind, until the enigmatic John Doherty walks into her life...

Assisted by Hattie, a local woman who becomes a friend, Jo's business succeeds and a new Jo emerges, attracting the attention of every man who comes within her radar. In Fair Week, Jo's errant husband turns up and begins a campaign to win her back but Black Monday is looming, the stock market crashes and tourism dries up. With difficult days ahead Jo has to reinvent her business to survive…

Flying Soup - a satire by Bobby Adair


Imagine that you're a computer nerd and avid bicycle rider, out breaking in your new $5000 bike. Now imagine that you get nailed by a hit-and-run driver, who only sticks around the scene of your accident long enough to make sure you're not dead.

 So you and the pieces of your former bike get a ride home from a passerby, where you complain to your techie roommates once again about how incredibly rude people are to cyclists. They've heard this from you before, of course, but this time, one of them decides that it's time for you document this shameful behavior.

 Your roommate rigs your old bike and your helmet out with front and rear video cameras, an idea you think is absolutely stupid until you unwittingly find that you've recorded someone throwing a soup can out of his car window at you – on purpose.

 But wait - Why try to imagine any of this?

 It's so much more fun to read about how this happens to Christian Trist, and what he and his zany sidekicks, Buster and Mohamed, decide to do about it.

 What they do in the end, of course, is to get filthy rich.

 But not before they launch a website called (what else?) Flying Soup.com, with the goal of giving a voice to victims of roadway rudeness. As luck would have it, the Flying Soup website goes viral, making the trio instant media darlings, and touching off what becomes a very personal vendetta with a crooked right-wing televangelist with one eye on the White House and another on his followers' wallets, and his presumptive running mate, the local double-dealing preacher who is much closer to the mystery of the flying soup than he would like for anyone to believe.

 Will the forces of techno-savvy good win out over the evils of mindless pop-culture propoganda?

 Stay tuned… And watch out for flying soup.

Pieces of You - a supernatural fiction by Joyce Elferdink

Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/author/jelferdink

Mark's son was waiting at the train station when his father was carried out on a stretcher. The doctor's diagnosis: semi-comatose; suspected cause: war injuries; prognosis for recovery: very good.

 While his body lies motionless in a Zurich clinic, his spirit becomes very active, and in a way that no observer could possibly suspect. On a journey through time and space, he is led by a spirit guide to relive three experiences that altered his life. Without the limitations of a physical body, Zachri is able to grant Mark the supernatural insight to draw him into the suffering of people affected by his decisions. He then visits his possible futures, one where a few people have almost total control over the masses, and an alternative future illustrating how the forces of heaven can be focused to intervene in earthly actions. Mark will soon be asked to choose between living out his life with the woman he loves or sacrificing their time together to allow her to survive in horrifying times.

The protagonist is a real person; the story chronicles his life's main events as the author attempts to discover where he now lives—in people she meets, in the heavenly realm, or somewhere in between...

The Lost Party - a horror short story by Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell


The Lost Party (Short Story, 5500 words) Red Dust Series Part 1 

When a party of settlers go missing on the Wasatch Mountains of 1846 America, a lone mountain man tasks himself with finding the lost pioneers. Upon the discovery of the remnants of a diary, George Masterson finds himself pulled into the dark story that befell the ill-fated travellers.

Lost in the wild, freezing and starving to death, how far would you go to survive?

This story will chill you to the bone and make your imagination run wild with images of horror. 

Red Dust is a continuing series of short stories set in 19th century America with historical twists, new dangers and stories of individuals who battle with personal conflicts.

Wagons, guns and Zombies. Life in the Old West is dangerous.

Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell
Authors of the Red Dust short story series

Word Search, Kriss Kross, Quote Falls, Hangman, Speed Words - Word Games Pack FREE! - A Kindle Fire Word Game App by 7 Dragons

Word Search, Kriss Kross, Quote Falls, Hangman, Speed Words - Word Games Pack FREE!


5 Great Fun Word Games.

Word Search - Search across multiple categories.
Hangman - Save different characters.
Kriss Kross - Can you fit the words in the right spots in the Grid.
Quote Falls - Decipher the Quotes
Speed Words - Make words and beat the clock!

Please Note: This App includes In-App Purchases. It lets you buy digital content using real money. IAP can be turned off via the Kindle Fire's App Store Page's Settings Page.

A Good Liar - a historical novel by Ruth Sutton

Link to Amazon


'Jessie Whelan had been lying to her mother all her life.' The opening sentence heralds a story about family secrets and the corrosiveness of lies. Jessie is a feminist before feminism, a strong woman battling for her independence in a world where she could lose her job and her home if the secrets of her past were ever revealed.

She knows the risk of a love affair with a younger man, but follows her instinct, realizing too late that the line between passion and violence is very slender.

You may love Jessie, or hate her, or accept and understand her flaws as the inevitable consequence of her life and times. Jessie's world is rural northern England in the 1930s, before adoption, contraception and penicillin, where paraffin lamps lit the houses and horses pulled the ploughs. Women were expected to be dutiful, and disaster could visit those who strayed.

A Good Liar is Part 1 of a trilogy Between the Mountains and the Sea. Part 2 Forgiven will be published as an ebook in June 2013, and picks up Jessie's story ten years later in the gloom of post-war Cumberland. Try to read A Good Liar before then, to get the full picture of Jessie's troubled relationship with her son and her continuing struggle for personal survival.

I, Walter a historical fiction, adventure/ romance by Mike Hartner


I, Walter is the first book in a saga that will eventually bring readers to the 21st century.  It is as much a memoir as it is a historical fiction, and as I was writing it, I could very easily see certain actors portraying the characters in this book. 

There were also a few scenes that got deleted or heavily worked over before publication.   For instance, there's a scene in which Walter looks for better accomodations for his parents. In my mind, the landlord was an older lady, and when Walter tossed a coin, it spun past her on the ground. In my mind I saw her dive for it like it was a gift that she couldn't let escape.  I actually wrote it like that in the beginning.  In the end, the landlord was a male, and the response was a bit more dignified. 

One of the truly beautiful gems that was deleted in editing was during the conversation between Juan and Walter with Maria present.  In one of Juan's confessions, he mentions the reason that Maria was even on that boat from England in the first place.  MY editor had told me that that portion of the scene was 'pitch perfect' and yet, in the end, we killed that baby in favor of other parts of the conversation.  Now, readers will wonder why Maria was in that boat.  Unless, of course, they watch www.accidentalauthor.ca over the next few months, and read the deleted scenes and explanations as the come. 

Living Backwards - a chick lit novel by Tracy Sweeney


If you found yourself back in high school as an adult, could you pretend to be the same person you were at seventeen?  Jillan Cross thinks that she can even though she's found herself back in time with a pink, sparkly flask in her back pocket.  But pretending to be the girl she once was proves to be harder than she expected.

When she escapes behind the school gym for a tiny sip, she's led down a path she never would have imagined all those years ago.  There was no skipping class the first time around.  No sneaking off behind the school gym.  And there definitely wasn't a Luke Chambers.  Don't change the past?  One little change won't hurt, right?

"Exceptionally well developed characters and a well put together plot round this out to be an outstanding read." - Candy's Raves Blog

LIVING BACKWACKS, a debut novel by Tracy Sweeney, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Virtualbookworm Publishing.

The Rich the Poor and the Foolish - a guide to wealth creation by Paul Liburd


This book will show you how to 'Have Your Cake and Eat It'. In other
words, you will learn how to buy what you need without actually
spending your own money.

The foolish borrow money and constantly live beyond their means. As a
result, they are continually paying off yesterday's debts and
therefore, never have enough money to enjoy today.

The poor generally avoid debt but are only a little better than the
foolish. They save diligently for the things that they need and then
spend all of their hard earned money on the goods and services for
which they have saved, after which they too are broke.

The rich on the other hand, never spend their money; instead they
invest it and only spend the cash-flow that their investments produce.
This little book will show you how to do just that.

No special qualifications or expert knowledge is required and you
don't even need a wage/salary increase. Armed with nothing but the
information found in this book, you can start today with whatever you
have and take your first step towards financial independence.

Take the 'Financial Aptitude Test' at the end of the book and then
strengthen your weak points by re-reading the relevant chapters. This
book will soon become your best friend and mentor. Good luck.

22 Questions I Gotta Ask Myself BEFORE I Become A Real Estate Agent - by Tranett T. Brooks


Kindle Book Description

Publication Date: October 3, 2012

22 Questions I Gotta Ask Myself BEFORE You Become a Real Estate Agent
is written specifically for individuals that are contemplating the
decision of becoming a Real Estate Agent. It is an un-biased look at
the daily life of this career. It shares true insight on what will be
required of you should you choose to become an agent. It helps the
reader to determine if this career choice is a good fit.

Not everyone will succeed at being a Real Estate Agent. This eBook
does not persuade or discourage the reader toward nor away from this
career. Rather, it opens up the truth in what to expect in terms of
your time, energy and money. It answers the TOP 22 Questions that an
individual will need to know and understand before making this

Most of the information on the market today only talks about "How to
be a Successful Real Estate Agent." While that information is helpful,
it does not help an individual that is in the decision-making phase.
This eBook fills a VOID for those that have NOT yet made their

This eBook is written in plain and simple, easy-to-understand text. It
gets right to the truth and delivers answers to those burning
questions that you would only get from a Real Estate Agent operating
currently in this career field. People need to know: Will they make
money? Can they afford it? Do they have the time? And, most
importantly will they ENJOY it? Becoming a Real Estate Agent is not a

The sole mission of this eBook is to teach you all about the
advantages and disadvantages of being a Real Estate Agent...from
another Real Estate Agent BEFORE you invest your time, money and

If you are truly considering becoming a Real Estate Agent, please
don't make your FINAL decision UNTIL after you have read this eBook. I
guarantee you that it will: 1). Confirm your decision to pursue this
career; or 2). Keep you from making a costly mistake.

No matter what you decide, make your decision AFTER you've read this eBook!

Ransom Lake - a suspense novel by Brent R Taylor


Gus always knew that his weight would kill him. He had tried all the
diets; no fat, low fat, eat all you want. During a particularly down
spell he even had a go at the finger-down-your-throat weight loss
management program. But it was hopeless. In the end his weight did
play a role in his death, but it happened in a way that he never could
have imagined.

Ransom Lake explores the bond between two lifelong friends and what
one is willing to sacrifice for the salvation of the other.

While on their annual fishing trip, Chris chances upon the murderer of
his wife and is hellbent on revenge. Gus pleads for a show of mercy
but Chris will not be dissuaded. A selfless act leads to the end of
Chris's tortured self-flagellation and to his eventual redemption.

A SEALED FATE - a thriller by Lisa Gordon.



KDP FREE days on May 2 and 3, 1013

A Sealed fate is a unique blend of chicklit and thriller in an unusual
setting and with an unusual theme at the centre - the concept of
sacrificial and compensatory karma.

The author revs up the tension with her main character, the singer and
wannabe rock star, Valda, who speeds through life in a sequence of
emotional car crashes until she washes up on Dubai's shores at the
feet of the mysterious Sheikh, who, whilst pretending to be her
patron, has his own needs to satisfy. And boy does Valda satisfy them
until she realises, when in very deep, that she has predecessors with
the same experience. The only problem is she can't consult them
because they are all dead - in suspicious circumstances. Her
clandestine relationship with the Sheikh, propels her further into a
murky web of deceit, and she turns to Larissa for help. As an
astrologer, Larissa predicts that Valda and the Sheikh's destinies
were sealed from the moment of their first meeting; however she keeps
the dire fate that she reads in the charts a secret. Together, Valda
and Larissa take a gamble in a game of cosmic Russian Roulette where
the stakes are their lives and their adversary, Fate itself.

Can they beat Fate? Can freewill triumph?

Take a leisurely tours of the City State's night spots and its haute
cuisine; rub shoulders with the beautiful and rich, but never forget
that nagging question of destiny and the price you have to pay to
change it.

The Vu - an urban fantasy by Hannah Gordon


What would you do if one day you woke up and your past was gone? What if it came back years later to torture you? What if your worst nightmare was your own father? Would you stay strong? Would you melt into emotional oblivion?

Suffering from post traumatic amnesia, Sabella Hall begins to remember her abusive father and discovers an amazing ability. She is sought out by the leader of The Vu, a clan of those with gifts such as hers. As she journeys through using her gift, finding new love, experiencing betrayal, and remembering her past, she faces off against a shocking adversary.

Readers love this book! Here's what some had to say:

"This book is a wonderful read. One of those you don't want to put down because it is so good! You won't regret purchasing this book! You're taken on a great journey of adventure, discovery and understanding. A must have for your library!"

"This is a good story and grabs you and keeps you wanting to read and see what happens."

"I can't wait to read the next one! There is going to be another one, right?"

Excerpt from the book:

"Teagan's shout of warning turns my head. My teacup is no longer on the end table. Jonathan's arm is pulled back and he flings the cup at me. I watch it tumble toward me, end over end, drops of tea dotting the floor. It's as if the world around me has stopped and I am still moving at normal speed. I reach to block the cup headed for my face, curling my fingers around its cold sides just inches from my nose. I stare down at it, confused.
            I raise my head in astonishment at Jonathan's knowing smile and drop the cup as if my hand is burned. Dozens of porcelain shards decorate the hardwood floor before the shattering sound reaches my ears."

Running Against Traffic- A contemporary women's novel by Gaelen VanDenbergh

Running Against Traffic


A Reader's Favorite 5 Star Review

Imagine if you were suddenly tossed from your world....if you vanished without a trace would anyone really notice or care you are gone ?
Would you be able to adapt to such a sudden and drastic change ? If you are in a book club, you must get your hand on this novel, it has a lot within it's pages to generate some great discussions.

Paige Scott is done in. Done for. Done with it. Having spent her
childhood shuffled between relatives who ignored her, and her adult
life hiding within the walls of her relationships with men, she is
prepared to live out her empty days in her crumbling marriage to David
Davenport. David has other plans, however, and flings her into a
remote, impoverished world, in stark contrast to the wealthy
cosmopolitan one that was all she knew. Here she is forced to face the
betrayals of her past and learn, for the first time, how to care for
herself, and for others.

Hilarity and tragedy, addictions, unexpected friendships, and Paige's
discovery of running and the relief it brings propel her on her
journey toward the mending of a broken spirit, and learning how to
truly live. Step by step, mile by mile.

Also available in paperback

Easterchicks Gone Bad by Sheri Dixon


'Easterchicks Gone Bad' is a collection of articles originally written for and published on www.homestead.org.

Homesteaders, back-to-the-landers, small family farmers both urban and rural- the urge to have dirt under your fingernails and wisps of hay in your hair, the need to feed your loved ones good, fresh food with no sketchy additives, striving to live lightly on the earth and as sustainably as possible- everything that's sturdy and wholesome about living the Simple Life all rolled into one book.

While the author has been living this life for over a quarter of a century, her mode of teaching isn't so much of a, "Follow these steps and everything will be perfect" so much as a, "Look- I tried it this way first. Don't do that. It's hilarious NOW..."

Humor with a heart, smiling through tears, laughing at herself and loving every moment spent on her small speck of the planet- all this and more starts with "Easterchicks Gone Bad".