A Boy A Dog and A Fly - a kindle book by Kiplyn Garrett


A fun rhyming children's book for ages 3-6!

A Boy, A Dog and A Fly is a really fun read that tells the story of
what happens one afternoon when a boy, a dog and a fly cross paths.
It's sure to bring a laugh to your little one when he or she sees what
happens to the fly.

The illustrations are well done and help bring the story to life.

Excerpt from A Boy, A Dog and A Fly:

Once upon a time in a land close by
there was a boy, a dog and a fly.

The boy left the dog to go inside
but before he left and the dog could sigh

The boy left a bone for the dog to eat
He laid the bone at the dog's front feet

A few of the reviews:

"This was a very fun read for me and my little niece she loved the
story the first time and the many times we have read it since I
purchased it. The way the rhymes are written is very playful with a
good dose of humor as well. It is so nice to find new children's
authors to enjoy."

"Clever, humorous rhyming story about a boy and his dog, and a hapless
fly who lands on the wrong bone at the wrong time. Each page has a
fun, colorful illustration to go along with the short story. Easy to
read out loud to the kids at bedtime (or anytime) and if your children
are just now learning to read and want to do it themselves, there are
no big words to trip them up as they make their way through the story.
Our kids got quite a giggle from the fly's travels throughout the book
and I suspect it will be a new favorite story for a while to come."

Looking for a fun book for a child age 3-6? You found it! Check out
A Boy A Dog and a Fly.

Among Murderers and Madness - kindle ebook by Sonny Long


"Among Murderers and Madness" is the true story of murders long unpunished.
The story unfolds through the eyes and words of reporter Sonny Long,
who covered the murders since day one. He tells the tale through his
own experiences, through the voices of those closest to the victims
and the suspect and through media reports of the case.
"Among Murderers and Madness" is a nearly 20-year journey; a winding
road from the murders of a mother and her two children to the guilty
plea of a man many believed from the beginning had committed the
crimes. Along the way a cast of characters emerge, some good, some
bad, some even bizarre.
The role of the media covering the case is also examined not only the
author's own publication, but the other local newspaper, area
newspapers and television stations as well as the national media.

The author's intimate conversations with those closest to the case and
his tenacity in keeping the case alive in the minds of the public
makes "Among Murderers and Madness" the definitive source for not only
the senseless stealing of three lives, but for the maelstrom the
murders caused in both the lives of two families and in the
consciousness of a community.

TALES FROM THE FUR SIDE: Purrfectly Adorable Cat Stories – kindle ebook by Peter Benn


Why do we love our cats?  Is it their calmness, their adoration for us or is it their perceived mystery about what they are thinking and what they get up to when they are out of our sight. Ponder no more my friend, as here are a dozen delicious short stories about our cats. Breaking their feline code of silence each raconteur cat tells us about their secret life. From their own mouth they share stories about being treated as gods in Ancient Egypt, being locked in high-rise apartments, befriending the elderly and dying, foiling a cinema robbery, assisting fairies at the bottom of the garden, stopping a poisoning, being a WWII hero and many other amazing adventures.
Come and see the world afresh from a one foot two inch high point of view - insightful, humorous, mischievous and filled with wisdom and delightful observation. If you are owned by a cat here is the lowdown on what they are really thinking.
After this read you'll view your cat asleep in the corner in quite a different way – you'll love them even more!

The Z Redemption - kindle ebook by Daniel Wetta


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If you are a fan of steamy suspense thrillers with life-and-death
entanglements, unexpected twists, lightning-fast action, characters
who live and love passionately, then you will not want to miss this
engrossing novel of romance and danger in Mexico!

The Z Redemption was born out of a personal loss of a murdered friend
in Mexico, but it became so much more than a way of remembering him.

Yes, my young friend and neighbor, Israel, was tortured and murdered when I lived in Monterrey, Mexico. There was no justice for this bright, innocent young man of twenty-six. He was alone and no one came to save him. It must have been horrible for him. Wanting to be a voice for him, I started my investigations into the activities of drug cartels and organized crime. If no one had heard his screams, I thought that I would scream for him by writing this novel, The Z Redemption.

But a couple things happened: One is that I discovered there were/are tens of thousands of "Israels," male and female, who have died or disappeared like him in Mexico, and probably millions throughout the world. The other is that there are equal numbers of heroes who are fighting to bring this situation to the attention of people who are not bought by the cartels and mafias of organized crime.

I never met a Mexican person who is not in love. They are the most affectionate people, so loyal and loving to their family and friends, and so inclusive when they know who you are. Their national character infected me.

So despite the subject matter of The Z Redemption, the novel is full of passionate love: the kind between lovers having affairs, the rooted love of best friends, the love between mentor and protege, and unrequited love that respects the loyalty of others. Many of the characters can do what they do in the novel, which is to become heroes, because they have the power and motivation of love behind them.

Israel was an intelligent and fun young man who was excited about his future. He died because he fell in love. Somehow I think he knows about this book, and now he knows that all his friends and family would have gone to the mat for him if they had had the chance.


Pyotr Ilyich - ebook by Adin Dalton

Tchaikovsky's life revealed as never before. His immense fame, unlawful sexuality, mysterious death, and the splendid music which surrounds it all paint a unique and intriguing portrait of one of the most beloved composers of all time. After being forced to attend a secret trial with a horrific outcome, can he find a way out of a web of revenge, deceit, and unforgiving fame? Or will Fate have the last word?


   The writing of my book, Pyotr Ilyich (the first and middle name of the nineteenth-century composer Tchaikovsky) was an eight year long endeavor. When I learned that the circumstances of his death are a mystery to this day, I became obsessed with the subject and started researching his life. The story I discovered was amazing, and I felt it would be best shared in a novel format so that the reader could be a fly on the wall and literally be there with him as he composed his works. His life is a colorful one, immersed as he was in the opera, concert hall, and ballet world of Tsarist Russia.

Tchaikovsky's homosexuality was a problem, living as he did in the conservative Victorian era. As the author, I dealt with this straight-on, without any apologies or timidity. In that respect, my book would be best appreciated by readers seventeen years or older.

The most difficult sections to write were the chapters were Pyotr was ill or suffering. I had such a personal connection to him that it would really upset me whenever he was in trouble somehow. I would actually tremble, and would sometimes have to delay the writing until the following day when I felt calmer. If you knew me you would think this very strange because I am not normally so emotional.

Full Moon Saturday Night - kindle ebook by John Ellis

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FULL MOON SATURDAY NIGHT offers a rare glimpse into the chilling psychological warfare of the Cold War and an uncensored look behind the doors of emergency rooms at the chaos and high drama that occurs in the trenches of emergency medicine, a breeding ground for the bizarre and unexpected.  It confronts prickly social issues: the costs and inefficiencies of health care, racial and religious issues, immigration, and worker safety sacrificed to corporate greed.  Throughout, the protagonist compares his career and experiences to those of his father, a B-52 nuclear bomber pilot during the 1960s, and the first chapter takes the reader aboard an armed B-52 on an eerie exercise that could turn at any moment into a suicide mission.

I was there, and this is the way it was. 

Parachutes and Pep Talks (The Freefall Trilogy - Part 2) kindle ebook by Sadie Mills


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Continuing from Parachutes and Peppermints (Part 1 of the Sadie Mills Freefall Trilogy), we pick up the romance between chocolatier, Lucy Simkins, and skydiving instructor, Joshua Snow.

One month on from her tandem jump with Josh, Lucy is back at the dropzone. She wants to become a fully fledged skydiver and learn to fly on her own. She's been placed in the more than capable (if somewhat indiscreet) hands of Joshua's fellow skydiving instructor, Froggy, AKA Jeremy Fisher.

Froggy is a wee, wiry Scotsman who does hopping mad like nobody else, but he has a big heart and he's got Lucy's back. Student and instructor build up a bond. Froggy makes a startling revelation regarding Joshua's past that rocks their relationship to its foundations. 

Lucy discovers that in skydiving, life can turn on a dime, and the world can drop away from your feet at any second. A twist of fate leaves not just her relationship with Josh, but Lucy's life hanging in the balance.

The Sadie Mills Freefall Trilogy is a series of novelettes (between 48 and 82 pages). These fast-paced romantic comedies are set within the space of a single day. In this action-packed adventure, Sadie Mills grabs the unsuspecting reader by the handholds, drags them to the door, and pulls them out of the plane with her, giving a glimpse of a world surging with adrenaline (not to mention insanely hot men) rarely explored in literature.

Pieces of Perfect - kindle ebook by Elizabeth Hayley


ADULT CONTENT - Only Suitable for 17+ As a sexy ex-hockey player, Max
was the bad boy with something to prove. As a handsome single father,
Adam was the man most women wait a lifetime for. Each man would take
me on a journey of self-discovery that was marred with lies, jealousy,
deceit, and a whole lot of fun. They each offered a glimpse of happily
ever after, a piece of perfect. But in my constant quest to have it
all, I would risk losing everything. Only one thing was certain. I'd
never be the same after this.

Here is an objective review from Alison, who wrote:

**I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Wow! Loved this story! Read it in one sitting.
Not only was the writing amazing, but it was really a terrific
storyline. Such a sexy, fun read! And definitely not meant for anyone
under 18 years old.

The sex scenes were H-O-T and the men were even hotter. Max is...oh,
God!!! And Adam is...sweet, Jesus!!! I'm officially in love with both
of them. How the author managed to take two completely different guys
and make you fall for both of them sweetened the deal for me. It also
helped me understand Lily's predicament. Even as a reader, I
understand her indecisiveness.

Lily cracked me up, but was a bit on the slutty side. I can't say she
was unlikeable, though. She was a great character and the emotional
rollercoaster was a believable one. I actually started to feel bad for
her toward the end and rooted for her to get her happy ending.

The worst thing I could say about this book was that I wished it had
ended differently. But I can't say it wasn't a realistic ending.

On the Back of the Beast - Kindle eBook by S F Chapman


I have lived my entire life in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a wonderful seven thousand or so square miles of both natural beauty and man-made creations wrapped around a huge bluish-gray estuary that spills into the Pacific at the Golden Gate.

The Bay Area is America's 5th largest metropolitan area and the Hayward Fault slices from north to south right through the center of it.

Unlike the more famous and jittery San Andreas Fault to the west that destroyed San Francisco in 1906, the lesser-known Hayward Fault has remained ominously dormant for over 140 years. Earthquake faults do not sleep forever.

When the rather moderate Loma Prieta Earthquake struck south of the
San Francisco Bay Area in 1989, I became fascinated with the sense of
communal denial that blinds the residents of Northern California to
the omnipresent danger. A huge seismic disaster is inevitable.

Nearly everyone who has survived a major earthquake can tell a tale
with razor sharpness of their particular situation when the ground
moved. Many people admit to doing exactly the wrong things at that
moment: working high up on a ladder, gazing out of a skyscraper
window, rummaging around in the basement of a brick building, landing
a crowded jumbo jet.

I strove to capture these sorts of survivor's stories when I wrote On
The Back Of The Beast.

A Crazy Day At the Zoo - a tale of 2 grandparents and a kid by Norman Weinstein & Amelie Weinsteinova


Maybe eight year old guides don't think about time in quite the same way grown-ups do.

Grammy and Grampy Silver consider their Gabby a very special person, and of course this is what one expects from grandparents. On the other hand, they're probably right. You see, Gabriela Silverova has an extremely active imagination. Many kids do, of course, which is usually a good thing, as it usually is in her case. Just consider what imagination means. It means making images. And Gabby happens to be very good at making images. She has that wonderful gift of seeing bigger and wider and longer and better when she closes her eyes and lets – you guessed it – her imagination take over. She simply sees more with her eyes shut.

Now if Gabby's brain were a chest of drawers, what would it be like? Well, you'd soon see that each drawer, and there are many drawers, too many to count, contains special things. One drawer has mammals – every kind you might think of, from aardvarks to zebras. Another is filled with birds, another with fish, with snakes, with trees, with rocks and pebbles, with brooks, with ponds, with flowers, and so on. Why, one even has different clouds, and so it goes: toys, foods, stylish dresses, dresses not so stylish, insects, boats, mountains, city streets, furniture. You name it, it's there in one drawer or another. Yes, Gabby's mind is overflowing. As has been said, she has a most active imagination.

Kingdom of Light - Kindle e-book by B. James Wilson

 We are all born of darkness. Not only us, but all creation, the universe and the Earth itself. Would you be willing to save the life of a demon? What would you be willing to sacrifice to save the life of a child? What would you be willing to sacrifice in order to save your own life?

Within each of us there exists a dark soul, a dark corner of mystery. On 9/11/2001 N.Y.C. Fireman Mike Brennan is forced to confront a darkness that consumes him, both within and without. Stumbling through the inky, black peril of a smoke-filled building, Mike finds himself lost, forgotten and confined in a dungeon with the demon, Azazel. There he is forced to come to terms with his own, personal demons. In order to find his way back to the life he once had, but can barely remember, Mike Brennan must decide what he is willing to sacrifice to save the life of the child he came to rescue. In order to to win a battle of wills and save his own life, he must make a choice between the world of shadows or the Kingdom of Light.

Life Over Love - kindle ebook by Cheryl Seagraves

Life Over Love
Cheryl Seagraves


This book  is not your typical romance novel. Written to help women in similar situations understand that while it is hard to leave such a scary situation, they can leave behind that harmful, disturbing past and have a life, a future full of promise. Be warned "Life Over Love" has been described as an "emotional tearjerker" making it hard to get through some of the abuse scenes without crying. That for some it is too graphic. That is because it is the real account of what many women have had to and still do endure in their daily lives. Many women like the author herself. Many like those she met during her short stay in a battered women's shelter who endured worse, some who are no longer with us to tell their story. Follow Brianna as she struggles to put the painful past behind her. Experience  her story as she works towards building a life she can be proud of for herself and two small children and root for her when she discovers the love that she so desperately deserves!

The Story of My Vegetarian Life - kindle ebook by Saudia Cunningham

 If you're looking for a dramatic yet funny take on a break up, "The Story of My Vegetarian Life" is the book for you!  The story trails the life of Angela Glenn after a longtime relationship unexpectedly comes to an end.  Wanting to take back control of her life, Angela decides to become a vegetarian.  A seemingly easy task, Angela realizes she has bit off more than she can chew; encountering family secrets, dating mishaps and hidden passions all while finding her true self. 

This coming of age tale will inspire young and mature, women and men alike.  Those dating, newly single or making lifestyle changes will enjoy, and hopefully become motivated, by the character's journey.  The author, a vegetarian herself, includes personal recipes as an added bonus.  The cover artwork gives a glimpse into the thoughts taking place in the main characters life.  Designed to be an entryway, this is surely just the beginning.  There is life lessons nestled within each chapter. 

"The Story of My Vegetarian Life" is a delightful read, adding an element of surprise that will leave you guessing throughout the entire book.  There is a small piece of Angela Glenn deep inside all of us.  Find out which part relates to you and follow along on the road to happiness!                

From the Beatles to Blair - an ebook by John Rigbey.

From the Beatles to Blair.

(And Some of the Bad Behaviour in Between)

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beatles-Blair-behaviour-between-ebook/dp/B006HEN08C

"Beatles" is John Rigbey's second novel and a second outing for Detective Chief Inspector Michael Gregory – 'outing' being in the sense that book features him: nothing else, I'm afraid!

Many readers have asked me if the book is true. Well, like "The Strange Michael Folmer Affair" it is a roman à clef – most of the characters are based on people who exist or existed, many of the incidents took place and the whole is overlaid with fiction. Gregory is an amalgam of several senior CID officers I worked with – all of whom had their uncertainties and insecurities and a few were serious drinkers and had problems in their private lives. The character of Chaim Margolis aka Charlie Marker existed, as did the various gangsters, several of the politicos and many of the policeman. Much of the early police career of Albert Flight is based on personal experience and many of the incidents (although not all) happened.

"Beatles" is a story about corruption and wickedness both in the police and in government. It is about greed, blackmail and (because it is a story) it is about murder. I have tried to give an insight into police informants and what makes them tick – and the danger they can be to policemen. The reader – as does Gregory – may wonder about police corruption, and consider that as policemen are not dishonest when they join, what it is that makes them so. Much has been written and said about this but, it seems, with small understanding to date.

So: enjoy "Beatles!" Travel with "The Off Couple" through France and Spain as they further their grisly career, witness their demise at the hands of the enigmatic "Arthur" and learn their dreadful and sad secrets. Live with Mike Gregory, witness his self-doubt, his mistakes -  and watch as he becomes romantically involved with beautiful black solicitor Cammie Cornish. Ask yourselves if someone like Aubrey Chittoe really exists in governmental circles – and don't write and ask me, because I don't know either!

"Tiggyloo" for Amazon says: "This is the second John Rigbey novel I have read. Both books kept me up at night as I couldn't put them down. John clearly knows his stuff from London of the 60's. I love how he mingled corruption, The Krays and modern-day policing. I loved the chapter about an assassination in Spain. So cleverly written. I can see John Rigbey's books being made for TV............"

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beatles-Blair-behaviour-between-ebook/dp/B006HEN08C

EROS Acquisitions Vol. 1: College Girl Recruitment -a kindle ebook by Alanna Chambers


Download Free August 1- August 3, 2013

Free for all Amazon Prime members

This fun erotic short of 7000 words  is first in a series about EROS Acquisitions, an erotic undercover organization that steals from white-collar reprobates who would otherwise go unpunished. Each story focuses on sex, but is set in a light action caper arena where characters touch on themes of revenge, justice, and empowerment. During each operation, a different sexual scenario gets played out by the agents in order to pull off the scheme. 
Infiltration involves computer hacking and posing undercover.
The first story is mostly told through the point of view of Claire, a precocious and horny college student with no sexual experience -at first- who gets recruited by her professor, Allen Cambridge. She's initially brought on for her computer programming abilities, but in future stories, she will grow into a supersexed field agent who teams up with other EROS members, all while her passion for her repressed former teacher (now boss) grows.


Claire smiles and leans into Taylor's soothing fingers. "Well, it won't take you long to find a new boyfriend. Especially with massages like this."

"I've had it with men. I'm thinking of becoming a lesbian."

Claire laughs. "You?"

"Why is that funny? I'm attracted to women. You've got a nice little figure."

Claire turns to look at a shrugging Taylor.

"When you get dressed for class, I'm not always asleep in the morning. You're figure's really tight, especially your ass." She nibbles small kisses up and down Claire's neck. Heat rushes to Claire's face. Taylor unbuttons Claire's top all the way, and fondles her perky breasts. "Let me practice being a lesbian on you. I can figure out how to make a woman come."

"I'm not sure about this. I mean, really. No one's ever touched me this way—guy or girl."

"You've never been to second base?"

"I've never dated anyone. I've never even french kissed anyone." Claire looks Taylor dead in the eyes, "I'm that inexperienced."

"I've never frenched a girl. It'll be a first time for both of us." Taylor gently turns Claire's chin and kisses her on the mouth, her shimmery pink lip gloss gliding over Claire's naturally dark berry lips. "Mm, girl lips are so sweet and soft." Taylor's tongue parts Claire's lips, and for the first time, Claire feels a warm tongue sliding and searching inside her mouth. She blushes and grows hot, hungrily kissing back Taylor, who takes one of Claire's nipples between her thumb and forefinger and gently pinches. Claire feels an electric current running straight down to her crotch and feels a wetness in her panties. She pulls away and gasps, shocked at her own urgent need.

"Do you like this, or should we stop?"

Destiny - kindle ebook by Jennifer Gibson

Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DYAPLDO07846

The trilogy series was based on a true story featuring snapshots of the author's life growing up with a severe hearing loss.  Many real life scenarios have been incorporated into the story to provide a rich and sometimes, gritty setting that can be shocking at times to read.  Aside from the moral lesson of dealing with a disability,  it offers an amazing sense of appreciation of how much it takes to persevere through a difficult time in life.  Destiny is a magical read that offers a unique insight into the world of a young woman who just happens to be hearing impaired.  


Jessie's journey began in Sway and Compass. As we continue to follow her in Destiny, she stumbles across a revelation that could change everything and finds herself standing on the precipice of life.

Jessie is determined not to let her hearing loss hold her back. She aims her sights even higher as she ventures in a new direction. With a Black Belt on the horizon, and so close to achieving it, she is unaware of the danger closing in on her. Will she be strong enough to hold on or will she succumb to the darkness that surrounds her?

Happy Holidays...or is it?


"Destiny by Jennifer Gibson is heart-breakingly touching. In Destiny, we follow Jessie not only through her trials in high school, but also as she moves into the adult world of jobs, stalkers, and life-changing decisions.  I thought Destiny, like Sway and Compass, to be a thought-provoking glimpse into a world all of us need to understand."
 - Taylor, Reviewer (4.6 Stars!)

"Well, needless to say, Jennifer Gibson has done it again in the sequel to Sway and Compass.  Jessie is older now and facing the prospect of looking for work. It is a daunting challenge, complicated by her disability, of course, but even further complicated by the petty cruelty of those she must deal with on a daily basis.  I found this book to be even more heart-wrenching and enlightening than the first two.  Destiny is not a book to be taken lightly. I believe every adult and young adult should read it."
- Regan, reviewer  (4.7 Stars!)

"A heart-warming story, told with compassion, honesty, and an authentic ring of truth. This one's a keeper."
 – Gibby, beta reader

"Find the light within you and let it SHINE." 

The Car Bomb - kindle ebook by T.V. LoCicero

The Car Bomb (The detroit im dyin Trilogy, Book 1) by T. V. LoCicero

"a brilliantly composed and complex thriller… fast moving and gripping"

--Christoph Fischer, author of The Luck of the Weissensteiners

Detroit Nielson king Frank DeFauw hunts down the story of a judge who may be corrupt—and is one of his best friends. Booze, drugs, womanizing and a passion for the news are all part of what makes this brilliant, erratic TV anchor a major player in this deeply troubled city. Finally, Frank decides if digging out the truth about his pal the judge is worth risking his own career, family and life.

"A compelling and wonderfully written piece of urban crime fiction, The Car Bomb is a pleasure from start to finish. With its economical and supple prose, brilliant dialogue, sharply-drawn characters and plot that keeps the pages turning, LoCicero has produced a gripping tale of corruption and redemption in Detroit. A classy and fast-paced read."

--Victoria Best, Tales from the Reading Room

"TV anchor Frank Defauw is a wonderful mixture of cynicism, vanity, self-doubt, weariness and wit. A kind of local princeling, his boozy, womanizing path illuminates everyone he encounters in this tight and vibrant thriller, as well as the dark city in which it is set. With The Car Bomb, a promising trilogy begins."

--Patrick, Amazon Reviewer

"…supercharged excitement. LoCicero keeps you in suspense the entire book…The fast paced action and interesting characters kept me reading at a feverish pace."

—MaryAnn, LibraryThing

"Great book, amazing story…very gripping"

--Sonia, Goodreads

T.V. LoCicero on The detroit im dyin Trilogy: "This series is filled with the heartbreaking tales I was steeped in two decades ago when I was making documentaries on crime and dysfunction in America's most infamous urban disaster. They are ripped-from-the-headlines stories from a time when Detroit still had a chance, if only its auto execs had been shrewd and innovative and it's political leaders competent and honest."

The Strange Michael Folmer Affair by John Rigbey

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Strange-Michael-Folmer-Affair-ebook/dp/B005Z395SA

Well, to start, let me tell you that "Michael Folmer" is an anagram, so perhaps you want to tinker with that for a while – it's not very hard, I promise!

"Folmer" is John Rigbey's first book and, as the author is an ex Scotland Yard detective, you would expect it to be a mystery/police procedural and you would be right. In addition to the reviews on Amazon, these might interest you:

"…a puzzle: the fingerprints match those of a man hanged for murder fifty years before….. well written and meticulously researched".
Plymouth Evening Herald.

"I couldn't put it down".
Anon – Totnes, Devon.

"What a story! …. I found my hand shaking and my heart in my mouth".
Yvette from Hull for Browns Books.

"Ex-detective John Rigbey has produced a cracker of a twisting and turning plot for his debut novel…."
James Morton (the "Gangland" series and countless other best sellers).

"Rigbey had my blood cold and my head spinning….."
B. Hasell – "Red-eye reader for Amazon Books".

."…your novel had a real punch… there are many authors on various publishing houses books that are nowhere near your standard….thanks once again for such a good read….."
Unsolicited e mail from Liam Taylor, Plymouth.

"John Rigbey – a new Rankin? – when do we see Inspector Gregory's next outing?"
Marc Seccombe, Amber Legal Services, Plymouth.

A good read for a boring day on the beach or – as one reviewer says – "buy it at Heathrow and you won't put it down till you get to JFK". Not recommended for reading in bed alone, though – or for those of nervous disposition who live in large isolated houses with creaking floorboards and constantly failing lighting!

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Strange-Michael-Folmer-Affair-ebook/dp/B005Z395SA

Feud - a thriller short story by Ben Dixon & Sam Campbell


Feud (Short Story, 9017 words) Red Dust Series Part 2
America 1853, seven years since the disappearance of the lost party, the undead have emerged from the wilderness crossing the Great Plains to assault the civilised world. Communication has broken down and settlements now stand alone as the Rising Plague spreads across the eastern border.
In the town of Little Rock inhabitants of the New World thrive to create normality in the midst of chaos. With the arrival of a mysterious rider named Griffin, the true dangers of the town become clear. The illusion of civilisation quickly dissolves as Griffin's appearance sparks the violent conclusion of a deep-rooted vendetta.
Ben Dixon and Sam Campbell
Authors of the Red Dust short story series

Chronicles of Astoria Part II Epsilon-kindle ebook by M R Shields


Chronicles of Astoria part II is a perfect purchase for any teen or young adult reader who loves fantasy fiction. In this part  there is so much action and so many of the stories that were left hanging or unexplained in part I are now brought to light.

The story itself takes place three months after part I and continues each sub story accordingly. My advice to anyone that has read part I is to read it again, it will make part II make far more sense. The romance between Raphael and Chance continues as they both hide secrets from one another, driving a wedge between their love and increasing the suspense of what is to come.
On its own this part stands strong, it has action right from the start and a sub story also details the trials that an aspirant must go through to become an Angel and earn their prestigious armour. There is the classic good versus evil theme, along with various other themes such as ' a hero that falls' and also an enemy that repents. The tale has four sub plots once again and starts off with the short story 'Mobeus' an important character who will come into play later in the series (parts III-VI) and this section will explain exactly what happened to the world as we know it and why the Angels came to be. I hope you enjoy.

"It has been three months since Astoria was thrown into chaos by the sinister workings of the Dark Lord and the Angels are doing everything that they can to piece it all back together. It is Chances' hope that the Superfuse world championships will bring the people closer once more and return happiness to their once beautiful city... but an even darker plan has already been set into motion

Everywhere he goes Raphael is heckled, hated and generally unwanted. He just cannot understand it. Some Astorians even go as far as assaulting him with produce from their stalls. He finds himself lying to Chance more and more each day, lies that he believes are not going unnoticed and he blames her lack of affection towards him on himself. He has dark secrets that he needs to tell her but with her attention focussed on the Superfuse preparations, he just can't find the right moment.

Chance finds herself with an inner turmoil. She is pregnant and hasn't told Raphael yet. She feels him slipping further and further away from her and she begins to analyse just how badly she treats him and blames herself for the unsaid truths that are now constantly passing between them. She needs to tell him about the baby but can't find the right moment; she vows to tell him after the tournament.

When the tournament gets vandalised and all fingers are pointing at Raphael, the sinister scheme is set in motion. Have both Angels left it too late to confess their truths?"

A Brief Collection of the Absurd - kindle ebook by D.J. Bart - humor - essays - satire - short stories

"A Brief Collection of the Absurd" shines a clarifying light on the lunacy of everyday life in ways that are illuminating and audacious, offering a very different perspective on everything from life to death.
This outrageous and often irreverent book consists of twenty-three stories ranging from how to acquire humility by teasing inanimate objects, to a time in the future when all people are transformed into one of three colors – blue, orange or green.

Also contained within these nearly two dozen stories are twisted themes involving sex, religion, philosophy, other worlds and other life forms, and a couple of hilarious, but disturbing fables examining what can go awry with scientific "advances" like cloning and regeneration.

There's a medium who talks to the dead, cannibalism described in a "tasteful" way, a planet-destroying asteroid, a brief but lethal talk with "Mother" earth, a shape-shifting preacher, sociopathic hit-persons and naked people who worship clouds. Plus, a President of the United States with an uncomfortably strong attraction to a goat.

These, and the other stories are severely warped, laugh-out-loud funny, and wonderfully disorienting free-falls down the rabbit hole of D.J. Bart's unusual mind.

Forget Me Not - kindle ebook by Sarah Daltry Gold Promotion


Forget Me Not is about college - as it really is. Full of angst, full of confusion, and full of sex. Although this is erotic fiction, it is also a coming of age story. Lily is a typical girl - she thinks everything will be fine with her boyfriend when she goes away to school, but maybe the past is not her future. She has to discover - is first love the same as true love?

Farty Princess - kindle ebook by A.P. Gai


Farty Princess: A Funny Fart Book For Kids

Farting is a part of everyone's lives, an embarrassing call of nature. People often hide a smile, giggle or even laugh out loud when it happens. And for the one who let it out, chuckling along may be the best way to conceal embarrassment.

Beautiful Princess Priscilla should maintain her royal grace. Yet she can't control her rebellious butt and occasionally puts on airs—her famous public farts. Everyone has been an eye-witness, or should it be nose-witness? Priscilla may even lose her beloved prince to a silent but deadly attack. Now the sweet princess must go on an exciting adventure to seek a cure, finding friendship in a troubled time. Most of all, she learns that true love is not about beauty, but accepting each other's imperfect nature.

This beautiful illustrated children's book encourages young girls to be strong and confident in handling adverse situations. In a fairy tale setting with new twists and turns, the story is suitable for readers of ages 3-9. But laughing together is much more fun, so do not reluctant to read it with your friends and family at any age.

A Fashion To Kill - A Mystery Novel by Mickey Wyte


Imagine an ex-combat soldier; Medal of Honor winner. A self-made millionaire up from the streets of Brooklyn. Never married and the only two women he loves are his widowed sister and the niece he raised as his own child. But tonight, Jack Centaur stands over his beloved niece's corpse--the victim of a serial killer. A camera flashes and he knows his niece's body is destined to sprawl across the front page of the New York Journal. The same as the three previous victims. All aspiring fashion models. All murdered and posed for a cover shoot. Jack Centaur's instincts he thought long buried surface with only one craving: someone will pay!

In Mickey Wyte's hard-boiled mystery novel, A FASHION TO KILL, Jack Centaur uses his combat skills and plenty of money to rattle the platinum cribs of Manhattan's trust-fund brats, determined to find the serial killer eluding police. 
"This is excellent hard boiled fiction. It doesn't read like a first novel, it reads like someone well into their craft ! Granted Jack Centaur doesn't live in a mouse auditorium nor off the rack. Sure it just a little different then the other Hard boiled P.I. stories but it's every bit as good if not better. No matter how much you read of your usual authors you're sure to enjoy this one!"  an Amazon Reviewer
"The author skillfully presents suspects and snatches them away, leaving readers, and Centaur, constantly casting about for the next lead. .....relentless storytelling."  Kirkus Reviews
A gripping, satisfying whodunit."   Kirkus Reviews

Eulogy's Secret - a Kindle eBook by Grace Elliot

Eulogy Foster craves to learn more about the mother who died giving her life. With her guardians passing, Eulogy sets off to London in search of her last living relative, a brother, Lord Lucien Devlin. But rather than welcome his estranged sister, Devlin denies their blood tie and throws her onto the streets. A passing stranger, Jack Huntley, gives Eulogy shelter and helps to find an old acquaintance of her mother's, the once great artist Tristan Farrell. But Farrell has fallen on hard times and is a derelict drunk. However, Eulogy's sudden appearance shakes Farrell, reminding him of the woman who once begged for help…and he turned away. Could Eulogy be a second chance to right past wrongs?

            Jack Huntley doesn't trust Farrell and keeps a protective eye on Eulogy, but the more he sees of her quiet determination to unearth her mother's story, the deeper he falls in love. This faces Jack with an impasse, a life without her would be empty and worthless, and yet Eulogy is far beneath him on the social scale and marriage is unthinkable…and she refuses to become his mistress.

            With Eulogy as his muse Farrell starts to paint again, to critical acclaim. Eulogy's pictures take the ton by storm, Farrell's talent is rediscovered and she is feted by society. Meanwhile Huntley lies to himself that his only interest in Eulogy is as a business investment, whilst he falls deeper in love. But with her reputation on the rise a series of dangerous accidents take place that make Huntley suspect someone wants Eulogy dead. But who… and why? What secret from the past is worth her life and will Huntley realise in time, that nothing matters besides love?

Power Play: Hero's Sword Vol. 1 - a Kindle ebook by M.E.Sutton


When you're on the "outside," sometimes all you want to do is escape.
For 8th-grade nobody Jaycee Hiller, her preferred escape destination is the video game world of Mallory in HERO'S SWORD. Tormented by the cheerleaders at school, and nursing a secret crush on Nate Fletcher, the game provides a welcome refuge. Her avatar, Lyla Stormbringer, is everything Jaycee is not: beautiful, strong, and famous. A far cry from Tanner Middle School, where she is definitely on the outside of the social circle. In her last year at Tanner, all Jaycee is thinking about is graduating and going on to high school, where she can hopefully find her place. But when Jaycee unpacks a new game controller, her escape becomes very real when she's magically transported into game world. Jaycee must become her avatar, Lyla Stormbringer, and come to the aid of the lovely Lady Starla. Bandits terrorize the travelers on the High Road and Starla has been powerless to stop them. Along with her friend, Roger Woodbridge, chief steward of Mallory, Jaycee sets out to find out who is behind the highway attacks, and save the travelers of Mallory and their lady. But will the person Jaycee ultimately winds up saving be herself?

Call of the Raven (The Union series #1) Kindle ebook by Shawn Reilly

First, I'll comment on the plot. I am so impressed at how Shawn weaved this amazing plot together. There are constant twists and turns that you just don't know are coming, and it all blends so nicely together. There was only once that I got confused, but then I believe I was meant to be, and the whole thing was explained clearly later. There were several "I didn't see that coming!" moments, and a few times I found myself holding my breath. One moment I would be laughing out loud, and the next tensed up scared! I have to warn ya – it ends with a cliffhanger. AHHH!!! I wanted to scream! I immediately got online to check out when the next book was being released & was thrilled that it was about to come out! It is now available, so you don't have to wait. Shawn's plan is to not have a long waiting period between books. That's music to my ears! I really hope we get the whole story with a happily ever after for Asher, Ari, Nixon, Elle & Kennedy.

So, the plot is great, but Shawn backs it up with some AMAZING characters! The characterization is definitely what impressed me the most. Each character is so well defined, and you never find them all of a sudden changing personalities to fit the plot, which is so often done. I absolutely fell in love with Asher – funny huh, since he's the one that has sworn off love. I love that when Elle comes along, he doesn't all of a sudden become someone else. He's still the guy that's completely awkward with women, and that makes all of his softer moments that much more meaningful. There's one part where he's healing Elle and…well, you'll just have to read it for yourself. I love Elle, too, and how strong she is, while yet showing a vulnerable side, despite her horrid circumstances (I'd really like to see Julio get what's coming to him).

Review from Ali's Books

California: Sex, Death and Money - A Crime Novel by Christopher Newland


The robbery of a secret monetary deposit brings to light the banking practices of a drug cartel in Los Angeles. As the police investigate, two of the detectives begin to formulate plans for a second robbery of the location, thinking it will be covered by the initial crime. 

T. Dalton Rhodes gets drummed out of the Marine Corps for bad conduct. As he hits the road trying to discover the bad boy within he meets a man with the means to change his life and realize his dreams of violence and crime.

Carl is a weathered veteran of the war on drugs, working Southern California for mysterious men who call themselves Hermanos de Sangre. As point man in their campaign he employs every dirty trick in the book, carrying out orders without question, always with one eye covering his own back. When he meets Rhodes he finds a willing apprentice, someone to hand the business off to when he retires.

Deputy Sam Franklin never could have imagined he'd one day become the pawn in a shadow war being fought between unknown forces. But that's what happens when a lawman decides to step to the other side of the line between right and wrong.

The Blood Brothers have been in the game for a long time, executing a plan they created while college students. Known only to one another, their identities are in danger of being exposed by foes both old and new. Ruthless and efficient, they allow nothing to stand in the way of their profits, not even one another.

The Poisonous Ten - kindle ebook by Tyler Compton

When his former partner is accused of planting evidence to bring a child killer to justice, Detective David Parks finds himself battling his standing within the Los Angeles Police Department. After returning from a three week mandated "vacation," Parks is brought on to solve the murder of a mysterious woman found alone in an empty house. She appears to have been poisoned, the victim of cyanide, which has turned her blood purple.

Forensic toxicologist Jacqueline "Jackie" Isley is brought in to help Det. Parks solve what becomes a series of gruesome murders: A famous photographer bleeds to death from his eyes. Another man is poisoned with a toxin taken from an exotic fish. A woman's own body chokes her to death as it shuts down, organ by organ. Each body the victim of a different poison. Each more exotic and painful than the previous.

As the body count builds, Det. Parks's team discovers a symbol meticulously carved into various parts of each victim's body. This sends Parks on a path that goes back to an ancient society of assassins trained to rid the world of evil and sin via poison. Has someone picked up this ancient tradition? Or is there a more simple and more personal reason behind the killings?

Det. Parks and Dr. Isley slowly find themselves becoming closer to one another, despite Parks' troubled past and Jackie's teenage son. But as their feelings for each other intensify, Parks discovers just what he's willing to sacrifice and how far he'll go in order to stop a killer whose thirst for justice knows no limits—and whose obsession for vengeance knows no ends.

The Last Soldier /Nature of the Beast - A kindle E book by James Weatherford

Most of us, at one time or another, have wished for a world free of disease. Imagine if you will that this miracle has come to pass. A wonder drug has been discovered, deep in the rain forest. Not only does it cure our most devastating diseases, but it also slows the aging process in the human body.
Now, fast forward ten years. The population has quadrupled over the last decade. Our resources have been depleted to the point they can no longer sustain us. The government has declared martial law; in effect suspending the constitution. Birth control is implemented through food additives and forced sterilization. The population has been forced to move to distribution centers to receive the government commodities, because food from any other source has been outlawed. Anyone who refuses to submit to this relocation has been charged with dissention and labeled a fugitive to be hunted and killed, or captured and sent to a work camp for life. When the opposition gains enough strength revolution erupts, the fragile infrastructure collapses and the government plans to use extreme measures to regain control.
Nature has shown us that when a species outgrows its environment the results are starvation, violence and potentially cannibalism. Now, that species is human and as nature dictates, only the strongest survive to propagate the species. 

Footprints of a Dancer, Kindle book by Bob Avey

Everyone enjoys reminiscing now and then, but when the past comes looking for you nothing good can come from it.

While out for an evening run, Detective Kenny Elliot steps into his past, or at least it seems that way. Laura Bradford, a girl who had mysteriously disappeared several years ago while Elliot was attending university, shows up on the trail in front of him. Seconds later, Elliot gets a call from Gerald Reynolds, another old college friend who claims that he, too, has seen Laura. When Gerald doesn't show up for a meeting, Elliot tracks him down to get some answers. Instead he finds his old friend murdered in ritualistic fashion.

Elliot takes some time off from his job as a Tulsa police detective and jumps into an unofficial investigation where he uncovers several murders, spanning a time period from the present back to the 1930's, and all seemingly linked to an artifact taken from the Spiro Mounds, an archaeological site in Oklahoma.

Elliot follows the trail of murders, which leads him into a fuzzy realm of existence where malignant forces blur the lines between what is real and what is imagined.

Dark Solus An Assassin's Tale a kindle e-book by David Andrew Crawford

An action-packed fantasy novel with just the right amount of humor found amid murder and mayhem


Dark Solus An Assassin's Tale is a dark fantasy novel about Dark Solus, son of an assassin and 'The Witch Raider', whose parents are murdered when he was very young.  He goes to live with his grandfather who is a polymorphing dragon but his main ambition in life is to seek revenge for his parents' death.  In order to do this, he knows he must be trained in the ways of an assassin and also must possess magical items that will aid him in his quest.  Dark is trained by his grandfather and The Styg, Guardian of the Stygian Depths.

Dark Solus was a character I played as a youth with my friends in the Dungeons and Dragons game.  I have always had a vivid imagination and I have always loved reading about myths and various Scandinavian tales.  I have included some of them in my book.  My book is aimed for readers from age 10 and up and especially for all Dungeon and Dragon fans.  This is my first book in the Dark Saga series and I am presently working on my second book, Demon's Revenge.

An Uncommon Family : Kindle ebook by Christa Polkinhorn


Six-year-old Karla wants a family. And she already picked out her parents: Anna, her aunt and guardian, and her painting teacher and best friend, Jonas.

Karla's mother died in a car crash in Switzerland, and her biological father lives at the other end of the world.
For a while things look promising. Anna and Jonas, who take care of the talented but troubled child, develop feelings for each other that go beyond friendship. Love, however, does not come easy to the two adults who grapple with a past of loss and betrayal. Anna struggles with the deception of her former husband and her distrust in men, and Jonas, the artist, mourns the death of his wife. And when Anna discovers a sinister secrete in Jonas's past, the budding romance hits a definite snag.
Now Karla and her friend, Maja, are on a mission to bring the uncooperative adults back together. Their plan, however, creates havoc and Karla has to learn some difficult lessons.
AN UNCOMMON FAMILY is a story about loss, lies, and betrayal, but also about the healing power of love and forgiveness. It takes place in Switzerland, New York City, and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Death, Taxes, & A Two-Song Set - kindle ebook by Tim L Campbell


Death, Taxes, & A Two-Song Set follows the author through wretched depression at the failure of his marriage into a world very different from what he was used to…saving him and ruining him at the same time. Beautiful women tempted him out of his empty, dark home and gave him something to look forward to – positive attention and physical stimulation. Even if it was bought, paid for, and never actually delivered to any satisfaction.

Overcoming his shyness and timidity, he learned to talk to attractive women; he was the nice guy exception to the rule for most of them in their workdays. Each visit forced him to explore his own morality and his place in the mess with everybody else, usually to his intense dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, people are amazing and brilliant in their diverse ways of treating each other and themselves, and that made it all an adventure worth having – he wasn't there to fix anyone, solve anything, document anything; he just wanted to live a little.

There was dancing, and teasing, serious times and ridiculous times. It did change his life, though it probably didn't change anyone else's. If you ever wanted to ride along in someone's mixed-up brain and see the world through their eyes, here's a chance.

Dying Words (A Ghostwriter Mystery 4) - kindle ebook by C.A. Larmer


Normally, sassy ghostwriter Roxy Parker relishes a good mystery but when a murdered man splutters her name with his final, dying breath, she has an inkling she's headed for trouble with a capital T. Within days, Roxy's place has been broken into, her publisher burgled and the man's quivering daughter is begging her for help. It seems the dying man has sent her a photograph that is more than just a happy snap. It just might hold the key to his brutal murder and to a series of horrendous crimes that began in a foreign land three decades earlier. Thus begins the fourth in the popular Ghostwriter Mystery series starring merlot-swilling writer Roxy Parker and her motley collection of mates, including super cop Gilda, trendy Caroline and hunky boyfriend Max (who has a bombshell of his own to drop). In Roxy's most confounding mystery to date, it's not just about murder, it's about greed, betrayal and cold-blooded revenge. But this time it's not just served cold, it's turned positively moldy.

Leadership Today : Guidelines for Today's Effective Leaders, kindle ebook by Stavros Baroutas


Leadership Today is a useful, informative, profound and insightful book that clarifies and sums up various definitions and features of the personality of a true leader. It is of no secret that many people these days clamor for a competent leader. However, it is the authors contention that in order to obtain such dream to manifest into reality, the public must first be able to identify the categories of an efficient leader. Stavros Baroutas brilliantly enumerates certain qualities that separate a leader from a follower, not a very easy task considering how frustrating it may sound when people tend to cease searching for them when one does not seem to meet such expectations. Multiple features, qualifications and standards of what constitutes a capable leader are being discussed in this book. Indeed, it is very timely that this book has been produced especially at a crucial point when great leaders are in high demand. Most applicable in the field of business and entrepreneurship, this book helps identify the relevant factors to which the leaders of a corporation could identify their organizational structure. The information in this work helps to find key elements to boost performance and production from company employees. Also, the compelling pages of this book allow readers to explore the factors behind the phenomenon of procrastination and lack of motivation from individuals who used to perform with ardent passion and love for their work. The author delves into how leaders can adhere to such dilemma and what attitude should be applied when dealing with these deficiencies. Providing readers with relevant answers to questions and problems that are commonly encountered in todays business companies, this book helps every manager smoothen out tangles and bumps along the transition period of every change in the growing business setting, an inevitable occurrence in the professional and corporate trend. These are just a few of the many useful points that this beneficial book can offer.

The Pact - an epic fantasy short story ebook by Graeme Brown


On the night of its destruction, Fort Lesterall's lords and ladies gather to celebrate two hundred years of the Pact that has kept them safe from Goblins and Ogres and Unborn creatures of nightmare.  Will Lesterall, a boy of ten, finds no joy in it, though, for the dark words of his Uncle Wood loom larger than the festivities.  When a messenger arrives, bearing the red token—a sign that the Pact has been broken—Lord Wood's words prove to be more than brooding.  War is coming to Fort Lesterall...

The Pact is an epic fantasy short story reminiscent of George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire. Its 48-pages of action, adventure, and suspense will whisk you away to a castle wonderland and leave you hovering on the edge of your seat, with a mind full of questions that make you scream for a sequel. Set in a unique, vivid and detailed new fantasy world, with rich, believable characters and complicated plots, this story begins an epic tale that promises to keep you eager for more for many years to come.

FACE THE MUSIC - A Kindle ebook by Joe Anderson


Verdict: ...a rock and roll novel that can proudly stand with other classics of the genre, such as Roddy Doyle's "The Commitments" and Harlan Ellison's "Spider Kiss."  
Indie Reader Review

A man, his demons, and the Grammy Awards are forced to FACE THE MUSIC

Long time California entertainment attorney and producer Joe Anderson's debut novel, FACE THE MUSIC is a "warts and all" comedic take on the music business, full of sex, drugs, and rock & roll, but with equal helpings of rehab and redemption.  It is available in print at Amazon.com and other major online booksellers and via Kindle or the Kindle app.

"I always found the music business to be a fascinating mixture of amazing creativity existing alongside self destructive and often downright abusive behavior, and I thought it would be fun to explore all those forces exploding under the bright lights of Music's Biggest Night," comments Anderson. "I also like the idea of second chances, which is really what this book is about."

Protagonist Zack Fluett was living the rock star dream until one fateful night at the Grammys when he broke his hand on his lead singer's nose and began a downward spiral of wreckage and addiction. Now, a decade later, Zack's back – sober, wiser, and this time nominated for Song of the Year.  But ghosts from his past in the form of ex-wives, former band mates, and booze give his hard won self-control and hopes of redemption a beating when he finds himself unexpectedly forced to play on the telecast as the clock ticks down on the announcement of his category.

"The author writes knowingly about the music scene. His story is as old as rock 'n' roll itself--a cautionary tale of how sex, drugs and rampant ego can torpedo a career. What redeems it is the wit and honesty with which Zack narrates his story and the author's eye for detail, as manifested in his faux discographies, Billboard charts and newspaper articles that begin every chapter.... [T]here are enough jagged edges for this rock novel to qualify as the real deal." -- Kirkus Reviews
"Face the Music is a fast-paced entertainment for anyone with a smidgeon of interest in rock, pop, the music industry as a whole. That's not required as the book can be enjoyed simply for the humorous scenes and very human characters. But if you know anything about music, you know all these people and many of these places, just by different names." -- Dr. Wesley Britton of Bookpleasures.com

A native of Montana, Anderson spent the last twenty years as an entertainment and digital media attorney in addition to serving as a record company executive and producer, feature film producer, and musician.  In the 1990s he played keyboards in a San Francisco rock band and ran a small record label that earned three Grammy nominations, in addition to serving on the NARAS Board of Governors, attending the Grammys many times.  In 2001, he moved to Los Angeles and produced the Miramax film On the Line and the Weinstein company film Lovewrecked.   

To St Petersburg With Love - kindle ebook by Mel Cormican

"To St Petersburg With Love" is not an easy book to categorise. Is it a travelogue or is it a book about fulfilling your dreams? Is it a romance? Is it a drama? Is it a witty tale? Is it a book of memories? Is it a philosophical book trying to discover the essence of living? The answer is it is all of the above. It is a quirky, easy to read, feel good book, that is perfect for those who yearn to break out of the mundane and go on a road trip of discovery.

The book is about two unfit, amateur cyclists - Mel and Craig - trying to achieve an impossibly long roundtrip to the edge of Europe and back in a 40 day period by bicycle.  The question is: would their bodies and their friendship survive the ordeal? For Craig, this trip was a chance to escape for a while a relationship that was on the rocks. For Mel, it was a chance to distract himself from the loneliness of being single. 

Beginning in Southeast England, they set off for St Petersburg in Russia, with just the most rudimentary planning done. They would live off their wits and attempt to get there by hook or by crook.

This book gives a vivid account of 11 Northern European countries in an easy to read style that will draw you into the drama from page one.

One reviewer said of To St Petersburg With Love: "Just wanted to say that I am totally absorbed by the book, it's language, the easy-flowing story, the sense of pricelessness of the experience, which I am picking up through every word of it... It's a marvellous writing and I simply can't get enough of it. It's one of those books, which you do want to read from the beginning to the end with no interruption, and at the same time you do not want to ever reach its last page, as this would mean the end of a truly magic journey!"

Sensation: A Superhero Novel - a fantasy/sci-fi Kindle ebook by Kevin Hardman


Like millions of other kids, Jim grew up wanting to be a superhero. Unlike most of his contemporaries, however, Jim actually had the goods: a plethora of super powers that would have been the envy of any meta on the planet. But when his tryout with the Alpha League - the world's premiere group of supers - goes disastrously wrong, Jim basically becomes an outcast. 

Two years later, Jim is still bitter about what happened to him. However, he soon finds himself the centerpiece in an odd turn of events that gives him a second chance at his dream. But nothing is as easy as it sounds, as Jim soon discovers. Among other things, he's made an enemy of a prospective super teammate, he's being stalked by an unknown pursuer, and a shadowy cabal bent on world domination has identified him as the only obstacle to their plans. 

It's a lot for one super to handle, even with a smorgasbord of abilities. But if saving the world were easy, everyone would do it…

The Bastion - kindle ebook by Joshua Harkin

Kindle free book promotion 07/19/2013 - 07/23/2013

The tale of two worlds colliding.

On a distant planet, men of power will risk it all. 

Calix spent his entire life in the city known as The Bastion, on the planet Osessis. Unknown to Calix and the many citizens of The Bastion, the planet was once colonized by Earth, a long time ago. Protected by a strange vapor cloud layer in the planet's atmosphere, the planet is completely cut off from Earth. Hundreds of years later, a small section of the vapor cloud mysteriously opens up, allowing Earth back into the once forgotten planet.

Arriving with advanced armies, the men and women of the Earth Defence Forces are immediately met by the soldiers of The Bastion. Calix is forced by The Bastion's leader, the Administrator, to embark on a journey to defend his beloved city and family from an unknown enemy. He will venture across the planet's vast desert plains, while the commander of the EDF and the Administrator, fight for control of The Bastion.